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On the Art of Finding, Training, and Keeping a Slave

by alaras

Knowing Myself, and Finding the Slave Candidate

Okay, first of all, everything I write here is either true, or damn close to it.  No names, and I'm likely to obscure a good amount of the details in order to protect myself, my soon-to-be slave (this is still a work in progress), and, of course, my privacy and anonymity.  Advice and commentary are, of course, very much welcome, and I will admit this is not the only slave/submissive I'm hoping to collar eventually.  However, I find his story the most interesting to tell right now, and so, I start with him and myself.

I'm a 31-year old disabled gay man who lives in a shoebox of a studio apartment, has a number of quirks and eccentricities, and is a shameless hedonistic slut with a love for taking charge of submissive men.  Although I am technically a switch, there's just something about taking another man and molding him into an ideal servant, slave, and cock holster that never loses its appeal for me.  As a result, I've decided to take a few slaves on permanently, to satisfy me in all ways, and to generally make my life just that little bit better.  Besides, I rather strongly enjoy having a submissive man willingly entrusting me with his vulnerability and need, so how could I not oblige him by claiming and controlling him?  I'm sure you'd understand.

I've begun to work with several submissives and a couple of slaves, but I'm going to focus on one in particular, as it most calls to me to tell his story, and, after all, as the Master, it is My perogative (you likely won't see me adhere to that tradition of capitalizing my pronouns unless I'm doing it for comedic or dramatic effect).  This slave in particular is intended to serve me in just about every way possible, though I currently do not intend to financially dominate him unless he begs me to allow him to pay tribute.  This particular slave is in his 50s or 60s, silver hair on the head, and nothing below that.  As per my orders, he remains completely hairless everywhere else, as a symbol of his surrender, submission, and obedience.  His nipples are quite sizable and sensitive, to the point where I can force him to cum from that alone if I so choose.  I make sure he gets plenty of sun, in the skimpiest speedos he was able to find, and so he maintains a healthy tan at all times, except for the colder months, of course.  I would have him sunbathe nude, but he would risk being witnessed where he lives, so I make do with what he's able to offer, and do not insist on more.  I'm dominant, sadistic, controlling, but I don't want to waste my slave's resources by causing him to be fined or jailed for indecent exposure.  It would interfere with My plans!

I tried searching on kink sites, the old Yahoo Groups, Recon, Manhunt, a few others I feel as though it would violate my dignity to mention.  It is NOT EASY to find a slave who actually wants what I want.  Many just want a once-off session, or are primarily interested in what's in it for them.  Granted, for a SUB, that's fine.  I always respect the limits of the sub, but there's a world of difference between a submissive and a true SLAVE.  A SLAVE is far more than just someone who submits to you, far more than a mere servant, or sexual outlet, or even financial sub.  Above all else, a SLAVE believes that his natural role and purpose is to serve, to place his Master's needs above and beyond his own, to learn to anticipate his Master's needs, and meet them before even a word needs to be said.  A proper slave takes joy in pleasing his Master, in serving his Master, and in ensuring his Master is fully satisfied at all times.  I spent years searching, to no avail.

Of all the places where I was searching for a long-term slave, Craigslist was what bore fruit!  Here's the ad I posted:

Submissive wanted for long-term consideration


I've dealt with enough bullshit on here, so I'll be direct. I'm looking for an eager sub, preferably on an ongoing basis. This may include, but is far from limited to, use of a male chastity device, long-term sexual frustration, various types of bondage, light pain, and various other kinks. If I find it necessary, a contract may be utilized to clarify limits and further ensure safety.

If you think you're ready to serve, send an email with the subject line "Your humble slave eagerly awaits orders." Include your personal details, pics of yourself, and a paragraph describing a fantasy of how you would most desire to serve. These are simple instructions, and I will not answer questions unless they are followed. The paragraph is an open-ended invitation for detail, take advantage.

Requirements to apply

Slave must have a strong support network, be able to host, and have his own transportation. While I strongly believe in aftercare and utilize it heavily, I'm not a therapist and can't solve your problems through catharsis alone. I am able to host, but it's not my preference, as I have a couple of neighbors who would bother me if they notice me having a regular guest.

Single is preferred (married is not an option). I prefer not to share, and despise being the "other" guy. While I'm open to triads and other poly arrangements overall, one-on-one is hard enough to work out. If a couple is interested, I'll consider that, but it would need to be discussed, and I would need to meet both together.

Slave must be willing to meet in person. I'm not going to bullshit with emails forever, and prefer to meet in public at first. In fact, I will not proceed with anything in private before we meet in public.

I don't do games. Same goes for anyone who equates kink or BDSM with mental illness.

I got TONS of emails from this ad.  More than I care to discuss (including some death threats and claims that our kinks are immoral), and I fielded it on and off for around 3 or 4 years.  Finally, eventually, I got an email from the slave I'll be discussing in this story.  He's the only one I maintained contact with, out of the DOZENS who applied (some repeatedly), all of whom claimed they wanted to serve.  Some went as far as meeting me, some never even tried.  He and I kept communicating, on and off, for over 3 years past that.  I know, everyone's after that instant gratification story, but this isn't one of those.  Real life is messy, complicated, ugly, and often rather disappointing, but it still IS.  Hence, I warned about nosy neighbors and wanting a sub (really a slave).  However, he replied, with pics, details, and thus we began our correspondence.  I guess I'll stop here for now.  Next time I'll start talking about how I earned my slave's trust, with all the fits and starts that come with it.


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