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A bunny in the forest

by hypfan2000

Chapter 1

John entered the thick fog every day among the tall trees, he had never found anything different than the rest of the days; with no close contact, they led him to become reluctant to others. The campirana shirt under his jacket, adhered to his worked body due to morning exercises and heavy object lifting, molded the small body of a pubert to that of a man. Between his routine of gathering firewood, looking for fish at the spring and drinking water, he tried to use the stored food shed as little as possible for his prolongation, hunting himself for his food and natural sustenance. After the death of his parents more than 10 years ago, the man, now 34, needed to unload that sexual frustration somehow,Masturbating often and fucking strangers lost in the woods, which happened eventually.

One day as he arrived at the well-known spring, near the waterfall, he could see a certain movement in the darkness of the cave, he did not know what exactly it was, which made his curiosity harder. Moving slowly up to the height, I jump from one rock to another to enter the mouth of the water. There, he could see a small body that shuddered with cold and was covered in a sheer fabric dress that left nothing to the imagination. In the fetal position, her eyes went to the sculpted, round butt that was visible between the tight garment. One of his hands went to the curve of her waist, running gently over it, causing an instant reaction from the girl who freaked out and retreated as far as possible.

-Get away! -A cut covered in dried blood could be seen on his lower lip.

Captivated by the feminine curves and treasures visible before his eyes, he did not know how to respond and continued his hidden tour of his entire body. The huge breasts quivered violently in fear, which brought John's attention to them. He hadn't touched a woman in a while, and the sexy supermarket cashier, every time she went for supplies, had him on the edge of what he couldn't have. So much was his curiosity to know how it felt to touch them, under his eyes to the prominent nipples of the woman, passing saliva after feeling the dry mouth. The girl upon seeing him approach, backed away with fear etched in her green eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks at the silent pleas. He squeezed a chest, kneading it delicately as he saw a reaction and if he was doing well,She moaned slowly at the sight of his lust filled eyes and the bulge between his denim pants.

-Please let me go.

"Shh ..." He pressed his lips to her cheek with the intention of testing her tears, while he leaned his large body to hers, pinning her to the wall with total ease.

-Who hit you? She touched the injured lip naturally and brought her lips closer, trying to ease his desire to penetrate her.

At the question, she turned her face away trying to avoid smelling that stinking smell from her mouth again. This action angered the almost hermit man who took his chin and outlined his curves with the other hand. He had been riding on top of her thighs without dropping his weight, realizing his dominant position against the female. She got tired of being on her knees, so she laid her on her back at the reluctance of the woman who lightly hit her head with the stone on the ground. Moving it, he found a note with a box attached to the wall and hadn't noticed before. Anxious, he opened the gift and found an anus plug with a bunny tail and the note that said: "After so long without taking it, I give you this woman so that you know how to take advantage of her. Keep her warm and full of semen, and she will reward you with healthy pups;don't neglect her and fuck her from behind like the bunny she is. "

When she finished reading, she pulled out the plug she easily identified, imploring her not to because she was a virgin. He discarded her replicas, pulling her dress up to her thighs and turning her upside down with ease. The beads of sweat running down her back seemed the best vision so far, the part of the dress by her shoulders was lowered by her arms, giving more access to the valley of her breasts crushed on the ground. He watched the anal plug with the cotton simulating a rabbit's tail that ended up involuntarily exciting him with her writhing under him. He inserted a finger into her rear entrance, to which she moaned in pain; Then he exchanged it for the plug that brought out a piercing scream from the girl. The tight-fitting garment was snug in place, pushing the anal toy deeper and with no chance of leaving her body.

-You'll stay with him, do you understand?

He didn't get an answer as he sat her down and the voluptuous butt touched the stone, drawing moans of pain and pleasure from the mouth of the beautiful woman in front of him. He saw large eyes that were lost in their sockets, begging for mercy at that act. His hands went to the luscious hips, lifting her off the ground in his arms, watching her collarbone and bare shoulders from the traces of fabric. It excited him to see the dress being held by her breasts and prone to falling off at any moment, if he tugged on it; prompting him to kiss her for the first time with need and strength. Both mouths were strung together, he was biting and testing the young woman's full lips, while his hands touched her buttocks, pressing the inserted plug.

-From now on, you are my bunny. Like your outfit, it will be like one.

He carried her on his shoulder, listening to the moans of the girl who revolved with each step and was one step away from getting dizzy from the time he had been on his head. John couldn't continue to listen more, so he placed her on her hands and knees, pushing her head on the floor and her butt in pomp with views of her vaginal lips. She struggled to get up, avoiding the imminent act of rape that had negative results, because she heard the fly being lowered, the girl closed her eyes and the fight stopped in her body; Seconds later, he was penetrating her to the hilt with quick movements and lustful moans of the man being satisfied. Each onslaught was stifled by the grunts of an apparent animal in heat.Marian felt herself being cut in half by the great glans of the man that entered like a huge iron bar that squirted something hot into her unprotected vagina. Marian couldn't help it, coming to a monumental orgasm at her inexperienced experience and suffocating her with negligible pleasure. It didn't take long for John to climax with a torrent of jets of semen clinging to Marian's vaginal walls that she could feel pulsing inside her.

Tired and lying on the weak body, his penis remained limp inside the young woman and he fought not to do it again. He got up ready to clean himself and stick his bar into his pants, when he lifted her up on her knees and forced her to eat all the remaining whitish liquid. She sucked slowly, seeing his eyes locked on her and his hands gently shaking his head horizontally. The admiration reflected in the man's eyes was evident, which sent Marian wanting to please him for a moment. He patted his head, letting him know that he had done well with the smile that couldn't be hidden from the young woman's eyes.

-You did it well. I have been told that you like being full of semen, so you will never have a problem with that.

Frightened by the words, Marian knew there was no escape from this man. She had been penetrated without protection, even though she was a virgin; therefore, she understood the repercussions of such sexual acts and without birth control: over time, she would become pregnant at 19 years old. She was not mistaken of her premonition, after that day that she was found by John in the forest, he raped her slim body without mercy, burying his penis in her cervix, causing stomach aches and vaginal marks that were noted by the slight traces of blood that came with them. Marian's body with a slim waist and prominent breasts was modified to give space to the baby of that man who took her every day like an animal and left parts of him inside her fertile uterus.

John never tired of taming his bunny girl with semen and strength.


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