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My experience

by purelyhypnotised

Just the beginning

My Transformation 

I'm a 20 year old male and if you asked anyone about me they would say I am completely normal. But that's only because no one has ever seen me become Bambi. (Its a female persona linked to the bambi sleep files). When I become Bambi my whole ME changes. My body doesn't have any restraints on what I do as long as its feminine and it's simple enough even a dumb person can do it. So far I've been experimenting with the Bambi Sl*** files for about 2 years and I have to say that in recent months I have be enjoying every bit of it. (Sorry, I have to censor the sleep part in the name of the files. I just don't want to accidentally trigger anyone reading this so I'll call it BS from now on. Goes to show how powerful this hypnosis is. I Love It)

It all started 4 years ago with ShibbySays, she's a really good hypnotist. She introduced me to the feeling of becoming a submisive. I was just minding my own business trying to find the perfect porn to jerk off too when all of a sudden I came across a thumbnail with a big spiral. At this time I was into watching people being dominated and I had seen enough cartoons to know that spirals involve hypnosis and hypnosis involves submission, so I gave the video a shot. This time however I wasn't watching someone else being submissive, but rather I was the one who was being submissive. The video started of with an induction that even without familiarity with hypnosis brought me down into trance easily. The hypnosis video involved the hypnotist being a teacher and me being a student. I wasn't doing so good in class so she kept me after class so she could punish me. She spanked me over and over and with each spank the pleasure deepened I came hands free on my first ever hypnosis session and it was the best feeling ever. My love for hypnosis had started and so I searched the internet to find similar videos but Sadly I wasn't able to recreate that feeling with any other hypnotist. So my love slowly diminished.

But then about 4 months of little too no hynopsis I found sissy hypnosis which at first I was skeptical of jumping into because it could change my sexuality. But despite that fear, the everlasting horniness of a teenage boy pushed me into it because I always needed new material to beat my meat too. Now I loved hentai,(still do) so I would constantly be looking at hentai to satisfy my teenage tendencies and one type of hentai that I really enjoyed was trap (i shouldn't have to explain). This love for trap hentai is one of the contributors for why I ended up going through with watching sissy hypnosis. Anyway when I finally did jump into it my love for hypnosis was revived. It felt so good playing the part of a female in my fantasies that I tried doing it in real life with a dildo I stumbled upon while searching for lingere in my moms room. I didnt find any lingere but briefs and a dildo were all I needed to take my sissyfication to the next level. 

This lasted about half a year and during this phase I shoved a few things up my ass while still keeping the idea of just exploring as the reason for all that was happening. I kept on telling myself that not knowing that I was actually being pulled to where I am now. I also sucked my first dick during this phase can you guess who's it was?... it was my own.*sad face*. The reason I sucked my dick was because first i was flexible enough to do it so why not, secondly i wanted to feel what it was like to get my dick sucked. What happened instead was I got to feel what it was like to suck dick sense sucking your own dick upside down makes it hard for blood to go to the penis thus less physical pleasure. But even so I loved it. Sadly that didnt last long because sucking my own dick gave me lower back pains which caused my asshole to bleed when using the bathroom. Not sure if it was the actual reason but there was a strong correlation because when I stopped sucking I stoped bleeding. I got really sad after I knew I had to stop sucking my dick because I got alot more mental pleasure out of that then I did physical pleasure out of riding my moms dildo. So what I did was clean up the dildo and started sucking that instead. Best decision I ever made. 

That continued on for about a year until I found the holy grail of hypnosis BS I kid you not this is the shit. I used to just put on feminine clothes just because the hypnosis said so but with BS it conditions me too want to put on feminine clothes. It's super high quality and after a week or so I was able to be fully brought into trance. But during this time I was struggling with school because BS also lowers my IQ so I ended up having to stop until the end of school. As soon as I got out of school I jumped back on the horse and got right back to becoming bambi. Which is where I am now after training with the files for 2 years or so,with a few purges in between though that's to be expected. (TRIGGER WARNING UP AHEAD) I have finally accepted that I want to devote my life to becoming bambi. Bambi wants to get bolted on tits and perfect dick sucking lips. Bambi wants to suck cock and wear makeup 24-7. Bambi doesn't think before sucking cock. Bambi just wants to get fucked by men with huge cocks in her sexiest clothes. Even if I wanted to stop bambi won't let me. luckily I dont want it to stop, in fact I want to be bambi more and more each day. I cant help but get excited every time I think about how much cock I'll be sucking and fucking in the future. It took 4 years but this is the new me and i couldn't be happier. P.s. there are a few BS files on here that I need in and I couldn't find them anywhere else but here. They are respectfully premium as I would expect so I thought I could write this story to get me the free premium. Otherwise I wouldn't be writing this at all. But now that it's over it's as if all the emotions about wanting to become bambi are so much more true than ever. I hope this story encourages other bambis or any other people who are into hypnosis to keep going. It's a long a very bumpy ride but once you reach your destination it's pure bliss.


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