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What If

by WnDLizzie

Chapter 1

What if

What if you just like painted your nails?

SHIT!! What? You, you just made me miss the goal!

What?... What are you doing in my room Nicole get out, I'm not going to paint my nails that's stupid.

Now leave I'm trying to play Rocket League.

"What a dumb thing to say paint my nails yea right. I'v got better things to do like make champ rank."

Sorry guys I'm back, yo start the next match.


Dude come on how could you miss that gaol? It was an easy pass. You know what whatever I don't wanna hear it.

I need to use the bathroom and get a snack lets take a cool twenty and refresh alright.

"Ah man I'v needed to take a leak for like the past hour this feels great. What if I painted my nails?"

"Wait why did I think that? I don't wanna paint my nails....... But what if?"

"I wonder if it would help my Rocket League game?"

"You know what it would do, it would make my hands look pretty when I hold my controller."

Ok now I'v gotta know what if I painted my nails, what color should I choose? oh yes a pretty bight pink.


Hey sorry man, sorry it took me so long I'm back.

"Hmm I was right it does make my hands look pretty holding a controller."

What if you just like played little girls games?

My god Nicole what did I say about being in my room get out.


What if you just, - genericaccount37

like,\r\nkept writing this?

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