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a new vacation

by azimiut

Chapter 1

Life was just becoming boring. dragging on an on. There was nothing to do, no where to go. My boyfriend and I were tired of the same old routine and it was getting old. We needed a vacation from everyday. Our personal life was getting slow as well, there was nothing happening in the bedroom. It was come home from work, have diner and go to bed. I wanted and tried but I would just be so tired and worn down from the daily drag what was the point.... I started looking at different travel sites for somwhere exciting and different to go. I have traveled to many places all around the world so it was hard to find I place that would be new and exciting. I had been all over Europe, Asia, Hawaii, Alaska, Chile, hell I have been to the maldives and Antartica. What could be any more exciting? After searching and searching I came across a resort in the south pacific. It was its own island, all inclusive and private. It was labeled as a couples retreat that is exotic and erotic. I thought to myself, "hmm this could be interesting". maybe this could be something that my boyfriend and I could use to re-ignight some flames and have fun. 

Later that evening i was talking with him and asked him what he thought about going. at first he seemed hesitant, but showing him the reefs and outdoor adventures they have plus the very intimate and secluded bungalows he was all for it. He asked how long would we be there? well the package is for a two week stay, and the airlines only flies once a week to the nearest island, from there we will have to take a boat. "two weeks is a long time. are you sure we can do that?" no problem I said. we can easily make it work. we planned everything out and what we were going to pack and bring. I had some goodies I wanted to bring, some toys and lingere. but we had to pack light for the travels. I packed some sexy clothes for going to the bar at the resort, some latex, but some of those are everyday wear for me. I love to go to the coffee shop with some red latex leggings. so awesome. One thing I did not tell my boyfriend is that it is also a nudist resort. I hope he does not freak out about that.

17 hours of traveling, ugg. That is not including layovers. finally we are at the airport on our way to the boat. The resort has its own private water taxi from the airport to the island. as we get on the boat with another couple the captain comes out to greet us, a tall blond woman in a very small silver thong bikini. I could see the look in my boyfriends eyes of shock. I was hoping it was because she was the captain not what she was wearing. he nudged me and said "maybe ill get one of those for you to wear on this trip.". with an angry smile I said maybe ill get one for you.... 

we get to the island and it could not be more beautiful. our bungalow was on stilts out over the water. the water was as clear as glass, almost invisible. we unpacked and he looked at my bag, "wow you brought a lot of interesting things" well of course I said. It is going to be a romantic two weeks. once we were all settled we decided to go to the bar. I got dressed, a floral bikini top and my reg latex leggings. John just put on some board shorts and the lei they gave us. He laughed that he was under dressed, I said don't worry. When we got to the bar the bartender was a gorgous muscled hunk of a man with a dark tan! with John's quip about the bikini earlier I told him, maybe I will get you muscles like that for the rest of the stay.... I could see it made him angry. we both settled down after a few drinks and at that time one of the resort staff came by to show us what they all provide. both of us were in a bit of a shock because, well, she was nude. I can see that the guests can be but odd for the staff to be nude. She was pretty, but john was still in more shock than to care how she looked. One of the services they provided was couples sexual therapy. I never liked the idea of therapy, but we needed something to get us going again. she insisted that it is not like regular therapy, but more physical therapy. for once it was something John wanted to try. She said meet at her office first thing tomorrow morning. She also asked that we bring several different changes of clothes. I thought that was odd, and we could come nude if we wanted as well. I thought, hmm, maybe ill do that. something exciting and risky. 

That evening we try to have a bit of romance but we end up falling asleep on each other. traveling is exhausting. The next morning we get up up to a beautiful sunrise have some breakfast and I decide to go for a nude swim. John yells to me me "put some clothes on!" I said lets live in the moment. little does he know that I am planning on going to the session nude. I want to push some limits and see what I can do. Im sure I will be a bit uncomfortable in the begging but maybe it will be fun. who knows? Whe have breakfast from local fruits and it was quite delicious. it is time to start getting ready for the session, John comes out dressed I just had a towel on from the swim. he asked if I am getting ready. I said I am ready lets go. "your not going nude are you?" Yep! he blushes and looks embarased. "well I am not!" he shouts. we make our way to the main lobby area and meet with Sandra, the couples therapist. She is mostly nude, topless with a sheer skirt on. she giggles with the fact that I am not actually nude, just wearing a towel knowing there is nothing underneith. we talk together then individually saying the reasons why we both seem to have our difficulties. after everything she sugests a message at the spa and we do a "role reversal treatment". We head down to the spa, Sandra askes for my towel, says I wont need it. Ok, I tell her and now I am totally naked. I can see Johns face turning red with embarassment. We get there and the girl at the front desk askes us for our information, "oh your here for the couples thing right?" yup. "ok you will be in room 3 together for the message and we will get started". We get to the room and a guy and a girl both come in for the massage. Paul was to give me a message and Sarah was to give John his. it was an excellent massage. then halfway through it felt strange. I was sore in different places, I felt different. feelings I had not had before. Next thing I knew Sarah was giving me a massage. Then I hear me jump up and yell "what the hell is going on here" but it wasnt me, but it was. I open my eyes and look, I am in johns bed, looking at me! OMG Im in Johns body! I was freaking out a bit, john was having a panic attack. he was now a girl and I was now a man. I was kind of intreaged, I looked down and thought wow, thats a dick! meanwhile John is screaming "I have tits I need a manager!" Sandra comes down and explains it while John is about to pass out on the floor. She tells us this is how you learn what each other wants from the other. You now will feel what they feel, enjoy what they enjoy, what works and what doesnt. John finally starts to calm down, grabbing a couch cushion to cover his, previously my breasts. He asks, "how long is this going to last?" Sandra responds that it is for the rest of your vacation, the next two weeks. but we have to change you back before you can leave. Sandra tells is that is all for now, lunch will be ready when you get back to your room. I get dressed, puting on my swim shorts, John on the other hand has nothing to wear, lol. He asks for a towel but Sandra says all massage towels must remain here. you will have to walk back nude. I could see the fire in John's eyes.... 

We get back to our room and the first thing he does is root through my suitcase. He yells "did not not bring anything to wear that isn't sexy?" No, I responded, I brought sexy clothes for me to wear for you, I didnt know you would be the one wearing them I chuckled. Im sure there is a tiny silver thong bikini in the shop you could wear for me. As I was thinking about that the strangest feeling came apon me. I was getting an erection. "what the hell is this" I thought. John looked over at me and was like hell no, don't even think about it. Im not touching that! I told him you touch it all the time, its yours! 


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