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Becoming Sisters

by alltheseroadworks

(Complete story)


Samantha and Jayden hated each other on sight, each seeing in the other a shallow, spoiled brat. This was a cause of concern for their parents, because Jayden’s mother Claire was fucking Samantha’s father Owen, and Claire was hoping Owen might propose to her.

“I’d marry you,” said Owen one night as he ejaculated into Claire’s mouth. “But there are four problems. First, I’m not a monogamist. Whether I marry you or not, I need other girls to fuck. Secondly, I’ve gotten used to having a daddy’s little girl around, and Samantha’s growing up, and you’re infertile and can’t give me any more babies. Thirdly, our daughters fight like a couple of cats, and I can’t stand it. And fourth, I’ve always wanted to really break a girl - some deserving brat - and push her past all her limits, and you’re just not the right girl for that fantasy.”

Claire worked at a lab doing research in psychological conditioning for the military, and so she saw a way to solve all three problems. She proposed it to Owen, and Owen agreed; they were married the next week, and moved in together immediately afterwards.

The two daughters, however, were furious when they learned they had to share not only a room but a king-sized bed - so furious they didn’t even have time to complain about the room’s pink-princess decor pattern, more appropriate for a six-year-old than two teenagers. There was even a giant stuffed bear to complete the child’s-room aesthetic. Samantha and Jayden screamed and spat, but Owen and Claire were adamant, and the two girls ended up sleeping in the bed together, as far away from each other as they could get, each vowing to run away the next morning.

What they did not realise, however, was that the stuffed bear was soaked in pheromones that both girls inhaled all night, keeping them dozy, and making them progressively more aroused and suggestible. Near midnight, a tape recorder inside the bear switched on and began giving the girls instructions.

“Good little girls,” it said. “Be good girls for daddy. Be daddy’s little princess. You are sisters now. You love each other. You see each other as beautiful...”

They slept three days straight, as the bear whispered to them. Occasionally they rose to drink water and use the lavatory, but they did this in a blank, trancelike state, before returning to bed.

On the third day Samantha woke, feeling happy and refreshed, to discover she was orgasming. She was straddled naked across the stuffed bear, humping her cunt against it pathetically, and must have been doing so for some time. Her faced flushed in embarrassment as the orgasm went through her.

She turned to see Jayden lying in bed next to her. Jayden was also naked. Her eyes were only just focusing as she woke up. Her hand was on her pussy, masturbating slowly as she looked at Samantha. Her first words upon waking were, “You’re so pretty.”

Samantha moaned. “Noooo,” she said. “I hate you. You’re a bitch.” And then she felt more words coming, words she knew were true. “But you’re so beautiful. And you’re my sister now, and I love you.”

“I love you too,” said Jayden, still masturbating. “Can I kiss you?”

Samantha wanted to say no. She didn’t want to let this bitch anywhere near her. But another part of her swelled with joy at the thought of kissing her pretty sister. “I’m not a lesbian,” she said, doubtfully.

“Neither am I,” said Jayden. “Lesbians are just confused sluts who need to be raped by men.”

“Would you like my daddy to rape you?” asked Samantha.

Jayden’s face flushed at the words, and then her eyes grew wide. “Yes...” she gasped - and Samantha realised the gasp was because Jayden was orgasming.

“I’d like to see my daddy rape you,” said Samantha. And then, “I’d like my daddy to rape *me*.” Part of her inside was screaming in horror at what she was saying. But it all felt so right. She looked at her blushing, nude sister, and said, “Let’s be lesbians together so he can rape us both.”

She moved forward and kissed Jayden on the lips. She felt Jayden’s breasts press against her own, and she worked a knee between Jayden’s thighs and began to rub it against Jayden’s wet pussy. “I love you, sis,” she told Jayden.

“I love you too,” said Jayden. “Let’s be good girls for your daddy.”


In the master bedroom, Owen was fucking Claire’s pussy from behind as they both watched the girls on the cameras they had installed in the girls’ bedroom. Owen sighed happily as he watched the two pretty teenagers move into a 69 position and start desperately licking each other’s cunts.

“The beauty is,” said Claire, “that part of them understands that they don’t want this. I not only left all their taboos about lesbianism and incest and sexual promiscuity in place, I actually deepened them to feel even more shameful. But they’ll be good little kittens with each other anyway, and not be able to help themselves. They’ll hold hands in public and kiss in front of their friends and be the perfect little lesbian kittens.”

“And we watch it all on cameras?” asked Owen.

“Oh, only if we want to,” said Claire. “You see, once they’ve done, they’re going to have the overpowering urge to come and repeat what they’re doing so their daddy can see. They’re going to realise that all their clothes are “big girl” clothes and that they need “pretty princess” clothes - I’ve got some cute little pink outfits to give them with rainbow socks. At that point you can do what you want with them. Being raped by their father will make them repeatedly orgasm with shame, and every orgasm will make them love and obey you even more. The conditioning has left them fairly infantilised, so you can keep them as your little daddy’s girls... or if you really want a baby... well, they’re both fertile, and Jayden’s not related to you by blood...”




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