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by sluttyprincess

Chapter 1

Episode 1 (please note the series will get more intene as it progresses)

Intro: the inducction

I closed the drawer to dresser and thought to myself, “I’m so bored with this marriage.  How did I marry someone so vanilla?” As I sat on my bed and began to take my bra off the fabric grazed my nipples.  They were so sensitive. It felt so good. I eased back into my bed and began fondling them.  Everything I did with them I could feel down on my clit.  Clearly the recording was working.  I didn’t tell Joseph about what I had been doing.  He was too vanilla.  He got weirded out at just the thought of hypnosis. I tried to bring it up to him a few times and he just didn’t get it. I didn’t care.  I waited for him to leave for work every morning and then started the recording.  It was more of a natural impulse at this point.  It felt so good.  I found if I masturbated to the recordings it helped them sink in stronger and deeper.  As the recording began I clicked on my vibrator to its lowest setting. Hands free seemed to work better for induction. I wouldn’t let myself cum.  The arousal allowed me to feel bliss and safety a lot easier.  As I slipped into trance, I could feel the euphoric calm taking over my body.

Before I knew it, my eyes were open and I felt alert and awake.  I was able to reward myself.  I played with my hard nipples and set my vibrator to increasing pulse.  My body started to convulse. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I moaned.  My nipples felt hard and were begging to be squeezed. I put on the clamps.  They hurt at first, but it was a good pain.  It made my arousal peek.  I was so horny, and I never wanted this feeling to stop.  One wave of pleasure after another. My toes curled as my back arched and my head was thrown back. 

“Oh shit not yet I forgot the tow-“Too late.  My body slid back into its resting position as the last bit of come trickled down my lip toward my ass and onto the sheet. I laid there another 5 minutes or so just playing with my nipples feeling content. 

I rolled over and looked at the clock.  11:30 I needed to start on my chores.  I wanted the house clean before Joe got home and I still had to make my deliveries.  I quickly put on my headphones and played the track I had made for myself.  “Perfect Horny Housewife Subliminal Version” I had overlayed some of my favorite high tempo songs in order to be able to listen to it and clean at the same time without looking suspicious to onlookers.  I did this with several tracks.

It was almost time for Joe to come home when I arrived back from running my errands.  I made sure to put on my tight fitted jeans so when I sat down the seem would tickle my clit as I wiggled around.  This Time I started another recording. “Horny All The Time.”  I had put some of his favorite music on top of it and started it.  This was something I didn’t mind listening to with him. I was already constantly horny and I had no problem adding to it for me if it meant he got into the mood too.  I would change up the songs every day to make sure it wasn’t suspicious and then begin dinner. 

He walked in ready to tell me about his day.  I listened and then served his dinner like a perfect little housewife.  I waited patiently while the testosterone booster kicked in and the recording took effect.   I couldnt help but smile to myself as he adjusted himself in his seat.  My anticipation rose with his.  I could see the buldge in his pants slowly growing.  As I collected our plates he got up to help me with the lean up.

“That’s not necessary love.” I said, knowing he would help anyway.

Team work makes the dreamwork.” He stated.  He was oblivious that tis was one of the mantras I repeated on his subliminal recordings over and over.

As you wish.” One off of mine.

As soon as the kitchen was cleaned I grabbed his belt loop.  His hard cock pressed above my pubis. I kissed him and let his hand wander on me as mine did on him.  I slipped one hand down between us and gently massaged his tip while the other scratched down his back. 

His left hand began to play with my breasts as his right hand had a fistful of my hair. “Upstairs?” he asked. I nodded.  I knew I was programmed to say yes to anything while he fondled my nipples.   It turned me on so much I couldn’t think of anything else. We started walking to the bedroom. The entire time he kept squeezing my nipples.  I couldn’t think. I just wanted his dick inside me. I began to derobe.  My pussy beginning to drip with excitement.  He threw me on the bed and shoved his cock onto my face pinching my nipple hard this time.  “Suck it.” He ordered. 

I complied. I had no choice.  Every stroke every head bob, sent my mind deeper into confusion, deeper into ecstasy. I felt his cock inside my mouth and all three of my holes at the same time.  My programming was working and it felt amazing.  This was the best sex ive had yet and he had me doing all of the work. I was oblivious to the world around me.  He shoved my head harder. His cock slammed deeper into the back of my throat. I could feel it simultaneously in my cunt and my ass.  Id never had a cock in my ass but I could imagine it felt big and thick and …. And…. Oh god! oh god! His load emptied into the back of my mouth and I swallowed hard. My body arched with pleasure. Bliss. Pure bliss.

He was still hard.  The testosterone I snuck into his steak was doing its job.  He shoved me down on the pillows and I let out a moan.  I decided to try the trigger phrase i put in his recording. I knew he wasn’t a fan of eating pussy so if this worked id know his programming was effective. “whose a good boy?” almost instantly his eyes glazed over as he got onto all fours and licked his lips.  He lowered himself down and placed his head between my thighs.  I lead his head by pulling his hair. He licked obediently. “good boy” I said, reinforcing the phrase.  He reached up to play with my nipple but I stopped him.  I wanted my head clear for this.  He took his hand ad grabbed my thighs.  His tongue went deeper and his face smashed harder. My hips rose and I screamed in pleasure “good boooyyyy!!!” he continued.  He did not come up for air he just licked away like it was his job.  “All done.” I gave the release command. 

I wondered how long it would take for my other command to take effect….



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