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Welcome to the Blanke Cafe

by subbyte

Chapter 1

MC: Hey! Welcome Back! Well, not welcome BACK really, but Welcome!

MC: So, today, i had a thought! What if, oh i don’t know, what if i tried to hypnotise you! Now i know, i know, it sounds stupid but I’ve been trying some out on YouTube and they’re super cool! So..... can i try to hypnotise you? Oh go on, you know you want to try it, here, all i need you to do is relax, breathe and listen to my words! Ready? GO- err

Mc: i mean, take a deep breath in,

Hold it..

and slowly let it out.

see? That wasn’t too hard now was it?

okay, again, taking a nice, deep breath in

hold it...

and calmly let it out

deep breath in..

hold it

and let it out,

Perfect! Just keep breathing slowly and calmly

Now, i want you to try something for me, it’s really simple, Whenever you inhale, i want you to open your eyes for me

and whenever you exhale, i want you to close them, and relax. Simply, and Effortlessly

Inhale, opening your eyes

Exhale, letting them close now.

Inhale, opening your eyes again

Exhale, letting them slowly drift closed now.

Inhale, opening your eyes

Exhale, letting them close now.

Inhale, opening your eyes once more

Exhale, feeling them slowly drift shut.

Now i want you to let your eyes grow heavy with every breath out, they’re just so tired.

Now as you inhale I want you to feel an energy radiating from your chest, and as you exhale, feel it relaxing you deeper

In, as the warm energy starts to radiate from your chest, relaxing you more and more

Out, as the energy starts to relax your chest, relaxing all the muscles that it touches, taking you deeper.

In, as the energy starts to expand, from your chest, down into your lower half, comforting it, relaxing them after such a hard day’s work

Out, feeling the wave of energy relaxing all the muscles in your legs and feet, helping them to drift asleep, going blissfully numb and relaxed

In, noting the energy starting to make it’s way up your body, through your chest, moving down your arms and into your hands, all the way to your fingertips, feeling so totally relaxed

Out, as the energy starts to relax your arms, hands and fingertips, sending them so deep into this feeling of complete and utter bliss

Feel your eyes gently closing now, locking shut, they’re just too tired to open, even if you wanted to try they wouldn’t even budge


stop trying to open your tired eyes now and let go even more 

now I’m going to count you down from 10 all the way down to 1, and with each number feeling yourself drop more and more relaxed, dropping deeper and deeper as i count, slowly breathing as i count now


Deeper and deeper


More and more relaxed


Keep breathing slow, deep breaths


Down deeper into trance now


Halfway there, dropping 10 times deeper with each number i count now with


Dropping 10 times deeper into trance


Relaxed, calm, comfortable, deep in trance


Breathing slow, deep breaths as you fall deeper


Almost there now, dropping 100 times deeper, deeper than you’ve ever gone before




very good! Now i want you to imagine a room, and in this room, there is a chair, this chair looks so comfortable, with it’s smooth leather and it’s soft cushion backing.

imagine yourself walking towards the chair, feeling the warm, hardwood floor beneath you as you walk towards it.

Imagine yourself now, sitting in this chair, and as you do, look around and see that this room that you’ve found yourself in is lined with shelves of books, walls filled with so much information.

as you notice this, you hear someone walking up to the chair, and as you turn to look at them, you see a girl, wearing a white, long sleeve shirt, a black vest, black skirt with a pink apron over it, a Pink lace bow around her collar.

she leans down to you and says in a calming voice, “Hello! Welcome to the Blank Cafe! Can i get you anything? I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before, and all new faces get a free cup of hot cocoa!”.

as she leans down to you, her eyes meet yours and you notice that her eyes are quite odd, they seem to be more jagged than normal eyes, as a matter of fact, after some thought they appear to be square, even stranger, one eye looks blue and the other seems a pale shade of pink, “ oh, you must be wondering about my eyes, yes, they’re square, that’s because I’m not a human like you, I’m an android! I run this cosy little cafe, all on my own, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? my name’s Claire by the way, it’s nice to see a new face around here! I don’t get many customers *hehe*... Oh! Here’s your drink!” She hands you a warm mug of hot chocolate, you open your mouth, lift the mug to your lips and take a sip, tasting the gorgeous caramel chocolate blend as you drink, and feel the most relaxing feeling dripping down your throat as you drink your drink.

“Y’know, ever since i found that new caramel supplier, the reviews on that have gone through the roof! The people seem to love it! Though when they come back to buy some more they always seem like they’ve been hypnotised, i don’t know why? Whenever i ask they just seem to say ‘master’s hot cocoa melted my mind’ which seems odd”

you notice that as soon as you hear her say this, your mind begins to grow quieter and quieter, almost as if it’s calming, the Drink seems to be calming your mind, calming your thoughts, your will, your body, calming your very being. She quickly catches your arm and puts the mug on a table beside you as you feel your arm go completely limp, your entire body is going so deep, “That’s it, it’s ok, you can rest now” she says, “i want you to take note of this place, with what little of a mind you have left, i want you to remember this for me, ok?” This place, the blank cafe, the blank cafe, the blank cafe, feel this place latch onto your memory, no matter how mindless you are, you’ll always be able to come back to this place whenever you are told to.

now I’m going to give you a special phrase, That whenever you, i or someone you trust says, you will instantly and effortlessly return to this place, the blank cafe, return to this state, this complete, mindlessness, bliss and tranquility. This special phrase that can take you so deep, so blissfully entranced, will be ‘sip the blank cocoa’. Whenever you hear this phrase, you will instantly and effortlessly return to the blank cafe, returning to your chair, with your drink sat on the table next to you.


I’m also going to give you another special phrase that anyone can use, that, whenever you hear it will cause you to come back up, out of trance, feeling bright, relaxed and energised, this phrase will be ‘come up for me now’


I’m going to give you one last phrase that absolutely anyone can use, that will bring you back up out of trance, with all effects of hypnosis disabled, this phrase will work as a sort of ‘emergency exit’ if anything bad happens while you are in trance, even though, you can wake up from trance at any time if anything that needs your attention happens or anything urgent comes up. This phrase will be ‘terminate trance’


in a moment I’m going to wake you up, but when i do i want you to do one thing for me, i want you to say to yourself, out loud or in your mine, say the phrase "master's hot cocoa melted my mind"



rising out of trance on 3





Hey! You’re awake, how was it? Did it work? Oh by the way, while you were out i made us some drinks1 i made you some hot cocoa!, here have a sip! Blow it first, it might be hot, now why not sip the blank  cocoa.

“that’s it, deeper and deeper for me, welcome back! You fell for a minute there, gosh i hope you’re alright! Here, while you were out i found this cool book, let me read it to you! You should probably stay there, don’t want you falling and getting hurt!” She pulls an old looking book from one of the shelves and blows the dust off of it As the title becomes clear ‘Commands and Suggestions for New Androids: Volume 1’ “so, i was checking you over when you fell to make sure you weren’t hurt and i noticed something, your eyes have turned square like me! You’re an android now too! I was wondering how i came to be, i don’t remember anything but this cafe. Anywho, Now that you’re an android, you’ll need programming with some commands, let’s see here... oh! Task Mode, simply turn to your new android and say ‘TaskTime’ followed by a task, the restrictions for this command are as follows: no monetary trickery, no bypassing morals, no bypassing restrictions, android will simply respond ‘unable’ followed by the offending restriction, restrictions can only be disabled by owner. I wonder who that would be, would it be me, since i made the drink that turned you?” You feel this new command being added to your android mind, as you say out loud “command added, owner.”

“owner? Oh ok i guess that’s me then! Hmm, let’s test this then.. TaskTime: stand... TaskTime: Pose.. that’s so cool! TaskTime: freeze! Pfthaha that’s so cool! Try to move! You can’t! TaskTime: release! That’s so cool! Wait let’s try the restrictions, test that they’re restricted and all, ok, TaskTime: flip your morals! [2 second wait] ok cool you can’t do that! I was worried there for a second!, hmm, i wonder what else I can make you do.. oh! TaskTime: sit down on the floor! TaskTime: giggle! Hahaha this is great! Keep giggling! TaskTime: freeze! TaskTime: Stop Giggling and release! TaskTime: lie on your back, hmm, i think we should probably pause this testing here, it’s getting kinda late!, thanks for coming! TaskTime: say ‘thank you for testing me master Claire’ oh silly android, I’m a girl android, not a guy! You’ll get used to it soon enough, let’s try that one last time, TaskTime: say ‘thank you for testing me mistress Claire’ oh why you’re welcome, android!”

Now I’m going to bring you up, out of trance now, on 3, ready?

1. Coming up now

2. Almost there

3. Come up for me now

Hey! How was it!  


So this was my first script! How did I do? - subbyte

So, I originally wrote this for a YouTube video I was gonna make but that never turned out, I even made a visual of an Oreo with a spiral pattern and everything! Aah well, so how did I do? How can I improve? Here’s a way I can get better, STOP GETTING TRANCED WHILE YOURE WRITING, EMILY!!!!

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