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by sluttyprincess

Chapter 4

Now the limp bodies would do only what I programmed them to do, but without a little fight what fun would that be?  I explained to all four that they were to seem fully awake from trance and back to their normal selves but still follow every command I gave even if they were unaware.

“You will not panic loudly and you will only speak the truth. Understood?”

All four replied “Yes Mistress”

“Very Good. Now awaken on the count of 5.”  I slowly counted them up.  Once their eyes had finished adjusting the looked around at each other nervously. 

The boys were first to notice they were naked. When the saw the females their erections began to grow but were quickly deflated by the small pointy edges of their cock cages. 

“What is going on?” Joe panicked. I just smiled at him.

The girls both started to ask a million questions all at once.  Joe seemed concerned for my well-being.  He was sweet. Kevin began to protest but as he had specially been commanded any time he began to stand up he would feel dizzy and have to sit down immediately.  I giggled a little.   “Kevin why was your friend calling you Jason earlier?”

“It’s my middle name. It’s what I go by.” 

(That made sense) “Not anymore. From now on you will only respond to bitch.”

“Hey Fuck you!” He said trying to get up.  He quickly fell back down to the chair.  I laughed.

“What’s your name?”

“Bitch” he said. He seemed shocked the word came out of his mouth.

“Good.  Now every time I call you bitch, you will feel immense pleasure and joy.”

“Yes mistress.”

I looked at the brunette “You! I don’t care much for you. I’ll call you ‘Nothing”

She looked disappointed but nodded and replied “Yes Mistress”

“Nothing start fingering yourself.”

She began to argue but as soon as she opened her mouth her fingers entered and slowly traced down to her pleasure parts. Instead she let out a soft grown.  The other three look bewildered. Joe most of all. 

“C’mon babe. You know you want to watch.” I said to Joe.

He replied “I know but it feels so wrong.” 

“It’s human nature.  Look, those two are watching.” I motioned to Deanna and Bitch.  Joe nodded but still was hesitant to watch.  “Look love” I said slowly getting onto my knees and unclasping the cock ring, “You choose whether or not you want to watch. I wont be upset. I wont even look to see if you are watching  I’ll just be playing with this.” I grabbed firmly on is cock. As he gasped with pleasure I smiled.

“Nothing! Bitch! You will start following Joe’s commands now as well.” They began to protest.

“Try it.” I commanded Joe. “Tell them what you want from them.”

“Bitch, begin to eat Nothing’s pussy. Nothing, eat Deanna’s pussy. Deanna suck Bitches cock but nobody let anybody come.” 

I was shocked! “Wow. I couldn’t have done better myself.” I began to suck Joe off and he began to fondle my breasts.  He knew my nipples were particularly sensitive.  He even caused me to come a few times in the past by nipple sensation alone.  As I twirled my tongue around his tip I plunged his cock deeper into the back of my throat.  I could hear them all moan in pleasure with a little bit of pain from not being allowed to come.  It turned me on even more, soon my hips would thrust to the sounds of their tormented pleasure. Joe began to take immense pleasure in this.  I could tell he was enjoying the show. He groaned along with us.  Soon the three pleasuring one another were begging for permission to cum. 

“Please, I can’t take it anymore.”  Pleaded Nothing.

“Oh God I’m going to explode.” Bitch exclaimed.

“Please! oh please! oh please!” Deanna continued to beg. 

Even Joe was on the cusp of explosion. 

“Everyone freeze!”  I said. I myself had already cum from all of the excitement.  “Deanna take off bitches cock ring and put the O ring on him.”  Her eyes were glazed over with lust as she fumbled to release him.  I looked up at Joe. He too was loopy with lust. “I want to try something new. How do you feel about…?”  I began to whisper in his ear.

He smiled. “yes please.”  I smiled.  I equipped the girls with their double headed vibrating strap-ons and the boys both now had O rings.  I bent Nothing over first. Something about her just pissed me off so I used Bitch behind her. He was big thick and juicy. I was sure he’d cause a bit of pain… but… some pain is good right? Behind him, Deanna, followed by Joe and then me.  I wanted to watch my creation. In addition I wanted to be sure I was the one that did this to Joe. It was a long time goal. 

He had always shy’d away from it, but tonight he had no inhibitions and it showed. He readily got onto his knees and inserted himself into the back door of the luscious red head.  She gasped, he groaned. I began to pulsate.  I could tell they were hesitant.  A 5 person back door train?  I doubt anyone here had been so adventurous in the past.  I smiled as I commanded; “turn on you vibration and begin. Ladies cum as much as you want.  Men you must get permission.”  Everyone else groaned as the entered one another,  I instructed nothing to circle around slowly so she did not disconnect from Bitch. She entered behind be.  This way I too received anal pleasure and didn’t have to look at her face.

“Yesssss” I hissed as the vibrations began.

As one we began to thrust. It began clumsily but as each of us began to get more turned on from the excitement we began to move in perfect harmony.  I could feel Joe pucker with pleasure from the stimulation. He began to pull Deanna’s hair.  “Now!”


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