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Hypnotized to love Creampies

by markhypnosub

Complete Story

Creampie Hypnosis

By MarkHypnoSub

My wife Terri has decided today, that she was going to quit smoking. She had heard that being hypnotized was worth a try.

"Will you find me a hypnotist?"

I told her that I would.

I could never refuse her a thing. She is an absolutely gorgeous woman. When we first met in college, I first noticed her long black hair and blue eyes.

Once I got to know her, I realized that there was so much more to her than just her looks.

But there's stil no changing the fact she's 5'7" with long legs and big tits. Her ass is absolutely perfect, too.

She did have one flaw, though. As I said already, she smoked.

It was a bad habit that she tried to quit a couple of times already.

Now I was going to try and help her accomplish this goal.

I looked on the computer for a while and finally found someone. For what ever reason, he sounded familiar to me.

I called the office to make an appointment and then realized the connection.

The hypnotist happened to be an old friend of my next door neighbor, Sam.

I made the appointment for this afternoon. So we had plenty of time before we had to leave.

When I told her about the place and time of the appointment, I tried to convince her that we still had plenty of time to fool.

She laughed and said, "You know, if this works, I'm going to have to keep my mouth busy for a while. You know, to keep the oral craving away."

I only had one thing for that. So I sat down next to her and pulled out my cock.

It was a bold move but I hoped she would take the bait. Or should I say, the cock.

"You're always horny, aren't you? Well, I don't see why not. You've been a good boy."

I couldn't believe my luck. She kissed me and then kneeled down in front of me and got between my thighs.

She then proceeded to pull her hair back into a ponytail. By the time she started to gently lick my cock, I was already dripping.

I loved the way she would nibble the head and then look deep into my eyes. It drove me crazy with lust.

I wanted to grab her head and start thrusting into her mouth, but I knew better. She hated that. Instead, I kept my hands at my sides and clawed at the cushions.

I wanted this to last for a while. But she was a great cock sucker and I knew I would soon be in trouble. She began to take me deeper into her mouth.

She knows what I like and this felt so good.

Suddenly, she pulled me out of her mouth.

I looked at her with desperation. My cock was throbbing in the air. It was begging for the wet velvety texture of her mouth, again.

"Remember to tell me when you're going to cum, okay?"

Terri never would swallow my semen. In my opinion, that was another one of her bad habits.

Then I thought to myself something devilish. Maybe the hypnotist could fix that too?

She resumed her cock sucking and soon had me to the edge of climax. My dick got harder than steel. When I felt my balls fill up, I knew I was about ready to burst.

I thought about keeping quiet and seeing her reaction to receiving a big mouthful of my semen.

But she was on to me.

She pulled me out of her mouth and said, "I know you're ready to cum. Your dick just got harder and bigger in my mouth. You weren't going to try and pull a fast one on me and cum in my mouth, were you?"

I looked guilty and blamed it on the ecstasy she was giving me. She laughed and went back down on my aching cock.

Then, to top it off, she took her hand and slid it under my balls. She began slowly massaging them. They were so full and ready to burst. She must have felt it, too.

I couldn't control my hips and I began thrusting a little into her mouth. Just before I came, I told her.

She didn't pull away. I was ecstatic. She was finally going to swallow my semen.

Just as I began to shoot, she quickly removed her mouth. Her timing was perfect, if you asked her.

She stroked my cock as I shot wad after wad of cum all over myself.

She was aiming it all over me, amused by her new squirt toy. When it finally stopped, I was quite a mess.

She said, "Okay lover, here's your chance. If you eat it, so will I."

She was smart and knew that after I came, all I wanted to do was relax.

I looked at her hand as she brought it up to my mouth. It was absolutely covered in semen.

"What's the matter?" she asked as innocently as she could.

I didn't say a word. Instead I sucked a finger in my mouth. When I swallowed it, it was hot and salty. Definitely something right out of a "Fear Factor" show for a guy.

I thought I'd get her to finally eat it after that.

"Like I already told you; when you eat it, so will I. Not just a taste, the whole load."

She took her hand and scooped up a handful. There was no way I was going for that.

"Just what I thought, but it was a nice try. Was it tasty?"

She got up and left the room to go clean up. I heard her chuckling from her last comment.

I sat there numb. I knew the only way she was ever going to chow on my spunk was to get her hypnotized.

As we drove over to the hypnotist's office, Terri was completely unsuspecting of my plan.

When we arrived, we both saw his diplomas and certificates all over his walls. It was actually, quite impressive.

When the hypnotist popped in, he looked perplexed.

"My name is Sam. Have we already met somewhere else?"

I told him that my neighbor is a good friend of his.

"Of course," he laughed. "You're name is Jack."

Then he turned to Terri and asked if she was ready to start.

"I need to use the little girl's room first."

I told her to go ahead and I would fill out the forms for her while she was gone.

When Sam asked me what she wanted done. I told him there were two things: one was for her and one for me.

He smiled and said, "What did you have in mind?"

I told him that she wanted to quit smoking and I wanted her to start doing something for me.

"Is it sexual?"

I told him it was.

He laughed and said, "I understand completely. Your wife is a beautiful woman. Besides, any friend of Sam's is a friend of mine.

Tell me what's on your mind?"

I was embarrassed, but somehow explained to him that Terri wouldn't swallow my cum.

Just then Terri returned. He ushered us into the room and explained that I could stay if I wanted to watch.

We sat down in the room. It was dark and small.

Sam explained, "We don't want any distractions. That's why the room is so small. Some people need several sessions to achieve success and some are very susceptible to it. I hope this works for you the first time."

Terri smiled and said, "I hope so, too."

I was also hoping; hoping she would begin to swallow cum.

When he began, he told her to concentrate on his voice. He told her to relax and to look at the clock.

He went on for a while. I was starting to feel pretty relaxed too.

He said, "You will no longer want to smoke and it will nauseate you if you try."

He continued, "You will also find the taste of semen delicious, from now on.

When you wake up, you will never want to smoke again and semen will taste like your favorite candy. You will also have no recollection of this."

I must have dozed off because Terri was also awake now, I noticed. Jim asked her if she remembered anything.

"No, I can't remember a thing. It's remarkable; I hope this works."

As we left, Jim told me that he hoped everything worked out for me. He said this with a grin.

She went the whole day without a cigarette. That night we decided to celebrate.

We drank and danced and had a great time. A strange thing happened at the bar, however. A man was smoking as I was ordering a drink and I felt a little nauseated.

Terri saw the look on my face and wanted to know if I was alright. As soon as we walked away from the smoke I felt better. I noticed the smoke didn't seem to bother her at all.

When we got home, I figured I'd try to keep the celebration going. I wanted to see if the hypnosis had worked on her.

If it did, I'd finally see her swallow the big load, that I had waiting for her in my balls.

She said, "Please go and get some more wine, we're out. If you do, you might even get lucky."

I swear I broke the sound barrier. When I returned, Terri looked depressed.

"I don't know what happened to me. I felt the urge to smoke. So, I took a few puffs and I didn't feel anything bad. I'm sorry," she said.

I was disappointed, but I didn't want to let it show.

I explained that, maybe all she needed was, to go a few more times.

She smiled and said, "Come to bed."

I slid out of my clothes. As I watched her undress, I realized that she wasn't the only thing smoking; so was her body.

She got into bed and looked down at my cock. It was already hard and dripping pre-cum down both its sides.

She giggled and said, "I see someone is very anxious; you're already dripping. I'm glad, because I'm really horny tonight."

I told her to suck me a little. I wanted to see if the hypnosis had worked at all.

Maybe she would begin to crave my semen.

She put her mouth over my cock. I was in pure heaven. Then she pulled off. Why did she stop?

Then I saw why. She was coming up to kiss me.

I felt her tongue in my mouth. I noticed a funny taste and knew what it was. She hadn't swallowed what was dripping from my cock.

Instead of being turned off by it, I found it delicious. She pulled back and smiled.

"I told you. When you swallow it all, I will. That was a little taste for you. What did you think?"

She was expecting me to complain, but I couldn't. I told her, "I'll swallow it. It's delicious."

She looked shocked. "What did you just say?"

I told her, "I don't know what you're so afraid of. It tasted really good."

She looked at me for a few seconds. Then she smirked.

"Yeah, right, you're just fucking with me to try and make me swallow it first. Then you won't do it."

I realized the hypnotizing didn't work for her. But why did I suddenly enjoy the flavor of that kiss so much?

I slid over to her and put my cock against her pussy. It was so hot and wet.

"Aren't you going to eat me first?"

I told her I wanted to fuck her a little, first. So I slid inside her pussy and began to thrust for almost twenty minutes.

Terri was enjoying this but soon was afraid that I would cum too soon.

"Eat me now! I want to cum with your tongue inside me."

Who could resist that invitation? So I pulled out of her.

Her pussy was so wet and sloppy. I slid down and saw how messy it was. Still, I slid my tongue inside her and she began instantly moaning.

She tasted delicious. I couldn't explain it. It was like sucking on a piece of candy.

She was full of our juices and I couldn't get enough. I sucked her pussy until she was dry.

She was squirming all over the bed. I had to grab onto her hips to keep my mouth attached to her pussy.

"You're gonna make me cum really hard. You are so nasty tonight. You sucked out all your juices, too. I can't believe how good this feels.

Why have you never eaten me like this before? What's got into you? Suck my clit and don't stop!"

I did as she said and almost instantly, she began to cum. Her pussy was contracting and her juices were pouring out of her.

When she was satisfied, she simply pushed me away.

"That was incredible. Your tongue is unbelievable. Now hurry up and fuck me again with your beautiful cock. I want to see if you can make me cum again."

I was definitely up to this challenge. I slid back inside her pussy and began to really pound her.

She was still contracting from her orgasm and it felt like she was milking my cock.

I kept up this frantic pace for another ten minutes. But, before I knew it, I was about to cum.

I felt the semen beginning to rise up from my balls.

My cock was on fire and ready to explode. Her pussy was clenching down on me as I throbbed inside.

I told her I was going to cum and then buried my cock in her, as deep as I could.

"Wait, not yet!" she cried out.

It was to no avail. This was a tidal wave of my spunk. I blasted wave after wave of jism, deep inside her pussy.

It was splashing inside her, coating and filling her completely. My balls never felt so empty when I was done.

"Damn it, I was almost there. Why did you cum before me? I was so close to cumming again. I'm so horny."

I didn't say a word. I knew how to make it up to her.

In fact, for some strange reason, I couldn't wait. I pulled out of her completely drenched pussy and slid down to her breasts.

I sucked each nipple gently and then licked under each breast, tasting her sweat.

"Oh, that feels good. Maybe if you do that, I'll cum."

Instead, I slid down further. Soon I was between her legs and staring at her dripping hole.

My cum was beginning to appear on the bottom of her lips which were now, pink and swollen from the fucking.

She was intrigued with me and said, "I don't know what you're up to?"

I reached in with my tongue and slid it across her clit. She tensed up, but I could tell it felt good.

"I love you. You are so considerate. All that cum must taste pretty nasty. If you stay up high, you can make me cum and avoid the mess."

I looked up at her.

She was sitting up on her elbows looking down at me waiting for my response. Our eyes locked. Then I slid my mouth down over her pussy and sucked.

I saw her eyes go wide.

"What are you doing?" she begged. "I'm not clean down there. Let me up and go wash first, if that's what you want."

I reluctantly stopped and told her, "Relax and enjoy this. I really want to do this. You taste delicious."

She looked at me in disbelief. She probably was thinking of how anyone would want to suck cum from her pussy?

Then, I guess her sexual needs finally overcame her prejudices.

"If you're sure, then go ahead. But what ever you do, DON'T STOP AGAIN!"

I went back to her pussy. This time she put her hand on the back of my head. She was making sure I hit all the right spots.

I was sucking real hard. There was so much of my seed in her, that it began leaking all over my face.

I noticed how incredibly thick and hot it was. It was filling my mouth and I couldn't wait for the next mouthful.

I couldn't understand this new kink of mine. It was if I was eating my favorite food and I couldn't get enough of it.

I sucked her sloppy pussy for her until she was dry.

I thought to myself, "Why am I enjoying this as much as her?"

I understood her getting pleasure from this but when did I suddenly begin craving my own seed?

It seemed perverse but I couldn't stop. So I drove my tongue into her, as deep as I could.

She shrieked, when I did this.

"Oh shit, you don't know what you're doing to me. Go deeper with your tongue. This is so fucking nasty. I don't know what's got into your head tonight but don't stop."

I knew she was really excited now because she never talks dirty to me.

So while I tongue fucked this bitch in heat, I began to think about what she just said.

What had gotten into my head? This was all so strange. This whole scene would have turned me off this morning but was turning me on now.

Then it was like a light went off in my head.

Somehow, when I went in with Terri to get hypnotized, I got hypnotized too.

I heard all the suggestions to her including the one about thinking that my ejaculate was like candy.

As this became clearer to me, I must have stopped tonguing her.

"Oh no, you don't, you're gonna make me cum."

Terri grabbed my head with both of her hands this time and pulled me into her crotch.

"Suck me bitch, I'm almost there."

So I ran my tongue back and forth over her clit, again. She let go of my head and began clawing at the sheets.

She began to arch her back. This caused her big beautiful breasts to extend out as they heaved up and down on her chest.

"Oh shit, I'm coming. Drink that cum. Suck it out of my pussy for me!" she cried.

She reached down and pushed my mouth over her hole. She groaned and literally exploded into it.

I have never seen her so excited. She literally ejaculated into my mouth. She held my head in a death grip.

She was in a state of utter release.

As she drained herself into my mouth, I tasted the rest of my cum. Now it was mixed with hers. This mixture was even more delicious.

When she was finally satisfied, she pushed me away.

She looked at me completely spent. After a while she summoned the strength to speak.

"What got into you tonight? Why did you want to do that?"

I asked what "that" was.

"Eating your cum back out of me. What else?"

I asked if she promised not to get mad at me.

She looked quizzically at me, "How could I get mad?"

So I told her about what I had told the hypnotist to do. Then I explained to her, how it must have backfired.

"Maybe it backfired on you. It's more like, a gift from above for me."

I asked how so?

"You wanted to make me into your own private little cum-sucker, but instead you're your own cum-sucker now."

I told her that I was sorry.

She began laughing hysterically. "Are you kidding me? Don't be sorry. Believe me; I can live with this arrangement."

I was glad she wasn't mad, but was feeling degraded by the laughter.

"Instead of having you pestering me to swallow your cum all the time, you'll be pestering me to let you swallow it instead?"

She was right. Talk about being careful what you wish for. This was really ironic.

She fucked me again, later that night and had me suck her pussy clean. I guess, to see if I would still do it.

It was still delicious.

The next morning I woke up and gave a stretch. I began reminiscing about the night before and what had transpired between us.

Terri was lying next to me completely naked and she began to stir.

As she gradually woke, I couldn't help but to stare at her and admire her beauty.

She finally woke and looked over at me. She saw me staring at her body and smiled.

"Good morning, sweetheart. How do you feel?"

Really good I told her.

"How good is real good? Are you ready for another round?"

It sounded great to me, but before I could say another word, she slid her head under the covers.

What a way to wake up in the morning, I thought to myself.

So I pulled back the covers as she wrapped her lips around my cock. I wanted to enjoy this show. After all, I had the best seat in the house.

Her head bobbed slowly up and down on my shaft for almost ten minutes. My balls began to swell up with their hot,sticky and newly discovered tasty cargo.

I felt myself ready to cum at any moment. But instead of me wanting her to swallow my load, I felt that familiar hunger.

I told her, "Please stop sucking me. I want to cum inside of you, again."

She pulled my throbbing cock from her mouth and asked, "Why is that?"

Because, then I can suck it all out of you. It's delicious and so are you.

"I was hoping you'd say that," she replied with a devilish grin. "I want to feel that again, too."

She quickly spun around and sat down on my cock. She barely had time to slide up and down, once or twice, before I came.

As I lied there and basked in the afterglow of my orgasm, Terri smiled and looked down at my face.

Then without any hesitation at all, she slid up onto my mouth.

"Breakfast is now served and it's just the way you like it. It's got lots of extra hot syrup and cream. Yum, Yum, Yum. Come and get it." she chided me.

She wasn't kidding, either. Apparently my balls had fully recovered from last nights action.

She was full and just like last night, I couldn't get enough.

"I'm gonna love getting used to this. Anytime I want to go for a ride, all I have to do is have you fill up my tank first."

She was right. But we are both going to love getting used to this.

-       The End-


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