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Script for MP3--Male Ass Worshi[

by amateur15863

Chapter 1


You're a whore.

You're a filthy slut.

You like having you're ass toyed with.

You're a whore.

Yeah, you're Master keeps you plugged all-day

You're His slave-pet.

You're His toy.

To fuck with.

To humiliate.

Trapped. Stuck in chastity.

Stuck in perpetual heat.

You're horny.

You're desperate.

You hump the air--your chastity piercings too effective at keeping you from release.

You're a whore.

All you can focus on is Him.

His ass.

His glorious, meaty ass.

You're a whore.

You want to lick it.

You're a whore

You want to kiss it.

You're a whore

You want to worship it.

He is your Master.

You will obey.

You're an obedient slave-pet who obeys your Master's wishes.

You're a whore.

He keeps you leashed. Collared. Tethered to the end of his bed-post.

You are his pet.

You wait patiently for him to come home from work, or the gym, and let you suck on his toes.

You're a filthy whore.

He always come back home sweat-slicked, and smelly.

He has you tongue-bathe him.

You're a whore.

And you're thorough.

You always obey your Master.

You start with his feet--working your way up his legs.

Up his calves.

To his thighs.

You're His whore.

He positions you on his lap, grinding into you. 

You're His bitch.

You keen, and moan--and he only pushes you're head further into his arm-pit, locking you there.

Demanding you to lick.

You obey.

He saves his ass for last--lets the anticipation build.

He positions your head just below it. He allows you to take a deep breath in--too truely appreciate the aroma--before smothering you with it.

It's hot.

It's soo hot.

You're a slave-cunt.

You make-out with his asshole, half-dazed with arousal.

You push you're tongue inside, and feel his thighs grip your head. 


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