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Kurama No Kyuubi: Inuzuka Obedience Training

by Fafnir789

Chapter 1

It was a peaceful day in Konohagakure no Sato. The villagers were peaceful going about their days and even the ninja seemed more relaxed. Except for one particular blonde Shinobi, who was currently destroying the terrain of a remote training ground.


Naruto was pissed.


Today had been going so well, he and Hinata were out on a date, which was going really well at first. Lunch went great. Hinata was loving the slow walk through the park. Then without warning, Kiba Inuzuka barged out of nowhere and wouldn't leave them alone. Constantly bothering Hinata and challenging Naruto. The two tried to give him hints but the idiotic Inuzuka just wouldn't go away. Hinata ended up leaving to head home and Kiba left shortly after. Despite having been dating for months, the Inuzuka still didn't understand they were dating and had continued to ask Hinata out on dates. Often right in front of Naruto.


The thought sent another wave of rage through the future Hokage. Giant Rasengan quickly decimated another section of the field. 'If only I could make the mutt listen to me, ' Naruto thought to himself.


From within Naruto's mindscape, Kurama's teeth gleamed in a feral grin. Those Inuzuka had always made it so easy. As the greatest of all foxes, Kurama had always found the Inuzuka's position as a Great clan personally insulting. Dogs were little more than pets. Puppies should listen to their owners, not the other way around. He had started a project to fix this back when he was sealed in Kushina, taking advantage of Tsume Inuzuka's persistent hounding of Minato. And now fortune was practically handing him the chance to continue. Naruto trusted him and this would benefit his partner greatly, but he had to explain it careful. Kurama waited until Naruto paused to take a breath, before speaking.


"I can help with your puppy problem," Kurama said, instantly catching Naruto's attention.


"Really? How?" asked Naruto, desperate for a solution.


"When Kushina was dating Minato, Tsume Inuzuka, Kiba's mother, was the same as her son. So I offered Kushina a solution. I would Puppy Train Tsume for her. She put a bit of my chakra into tsume and I was able to manifest in her dreams. Each night I would train her and after a few months she was as obedient as a puppy. Since I am not behind a seal, you wouldn't even have to do the transfer yourself. Just let me manifest a clone outside of your body and I can have it hop into Kiba. Once I'm done he won't cause you any more problems." Kurama finished with a savage grin. He was relieved when he felt Naruto consider his proposal.


Naruto was a little wary at first, but Tsume seemed fine and if it solved his mother's problem it could solve his too. He trusted Kurama. In the end he grinned and started to channel Kurama's chakra.


A moment later, a small fox popped into being. The red-eyed biju nodded at Naruto before setting out to accomplish its task.




Later that night...


Kurama had no problem sneaking into the Inuzuka compound. His chakra was suppressed and as a clone of a chakra entity he had no scent. He reached the house of the clan head and headed toward the only room with lights still on. Creeping slowly he activated privacy seals laid by Kushina and jumped in front of Tsume. Before the clan head could do more than stand up Kurama said,"Down Crinkle Pup."


The reaction was immediate. Tsume fell onto all fours and began to pant softly, with tongue hanging out. Her eyes were empty, but excited. All intelligence gone, replaced with an overwhelming desire to be a good puppy for her master. Looking closely, around her waist, you could see an illusion waver, revealing that her pants were bloated by a thick undergarment.

Kurama smiled, glad her programming held.

"Good Girl!" He said, a tail curling around her head to pet the little puppy. "Now let's get down to business. It's time to finish what I started. Human-Speak Puppy. Have you been applying the seals on the clan?"

Tsume practically collapsed with joy at his praise.

"Yes, Master. The seals are on all the dogs and all adult and shinobi clan members."


"Good. Are the elders still good boys and girls?"




"The clan retreat starts next month and still goes to the isolated forest compound, correct? Is the compound still ready for the plan?"


"Yes. All is still ready Master! I kept preparing for you like a Good Girl."


"That you did. From now on Naruto is to be considered a Fox and since Kushina is gone he is also your Master. His vixen Hinata as well. Your son will be his personal pet, but the clan will all join us during the retreat."


"Of course Master Kurama. Foxes are Masters, Naruto is a Fox. I can't wait for Kiba to become a Good Boy."


Next Month at Inuzuka Forest Compound...


Kiba Inuzuka settled down in his temporary room. This old compound was used to house his clan during the clan retreat that takes place once every 5 years. His mother and the elders had required every clan shinobi to join them this time. It was going to be two weeks of brutal training with no breaks. Laying down, the ignorant Inuzuka didn't notice as the seals around the compound activated, the whole place vanishing. Until the training was done, months could pass inside and only a few days would have gone by outside. Meanwhile, a red chakra seeped through the building and into the heads of every Inuzuka. It was time for training.


Kiba was in a dark void. He felt sluggish and strange. His thoughts were slow and his eyes heavy.




A deep voice called from the darkness. It sounded rich and somewhat familiar. Kiba's whole body went limp at the word.


"Your eyes are so heavy. Your thoughts are warm and slow. You feel so good."


The voice continued, feeling like fingers of warm honey massaging his mind.


"Just let your thoughts fade away. Don't think. Let go and relax. It feels so good to just listen and obey."


The voice felt so. He just listened as it drones on and on.


All that mattered was the voice.

It was hard to think.

It was easy to obey the voice.

Kiba had to obey the voice.

GOOD BOYS obey..

Kiba was a GOOD BOY.

Being called a GOOD BOY filled him with pride.

Being called a BAD BOY filled him with shame.


Kiba was standing in the void, slumped forward, eyes blank and mind empty. In front of him sat Kurama, in a form slightly larger than Akamaru. He stared with a predatory smile at his prey before speaking again.


"My name is Kurama. I am your Master. You are my GOOD BOY."


The dog ninja stared forward with a blank expression. Kurama was his master. He was a GOOD BOY.


Kurama waited a moment and continued. "Now I want you to repeat after me: 'Kurama is my master. I obey Kurama. I am a GOOD BOY. GOOD BOYS obey their masters.'"


Kiba repeated the words without a hint of resistance.


"Kurama is my master. I obey Kurama. I am a GOOD BOY. GOOD BOYS obey their masters." Kiba repeated, as he did so he felt a burst of pleasure flood his mind.


"GOOD BOY, now repeat that until I tell you to stop," Kurama ordered.


Kiba quickly became lost in his chanting. Over and over. Kurama's orders were all that mattered. 


He was a GOOD BOY.


Hours passed in the mindscape, until Kurama felt day breaking.


"Stop" he said and Kiba obeyed.


Quiz time! Answer my questions.The quicker you answer, the greater the reward!


Who do you obey?


“Kurama!” Kiba’s response was instant.




“Kurama is my Master.”


And why do you obey a Master?


“I am a GOOD BOY!”


Very good! You are learning quickly!


Now I have some final orders for you. You will remember nothing of this when you wake. You will not recognize me as your master, but you will still obey me. You will not question my presence and everything I do or tell you will seem totally normal. You are here in this compound for obedience training. You are eager to prove how obedient you are. Do you understand?"

Kiba nodded, eager to please.


You will wake at the count of 5.








Wake Up!

Chapter 2

Kiba woke up feeling amazing and glanced around for a moment. Before he could do anything else, a deep voice echoed over the intercom system."Welcome to Day One of obedience training, Puppies. Wake up and line up in the main courtyard."Kiba was running before the voice even finished. He had to get there first, so everyone would know he was obedient. Kiba arrived in the compound's large, center courtyard and stood at attention in front of the stage, proud of getting there first. The rest of the clan arrive seconds later, except his mother and the elders. Akamaru and the other dogs were mysteriously absent but no one noticed. Each one of them had the same desire to please in their expression. For 10 minutes they stood at attention, all waiting eagerly for something they couldn't place.Finally, Kurama walked out of the hallway that led to the elders bedrooms and onto the stage, behind him trailed the elders and Tsume, all panting happily like good little dogs. Something was different about them. Each wore the same clothes. Simple black long sleeves and pants, which puffed out around the waist and crotch. The shirts had the words trainer on them. Their feet were bare and around each of their necks was what appeared to be a dog collar, layered with intricate seals. They had patches of fur all over their visible skin. Furry dog ears poked out of their wild hair. Hands and feet that looked more like paws. And a wagging tail swinging behind them. The elders arranged themselves on both sides of Kurama with Tsume plopping down on all fours at his side. A loud crinkle echoed from the thing under her pants.For a moment, confusion threatened to overwhelm his desire to obey. Why was his mother, head of the Inuzuka clan, sitting on all fours like a pet?! What happened to her? Before he could take the thoughts further, Kurama's voice boomed forth."Welcome to obedience training, Inuzuka! You need not worry about the ones beside me. They finished their own training many years ago and have been ordered to help train the rest of you puppies."In an instance, Kiba's objections vanished. His mom was already trained, so of course she was sitting next to Master Kurama like a Good Girl.Kurama looked out over a sea of smiling faces. All prepared and ready for training. He glanced at Kiba standing in the front row, glazing at him with unnatural devotion. It was time to get started."Now each of you will be training under one of the trainers. In a moment, you will follow your trainer to a separate room to begin today's lesson."Kurama started listing off names, but after listing everyone but Kiba he said."...And Kiba Inuzuka will be trained by me personally."Giving the signal to his Crinkle Pups, Kurama watched as they took their clansmen away for training, leaving Kurama and Kiba alone.Kurama stared down at the smiling Inuzuka and felt a flash of triumph. It always felt great to show a stupid dog that it was nothing but a obedient puppy."Alright Pup, it's time to see how well you can listen. This is a test so do your best."If Kiba had a tail, it would've been wagging. He looked up expectantly at Kurama."I can do anything you ask Master Kurama. Afterall, I-" Kiba started in a boastful tone, before a shock of pain sent him to his knees.Kiba felt a little dizzy after the shock. What the heck?! What's going on? Why was he letting this stupid fox tell him what to do?!However, just as he started to gather his thoughts, Kurama's voice scattered them."BAD BOY!" Kurama roared. He continued in a disappointed tone. "GOOD BOYS don't speak unless told to. A GOOD BOY talks like a dog. Bark, growl, or whimper. BAD BOYS who talk out of turn get punished."Kiba felt horrible. He just started his test and already he was acting like a BAD BOY. He needed to pay attention and started acting like a GOOD BOY for Master Kurama.Kurama spoke up again, "Now if you're done being a BAD BOY... SIT!"Kiba plopped down on his butt and looked up expectantly, only to be sent sprawling by another shock."Pathetic," Kurama growled, "I can't believe the puppy of my first Crinkle Pup doesn't even know how to sit properly."Kiba pulled himself up, tears of pain and failure dripping from his eyes. He didn't understand. He sat down. He listened like a GOOD BOY. He looked up at Master Kurama silently begging for him to explain.Kurama suppressed the urge to grin. The previous night's program worked very well. Even when injured, Kiba only wanted to obey. The brief glimpse of defiance would be gone in no time at all."I guess I will explain the most basic commands. When you are told to SIT you sit like a Good Boy. Just like a dog. When I say STAND, you stand on all fours. When I say DOWN, you drop and lay down on all fours.”Kiba listened intently. Even word carving caverns in his mind. He understood now.Kurama started again."SIT!""STAND!""DOWN!""STAND!"Kiba moved through each motion with only a little stumbling."Better but now you need to internalize it. I will give you a mantra now. Repeat my words after each command.""SIT!""I am a GOOD BOY! I am a GOOD DOG!""STAND!""GOOD DOGS walk on all fours!""DOWN!""GOOD BOYS obey Master Kurama!""Until I tell you to stop, whenever you are given a command you will repeat the appropriate mantra. You will shout it as loud as you can. The louder you shout the truer it is. Every time you say them the mantras become even more true. Do you understand?"Kiba nodded to Master Kurama, having not been given speaking permission yet, and prepared himself.Kurama spent the next three hours drilling basic commands into Kiba. The young Inuzuka learned quickly and soon he was moving like a GOOD BOY, the mantras warping his mind further. Master Kurama showed him how to walk on all fours, to use his muzzle instead of his paws, and most importantly how good it feels to obey.Kurama called for Kiba to stop.“Time to eat, pup.”Kiba watched as a bowl full of what looked like dog food was pushed in front of him. He scrunched his nose in disgust and started to whine at Master Kurama. Kiba couldn't eat dog food.Kurama had expected this and was going to enjoy what came next. He shocked Kiba and blasted the bowl with fire, incinerating it.“BAD PUP! GOOD BOYS love their food. GOOD PUPPIES eat anything they are told to. You'll go hungry until dinner. Now, repeat after me.I am a GOOD PUP. I eat my food. GOOD BOYS eat their food.”Kiba rose from the ground hungry and hurt, but GOOD BOYS obeyed. So he began to repeat Master Kurama’s words. As he did so, the seals began to hum in the background. It was like a fuzzy static, made up of a thousand whispering voices. He fell into a haze as the need to please Master Kurama filled him. The only exception to this was the ache of Kiba’s empty stomach, a reminder of his failure.As he continued to chant, Kurama added more and more mantras. At the same time, the whispers grew louder, making it harder to do anything but chant and obey.“GOOD BOYS eat from the bowl!”“GOOD BOY eat without hands!”“GOOD BOYS are GOOD PUPS!”“GOOD PUPS belong to FOXES!”“GOOD PUPS know FOXES belong to Master Kurama!”“Master Kurama is the Master of all GOOD PUPS!”“Anyone who is not a FOX is a PUP!”“PUPS without a Master are BAD PUPS!”“PUPS that don’t OBEY are BAD PUPS!”“GOOD PUPS want BAD PUPS to be GOOD PUPS!”


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