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Throwing away years of study to become a sissy woman

by arth

Chapter 1

One day i was moving to a new school in fisrt grade on the midle school, i was doing some homework with my new friend and he told me he was and hypnotist.

When he said that i doesnt belive it and even made a joke about turning myself in a woman and whorshiping for cooks.

Its endure just 3 or 4 weeks until the pandemic start and we are forced to make online class, during all this time i doesnt feel nothing since he try to hypnotise me, at least until last week...

Last week i finish my midle school and recived a message from this friend (who from now on we doesnt talk to much) sayin "its time to reveal yourself" and with an audio that because of WMM i recognize it as an subliminal file, but it was too late.

Since last week i listen to that audio i start to feel more aroused, i go to my moms room and stare for some seconds in her panties and bra closet area, i start to loose interest in masturbate by stroking and start to touch my ass and nips.

I remember today that this "friend" said about being an hypnotist and now im afraid about what could happen if it was too late to fight back, i mean, i really dont want to trow away all those years of studying just for now become submissive for grainy, big, black and delicious cooks.


After another week of this audio i cant say im the same person, yesterday i used for the first time a pantie and i can trust to you, it was the best feling i could ever feel yet, it was like i was taken by some mysterious force that unable me to remove the pantie, yesterday i was strugling because this same force unable me to remove the pantie even for pee, and i have a serious meet with my dad, my mom, their friends and some hours of rpg game.

Yesterday at night, during the rpg, i could feel something sticking on my butt, not in the asshole, but in the butt, like i have sit in some honey or something like that,  i instantly jump of the chair, just to realise that there is nothing in, only my, my dads and my frends only to start to feel it again, and again, and again, at some point i give up, it was better to stay this and to enjoy the night, but it doesnt seems that it endure to much, because as soon as i wasnt strugling with the sticky feeling i start to feel the worse thing that could happen, i start to feel aroused and horny.

The worst part is to know that already we have a ship between me and a girl who is son of those friends from my dad and mom, i couldnt feels worse, i was totally red, nervous, with anxiety, and more important, horny, too much horny to say the truth, i couldnt think correctly to play the rpg, and those friends start to make jokes about im being in love with that girl, than, for some reason, between those jokes and this tons of feelings in me, i say in high and loud sound: "i doesnt even want to get a girl" 

This was my big mistake (until now). When i get up of the chair, my mom and dad stay blank for a second, like they just see some horror movie character in the front of they, what i doesnt expect was that the girl was passing behind me and see everithing, not just that, after some seconds of realizing that, i look back, and see that my pantie was showing a little, like i was using a pinkie strip right above my jeans, rapidly i hided de panties again and go to the bathroom to chill a litle.

In the bathroom, i decided to wash my face and to my surprise the panties decided to finaly free myself, but as soon i remove the pantie i see that i was TOTALLY cummed in my penis, like i have submerged my dick in a pool of semen, but even with that, i stil feel myself aroused and horny, like it wasnt enought.

After that, i cleaned up, finally take a good shower (with the pantie, it looks like i was only enable to remove it that time) and go to sleep, with dificulties of co stantly masturbate with my butt and touching my nipples.

Today, i recived 3 news, i described that the girl who they ship with me was the only one who see the panties and she even says she was a litle interest in me but now she know the truth, my mom and dad doesnt notice the pantie, but mommy said that he notice my noises in tonight, and the more important, i recived a new audio from thar son of a ... wonderful person, i stil doesnt hear the audio afraid what could happens.

Beside the news, the sticky feeling stay in and now i feel like the pantie isnt enought, but i stil could resist, during the school someone let a letter in my backpack (problably that wonderful boy), i dont remember wat was in the letter, but i remember to carefuly trow away and go imediatly to my house, i lock myself in my bedroom and remove all my cloths except my panties, then i get a dildo (i stil dont know how i get a dildo in the fist place) and smashed it into my ass, after i smashed it, i feel like i coukd return to normal, but the same strange force now dont let me remove both the pantie and the dildo.

Its been 4 hours since these happened and now i cant even look to my moms closet, i already get some panties from her and even two long socks that i start to use. 

I stil have 3 hours left to eat and go to sleep and dont know what i can do to stop myself from stay cummed just like yesterday, maybe, no.. surely that audio will help my, tomorrow we talk folks :)


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