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Starting life as a Barbie Doll

by scarletsubmission

Starting life as a Barbie Doll

Jade woke up in a hospital bed, unable to move. She felt very scared, her body ached and she was very thirsty. She tried to remember when how she got there, had there been an accident of some sort? She remembered coming out of the bar in the dark, had she tripped? She remembered falling, but then nothing. She took a deep breath and watched her chest rise alarmingly, what had happened to her breasts, they were enormous, she could not see her feet!

“Ah, you are awake” she turned to see a Doctor smiling at her, “would you like a drink, you keep licking your lips you must be thirsty.” His smile was warm, and he brought a cool cup of water and placed a straw in her lips. She could not remember water tasting so good. “Don’t worry about the restraints for now, they are to stop you from hurting yourself, you have been through a great deal of surgery, but it is all better now. We kept you sedated until the healing had finished; it seemed the best idea. Your husband is on his way to collect you, so I will send in a nurse to help you get dressed.”

Jade did not remember having a husband; in fact she could not remember anything except coming out of the bar and falling. A few minutes later a nurse came through the door with a small case.
“I have your clothes, your husband dropped them off; he wanted to collect you at 3, so we need to hurry to get you ready.” She undid the restraints quickly and efficiently, and pulled back the sheets. The cool air made Jade realise she was totally naked, and instantly felt embarrassed in front of the nurse. “Oh don’t be embarrassed, you aren’t the first naked body I’ve seen and you won’t be the last!” the nurse laughed, “who do you think has been washing you the last five weeks!” Jade was surprised, she could not believe she had been here for five weeks. She wanted to ask questions, but her throat was so dry she could not speak. “Come along, the shower is this way”

Jade obediently followed the nurse shocked at her body, she had the most enormous tits, each one the size of a football, they hung heavy on her chest, and she could not see past them! She looked at herself in the mirror, feeling the rest of her body, her small waist, narrow hips and long legs, she had long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, perfect skin it was almost as if she were a Barbie doll made flesh. She gasped at her appearance; she could not remember looking like this at all. Her breasts were so large she looked hideous; they were so big it was unnatural.

“You are Doctor Philips best work to date!” the nurse smiled, those breasts are going to get a lot of attention” Jade was in so much shock she humbly allowed the nurse to wash her. She spent a great deal of time scrubbing her tits and pussy, the cloth was rough against her skin, but she found she was enjoying having the cloth brush her clit. The nurse smiled, rubbing faster, until Jade was on the brink of orgasm. “oh no, you can’t have that” she stopped washing, and laughed a cruel twisted smile on her face. The next shock was the clothing the nurse removed from the case. She must be a prostitute because the clothing was something a street walker would wear. The shirt would not button up high enough to hide the large breasts that seemed to burst out of the bra. The tartan skirt barely covered her bottom, the stockings were held up by pretty garters and the stilettos were a good six inches. Jade did not recognise the woman who looked back at her in the mirror; she looked just like a porn star. Her lips were huge pouts, and a deep red that seemed to be un-natural, her face shape resembled a Barbie doll, and Jade was sure she had somehow woken up in the wrong body. She searched her memory to try and find something, but it was a complete blank.

A man was waiting in the hospital room and she followed the nurse timidly.
“Hello Barbie Doll” he smiled, “ready to go home?” he laughed then, a strange laugh as if there was a hidden joke. Jade tried hard to see if she could remember him, but once again her mind was a blank. She considered her options, she did not know who she was, she did not remember how she got here, and she did not know anyone to call. Her only option seemed to be to go with this man, who said he was her husband. She nodded, embarrassed by her appearance and followed him out of the room.
Her embarrassment grew as they made their way through the corridors of the hospital; nearly everyone stared at her as she walked past. Most of the men did not even look at her face just her huge tits that were bursting out of her shirt. The women looked at her in disgust, clearly thinking she was some sort of porn star. Maybe that was who she was, Jade could not remember.

A car was waiting for them outside the hospital, the driver looked at her with real lust, Jade wished she had a coat or something to cover her tits; she was attracting so much attention. When they had settled into the limousine the driver pulled away from the hospital her husband grinned at her and reached out to touch her tits.
“Oh, very nice, I wanted a double G, but these actually look bigger, you are going to have back ache, those beauties weigh a lot”, he laughed. His smooth hands were beginning to hurt her tits, he pinched her nipples, all the time meeting her gaze, “you like that, don’t you” she tried to speak, but found she could not; it came out as a soundless rush of air. “Oh, don’t bother talking, I decided to disable your speech, after all I am not really interested in what you have to say. After all, a Barbie doll doesn’t talk, so why should you?” Jade felt terrified, what had happened to her, he talked about her as if she was just some possession, like he had organised the surgery to make her into what he wanted. Realisation began to dawn slowly; her operation was not the result of some accident, but for this man sitting calmly beside her.

“I know it is a little confusing for you, after all there you were walking down that dark alley, the next minute you wake up like this. You can’t talk, so I am more than happy to fill you in. I collected you from the alley, after following you for a few weeks, you did not look like that then though, but you were a good candidate, a natural blonde, but that was all. Dr Phillips has done a good job, and been well paid. You see I have always wanted a real living Barbie doll, big tits, small waist, long blonde hair, and now here you are. We have wiped your memory, so there is no going back, no telling anyone, because you can’t speak. As you can see, you are designed in such a way to be a porn star, which is what you will be doing for me. Of course the biggest paying porn is going to be the most challenging for you. Tomorrow morning you will be starring in a nasty bondage porn film, we have some lovely shots in mind, double penetration, flogging, tight bondage and brutal fucking, you are going to love it, and it is going to make me very rich.


Re: Starting life as a Barbie Doll - Tomboy

Awww, what happened to the rest of it?

What a shame...I was getting into it and waiting to see what happened to her next XD

Re: Starting life as a Barbie Doll - stevehills

Great story ^^ Sounds like it would be fun to base a role play off this. You are very creative.

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