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The story of the submissive hubby

by drrandom

The story of the submissive hubby

Dena and Jack

"What are you working on, Jack," my wife asked, walking into the study. I had my back to her, and quickly switched computer screens, from a web site she would not be happy about to a document for work.

"Oh, just running some numbers," I said, hoping I moved between applications fast enough. Somehow, the thought of my wife seeing the video site called “Men in Pain” and another called story site called "Cuckold Me Now” brought a fear to my heart. No, I do not think she would appreciate it at all. I mean, sure most men troll the net for porn, but wives probably have no idea of the kind of stuff that’s out there.

Okay, fantasizing about your dominant wife sucking her boyfriend may not be up there with Playboy, or every man's fantasy about lesbians, but what the hell, the illustrated story sites turned me on.

"Well, finish up, sweetie, dinners ready," Dena answered, turning and leaving me to my work.

I switched back to finish looking at the series of pictures on "Cuckold Marriage" of a wife in a sexy dress flirting with some pool boy stud while her husband cleaned the house. Fuck, I wanted to grab my crotch and take care of myself right then and there. The funny thing was, as much as I liked looking at the pictures, and reading the stories, on these sites, it was weird, how the fantasy played out in my mind.

I pictured my wife, her slim athletic body, on a bed, a big stud Jackding over her, the look of lust in her eyes overwhelming. Yet, I don't think I actually wanted my wife to do this. I never asked her, and I don't know if I could really take it. That's what made it fantasy.

Bill Gates put a clear history button on the web browser for a reason, I later thought. To protect idiots like me.

I came home from work on a Wednesday evening, intending to watch a baseball game on ESPN, but never made it past the living room. Dena was sitting there, a glass of wine in her hand, a half empty bottle on the table. Sitting next to my laptop. She had a pissed look that I’ve only seen a few times in the past. Which is kind of scary as she has given me some pretty bad beatings followed by weeks of punishment when she’s had that look before.

"Dena, what... what's the matter."

But this look was different. She had a hurt look on her eyes, a heavy weight on her chest, and without answering, turned the laptop around to face me.

The web browser was open to "Cuckold Marriage" and the last thing I was looking at yesterday, that I wanted to beat off to, that woman flirting with the pool boy while her slave husband cleaned the house. She would call him out only to serve drinks. “Thanks honey, now go back inside and finish your chores.”

"Dena...I...I can explain," I started to say.

She glared at me, the icy chill from her eyes freezing the words in my mouth. She turned the screen back to her, clicked the mouse, and read out loud, "Is your wife a slut? Does she need it dirty? Does she crave cum?"

Dena doesn’t use that kind of language. Listening to her read from the web site, I understood how porn degrades women. "After everything we’ve been through. You don’t come near me. Now this?!” “Wife sucks her boyfriend?" she asked, reading off sites I visited.

"Dena, please..." Fucking Jack, what the hell is this? What the hell is wrong with...with me...that you still need this...trash," she spitted out.


"Don't you love me? Are you really that twisted that you need to think of me with another man to get off. Aren’t I enough for you - is anything enough for you? Are you that selfish?

The questions flooded my head. She was genuinely hurt. "Dena, yes, I..." how to explain it. "No, please, Dena, it's not you. Really, it's not. I don't know how to explain this, but, please, it's not you."

"What is it Jack, first all the domination crap and now this… "

"Dena, its fantasy, that's all. I don't know how to say it, I...get turned on looking at this and reading the stories, it doesn't mean anything to me, or have anything to do with us," I said, not sure if I really believed those words myself. I was facing a part of me I didn’t know myself..

"But, Jack, obviously it turns you on, things like this," she said, waiving her arm to the computer in disgust.

"Yes, but..."

"And you say it's not me. What does that mean? You look at this and think what? That you want this for me...she gestured to the woman and read the caption “….sucking her boyfriend’s big cock while her husband sits in the corner tied to a chair.”

"Shit, no Dena, I..." emotions flooded over me. "It's me Dena, I don't deserve you, I..."

"Jack stop, enough of the bullshit. We’ve been through to much for you to be hiding this crap. We need to get under this," she said as nonsensical words blurted out from me, "what do you mean you don't deserve me? Is it that or is it you just don’t feel it for me. You’ve said it before Jack… why lie now."

"C’mon Dena. We’ve been through this. I’m just twisted ...I don't know, I always felt that you deserve more than I can give you… like I’m not worthy of you.”

"Jack," a tear ran down her face, "what do you really mean, do you feel that way or do you just not feel passion for me? It’s been so long and now I find you viewing this crap."

"Well, let's be honest," I said, "I know I am no stud. Never the jock in high school, never one to have women falling all over me, never the stud fraternity guy in college. Yeah, I could be charming but so what. I’ve always been submissive. I’m a freak Dena. You would have never married me if…?"

"I love you Jack because you have the most beautiful heart, the most tender soul, and an amazing mind. If I wanted a stud, I would have married a stud. I married you."

I blushed. God I loved this woman. Yet I still didn't deserve her. Maybe that was why domination and cuckolding fantasies always turned me on. A reinforcement of what I always felt, that I was submissive and could not satisfy her.

She didn’t have to say it but I knew that when we were intimate, she was treating me the way she wanted to be treated - like a man treats a woan. I knew she longed for something I couldn’t give her because it just wasn’t part of my DNA. Maybe this was what I had to confess, because I still felt like she was hurt, that she thought it was her fault.

Her words, intended to be reassuring, only reinforced what I felt. "If I wanted a stud, I would have married a stud."

That was the heart of it. Even if we never discussed it, even if she was happy and in love, she did not marry a stud. The very basis of domination and cuckolding fantasies just escaped from her lips. My eyes welled up with tears because suddenly I knew.

"Jack, what's wrong, I’m the on who should be crying," she said, moving to hold my hand. I wanted to pull back, withdraw.

"Dena, don't you see. What you said? 'If I wanted a stud, I would have married a stud.’"

"But, Jack...I didn't mean..." her voice trailed off. "It's not that... well, if we’re being honest, it’s true" We sat in silence for several minutes.

"Jack, let me ask you a question. This...stuff you look at," she pointed to the computer, "do you r... . jerk-off while..."

"Please Dena!" I said, looking down, embarrassed. "Do you Jack?" "Yes," I croaked.

"Jack, this is important, we’ve come so far by being honest. We’ve made so much progress in every aspect of our relationship except sexually. We need to talk about it. No more burying it. I want the truth. Why do you fantasize about this…. About me with another man. Jack, are you gay?"

"NO! I...it's because of ... well, it’s just because I am who I am. Also, I suppose I get excited fantasizing about you getting off because I know I don’t really get you off the way you deserve to be."

"Hmmm," she smiled slighly, "you mean that...and this is kind of sweet, it turns you on to think of me getting turned on by mans-man while you are my submissive man."

"Yes, I...I don't know why. But, I guess, I feel like, well, I know, that I don't know. I know that I never really satisfied you … Dena, honestly, I don’t even know how”

"Well, it’s true, I’m always the one who initiated and when I did, once we got going, it was satisfying… at least I felt closer to you emotionally, anyway, but…. It was never how I imagined it should be"

"So it's true, isn't it?"

"Jack, let’s face it, love between two married people is more than physical lust, it's about closeness, tenderness, connecting... we have that and it’s beautiful"

"Dena, I know I don't please you and never really did"

"You...it's...well...no, you don’t" she whispered, “sometimes you did, but not often”.

There it was. Out on the table. "Don't you see...I know that...that's the...the appeal of submission and cuckolding. I love you so much, I get so happy, so excited, when you get excited, somehow, then, the thought of you happy, so sexually fulfilled, it makes me happy, makes me excited. And the humiation of that makes me want to submit to you even more. I know it sick Dena… I just…”

"Shhh …" she hushed me, her eyes arching. "When I was looking at these web sites, at first, I was disgusted, they seem debasing. But…. ”

“I can underJackd that Dena. But to me it’s not. I can’t explain submission completely but I know it’s powerful and it’s been that way for me as long as I can remember. It’s like an obsession that won’t go away. And it kills me that I don’t satisfy you."

“I was about to say Jack, before you interrupted me and made it about you is, I can underJackd the appeal. And if I look at it in a weird way, it’s a celebration of women. I used to enjoy dominating you. It just gets monotonous at times. This cuckolding thing takes it past the monotony and makes it real. For better or worse….

Jack, you... actually want this don’t you? You want your wife going out with another man… the humiliation of that turns you on deosn’t it?”

Looking at her, I pondered… it was just fantasy, it was not like I really wanted her to be with another man. Right? "Jack?"

"Um, yes, I...I guess so."

"Because fantasy...a dirty thought in your mind...well, that's much different than reality. I mean, Jack, as weird as it is, I can underJackd the fantasy, thinking about it, but the reality… that’s pretty scrarey."

She came to me, sat next to me, and I could feel her body heat through our clothes. "I love you Jack," she said, moving her mouth to mine, kissing me, tenderly, my wife, her smell overwhelming me.

She put her fingers in my mouth with one hand while she forced my head down with her other. She whisprspred in my ear, “Suck it baby,” while she kissed my cheek. “Yes, that’s it… suck it like a good boy… I’m watching… make me proud…. Yes baby, I’m so proud of you… You like that don’t you… sucking my boyfriends cock getting him ready for me.”

We walked upstairs kissing, a renewed passion between us. My god, I did love this woman. And I knew, she loved me. In bed, she attacked me with a renewed hunger, and I responded. Biting kisses, our bodies clashing and crashing against each other, we were almost fighting. I started to kiss my way down her neck, my signal that I was going to make my way down her body, but she pulled my head back, my mouth to hers.

"No, don't, I need you now," she panted, biting my lips. "But, I...you know...," I whispered between kisses, ashamed to actually say it, to verbalize my inadequacies, but as always, wanting to please her.

"Stop talking," she said, slapping my face and covering my mouth with hers, her tongue reaching to touch mine. She pushed me backwards onto the bed, and was already on top of me, a lioness on her prey, squeezing my nipples, slapping my face, her muscular body holding me down.

She ran her moist vagina over my cock, wetting it as she bit my neck. I really did feel attacked, like a mere mortal surrendering to a creature of the night, the vampire taking her blood. I shuddered as she found my cock, moving her hips so she rested over it, moving down, taking in what I had to offer. She moved up and down, wetting it, breathing deeply as she moved around it.

She put her fingers in my mouth… “suck it baby… let’s suck it togther.” She leaned down and kissed my face all over as I greedily sucked her fingers as if they were a cock.

"Dena, slow, I..."

"I know," she whispered, kissing me again, silencing me again. Talking was not what she wanted.

"But, I'm going to..."

"Jack, did I give you permission to come or speak?" She slapped me hard nd squeezed my nipples to make her point. She moved her hand up my arms, seizing my wrists holding them above my head as she kissed me again, but she stopped moving her hips, trapping me inside her. I felt her warmth, but without the movement, I was held on the edge.

"Is this part of the problem," she whispered, "part of why you have the fantasy?"

"What do you mean," I asked, feeling the metaphorical cold water thrown on my face, and the literal effects of my cock, shuddering, ready to shrink.

"Cuckolding. I mean," she said, still working her tongue, "do you fantasize about a man fucking me the way I’m fucking you because you can’t do it like this. Like a man fucks a woman"

I shuddered again. What the fuck was she doing to me? She moved her hips again, very slowly up and even slower down, emphasizing each word she spoke, "Do you get excited by thinking of a man fucking me instead of you." She emphasized the words "man" and "you" and in my brain, there was no confusing her meaning.

She continued to go slowly, grinding herself at the bottom, "Yes, Jack, do you picture a real man's cock inside me, while you sit in the corner. Can you imagine his cock in my mouth while I look over at you from the corner of my eye and you see how turned on I am baby,”she panted as she licked and moved at the same time.

"Oh God, Dena...I," I could not finish any thought, my cock was so hard, ready to explode, I started shuddering.

She knew it too, and stopped moving, her mouth came off my ear, and she looked at me, "What is it sweetie," she smiled as I breathed heavily, desperate not to orgasm. "Calm, Jack, calm down, breath, breath, I am not finished with you yet," she said, shaking herself as an orgasm wracked through her body.

"Dena," is all I could whisper.

As she barely came down from her orgasm, she immediately went into another. I realized how significant it was. She had never had an orgasm like that, with me penetrating her, without a huge warm up of oral sex.

I was still on the edge, and wanted to go farther. I tried to move my own hips.

"Stop," she said forcefully, "not yet."

She still held my wrists, her weight from being on top feeling like bonds. She continued to kiss my neck, nuzzling me, nuzzling, biting her property. It brought me slowly back from the edge of orgasm, but left me hard inside her.

She whispered in my ear again, "You know, Jack, a real man could fuck me to orgasm." She moved her hips up and down once, "He would be on top, his man sized cock would be enough." Another thrust.

"Ohhhh Dena," I moaned.

"A real man would have me suck his cock first and then fuck me like I've never been fucked before. On top of me, pushing his cock farther and farther into me, filling me” she said, taking a deep breath in on the last word, her body shaking, another orgasm washing over her, in a way I had never experienced.

"I need a real man's cock inside me Jack… in my mouth and pussy," she shuddered again, “come for me Jack - NOW!” as I exploded in my own orgasm."


After ten minutes of her on top of me, my cock now shrunk to nothing, ready to slip out, I felt all remains of my libido flow away from me. I was ready to go to sleep, and started to try to push my wife to the side.

"Wait, sweetie," she said, squeezing her pelvic muscles, "I can still feel your little cock inside me." After the orgasm, without any libido, her taunt, which excited me before, stung now.

"Dena, don't," I said, more forcefully pushing her to her side of the bed.

"Jack, what's the matter, fantasy’s over - don't you enjoy hearing me talk about a real man's cock," she asked. Fuck. Women, they don't lose their libido. They are not like men. Right now, the thought disgusted me. Especially with my own cock shrunk to nothing after its orgasm.

I walked out of the room without saying another word, and went downstairs to the den to watch ESPN. I turned on the TV, but did not really watch. I felt so conflicted. Damn it, when she was talking during sex, I was more excited than I had ever been before. Now, I felt disgusted at her words. What the fuck was wrong with me.

True Feelings

Some time later, Dena came downstairs, wrapped in some sexy outfit I had gotten for her years back. I suppose in it was some type of peace offering, though I imagine she had no idea why she should be feeling guilty.

"Jack, can we talk," she said, smiling in a sexy way, obviously feeling a bit bad about my storming out of the bedroom but something else was up.

I looked at her, hair on her shoulders, her obvious love for me on display, but I could not answer her.

"Jack, please why are you so angry? What did I do? I’m the one who should be hurt. I was doing something for both of us. ”

"Dena," I cried, "I...I don't know. I don't know why I got so mad, I just don't underJackd," I said, a tear rolling down my face.

"Honey, please," she said, sitting down next to me, the bare skin of her leg touching mine. "You’re so damned conflicted. Stop torturing yourself. Do you love me?"

What? Do I love her? Man. I worship the ground she walks on. "Yes, of course, you know I do" I said, looking at her with puppy dog eyes.

"Well, I love you too, Jack, I love you more than any man I have ever known. We have to talk and work through this. I could easily feel unloved or insecure given your fantasies. We have to finally get to the bottom of this Jack. I’m tired of feeling rejected and I’m not going to feel guilty for talking about another man’s cock while I’m screwing you. It was exciting for both of us. It’s sex Jack - don’t make it so complicated."

"But it is Dena…those things you said..."

"What, what Jack?"

"Yes, they excited me but they...they hurt me," I pouted.

"Hurt you? Jack, please. How do you think I feel after all these years.”

"I...is that really the way you feel about me?"

"Jack. Jack," she sighed.


"You don't get it, do you? You want to be dominated, you want to be cuckolded but your never happy or satisfied. Either I don’t do it right and now you say I hurt you. That’s bullshit Jack and I’m tired of it. I was excited Jack… very excited…. Thinking of another man wanting me was a turn-on. It made me feel like a woman in a way that you don’t. If that hurt you, well too damn bad. It made me happy. Be careful what you ask for Jack….”


"Yes, happy. I was turned on. I had three orgasms. Yes Jack, that made me happy. And I also did it for you."

"But, I... for me?"

"Of course, …. helping you fantasize with me being involved, rather than leaving you to your dirty thoughts and websites jerking off all by yourself."

"Dena, I...didn't think of that," I said.

"Jack, Jack," she shook her head, "I love you and of course I was pleasing you, but I liked it to. Allot. A really lot. Don't feel like you have to hide things from me. And you’re not the only one with fantasies. We should be open about our fantasies."

I looked down, feeling slightly guilty.

"You were into it," she giggled, "your reaction sure told me to keep going. You were good baby" Well, I had to admit, it was probably the best sex I ever had. Nothing like sharing a fantasy with the woman you love to get things going.

But, a look of pain came over my face, something was not right. She noticed, "What now dear?"

"Wait," I said, trying to solidify the thought in my head. "I was good? I didn't do a damn thing but lay there, you did all the work, you took the lead, you..."

She looked at me, her face hardening. “Dena, I'm sorry...I...I didn't mean that...I don't know... I..."

"No, Jack, you're right," she whispered.

"I really don't...right...what do you mean, 'I'm right'?"

She met my eyes when she spoke, "I...I read those web sites you were on. At first, for a couple of minutes, I was disgusted, that you would look at stuff like that, but then, I...started touching myself. I thought of one of the guys on one of the sites, some athletic guy, and I was staring at his dick. It was big...not huge, but...well, compared to...anyway, it was big. Anyway, reading about the wife, I wondered, and in my mind, I took her place."

"It's like...well...in college, before we met, I was going out with some frat boy that played lacrosse. Don't get me wrong, he was not really my type, he was not sweet and sensitive, kind and tender, well, he was not husband material, like you are. But, there was one thing about him..."

I felt complimented, in a way. 'Husband Material'.

"What thing," I asked.

She blushed. "He was a man’s man and he fucked like a horse."


"No, Jack, you asked. He did not have the best personality, I admit, but he would have me go down on him and then fuck me like nobody's business. His cock was big, and he lasted forever. It was the most amazing sex..." her voice was caught in her throat as she looked at me.

"Go on," I said, hurt.

"I'm sorry, Jack, it was just different than what we have."

"And you miss that."

"No. Well, I suppressed it. But, yes, to be honest, reading that stuff, and then our sex this afternoon, I miss it. Sometimes a woman likes that feeling. That feeling of being taken by the alpha male, thrown down and mounted like a trophy. It's...," she shook, lost in thought.

"It's not what I do, I know," I said, hanging my head in shame.

"I know that Jack, Believe me I know it not what you do so please don't act this way. Don't lie to yourself. Don't lie to me. You were just as excited as I was before so stop acting hurt or shamed. You had a harder orgasm than you’ve had in years. You actually gave me three orgasms. We both know my words were turning you on?"

"No...yes, I mean...they...yes, obviously they turned me on but I feel guilty at the same time" I was forced to admit.

"Forget the guilt for now Jack," she smiled, casually moving her hand to my leg. She started rubbing my leg, slowly working her way upwards, until her hand was under my robe, fingers wrapped around my cock.

"Go on, you can admit it sweetie, it excites you to imagine me dressing up sexy but not for you Jack. Since we’re putting everything out on the table, I like to get dressed up sexy, I know when I look good and I like the attention I get from other men when I go out. Think about it honey, while you’re working I’m out there looking damn good and men pay attention to me Jack. Real men with real cocks. I like it baby… sometimes I get so excited I come home and get myself off.”

"Oh God, Dena," I was angry but my cock defied me as it was now throbbing in her hand.

She giggled, squeezing my cock, turning the tip purple. She reached up and squeezed my nipple.

"It’s true baby. Isn’t that what you really want, Jack," she asked, "wouldn’t you like to help me get dressed up so sexy and leave you home. Does it excite you to think about go shopping with me for a sexy outfit knowing I’m buying it for a hot date?”

I didn't know what to feel, and shuddered, almost a beginning of a sob.

"Dena, I...I don't know what to feel, I'm so confused," I confessed.

She let go of my cock. "What do you mean, confused?"

"Well, guilty and a little angry, I guess," I said,

"Guilty about what? I’m getting tired of it Jack."

"That...I have not been satisfying you."

"You do satisfy me - in a different way. I wish you did satisfy me sexually and in some ways you do but I’m tired of not feeling wanted. Yet I know you want me in your own way… a submissive way and that’s satisfying at times but often not in a way I need to feel wanted sexually. But don't you get it? How much I love you after all we’ve been through? You satisfy me tremendously, because I love you. Sex, our sex life isn’t an expression of our love, but our partnership is" she said, stroking my leg again.

"I suppose you're right."

"And angry? What are you angry about? Let’s get it all out - now, once and for all"

"Angry...and a little hurt," I said, "that you would actually go out and flirt with another man."

"That's manipulative Jack - you know it’s bullshit."

"Bullshit? Screw you Dena!”

"Yes, bullshit Jack, you don’t come near me and then I caught you looking at porn fantasizing about another man fucking me. You were looking at that shit, beating off, thinking of me, the woman you love and then you say your angry. That's bullshit. Don't you dare get angry when I have a fantasy about another man. You don’t even have a right to get angry when I flirt you manipulative bastard" she said, crossing her arms, her eyes flashing with a mixture of anger, frustration, and wounded pride.

"But Dena...I...," I didn't know what to say, because she was right. It was not at all fair for me to fantasize about the same thing she was fantasizing about yet be angry because she had those thoughts.

She calmed back down rather quickly and looked at me. "Jack, please, no more roller coaster. If I can accept your submission and what feels like your lack of desire then you need to accept where it leads us. I know you love me and you know I love you. That’s the bottom line. The rest is sex and fantasy and now the lines are being blurred a bit. That’s all. It had to reach this point and I’m glad it did.”

My pride, was still a bit wounded. "Even though you were fucking some college guy that you flat out said was more of a man than me," I asked.

"Dammit, Jack, are you not listening to me? I love you because you are not that man. I love you because of who you are, and what you mean to me, how you treat me, because of your tender and compassionate side. You love me for your reasons - very similar reasons. We’re alike in those ways and it’s why we have such a closeness.”

“But Jack, our sex life has come up short. I’ve tried to satisfy you - what have you done for me? What about me Jack? So you’re wired to be submissive. Fine. I accept that and at times I really enjoyed it. It’s been a turn on but what about my other needs to feel like a woman? I need to feel wanted and if I don’t feel that way with you, I’ll find it else where as pathetic as that is.”

“Dena, I’ve explained before - it’s not that I don’t want you. I’m a freak Dena… I don’t even know what a ‘normal’ manly desire is. My sexual head is always filled with thoughts of submission and pain and humiliation. It always was - my very first sexual thoughts were.

You think I want to be this way? You have compassion for gay people, what about me? They don’t want to be gay and I don’t want to be submissive, I just am.”

We sat in silence for a moment before Dena broke the ice. “Ok, this is good. It’s honest. I’m glad it’s out. It’s for the better. I’ve seen how you’ve grown in so many ways over the past few years. I really do feel loved and I love all of you, including your submissive nature. I simply have needs that you can’t satisfy but this can work Jack and it can be very exciting - for both of us baby.”

We held each other in silence for several minutes, “Now go make the coffee, bring me the newspaper and clean the kitchen.”

“Yes my love,” I attempted to kiss her, she turned and gave me her cheek and a wicked smile. I started towards the kitchen.

“Jack, one more thing - come here please and sit on the floor.” She looked straight into my eyes for several seconds and then suddenly slapped my face three times in succession before kissing me deeply. She slapped me again, three more times all the while looking into my eyes and smiling. She took my hand and led it to her soaked pussy. “See honey, this can be very exciting for both of us. Now hurry up and finish, were going shopping this afternoon.” She picked up her news paper, signaling my dismissal.


She was sitting on the couch, sipping coffee, the paper spread out, she was looking at ads.

"What do you think of this bra," she asked me, showing me a black satin and lace number in an ad from an upscale dept. store.

I glanced over quickly, annoyed at being interrupted. "You'd look nice in it."

"You’re right, I would Jack. But not for you," she laughed.

"What do you..." I started. I looked closer at the ad she showed me, at the $40.00 bra. It really was pretty. "It is pretty," I said, staring at it. "Look, Jack, it has matching panties and a matching garter belt," she said, pointing farther down the page..

“Nice, very sexy,” I said.

"Yes, wearing this would make me feel very sexy and it would drive a man crazy,” she smiled, looking like a happy vixen. “And what about you Jack,” she asked, "are you a man?"

"I...yes, of course I’m a man Dena."

"Don't you get it Jack - I’m not going to hold back anymore - you are not man in the fullest sense. You are a submissive man. You enjoy it when I beat you, when I punish you. You enjoy humiliation. I know I can get you to do anything. That is not a man Jack and it’s ok. I love you and you can be who you are with me.”

She picked up the ad, “When I wear lingerie like this, I get excited knowing that I could turn on a real man who desires a woman for being a woman. That’s what makes it sexy for me Jack. I won’t be wearing it for you. You’re going to buy this for me knowing it’s not for your pleasure - it’s for mine. I will wear it for my pleasure. If you’re lucky, you may get to help me get dressed in it. How about that my love?”

“I’m embarrassed to admit it but that’s exciting Dena,” I said in a hushed voice.

“Don’t be ashamed Jack. I think we had a break through today. It’s out - let’s build on it - maybe it will bring us closer. But we have to be careful and you’re going to have to trust me. You’re going to buy that outfit for me today. Later in the week, you will present it to me on your knees. You will help me get dressed to go out feeling like a woman should feel - sexy and alive. Just knowing I have it on will keep my pussy wet all day. When men pay attention to me, I’m going to flirt right back. And you know what you will be doing lover?”

“I was hoping I would be with you Dena.”

“No Jack, not this week. We’re just getting started. You’re going to help me get dressed but you’re going to stay home. I’m going to beat you before I leave and you’re going to thank me with all your heart. You will be home, naked, working on your list of chores wondering what I’m doing and who I’m with. The head game is going to hurt you Jack - not knowing, feeling conflicted, feeling humiliated - it will hurt even more than the beating I will leave you with.

And when I come home, I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked. I’m going to take you like a real man takes a woman. Isn’t that sick baby? But you know what, it excites me so much - I wish you could feel what I feel….. it’s been too long honey…. And now the tiger has been unleashed.”

She pushed me on my back, squatted over my face and alternated grinding her pussy and asshole into face…


6 months later:


"Oh, baby, I'm soooo sorry, we had so much to do, I just lost track of the time, I did not mean to be out so late."

"It's fucking 11:30," I hissed.

"I know sweetie, I know, I was a bad wife this evening." Her tone was laced with double meaning.

"What do you mean," I asked.

"Let me make it up to you," she whispered, moving to kiss my mouth.

I pushed her back, "what do you mean you were a bad wife?"

"Shhhh," she kissed my neck.

"Dena...did...did you..."

"Did I what honey," she licked my neck.

"Did...did you..." I could not finish my thoughts, I was terrified to voice them.

"Did I fuck him, is that what you want to ask, but are afraid to?"

"Dena, please..."

She laughed, biting my neck, moaned. "Did I fuck him!"

I was shaking. "Dena," I tried to push her away. I was trembling, I could feel my cock in my pants, I almost came just from her licking my neck, but I was terrified.

"Did I take his big cock in my mouth and pussy,?"

"Ohhhhhh, Dena," I was getting dizzy.

"Jack, Jack, slow down," she said, "let me answer your question. No," she moaned, licking my ear, whispering.

"No, Jack, I only went to dinner." I felt my chest deflate.

Her tongue probed my ear, wetting it. "Is that a disappointment to you, Jack? Did you want me to say yes, did you want me to tell you I fucked him? Did you imagine your wife, sexed up in lingerie and stockings, on her knees, sucking a real man's cock?" She moved her hand to my pants, and started rubbing me, not squeezing, but rubbing through my pants.

"Did my sweetie want me to do that? Did you want me to confess that I fucked him? Did you want me to tell you I finally had a real cock in my pussy and it felt wonderful?" Her fingers kept moving, rubbing me through my thin pants. My head was thrown back, I was moaning.


"Did you want your wife to get COCK. To get what you CAN'T give me?" She emphasized the words. "Is that what my sweetie wanted? To know that a REAL MAN had his hands all over me?"

I whispered, "Yes," unsure if it really was, or if it was my libido talking.

"You wanted me to suck him," she challenged me, stopping the movements of her hand.

"Dena, please, don't stop," I begged.

"Did you want me to fuck him," she demanded, still not moving her hand?

"Did my little boy want his wife to suck him?"

"Yes," I whispered again.

"Then say it, bitch," she ordered, moving her hand two quick strokes.

"Say it."

"I...I wanted you to suck him," I groaned. She started moving her hand again.

"I wanted my wife to suck and fuck a real MAN," she demanded. “Say it!” I did as she asked.

"I want my wife to fuck another man," she whispered, "say it again."

"I want my wife to fuck a man," I groaned, and she responded by rubbing.

"Again. Keep saying it baby"

"I want my wife to suck a man."

"Again! Again! Again"

"I want my wife to fuck a real man."

"Again," she moaned into my ear.

"I want my wife to suck a real man."

"I want my wife to fuck a real man."

"I want my wife to fuck a real man."

Her petting went into overdrive as I kept moaning her words again and again.

"I want my wife to suck a real man."

Finally, I could take it no longer. I explodes, wave after wave or orgasm washing over me, an orgasm at depths I never experienced before, cum exploding into my pants.

"Good boy … that’s my good slave”," she cooed into my ear as I shuddered.

Before I could calm down, while the wave was still overwhelming me, she stood up, and started walking out of the room, her heels clicking on the hardwood. "Clean up down here. I'll see you in bed, love," she smiled.

I was left there, my face wet from her tongue, my pants wet from my cum, and my ego bruised, damaged, on fire, enraged, engaged, hyped up, charged and totally whipped.

By the time I got upstairs, Dena was already in bed, naked…. She got up, pulled me to the bed by my hair and then fucked me like a real man fucks a woman… it was amazing.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of fresh brewed coffee, and to Dena, my lovely Dena, bringing me coffee, juice, toast, and some fruit, all on a tray. I actually blushed, feeling guilty at her efforts to please me. She was too much.

"Dena, about last night," I started.

"Shh, sweetie, drink some coffee, eat, then we can talk."

I ate, and she was right, the food felt good in my stomach.

"Dena, you...the things I said...you said...last night."

"Wait, Jack, let me ask you this. Did you enjoy yesterday?"

"Well, last night was," I started. She cut me off.

"No, Jack, not last night, or at least not only last night. Did you enjoy yesterday," she emphasized.

I thought of yesterday. Her dressing in lingerie, going out, leaving me home to clean, calling to tease me, making me say things, saying things herself.


"All of it, Jack, I need to know this? All of it, all day, not just the climax, so to speak, in the evening?"

"Yes," I blushed.

"Watching me dress, what did you think?"

"Well, I wondered what you were doing, “ I said.

"Dammit, Jack, please don't lie to me. This won't work, this is," she sighed, "We have to be honest with one another, Jack, no matter what."

"I...I wondered why you were dressing like that," I said.

"And," she said slowly, moving her hands, motioning for me to continue.

"And, I...I wondered wh...who you were dressing for," I admitted.

"And you called me so many times during the day because..."

"Because...because I was worried you were spending time with that guy from out of town."

"Jack, of course I was spending time with him, he’s been my friend since college, but why...why were you calling?"

"Because...Dena...because I thought you were going to sleep with him," I admitted.

"Ahhh, and that made you feel?"

"Angry," I answered quickly.

"Angry. Angry? You felt anger? Jack, please, I hope you are just answering without thinking, because if you felt anger, than I have seriously misjudged things."

"No, Dena, you're right, it wasn't anger. I guess it was..." dare I say it, "excitement."

"Yes," she smiled. "Are you a man, Jack" she asked, a gleam in her eyes.

"Yes," I answered quickly.

"You are," she asked, surprised. "Why did you say then, 'I want my wife to fuck a real man.' You didn't say another man, you said, a man? Think about it, Jack. my sweet husband, you meant everything by it."

"Don't you see, Jack, you don't see yourself as a man because you can't please me as a man."

"Yes, but..."

"No buts. Because you can't fuck me like a man, you think you are less than a man. Don't you get it? You don't think of yourself in that way."

"You are confusing me, Dena," I said, truly mixed up.

"My lover," she answered, avoiding the statement..

"But, Dena, you avoided my question. You said we had to be honest with each other. Do you see me as a man?"

"No, Jack, not completely I don't. But I love you completely."


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