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by poonster68


If you are reading this then that means that Ventex is no more. My name is Alec Morgan I was adopted, by a group of scientists, at a very young age to be a human guinea pig for Ventex. As far as anyone knows I don’t even exist, and that means I’m as good as dead, that’s where they screwed up. At first I was just a normal test subject, testing all their experiments. But when an experiment to find a way to increase the capacity of the human mind went wrong it changed my life. Basically now I have the reflexes of a finely tuned killing machine add to that the ability to heal really fast and I soon became a huge threat to the company. So they did the only logical thing they sent me to work in their secret branch of assassins which Ventex calls the Society of Numbers. The Society of Numbers basically take care of all the companies problems which can be anything from terminating any evidence that will make the company look bad, to killing the leader of a nation. Each member is given a number based on rank and skill. However if an operative is exceptionally skilled the society lets them choose a number. However this has only happened twice, the first time it happened was when Sixty-three joined, and the last time was when yours truly joined. It was also from then on I went by the name Thirty-two.
Chapter 1: A Number for a Name
Lying in my bed after awakening from my slumber, I looked across the room to see a slender brunette haired woman watching me from a chair in the room. She had exotic dark brown eyes that showed she wasn’t afraid to kill, and the pistol she was polishing suggested that maybe she even enjoyed it. “Are you ready for your next assignment Thirty-two?” she asked. I nodded then replied with a question of my own, “Why are you here Sixty-three?” She answered “I’m here to give you your orders of course.” “I gathered that much but what I want to know is why.” She gave me I sly look and said “I guess I just wanted to see you, after all it’s been months since we’ve seen each other and I was hoping to catch up if you know what I mean.” “So what is my mission?” “I see you’re still sore at me about the last time we met.” “How could I possibly still be sore at you for that, after all you only killed the one chance I had at getting a normal life.” “I’m no stranger to sarcasm Thirty-two.” “Just give me the damn mission, and leave already!” “Fine,” she said handing me a cream envelope, “but I want you to know I was doing you a favor, they probably just would have killed you anyway.” “Yeah, well it would be better than killing innocent people.” But my reply was heard on lost ears, because as soon as I looked up she was gone. I began to looking at my next target; it seemed that a rogue scientist named Prof. Randle had been causing trouble for the company so they wanted me to take care of him. Knowing he wouldn’t abandon his research I decided to take the night off to look around town. I walked out of my room, room 232, and headed for the elevators. Once there I pressed the button to go down, and waited for the elevator it wasn’t long before it arrived only to reveal a muscular, bald man screaming a young blonde haired woman. I got on and listened to their conversation. “You slut!” he screamed, “I can’t believe you slept with my brother!” “Oh please Richard, it was a onetime thing, and you shouldn’t even care. After all it’s not like you and I are still dating.” I decided I should intervene before things got ugly. “Sir,” I said, “Is there a problem here.” “Yeah, there is, it’s called mind your own fucking business before I beat you with your own skull.” “Wrong answer buddy!” and with that I gave him a punch in the gut and a knee in the face, he was out cold. The woman stood there looking at me in awe just as the elevator door opened and I began to walk away. I was almost out of the building when I heard a familiar voice calling after me. “Wait!” I turned to see the woman from the elevator running after me. I stopped and replied “What do you want?” “I never got a chance to thank you for that.” “It was no big deal; I just figured you could use a hand.” There was a long pause then, “Hey, do you maybe want to go out for a drink?” she asked. “Yeah, sure.” I replied “By the way my name’s Debra, what’s yours.” “Well Debra, call me Alec.” “Alec, can I ask you something” “what’s that?” I replied “Well,” she began “any guy other from around here would have just walked the other way back there, but not you, why is that.” “Well Debra, that’s because I live by a code of chivalry.”


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