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Slave Diary

by justme11

Slave Diary

March 30

Why? I'm neither succepitble, nor have I ever had the incling to do so. Yesterday as a lark I went to this website and not really believing anything can happen I decided to try one of the files. I thought, "hey I'm a strong minded guy, no way in hell is it ever gonna effect me."

Boy was I wrong. Because I didn't think it would work I decided to listen to a file I was sure would not. Becoming a cockslave, I mean I'm not gay or bi or even curious and plus not being a real believer in such things of course nothing will come of it.

April 1st

It's been 2 days since I've listened to the file, I cannot get cock off my mind. I feel the strong urge to suck dick. What is happening to me? I've never had these feelings before.

April 2nd

Nearly got myself into really big trouble today, was in the mens bathroom at the mall and caught a slight glance of the guy in the next urinal overs johnson. I felt the sudden urge to fall down and suck him off, a complete stranger in a public bathroom. This guy noticed me and shot me an acid glance that made me come to my senses.

Later Entry:

I feel the urge to listen to the recording again, it makes me feel very wonderful.

April 4th:

I now use bathroom stalls rather than urinals, the urge to look is too great. I need to control myself. I need to find a way to act out my feelings as well.

April 6th.

Finding a place isn't too tough, but finding someone who can understand what I am is tougher. Though I did find 2 guys who I knew who were familiar with this site and the file. They found the idea quite amusing, as I'm not a homophobe or anything, but I was the last person they would expect to fall for this. They both presented their dicks to me, mmm.

April 10

Haven't written much lately, been spending most of my time relistening to the file and pleasuring my new Masters. I am now their slave, and serve them whenever they want it. It's funny, I've never had the incling before but it feels so natural. My friend says I probably had subconsciously and that the file woke apart of me up that I did not know existed. Master says I will listen to others files, but he is sure to give me the choice of listening or not. Nothing is forced upon me, but he does kinda maneuver me a little. I hear him calling, farewell for now.


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