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Infantailism An educational insight. (Non Fiction)

by babyjhonny

Infantailism An educational insight. (Non Fiction)

DISCLAMER: This is my owen work and and is taken from my jornal on okcupid.com
When i origonaly wrote this it was intended as a reply to a message i got, but i got so carried away with it, it more or less resulted in a full blowen chapter of a book. And righting a book was not really my intention lol. As an adult baby it is hard enough living with the life long guilt of keeping the desire to wear diapers and regress back to infancy, a secret. Yet many of the public continue to haras the Infantailism comunity calling us pedos, sickos, pervets and claming we need psycalogical help. We are normal human beings and we are activley against pedophiles, we have helped shut dowen sevreal websites containing sexualy inappropriate material relating to children. All we want is love, security, nurture, tenderness, understanding and acceptence.

BTW i already know my spelling is rubbish i cant help that because it is due to my autisim and partly due to my dyslexia.

Story (Non Fiction)

This actually applys to the magority of the public

Since we are 51% match, and 60% friend i figured i would begin by awnsering one of your questions. Since i am also one of those "Grown men who wear nappies and like to be treated like a baby" I figured you probibly deserve an awnser anyway. Adult Babys (Me) and Diaper lovers both come under the technical name Infantalisim. However Infantalisim has nothing to do with children or Pedophilliea, quite the oppisete in fact.
Adult Babys are normal every day adults that want to regress back to being babys as a way to escape the every day stress's of adult life. For Adult Babys it is also about Comfort, Emotional Security, Warmth, Love, Emotional Safty and Emotional Healing. For Adult Babys wearing nappies and acting like a baby is rarely a sexual thing. It is ushualy (as is the case for me) an emotional psycalogical comfi blanki.

Diaper Lovers tend to be the ones that have some sort of sexual attraction to the diaper. In this case the attraction is to the diaper itself, to the feel of the diaper, wearing the diaper but... as with Adult Babys children are not involved. Eaven though a DL (Diaper Lover abriviated) may have a strong sexual attraction to diapers he / she is not going to go around staring at toddlers crotches or walking up and down the diaper isle in Tesco. Diaper Lovers ushually Require Adult Diapers for sexual stimulation, as such the patner of a Diaper Lover is usually someone that understand this, or wears diapers as well.

Many Infantalists are offten aware of there desire to continue wearing nappies from a very young age. I new i liked nappies since i was 7. All infantalists live with the guilt from the moment they are ware of the desire, because of this they usually have to aquire nappies secretly to begin with or in unushual ways. When i was 8 i began asking random people if they had a spare nappy, when i was 12 i used to go in to nursing homes, doctors sugerys and ask, and when i was 14 i tried stealing a pack once wich dident work and i got caught found out and sent to psychiatric hospital. (that was the only time i ever broke a law)
My point is Infantalists in the begining are offten to embarised to talk to anyone or ask there parents for nappies. The only way i could ask people is because i dident know the people i was asking and i never asked more then once.
Another thing about Infantalists and this is hard for me to explain,
very offten we offten have had a difficult childhood, some of us (like myself)have had an abusive childhood, alot of us dident have many friends at school most of us were bullyed at school.

(For me as a person with high functioning PDD Aspergers syndrome (mildish form of Autisim) i dident have any friends at school and i still dont have any genuine friends just names i add to profiles online no1 that i can hang out with though. (22 and i never been to a concert) i was bullied nearly every day i whent to school its why im phobic of guys and being a guy i wanted to be a girl since i was 6 but since i got out of Bicknell School wich was the first all boys scool i got put in i been so scared of guys that im eaven scared of myself because im a guy. And thats because at Bicknell i was Bullied 24/7 because it was a Boarding School for kids with Emotional Behavioral Dificulties. And that was before i was diagnosed as Autistic.)
Because many Infantalists have had difficult pasts there is offten similer patterns in the personal true life accounts of how some of them became Infantalists.

Now to the Awnser

If these "Grown men in nappies that want to be treated like babys" are being sent to you by the staff robot then it is purley a statistic of a mathamatical algorythem.

If they message you themselfs then the awnser is more complicated.

First if it is an Adult Baby that has messeged you then there is 1 ultimate reason with 3 sub goals

The ultimate reason for an Adult Baby to message you is because he or she is seeking a Mummy. This may sound totally of putting but as Adult Babys we spend most of our lifes looking for our parent figure. We desire above all else to be cared for, looked after, nurtured just like a baby. This is not nesicerily a 24/7 role usually this is a afternoon thing, at the weekend but it is individual to each AB (Abriviation for Adult Baby)

Sub Goal 1 is simply to be friends

Sub Goal 2 is ushually just to talk offten in this case they ushually know you already and is combined with Sub Goal 1

Sub Goal 3 Other this you have to be carefull with. (in my case i am on Sub Goal 3 as i am trying to get my Profile compleation Score up to 70% and i have to contact 5 new people i saw the question you spent time thinking about so i thought i would awnser it as best as i could.)

Second if it is a Diaper Lover that has messeged you then there is 1 ultimate reason and the same Sub Goals Apply as above

The ultimate reason for a Diaper Lover to message you because they are trying to find a patner that will accept them for who they are and accept there emotional and sexual need for nappies.

Sub Goal 1 is simply to be friends

Sub Goal 2 is ushually just to talk offten in this case they ushually know you already and is combined with Sub Goal 1

Sub Goal 3 Other this you have to be carefull with.

I should point out that alot of Diaper Lovers are offten Gay as there are more male Diaper Lovers then female. Regardless of this worldwide there is a littile under 11 million infantalists with just over 4 million in the USA and Canada, I belive the UK and Ireland has just under 3 quaters of a million. As you can probibly tell from those figures Infantalisim is actually very common its just not talked about as its still considerd Taboo. There are infact Adult Baby Nusery's there is one in southampton, one in kent, theres one in scotland, theres eaven one in blackpool.

Here are some links that will hopefully help to awnser your question or any other questions you may have. (posted for educational purpose only. (will post notice if link contains pictures)

Educational site contains educational diagrams and real life personal stories of how people become infantalists. Also contains statistical data and links. Mostly text information.

Educational site no images on this paticular page however other pages linked from this page may contain images.

This Site is contains Images and possibly a Video, however due to my internet speed i cant get the video to run so im not entierly shure what the content of the video is. However the images Clearly depict an Adult Baby boy in a terry towiling nappy

These are both Adult Baby nusery site's and both contain picturers that show Adult Babys in various states of regreshion as well as Adult Baby Furniture and Clothing. These were posted for educational purposes only.

This is an Adult Baby Shop it contains images of Adult Babys modiling AB Cloths as well as other Adult Baby Products

The typical kind of site that Diaper Lovers visit. Contains Images of Adult Babys, Diaper Lovers and Paid Models in nappies. Most Diaper Lovers spend hours collecting these kind of images. and sorting them on there computers.

This is a Typical Infantalisim Forum there may be links that lead to other sites or to images. Peope post all the time to this site so i can't say exatly what will be on the site. However there is a Story section and a Teen Baby section.

With regards to Teen Babys, they are infantalists under 18 that have not yet discoverd themselfs fully and propperly. Adult Babys and Diaper Lovers do not interact with Teen Babys and if caught doing so are ushually excluded from what ever site membership they are on. There are websites that are created specificaly for Teen Babys and are designed for them to interact with each other and learn from each other.

I would post an example of such a site but due to the ages of Teen Babys and the fact that they are under 18 most of these websites are difficult to find and are offten deleted due to the common confushion with pedophillia. Offten Teen Babys do not know weather they are AB or DL and thats why most of these sites exsist as forums. Like this one wich is in the process of being shut down. http://www.teenbabynet.org/

This link contains a Sample of a Psychiatric Evaluation Letter of Mr A an Adult Baby who has been labeld as having a Syndrome after he bravley whent on the Jerry Springer Show. Here is the full text preiview. http://resources.metapress.com/pdf-preview.axd?code=222p3576717g4742&size=largest

Most Infantalists Adult Babys, Diaper Lovers and myself find what is written in that documeant to be absaloutly appaling and incomprehensable that any psychiatrist can not understand the need for regresion and comfort by means of nappies to cope with every day adult stress's.

It dosent hurt anyone its alot healthier then doing drugs, drinking, self harming or smoking 60 cigaretes a day. So why do people make such a huge fuss ? because ultimatly they do not understand it and what people do not understand they Fear. This is because Govermeants are courupt to the point were they have forced the media and press to mass brain wash the worlds population in to mass paranoia. This is why people fear anything they do not understand eaven if its there new born child born with only 1 eye they fear it.

So what is the ultimate Awnser to your question ?
Philisophicaly? Fear is the Awnser
Ethicaly? Lack of parental training before having children.
But Ultimatly the awnser would be purley and simply Despiration out of Life Long Guilt.

As for the staff robot thats just a computer program running on statistics and algorythems.

So i figured i would post it here as well.

Right i am now going for a smoke and then im going to change have a shower and go to bed with a nice clean molicare on, and tigger. Night night


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