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''Stripped'' of manhood

by sissydave

''Stripped'' of manhood

I was a lonely single male. I was 35 years old and never had a girlfriend because I was to quiet and couldn't get the nerve to talk to them. When I had the money I would always go to my favorite strip club and watch all the strippers. It was more of just wanting the attention from a woman than the actual sexual thing, but of course that was part of it too. My favorite stripper's name was Ginger she was the main one I would get a lap dance from and she was really good. She knew all about me. The fact that I was single, had no family left and only had a couple friends that weren't really close.

One night I show up and right away she comes up to me and asks if I want a dance and I said sure. We went back she did her dance like always, but at the end as she hugged me she slipped something in my pocket. She said thank you and went on her way. I checked my pocket and it was a piece of paper with a phone number and an address, with directions on it, with her name at the bottom. It also had, 3AM after work. I was confused, I was thinking, they can't do that, can they? Anyway I went on through the night watching and wondering. I got another dance from her but didn't have the guts to ask her what was up. She just smiled and went on her way. The place was closing down and headed on out. I sat in my car deciding what to do. I took off down the road and decided why not, you only live once. I followed her directions and it took about an hour but I found her house out in the middle of no where.

I walked up to the door and rang the bell. She answered where a long satin black night gown and robe. She smiled and said come in and have a seat. I sat down on a chair. She I asked if I wanted a drink and I said sure. She left and came back with a beer. I finally asked, so what was going on? She said she really liked me and wanted to get to know me better. We talked for a little bit while I drank my beer. She then asked if I would like a free personal dance and I said sure. She went over and turned some music on. I noticed that the were speakers inside of the chair I was sitting and right next to the head. It was kind of nice. She began to dance, it was her normal dance for a bit but then became a little more seductive. She took of her robe and began rubbing over her body then walked over to me and wrapped it over my shoulders. She got closer and started grinding my lap. It was getting very excited and I just couldn't stop watching. She removed the robe from my shoulders and grabbed my shirt, pulling it off. This was getting very interesting. She then took the robe and rubbed it up and down my chest and then put it back on my shoulders. I was getting goose bumps. She backed away and slowly lifted her night gown off and began rubbing it over her body. She had on black satin and lace, bra and panties. She walked over to me again and took the night gown and kind of draped it over my head like trying to put it on me. She said stand up and I quickly got up without even thinking. I was a small guy so it didn't take her long to get me into her gown. I was also short so it went down to my feet. She then got the robe on me. Sit down, she said and I sat back down. She kept dance and said don't move. I was already in a awe at seeing her dance but once she said that, it seemed as if my body was paralyzed. She went away and came back with a bag. She got down on her knees, opened the bag and pulled out some lip stick. She opened it and began to apply it to my lips. It was a dark red. I didn't know what to do, but really couldn't do anything since I couldn't move. She finished with the lip stick and pulled out some eye liner. She applied it to my eyes. She then got black eye shadow out and applied that to my eyes.

By now I was getting very drowsy. The room started spinning. She pulled out a pen and said, grab the pen. My right hand moved and grabbed the pin. She pulled out a piece of paper and said, sign this piece document. I quickly signed and she to the paper and pen.
She got me out of the chair and started moving me. She took me into another room and laid me on a bed. By now I was completely out of it and had no idea what was going to happen next. She took my hands and tied them to the bed post. Then she took my legs and tied them to the bottom of the bed. She walked over to me and whispered in my ear. She said, for now on you are mine. I will make you into a beautiful woman. You will be my lesbian lover and when you're ready you will become our next stripper. Goodnight sweetie and I'll see you in the morning.

I wake up the next morning and she is lying beside me. Good morning, sweetie, how did you sleep? I am still tied to the bed and wearing her night gown. I was now wearing earphones. It's time for your transformation. She took a needle out and moved it to my arm. A started struggling but she held my arm tight and stuck it in. I still struggled trying to get free. Why are you doing this, I asked. Because I like you and I know you like me. But I'm a lesbian and we need more strippers. Suddenly I can't struggle anymore. I can't even move a muscle. There, much better, that should keep you calm, she said. She uncuffed me and moved me into the bathroom. She removed the robe and gown. She sat me in the tub, took a can of some type of lotion and rubbed it all over my legs, arms and chest. She left for a while then returned, turning on the shower. The water was washing the lotion off but all my hair also washed off with it. All my hair was gone and she turned the shower off. There, much sexier, so smooth, she said. She Pulled me up out of the shower, took me over to the closet where there were shackles on the ceiling. She shackled me to the ceiling and opened the closet door. You ready for your new outfit honey, she asked. I tried to speak but I just couldn't. What ever she gave me must have paralyzed all of my body. She walked over to a dresser and grabbed a black satin bra, matching panties and stockings.

She walked by over and wrapped the bra around my chest. She attached the clasps. She lifted my right leg and put it in the panties then did it with my left leg. She slid the panties up. She then pulled the stockings up each of my legs. She went into the closet and pulled out a red and black corset. She got behind me and began tightening it. The tighter it got, the harder it got for me to breath. She finished tightening it and went back into the closet. She came back out with a little satin black dress. She put my feet into it and raised it up to the bra. She unshackled my right arm and put the strap around it. She shackled it back and the did the same with the other arm. She zipped the dress up and stepped back to look at me. Looking good, she said. She went back into the closet and pulled out some black stripper boots. The were probably about six inches high and went all the way up the leg. She put one of my right leg in a boot. As she laced it up I noticed at the top there was a strap with a lock. She got them laced up and locked it. She then did the same with the other boot, locking it. There, you need to get use to your boots so this will keep you from wanting to take them off, she explained. She walked away and came back with a blonde wig. She placed it on my head, straightened it and kissed me on the lips. So sexy, she said.

She unshackled me and moved me over to the vanity. she sat me down and tied me to the chair. Now, lets get your make-up fixed, she said. She walked behind me and was gone for a couple minutes. Before I knew it she was putting the earphones back on my head. Music begin playing. In the back of the music there seemed to be voices but I couldn't tell what was being said. She cleaned of the old make-up and began applying new. She put more mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, and blush on. Then she pulled out the lipstick and applied it to my lips. This time she brought out some fake nails. She applied something to my nail then pressed each nail on, holding each one for a few seconds. These nails will be on for a month until the glue wears off, by then your nails will be long enough where you wont need them. She Finished putting the nails on and then applied red nail polish to each one. She turned me around, stepped back and looked at me. She walked over to the stereo and turned it on. It was dance music. She went away for a few minutes. When she came back she was wearing the exact outfit she had put me in. By now my body was able to move again but I was still tied to the chair. She began to dance like she did the night before. Again I was mesmerized and couldn't take my eyes off of her. She continues dancing and dances over to me. She straddles me and whispers in my ear. The music you here is feminizing your mind, while my body hypnotizes you deeper each time I dance for you. In a few months your will will be mine and you will have no choice but to be my lesbian lover and be dancing as seductive as me.

The End.


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