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The Stringent Bondage

by computerf58

The Stringent Bondage

Marie had been kept in a very severe hogtie since her kidnapping. Each wrist had been pulled back to its corresponding ankle and bound tightly to it on the outside. This pulled her back into an arch. Then her knees and ankles had been bound together, as had her elbows. Loops of thin cord cut deeply into the flesh above and below her elbows, forcing them to touch.

She had been gagged very heavily. Cloth was wadded into her mouth, crammed into each of her cheeks. Then a large head harness ball gag had been forced into her mouth, stretching her jaw to the maximum. The straps had been pulled just as tight as was possible. She had a rubber swim cap on her head. Stretch rubber adhesive tape had been wound round her head and mouth over the ball gag. Vertical wraps prevented any jaw movement. Pads over her eyes were similarly taped with tight head circling wraps. If that was not enough, a leather gag strap head harness was drawn tightly over the mouth windings. The D ring at the top had a length of rope attached that pulled her head back as far as it would go.

Her breasts had been bound with a severity that exceeded even her stringent hogtie and gag. Thin cord was wrapped in multiple loops around the base of her enormous tits and drawn so tight that her breasts bulged tight and took on a deep purple hue. Screw clamps had been tightened viciously onto her nipples.

Her kidnapper preferred to take no chances with her captive as she was worth a lot of money on the open slave market. To ensure that she could not escape, she had been placed onto a padded board and strapped down at her waist. Rope ran from her knees to the base of the board and from the head harness to the board’s top. She was completely immobile and unable to make any but small mmphing noises through her nose. But even this was hard due to the severity of the gag. She had to constantly control her gag reflex and fight for breath: there was precious little left for noises!

She had been left in this position for over 12 hours and was in considerable pain. But that was nothing compared to what was to come.

Never satisfied with the way her girls were gagged, Anna just had to go to the extreme. She licked her glossy, vampy red lips as she pondered how she could make this gag even stricter. Peering through her heavily made-up eyes she had an idea. Off came all of the gagging and blindfolding paraphernalia except for the wad in Marie’s mouth. Anna took a couple of nose tubes and threaded them up Marie’s nostrils and down her throat, into her trachea so she could breathe. Next she inserted a whitehead gag and forced Marie’s mouth open as wide as it would go. Only then did she extract the sodden wad of cloth. Anna then laid out on a surgical tray all that she would need for the ultimate in punishment gags. Medical gauze pads, lots of them. A bottle of chilli juice. A thin strap with a friction buckle. Rolls of very sticky adhesive tape (it was labelled as being maximum strength adhesive, do not use on skin). Bandages, four and six inches wide and some extremely tight 2" rubber bands. A full leather rawhide discipline helmet was soaking in a bucket of warm water.

Starting with the gauze, Anna began packing Marie’s mouth. She took great delight soaking the pads with the chilli juice and forcing them deep into Marie’s throat, causing a gag reflex. She paused while Marie fought it and controlled it. Then she resumed, forcing more and more gauze pads into Marie’s mouth until it was crammed solid. Pulling Marie’s head back, Anna poured top strength chilli juice over the packing, ensuring that the wads were thoroughly soaked with chilli juice. The juice burned Marie’s lips and tongue but she could not eject the wads. Anna then shaved Marie’s head.

After removing the whitehead gag Anna used the strap to cleave Marie’s mouth with a severity that could not be believed. Anna yanked and pulled until the strap forced the wadding deeper still and cut cruelly into the corners of Marie’s mouth. Blood oozed onto the white gauze. More chilli soaked gauze was forced in front. Then taking the extra strong tape Anna began to wrap Marie’s mouth, pulling the tape just as tight as she could. Marie’s head went red and her eyes bulged a little as the tape was wound round and round her mouth from the tip of her chin to under her nose with a severity that could hardly be believed. Once applied the tape would not come off. Anna then used some calipers to stretch a 2" rubber band which she fitted under Marie’s chin and over the top of her head. This caused her jaw to be crushed into the wadding in her mouth. More tape went round her head vertically until her head was completely covered except for her eyes. The terror could be seen plainly.

‘Sorry for the severity but I am going to hurt you a lot and I just hate screaming and whimpering. So you just have to be gagged just as severely as I can manage. No noise when the pain starts and I promise you some delicious tortures are in store for your sensitive areas.’

With that Anna wrapped Marie’s head in multiple layers of stretch bandages. ‘I’ll not blindfold you yet so you can see what’s coming’, giggled Anna.

Anna fixed Marie for the night. She untied the wrist-ankle ties but re-bound Marie’s wrists palm to palm, adding more coils of thin cord around her fore arms and tightening those above and below her elbows. All the cords were then cinched even tighter so that they cut cruelly deep into Marie’s flesh. Her elbow bones ground painfully together and her shoulders were drawn back to what seemed the extreme. But Anna had plans to add more discomfort. She added a shoulder rope harness to draw Marie’s shoulders back still further then added more rope to her upper arms under her arm pits. These coils, once cinched, took Marie’s shoulders to the point where they almost dislocated. The strain was incredible and the pain quite intense. But Marie could only shed tears and make quiet whimpers into her so severe gag.

After tightening the leg coils at ankle, calf, above and below knees, mid and top thigh, Anna tended to Marie’s waist. She looped thicker cord around and bean to draw it in as tight as she was able, constricting Marie’s waist down to 16 inches. This of course further restricted breathing that was already difficult through the nose tubes.

Anna planned a devilish stress tie for Marie. She pulled Marie down the bondage board, face down, so that toes were hard up against a short vertical pillar of flat wood at the board’s base. Using straps with friction buckles, Anna fixed Marie’s legs to the board with straps across her feet, at ankles, calves, knees and top of thighs. Each was cinched tight, causing her feet to be forced into an en-point position. Then, taking a long length of cord, Anna wound it through Marie’s wrist bonds and pulled it down to a cleat on top of the board’s base pillar against which her toes were forced. Then, pulling more and more, Marie’s arms were drawn towards the board base and as tension increased so Marie was forced into a back arch as her upper body was pulled up and back. More and more Anna pulled until there was no more slack and Marie’s torso was almost vertical. Of course this increased the strain still more on Marie’s already tortured shoulders.

‘Hmm, nice’, said Anna, ‘But I think a little more interesting attention to your gag is needed’, she chuckled, loving the torture she was inflicting on the hapless Marie. ‘But first, your breasts’.

Anna tightened the screw clamps causing the wicked teeth to draw blood. Then she hooked a stretched wet rawhide cord to each clamp and ran it to a winch at the top of the board. Slowly she tightened the winch and both stretched Marie’s tits and caused even more pain in the clamps as they bit deeper into her tender nipple flesh. Anna knew that as the rawhide dried out it would shrink and cause gradually increasing pain in Marie’s nipples and breasts. Cruelty was Anna’s middle name!

The agony was as more than Marie could bear. But there was no way out. She wondered what else was coming. Every part of her body hurt. The gag was unbelievably horrid. Her jaw hurt terribly from being forced open so wide yet being crushed so forcefully by the multiple layers of tight constricting tape and bandages. She constantly fought her gag reflex due to the gauze pads that were forced into her throat. She knew they would not be removed nor the gag loosened to give her relief. She knew she would have to endure.

Her lips, tongue and inside of her mouth burned terribly from the super hot chilli juice that soaked the mouth packing. Her limbs hurt from the tightness of the cruel bindings and from bones that ground remorselessly against bones at knee, ankle, elbow and wrist. The agony in her shoulders just grew more and more with each passing moment. She wanted to scream out but the severe gag prevented all but quiet whimpers. But even those were about to be denied because Anna planned another addition to Marie’s gag and head bondage.

Marie could only look on in horror as Anna removed the wet rawhide head hood from the bucket of water. Laying the sopping hood in front of Marie, Anna explained what it would be like once it was fitted, ‘This hood is a little small for your head but having been soaking in water it will stretch to fit nice and snugly. These laces will ensure that it is like a second skin over those bandages and tapes. Then these rawhide straps will further tighten under your jaw, around your eyes and of course this wide one with the little mound will reinforce your gag. As it tightens, the little mound will force the rest of your mouth packing deeper end tighter into your mouth. Then, over night it will dry out and as it does it will shrink and tighten further. Exquisite punishment gagging I think. It should be very interesting experience for you. But first, lets finish the taping and bandaging.’

Anna then proceeded to add another layer of bandages over Marie’s head, windings that held the cotton pads over Marie’s eyes, blindfolding her. Then, ensuring that the nose tubes (which extended from Marie’s nostrils by 6 inches) were not obstructed she applied a final layer of stretch adhesive surgical tape to Marie’s tortured head, carefully and lovingly smoothing out any unsightly wrinkles. The result was a smooth globe with an obvious bulge caused by the gagging paraphernalia.

Marie knew what was coming but was powerless to prevent the evil Anna from fitting the wet hood over her head. Anna took great delight in tightening the rawhide laces thus ensuring that the device fitted tightly, snugly to every contour. Then the chin strap crushed Marie’s jaw onto the mouth packing even more severely. The blindfold strap, quite unnecessary to prevent sight, was tightened just to cause more discomfort as the eye pads under the bandages and tape compressed against Marie’s eyeballs. Then what Marie dreaded most, the gag strap was applied and tightened with unbelievable force.

The penultimate adjustment to Marie’s predicament was the addition of another wet rawhide cord to the D-Ring at the top of the hood. Anna cupped Marie’s chin with her left hand and as she pulled Marie’s head back, she tied off the rawhide to the base of the bondage board. Marie was quite unable to move any part of her body except to wriggle her fingers. But Anna took this small freedom away as she taped Marie’s fingers together, ensuring total helplessness and imposing a sense of despair on the tortured Marie. She was arched back with bowstring tightness, unable to see or make any sound at all. All she could do was endure the growing agony. It would be a long night!


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Nice, but the gagging was over-emphasized. Anyone left with a gag like that overnight would almost certainly toss their cookies & drown in their own vomit. (Nope, I'm not into snuff.)

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