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The Voice of Steve

by johnsmith100110

The Voice of Steve

John was set for life.

Twenty-five years old, swimmer’s build, nicely defined chest, long blond hair, piercing blue eyes, he had everything both sexes could want in a young man.

And he was rich. Not a billionaire, but the estate he had inherited from his rich uncle was worth a conservative $250 million dollars, even after the stock market crash. It was evenly distributed in asset classes, including incoming producing real estate (mostly mid-scale apartment complexes), stocks, bonds, precious metals, and agricultural land. It was managed by professionals inherited from his father, who were responsive to his needs. He had homes or condos in England (London and rural Scotland), Australia (Melbourne), LA, NYC, Chicago, Miami, and Honolulu.

He was, however, alone in the world.

His parents died while he was a teenager, and his only other living relation was his reclusive uncle, who became his legal guardian. John was mostly raised by staff, however, seeing his uncle only a few times a year.

Even so, he seems to have turned out to be remarkably normal. Although he had never known poverty or even hard times, he was also not pretentious about his wealth, did not drive a fancy car, and his clothes were generally off the rack from Wal-Mart. He had his indulgences, however, one of them being two yachts (an Atlantic yacht which was sometimes the Mediterranean yacht and a Pacific yacht), plus several smaller sailing boats. He loved to sail, scuba dive, and surf.

He was gay, and had an active and somewhat adventurous and edgy sex life. He liked the darker bars, and while he hadn’t actually had a full-fledged S&M sex experience, he had certainly gotten close and had been experimenting with bondage with partners he knew well and trusted. He was definitely a bottom, active French and passive Greek, as they say and those who knew him said he was the best cock-sucker they had ever met.

John’s present problem was to hire a personal staff assistant, a valet if you will. It had been suggested by his business manager, who told him, “John, look, you got more money than you know what to do with. You live alone. Yeah, your houses have staff, but you have no one that looks after you and your needs. Hire somebody like yourself – young, good looking, into the sea and its delights – as your valet and personal assistant.

It actually seemed like a good idea to John. Being gay, he placed his ads in gay magazines – “Wealthy 20-something young man seeks valet and personal assistant. Must be available for world travel, 24/7/365 live-in position with generous compensation and benefits. Email resume, picture, and a 5 minute mp3 of your voice to johnsvalet@yahoo.com, with Valet Resume in the subject line.”

Run that ad in 6 urban gay weeklies world wide and see if you don’t have hundreds of resumes in your in-box in a matter of days.

“Man, I am so fucked. I need an assistant just to reply to all these and thank them for sending their resumes,” he thought as five more emails landed in his computer with “Valet Resume”.

He quickly developed a routine. Look at the picture, scan the resume, while listening to the applicant’s recording. John felt a person’s voice said a lot about him, and since he would be spending much time with this person, he wanted to make sure it was a voice he could enjoy living with. He was rejecting 90% of the resumes, making a small pile for “second looks”, when he opened one from a certain Stephen Montrose of Chicago, who was 23 years old. The picture showed someone who was as good looking as John, in a darker, more Mediterranean or maybe Hispanic way. Resume was impressive too, bachelor in business, spoke English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. But what really caused John to take notice of this applicant was the Voice.

He saw as he opened the file that unlike the other recordings, which were typically five minutes, this one was a full sixty minutes. His first thought was “that’s a bit much”, but when he heard the Voice coming out of the speakers, well, enthralled would be the word. It was a world quality Voice, soothing and yet obviously full of life. Just a hint of an accent that John couldn’t quite place. Steve was a baritone, John briefly wondered if he was also a singer. But then, he just wanted to sit back in his chair and listen.

Steve’s file began by introducing himself, briefly sketching out his resume and history for about five minutes, at which point, the sound switched to music, alternating with surf sounds and rain, it was very relaxing. Then, before he could wonder about the music – the Voice came back, this time with something John couldn’t quite identify in its timbre, with the music continuing at a lower volume. He could also occasionally hear other voices, or maybe it was also Steve’s voice, as if multiple tracks had been put together, put they were just at the edge of audibility and he couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. The primary Voice was always clear and compelling though.

“I know you are a busy man, and obviously wealthy. I am sure your life is full of stress and anxiety and one of my talents is to help you resolve that stress and anxiety. If I am hired as your personal valet and assistant, I will be able at all times to assist you in relaxation strategies. I am trained and experienced in many such techniques, including massage, bio-feedback, meditation, hypnotism, power exchange, and role playing.”

As his Voice came to the words hypnotism, the volume got a bit louder, as though he were in some kind of an echo chamber. The words seemed to reverberate.

“I thought the best way for me to show you the value of my services is to give you a working example. If you continue to listen to this file, you will become hypnotized and I will help you relieve the stress and anxiety you are presently experiencing. I know you have much stress and anxiety and it is important for your health that this be relieved. So just sit back comfortably and continue to listen so that I can take you into a deep trance state and begin to work on your fears and anxieties. This is a completely safe space, I can’t make you do anything contrary to your own deepest inner longings and thoughts. You are feeling more relaxed now, aren’t you?”

Well, it was true. He hadn’t realized how much stress he was under but he did have all these resumes to deal with and decisions to make and a lot of money and it would be nice to be more relaxed and have less to worry about. Already feeling more and more relaxed, he decided to do as the Voice demanded and experience his first hypnotic trance.

So the Voice continued, and John continued to listen, and Steve gradually took John into deeper and deeper stages of trance. John was a natural hypnotic subject, in the right situation, he was very suggestible.

What John didn’t know was that the file was impregnated with subliminal messages designed to induce a state of submission to Steve in John’s psyche.

Steve was not necessarily all he appeared to be with his resume. He did have the degree and the language skills, but he didn’t mention that he grew up on the streets of Chicago, and started hustling to make a living at the age of 14. By age 16, he had been paid to do it all, and was an experienced sex worker with an established clientele. Late that year, he met a new client, who introduced him to erotic mind control. His client was an experienced hypnotist, but was submissive, so he trained Steve in the fine art of erotic mind control and spent many hours blissed out in bondage under the mental control of Steve. He paid very well, which helped finance his education at the University of Chicago.

Steve had a creative mind when it came to sex, he specialized in S&M and charged high rates to dominate submissive men. One of his favorite games was to tie the slave to the bed and then beat him until the bitch paid him to stop. He investigated his clients, and always had a good idea how much to demand, not so much that they would be put off and not return, but enough that the thrill of a cash-rape was present. He was not one to strangle the geese that were laying his golden eggs. He was quick to see how this new skill could work to his advantage. He put himself through college as a sex worker and tist, and when he saw the ad in the paper, he thought, “This is a golden opportunity for me.”

He had no idea who or what was on the other end of the ad; it was without picture or personal identification, but he decided even if it was a fat and hairy old man trolling for tricks, with enough money in play he could make it work, and this fag would become his utterly obedient and dependent slave. And if it was indeed a handsome young man, well, so much the better.

In his trance, John was learning that all his troubles were due to anxiety and that the Voice was the only sure relief. He was learning that power derived from money can be troubling, and release could be found in giving his power to someone else. He also learned that it was obvious that he was in need of being controlled, because he was voluntarily allowing his mind to be controlled by someone else.

“You will listen carefully to this Voice. This Voice is your friend, the Voice is your only friend. The Voice will relieve all your stress. You will have no more anxiety. You make too many decisions, you need someone to make decisions for you. The Voice can make all of your decisions for you. Since you decided to voluntarily listen to this Voice, you won’t have to make any more decisions other than to continue listening to the Voice. The Voice is here for you, only the Voice cares for you, the Voice will take your troubles away. You need the Voice, without the Voice you are weak, confused, and anxious. If you do not listen to the Voice, you will become more weak, more confused, and more anxious.”

John began to whimper in fear in the midst of his deep trance. As he heard “more weak”, it was as though the Voice lashed at him, and he lost all his strength. At “more confused”, he could hardly understand what was happening, and at “more anxious”, he began to worry what would happen if the Voice stopped. But he was quickly reassured as the Voice went on . . .

“As long as you listen to the Voice, bad things will not happen to you. If you turn away from the Voice, and do not do what the Voice asks you to do, bad things will quickly happen to you.”

Again there was a quick rush of euphoria, but this time it was quickly followed by the anguish of being kicked in the nuts, the pain rising even as the euphoria was present.

And so it went. An induction trance trigger was planted in his brain as well as instructions as to what to do when he came out of the trance.

“I will count to five and you will awaken refreshed, full of energy, and you will do what I command you to do.”

John woke, and shook his head a bit. “Wow, I fell asleep while the file was playing. I wonder what he talked about for an hour.” He also noticed he had an erection, “That’s weird, must have been a good dream, wish I could remember it.”

Then, without thinking about it, he opened his email program and sent Steve an email. “I am here and await further instructions.” Without thinking any further about it, he hit send and just sat back in his chair. In less than a minute, he saw he had incoming mail, and it was from Steve. He downloaded the attachment, and set back in his chair as the Voice again wafted over him from his expensive speaker system, enthralling ever fiber of his being.

The file began “During this session, we will discover your true nature. Throughout history, some people are controllers, some people are controlled by others. You wouldn’t be listening to this tape if you were not open to being totally controlled by someone else. You voluntarily are listening to this tape, you could stop it at any time, but you continue even though you know the end result will be that you will become totally controlled by the Voice of Steve. Throughout history, some were born to rule, some were born to serve. You are obviously born to serve, isn’t that right?”

The induction hadn’t actually started yet, so John was fully awake.

His first thought was, “Wow that’s an odd thing for him to say,” but then, inexplicably, when he heard the words “born to serve” he began to feel very comfortable, very happy, and very safe, as he responded to the hypnotic triggers implanted in the core of his being during the first trance.

“This is true,” he thought. “I was born to serve and to be controlled.” As he thought those words, not only did he feel more comfortable, but he also got a quick erection. He rubbed it, and reveled in how good it felt.

This time, using the trance trigger, the induction went quickly. John began to learn more about his true nature.

“Those who are born to serve must find someone to serve. Those who are naturally controlled, must find a Controller. The Voice is here to control you. You will experience happiness when you do what the Voice says” – at which point, his brain flooded with endorphins – “you will experience pain when you refuse to do what the Voice says” – at which point, it felt like he was again being kicked in the nuts, over and over. He doubled over in pain and fell out of the chair onto the floor.

“This Voice, the Voice of your controller, is the way to safety.”

At the end of the file, he came awake refreshed and happy, and immediately sent Steve another email, “I am ready to be controlled.” Then without really thinking about it, he got down on his knees and waited for the incoming email and the third file from Steve.

The introduction was simple and to the point.

“You have voluntarily agreed to be controlled by the Voice of Steve. If you do not want to be controlled, end this playback immediately. If you do want to be controlled, continue to listen. During this session, you will learn about your true nature as an inferior being.”

John didn’t even give it a second thought. He had learned how useless his life had been, and the danger of being without the Voice, he wanted the Voice to continue forever in his life, and he wanted to be obedient to it, he might be rich, but he was obviously inferior to Steve, look how easy it had been for Steve to get into his mind. And he had an erection, indeed, his prick had been hard for two hours, and ached for release. But somehow he knew, that only the Voice could give that release.

The induction using the trigger went quickly.

“True happiness for inferior beings can only be found in their willing understanding of their need to submit to a superior. As you continue to listen to this file, you are continuing to submit ever more deeply and stronger to the Voice of Steve. The Voice knows who and what you are, you are an inferior being, you are scum, you are dirt, you are a pig, you will be a toilet for the Voice. You listen to these words and you do not object, you agree with the Voice of Steve. You want to be in the physical presence of the Voice of Steve, so that you can worship his feet. You want to lick his boots, and acknowledge your interiority and submission in person. You want to suck his cock and lick his ass and let him fuck your faggot pussy hole with his magnificent cock.”

At the end of the hour, he awoke exhilirated. He remembered the words of the file, what the Voice had told him, and he reveled in the knowledge that he had finally figured out his life. All he had to do was send another email.

So he stood up, took off all his clothes, kneeled down on the floor, and typed another email. It said “I am ready to serve” — and then he gave his address, personal stats and resume, the open code for the security gate, and attached a picture and a summary of his net worth, business operations, and assets prepared by his financial team. Then he got up, unlocked the front door, returned to the computer, and kneeled down, eagerly awaiting the next email.

Steve could hardly believe his eyes when he opened John’s email and saw what it contained. He was about to be set for life, that’s for sure. He hadn’t been sure which file to send next, he had prepared several, but since this boy was so hot, he decided to go straight for the jugular and be there for the awakening. The title of the file was “Pain and Suffering that Pleases the Voice.”

John quickly opened the file, and laid down flat on the floor, as the introduction started.

“During this session, you will learn that your own pain and suffering will bring great pleasure to the Voice of Steve. When you meet the Voice in person, he will hurt you. He will torture you. He will degrade you. If you do not want this to happen, stop listening to this file immediately. If you want the Voice of Steve to torture you, degrade you, and hurt you, continue to listen, because this is what will happen.”

John was filled with happiness and a warm snuggly feeling that the Voice of Steve cared so much about him that he would treat him this way. He quickly responded to the induction trigger and went into a deep trance.

“Inferior beings receive great joy and satisfaction from serving the Voice of Steve. Submission is the way to the good life. This includes responding willingly to all demands of the Voice, no matter how degrading or painful those demands may be. You will always willingly follow the demands of the Voice of Steve, and enjoy the results. You will give all power over your life to the Voice of Steve. You will have nothing except what the Voice gives you. All that you have had will belong to the Voice. Indeed, the Voice has always owned everything you have, but you have kept it from him, and for that you will be punished.”

John was in a rigid spread-eagled position on the floor. He didn’t remember assuming that position, but it was like he was tied spread eagled to a table. Suddenly, he felt blows landing on his back, like fire, one after the other, the pain was excruciating, but the joy and pleasure was equally enjoyable. The greater the pain, the more he delighted in what was happening to him.

“This will be your life with the Voice of Steve. The Voice will constantly take your power and life energy and leave you with nothing.”

When John awoke refreshed and eager, he saw a man sitting in his chair, looming over him spread-eagled on the floor. He was wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt, hadn’t saved for a couple of days, and tall black engineer’s boots. He was a stud, incredibly good looking. The man opened his mouth and said, “I am Steve, I am the Voice, you are mine.”

The words washed over John like a river, carrying him away. He pushed himself forward and began licking Steve’s boots. He was filled with joy and happiness and hoped that he would remain worthy of attention from the Voice of Steve.

Steve looked at him groveling on the floor, slobbering on his boots, and thought, “This will be fun.” And profitable..

He stood up and told his slave to stand up and hand him the belt from his pants. John did this and Steve took the belt and looped it around his neck as a leash. As the belt tightened, John felt a rush of euphoria that this was really happening to him. He had no worries for the rest of his life, the Voice of Steve would take care of him.

“So, bitch, show me around your place here. Is there a basement?”

“Yes sir, there is a two level basement. The first level is laundry and storage, and then there is a tool room in the lower level basement.”

“Let’s go check it out.”

When Steve saw the tool room, he knew this would be perfect. There were quite a few tools, a large wooden work table (on which Steve figured John would fit perfectly, spread-eagled), hooks in the ceiling from which various implements were hanging, and the room was completely buried, no external windows. It was an older house, built before city building codes, and it had a thick wooden door with a dead-belt already installed. The walls looked like stone of some sort, all in all, with just a bit of work, it would make a nice medieval dungeon.

After looking about a bit, Steve figured it was time to proceed to the main action. He had been super horny since he’d seen John’s picture and looked at the financial statements. John’s cock of course was hard, it would remain erect until Steve said otherwise, but he wouldn’t be able to come, also until Steve permitted it.

Steve took off his t-shirt and told the slave to get up on the table. He took some clothesline and tied his hands and feet to the four corners, stretching him wide, positioning so he would be able to suck Steve’s cock when the time came. He decided to dispense with the trigs for a while, and just have some fun the old fashioned way, with belts and whips and maybe a chain or two. He had brought a few such items with him, and had picked up more as they wandered through the house. He decided to not put John into a trance, as he wanted to see how the control he had planted in his brain carried through to a real life, vicious, S&M session.

So it began. First the belt, kind of light, working his way up. Then some doubled up electrical cord. That made a nice pattern of welts on that fine skin. John was squirming and crying but interiorily, he was constantly flushed with euphoria about what was happening to him.

Steve used a cane for some bastinado, took a break, smoked a cig, stubbed it out on John’s ass, and went around front to get his cock sucked, stopping just short of orgasm. He took a ball gag out of his bag and put it on John, and then a black leather hood that covered his entire face except for his nose, with a zipper opening at his mouth accommodating the bag gag, and two slits at the ears, which would allow ear-buds.

Now he was ready for chain, which thudded nicely against the flesh, raising bruises, and finally, a fine cat o’nine tails. Steve then climbed between John’s legs, and without lubrication, thrust all 9 inches of his cock up John’s pussy hole. He laid his chest down on John’s back, smearing John’s blood over his own chest. He put his arms around John’s face and neck and as he fucked the fag, he pinched his nose shut until John began to struggle for breath. “See how much the Voice of Steve controls you, bitch? Even your breath is at my command.”

This continued until Steve orgasmed, filling John’s ass with his cum.

Then he stood up on the table, aimed his cock at the totally mind- and ass-fucked slave before him, and let fly a stream of piss, all over the slave’s body.

In a great mood, he hopped off the table, and said to John – “This is your new bedroom. It is where you live. When we go out together, we will seem normal, it will be a facade, a masque that hides reality and keeps us from being hassled. You will continue your regular life. On paper, you will continue to own and manage your assets. But everything you have is mine and it will be my decisions, which you will convey to your minions, that will rule. When we are alone and behind these doors, or with people I invite, this is where you live. This is your status. You are scum, you are a pig, you will be my toilet. If I want to pimp you out, you will suck dick and get fucked by anyone I command. You will enjoy all these things, because you have willingly consented to them. This life is permanent until and unless I decide otherwise. Who knows, someone might make an offer for you that I can’t refuse.”

He then took a player and ear-buds from his pack, put the ear buds in the slits of the hood, and started mp3, sending John into a blissed-out trance.

Steve picked up his clothes and turned toward the door, as he went to leave, he turned back to John, and said, “One more thing, I take it I get the job, right?” Then he laughed, “Oops, I forgot to take the gag out, I’ll just assume the answer is yes and we can talk salary and perks later. I’ll be back in a while to see how you’re doing.” With that, he flipped off the light, locked the door behind him, and went to survey his new empire.

Not bad, he thought, for a kid from the wrong side of town who used to suck old men’s dicks in park toilets at ten bucks a pop. As he ascended the stairs, his thoughts turned to a cruise to the Pacific, and he knew the sound of his slave’s shrieks, on a moonlit night in the middle of the ocean, would be a fine thing to hear.


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