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Karen Kirk

by Haxsaw

Karen Kirk

Mark Andrew Runnells did meet and use this girl, back in The U.S. What follows are the activities they did. I put it into a false scene.
He walked over to her red Mustang. She had the engine running. Mark stepped along, out of sync with the idling sports car. It was early November. The gravel parking lot was hard beneath his feet. Karen rolled down her driver side window and beckoned him.
"Ohh... come closer!"
Mark was not well dressed yet had on his heavy, black leather jacket. He wore not glove or hat. Sneakers were the only thing on his feet. He bent at the knees and leaned inward.
"Closer," she cried.
Karen sat behind the steering wheel of her old, red mustang, smiling. Light, cold rain sprayed down on them both. Marked edged forward. Karen grabbed his jacket at the opening and pulled him inwardly. She kissed him. It was a long, hungry kiss and Mark did not resist. Karen shut down the car and they went inside a Mr. Donut's Coffee Shop.
"While you were in the hospital I took one look and had to have you!"
Karen was a registered nurse. While Mark was in the hospital they became friends. Mark would always, always copy her motions. When Karen looked, and raised a brow, Mark did the same. For a moment the interruption would catch her off guard. In time, Karen was asking him more and more questions. Mark was sure to slightly and constantly copy her response and reaction. In short time Karen was very, very interested in him.
Here they were, at a window seat. Mark made sure his back was to the wall. While Mark read the porcelain cup Karen opened to him. She told and shared what was on her mind. In her purse she had a package of condoms and a tube of hand cream. Mark had items in his pockets as well.
"I never knew this business had been around since 1955."
"What?" she asked.
"It says so on the print on the cup," he remarked. Mark then leaned forward in his seat. He was smiling at her. He made good eye contact.
"Yes, Mark," she replied with an exhalation. "Seems you are well read, that's for sure." Karen was sipping at a green tea. After so much conversation they left Mr. Donuts. The wet, cold ground outside was anything but pleasant.
Karen had asked Mark follow her. They went to a privately owned hotel. This town was one of many along Coastal Route One. It was bevy to several hotels. Many were old homesteads, converted for business. Darkness fell across the land. Mark and Karen parked their vehicles out back and meandered in. Karen was perky, more alight in her step once Mark wrapped an arm about her shoulder.
"I thought you would never do that!" she exclaimed. Once inside they registered under false names.
The cozy hotel room was set up more like a large bedroom. It featured a wooden floor and an area rug centered. The bed was a four poster. Mark and Karen sat at the edge of the bed and started kissing.
Mark as suddenly stopped and reached in the pockets to his jacket. After removing a candle within a clear glass holder he lit up with a Bic lighter.
Karen was without word. The rapid interruption was planned. Mark had Karen relaxed and concentrating on something, that being the kiss. The lighter flared up in the darkened room. Once the candle was burning he dropped the lighter on the floor.
"Don't complain," he retorted. "Watch the candle."
Mark used enticing words. He spoke of her legs, having had worked so long. He went along various areas of her body. After so much time, the candle was all Karen fixated on. As he lettered from E down to A he snapped his fingers. Karen eased. Her eyes were heavy. Mark pushed her back in bed, reaching behind to support her. He told her sleep and she did. Now it was time to use her.
Soon, Karen was commanded to undress. Mark was already stripped. He commanded Karen get in bed on her hands and knees. Looking over her naked body turned him on. It was more the idea of seeing her with her tail end up. It was more seeing her ready to be used.
He started, heavily. Ignoring what her purse contained, he made violent love to her. Karen screamed as Mark made love to her from behind. He was lifting himself upwardly, pounding himself deeper inside. While Karen tried resisting, Mark pressed down on her back side. He did this for about ten minutes. It was hearing her scream. It was a scream that was short and jagged. It was like Karen was gasping for air between each sound she made. This excited Mark. He pulled out. Holding a handkerchief he took earlier from his pocket he came in it.
Working with Karen, hypnotizing her deeper, he commanded she shower. Mark washed with her. In bed Karen fell deeper into sleep. Mark reached over to a end table near his bed. He picked out a remote control. Turning on the TV, he kept the volume low. A reporter on C.N.N. shared a story from The Philippines.
"So," the reporter stated from the news desk, "the lady has had the silvery coating removed from her body. Doctors had never seen such material before." The newsman shuffled some papers before him. "She stated the man she worked with went by the name Haxsaw. Federal Authorities released the information. A match was made with a lady in Texas who stated an odd occurrence happening to her by a man bearing the same man. Policemen working the twin incidences are baffled as to who Haxsaw is."
Mark smiled. No one could uncover you when you left no tracks. He shut off the TV and wiggled beneath the covers. He made note to stop using the alias for a while, at least. He would need write another story for W.M.M. He was sure his old friend EMG would like hearing what Haxsaw was doing, lately. Was EMG still drinking After Burners in salt rimmed glasses at The Grill? It was not fun getting old but it was never old getting fun!


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