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T.V. seduction

by jeff8788390

T.V. seduction

Imagine that it is September, you are returning to school, and you are just moving into a new apartment. You are alone; the rest of your family has returned to New Jersey. You are not completely unpacked. You dress in a semi-sheer blouse, tied up in a halter, and a tight pair of shorts. And begin to attack the huge pile of boxes in the middle of your living room.

I am your new neighbor. I live right across the hall. I come home from work and see you moving about in your apartment. After a few minutes of watching you my cock begins to stir. So I decide to make you mine.

I have been working for the cable TV company for two years now; and I have found a way to modify their signals with subliminal messages. You will be the first guinea pig for my mind control experiments.

Your door will be open, but I still knock before entering. You come to the door and introduce yourself. When I offer to hook up your cable, you accept.

What you don't know is that I am also hooking your TV to my personal computer. So that I can transmit subliminal audio and visual signals to your screen. With these signals I will take complete control of you.

Once it is all hooked up, I return to my apartment for a moment, long enough to start the signals. Then I offer to help you unpack. You leave the TV on one of the music channels, not knowing that as long as the TV is on, you are being slowly, hypnotically seduced. I am slowly taking control of your mind; and that you will soon be giving me your body.

After a couple of hours, you begin to feel it; the desire to see me aroused with lust and desire. You begin to display yourself more provocatively; showing me your tits and ass. You begin to dance. And I stop to watch and enjoy. You continue dancing while I come up to you and begin to run my hands all over your body. You will close your eyes and savor the feel of the lust growing in you. As you writhe in my hands, I will whisper "You want me" and you will answer yes. "Seduce me."

I pull away and you will open your eyes; gazing at me with predatory sexual hunger. A provocative and seductive look that says "My pussy is hungry, and your going to satisfy this hunger." You have become the huntress and I am your prey. You have no idea that you are acting exactly as I want you to; that you are completely under my control.

You will open your blouse and slowly remove your pants; then run your hands over your body and invite me to watch. Dancing close to me, you will whisper "See anything you like?" But I only smile. So you will turn and press your back against my chest. You will move up and down against me, and rub your ass gently against my crotch. You will feel me growing strong and hard, and it will add to your hunger.

You will turn around again and wrap your arms around my neck; whispering "I want you." And commanding "Surrender to me!" you pull my lips down to yours and kiss me with every fiber of your being. You will not take "no" for an answer.

But I like to tease and refused to give in. So you must continue the seduction. You will open my shirt and kiss your way down; then open my pants and bring out my phallus. It will be beautiful; powerful, and compelling. It will be everything you ever dreamed of. But tonight, you will make it serve your needs. You will take it in your mouth, and make it respond. Kissing, licking, and sucking while you caress my thighs You will so fill it with lust and desire, that even I cannot refuse. Your attentions will draw all the energy from my legs into my cock, making it grow even stronger and more powerful, while my legs grow weaker and weaker until I finally collapse on the ground.

Then you will straddle me, lowering yourself onto my cock. You will raise your arms above your head and display your body provocatively. Close your eyes again and savor my presence within you while you squeeze me with your muscles. You will begin whispering to me; telling me how no man can control his lust, or resist a truly sexy woman; that I had no choice but to let you fuck me. But I know who was in control. I made you feel what I wanted you to feel, and do what I wanted you to do.

Then I will whisper the trigger word that makes you go wild fucking me. Exploding in orgasm after orgasm until you finally collapse. So intense will be your pleasure, that you will never feel my own explosions. You will spend the night lying on top of me, savoring the aftermath of your ecstasy, while I imagine all the ways I might enjoy my new pet.


Re: T.V. seduction - Haxsaw

Dear Jeff,
Your writing need work. A second hand book store offers books on this. I can think of one by Strunk & White. With my luck, as old as I am, I may have the title wrong! You handled a relatively un-interesting subject with skill. I was impressed. You showed a master of a perversion, in action. I loved how your "master of the trade" allowed his hapless victim to believe her selfish, Liberated mind controlled the encounter. In hypnosis this diabolic action to inflict is allowing the subject to believe a decision is theirs. You added that belief, based upon emotion.
Please write more along this subject line. I want the same diabolic character branching out. Can he visit churches, clubs and schools? Can he be a holy terror in other settings? I was impressed. Most writing here is trash. Your wordings were readable and catchy.

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