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Memory lane [DUPLICATE]

by jessielynn

Memory lane [DUPLICATE]

When you're as stressed as Jeremy is, you'll take any relaxation you can
get. Don wasn't an accredited hypnotherapist, but he didn't cost a dime.
Don and Jeremy had been acquaintances for awhile, meeting at parties like
this one now and again. Now here at the witching hour of one of Carol's
parties Jeremy finds himself on his back on the floor, shoes and socks off,
focusing on his breathing.

Carol, Jeremy's fiancé, was downstairs having a blast. Social butterfly
that she was she appreciated that Don took Jeremy away to relax before the
love of her life became too grumpy and stressed again.

"You're doing such a good job, Jeremy," Don soothingly assured. Poised in a
desk chair at Jeremy's head, he stared down at the man who only knew a few
times, as he slowly relaxed into the IKEA rug beneath him.

"Keep focusing on that ball of light in your mind, how it glows and
captivates. Imagine that light spreading throughout you. Oh, it makes you
feel light headed, doesn't it?" Jeremy nods and exhales a bit of a
swoon. "Ya, you like that."

The last statement caught the hypnotized man off guard, but as he let the
light pour through his body, he hardly cared. Don's voice was so deep and
warm, Jeremy loathed to admit it if he were awake, but it's easy to accept
he feels safe near a more powerful man.

Don was a prime specimen, a tall, strong male of confidence and
success. Jeremy however was a bit chubby, smooth and curvy, almost like a
girl, lacking any muscle definition. He accepted easily that Don was an
alpha and he might not be up to task if it were to come to a contest, of
wits, strength, or resumes.

"Oh you're being so good, Jeremy, just exhale and let yourself go. You are
safe with me now, nothing else matters." Don continued to assure, laying on
the condescension. He wanted Jeremy to relax into the shame of knowing he
was the weaker here. He would help Jeremy accept the joy of being weak.
Once the man was under, pulled down, down into the carpet like a stain, Don
set to work. "Let's take a trip down memory lane, Jeremy. I want you to go
back to the first time you felt sexy. Take me there, guide me."

This was certainly an unusual experience, but easy little Jeremy exhaled
and felt right as rain, the world around him bubbling up into the memory of
him finding playboy magazines in the neighbours basement when he was over
to play. The bodies, the pictures, it was so erotic and Jeremy was so
curious. He felt things he couldn't articulate.

"Good Jeremy, but you're confused. Those were playgirl magazines you found
there. Those were pictures of hard, strong, naked men that you stole away
with to your bedroom to play with yourself," Don corrected,
matter-of-factly. He had been there, of course, guiding Jeremy.

The memory rippled and changed, and something else bubbled up within the
youth. A dirty sort of shame as he touched himself to pictures of big
strong men. God their abs and chests, they looked so strong, so powerful,
so sexually charged. It was electric, dancing along his brain to make the
new memories true. Jeremy's first sexual awakening was to hard male
bodies. It felt so good.

"Take me to your first kiss, Jeremy, tell me about that," Don continues
trudging through this poor man's life.

Vanessa was so beautiful, and Jeremy had a crush on her for months. They
were both shaking when they kissed beneath the stars. It really was a
perfect date. First love is precious.

"Oh Jeremy that's not real, that was some television episode," Don chides,
and Jeremy feels a wave of confusion and embarrassment wash over
him. "You're supposed to be a good boy, Jeremy. Don't tell me you've
forgotten your friend Josh, and the way he made you feel when you shared a
sip from the water hose on that hot, sweaty day."

Jeremy inhales sharply as his memories readjust; refreshing sips of cold
water mingle with longing looks at Josh's hard body. The silly boy swooned
when Josh shared the hose with him, kissing him breathless and dipping him
over like a girl at the dance.

"That's right, Jeremy, Josh was so dreamy. You'd sneak over to his place to
take showers together and make out. Your time with Josh was safe, a
relaxing environment for your gay little explorations, how silly of you to
have repressed such a queer little memory, sweetie.

Laying there on his back, Jeremy felt so aroused; his breathing had become
ragged as Don led him through such sexually explicit experiences. His pants
were tenting a little, or his little thing was tenting in his pants,
rather. Don licked his lips as he thought about his next step. A big leap
was in order, he suspected.

"Jeremy you're having such a good time telling me about your life. Why
don't you relax further for me, just like you relaxed for Josh. In fact you
relax when men treat you like the girl, don't you precious?" Don suggested,
and like that Jeremy was letting out breathy little moans.

"It was so hard for you at college, wasn't it? All those big, strong men
living with you in that dorm, all showering together with you, touching
you. Tell me more Jeremy, this is fascinating." Don planted the thought,
but his hypnotized thrall's imagination made it blossom into something so
very feminine.

All those playgirl magazines must have really had an effect on poor Jeremy,
because he seemed so boy crazy in college, a true admirer of hard male
bodies. He was happier than he had ever been, surrounded by all those other
males, pressed between their wet, naked bodies, his hands soaping them up,
jerking them off. He'd sucked his way through college without ever having
kissed a girl.

"How did a fairy like you end up with a woman like Carol?" Don laughed, but
Jeremy had no answer. Don hadn't told him, and his memories of Carol didn't
make much sense anymore. "It seems like a waste, a hot little bitch like
you, pretending to be a boy so you could marry some boring blonde. You're
like the perfect slut, sucky sucky so affordable. A sweet little faggot
like you could never have really been attracted to girls, so into cocks and
hard bodies as you are. You really are so sweet, it seems like you were
confused about your name too. A fairy like you is sweet as fruit. Cherry
Mei was what your parents named you."

Don had said too much, Jeremy was convulsing on the floor, moaning,
desperately aroused. All these ideas. All these memories. The poor boy
needs dick. Stripping himself down to nothing, Don begins to stroke his
heavy meat.

"Why don't you take your clothes off honey, you know you want to be naked
for all those memories," Don encouraged. He's so smart and kind, helping
Cherry Mei out of his clothes, clumsy little hypnoslut that he is.

A hard little cock stood proudly between Jeremy's legs, dripping with
excitement and eliciting a laugh from Don as he stroked his nine inch heavy
uncut meat. "Oh Cherry Mei, that's some silly little dick. I'm flattered
that you're so hot for me, but let's try to remember the truth here, okay?
You could never get hard. You just weren't built that way."

And just like that, a hard little dick goes limp, oozing out precum and
beginning to drizzle even faster. Cherry Mei's stem couldn't be more than 3
inches soft, circumcised and cute as a button, but he had never felt so
much pleasure. Limp was the way to go for him!

"I know you're confused about Carol, but I think I can help. That's what
you really want, isn't it? Help breaking up with Carol," Don asked with
concern. Jeremy nodded with a whimper. He felt trapped, Don could help.

"Great, so why don't you go ahead and wake up for me, Cherry Mei. You were
never really in trance anyways, were you? You were just remembering such
good times with a big strong man like me. That makes you feel so safe. Safe
to be gay," Don explained, patting Cherry Mei's nose before kneeling down
on the rug with his nut sac dangling over the hypnoslut's face.

"You were just telling me how gay you were," Don continued. "Well I'll be
honest, I'm going to put my big cock on your face, Cherry Mei and when you
feel that heavy dong fall on your forehead, it's going to shake your gay
little peach tree. Do you understand, sweetie?"

Cherry Mei nodded slowly and reflexively opened and closed his eyes, slowly
waking up. He stared up at Don, towering over him, upside down from this
vantage point. "It is so big, wow... y.yes Don your big dick is going to
shake my gay little peach tree."

"That's right cutie, but you ought to remember, the peaches are your
feelings about girls. When those rotten peaches fall away, you'll forget
that memory, that feeling for a girl, forever," Don explained, wagging his
heavy dick before the bitch's eyes. Cherry Mei likes that cock, staring
cross-eyed. Dicknotized.

That confused little faggot was about to ask a question when thwack! Don's
heavy cock meat falls down on the squealing fairy's forehead and knocks
loose Carol. Oopsie, home run on the first swing of the big veiny bat.

"Let her go, Cherry, let Carol slip away. Good girl," Don praises, bringing
forth a squeal from his pale little cock crazed bitch. He leans down,
scrutinizing his homosexual pupil. "All done, faggot?"

With an emphatic nod, Cherry Mei reaches up and strokes that big
dick. Needy slut. She wants a taste, but Don chuckles and swats the fairy
away, rising up and repositioning himself, ready to take the weak sissy
like a man takes a woman. He reaches big fingers into Cherry Mei's boi
pussy and begins feeling the cow out, reaching for his discarded pants to
secure lube. He was planning on topping Carol tonight, but this is so much
better. Half the bottle of lube ends up in Cherry's virgin ass while Don
explains things to the mind fucked former boyfriend. Cherry Mei had no idea
how long she'd been in a relationship with Don. He was keeping her as his
fuck on the side for half a year already, cheating around on his fiancé
Carol. She didn't know it yet, but Carol was going to need a shoulder to
cry on.

"Now listen carefully boi, I'm going to put my cock in you now. I know you
remember taking lots of dick in your gay college romps and as my girl on
the side, but this is going to be different. You might feel pain for a
moment, but remember the rainbows inside need a dick to make them
happy. You're probably going to touch heaven, and I want you to know it's
okay," Don explained with such compassion and understanding. He really
cared. Cherry Mei was reaching up, caressing this alpha male's chest while
he talked in a condescending way.

And just like that, fairy gets a cock inside him. Don pushes that proud
slut making cock inside Cherry Mei's gay little ass, so tight, virgin
territory that Don deserves to plunder. Big hands help Cherry's pretty legs
up onto Don's shoulders, and the bitch is in place, where he belongs, his
useless cock a permanent sleeping beauty, drooling docile excitement while
a real man shows him how it's done.

"Deep in that ass, that's where my big man cock belongs," Don teases,
hammering his gorgeous cock into Cherry Mei's faggot ass. The bitch takes
it like a good girl, his toes curling, that smile on his face spreading so
wide it's getting dreamy. Cherry Mei's dick dreaming.

Soft bubble ass cheeks clap each time Don long dicks the fairy, a silly
little applause filling the space between sissy moans and big male
grunts. "Oh god Don, run that ass!"

"I bet you've gone so gay feeling my veins throb and pulse in that warm ass
that you're gonna cum like some kind of ridiculous fairytale princess,"
comes another insult, but all it does is get this poor, twisted shell of a
boi off.

"Ooh gawd yes! I'm cumming! I..I can't believe I'm cumming like a princess
aiieeee!" weak little Cherry Mei exclaims as he gets his own little piece
of heaven fucked into him.

"Sweetie you deserve it. Take my cock and cum yourself stupid. Cum so hard
you forget," Don commands encouragingly between hard thrusts. He's so
amazing, holding back, keeping himself from nutting this fairy until the
bitch's brain properly soaks in orgasm. All those delicious hormones need
time to scar Cherry Mei's memories, helping that dirty little dick princess
associate men with pleasures untold.

On his back like a good girl, Cherry Mei stares up at Don, mewling and
swooning for the real man here. He reaches up and caresses and grabs at
Dons hard chest and abs again, hungry after awakening to the beauty of a
strong male body. "I feel you inside me, alive. Oh Don your cock is so
right for me!" he practically chokes on the giggles as pleasure sizzles
like rainbow fireworks on his vulnerable brain.

That's what the man needed to hear, that his bitch was happy now, taking
dick like he was destined to. With a roar Don tenses, his hard muscles
rippling as that dong pulses and erupts inside Cherry Mei's gay little boi
pussy. Hot cum splashes inside a willing vessel, and like a sacred ritual
completed, a gay bottom is truly born.

After an eternity spent in the prison of heterosexuality, Jeremy has
finally embraced the glorious cock religion Don told him he was designed
for. On his back with pretty legs sky high, the faggot knows her place
now. She's Cherry Mei forever. No girls allowed.


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