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I belong in diapers first step.

by hndywttr

I belong in diapers first step.

I've been wearing diapers for as long as I can remember but only off and on. There have been several periods that I went without wearing for a long time and then periods that I would wear for sometime. Mostly at nite at bedtime. I love diapers and enjoy wearing them at nite and anytime during the day that I can.
For the last four years I hae been wearing almost every nite but occasionally skip a nite or two or longer when I don't feel like wearing. I am finally realizing that I belong in diapers because I always go back to wearing them. I found warp my mind while looking for subliminal tapes. I wanted something that I could listen to that would maybe force me to wear every nite and eliminate the attitude of not wearing because I get to thinking that I don't need them or I should stop. I found several hypno pieces and listened to them to see what they were and would occasionally listen and beat off in my diaper.
I finally decided that I needed to be forced to wear my diapers every nite so I began listening to curse night dipers. I wasn't sure that anything would happen or that I would let it but decided that since I love diapers and realize that I belong in diapers that I needed to do this. I decided I would play the curse recording at night when I slept and put it on repeat. the first morning I didn't notice anything new but the second morning I noticed that I wasn't getting any arousal when in my diaper during the day and had this wierd feeling when I tried to beat off in my diaper I couldn't get hard. The recording forbids me to maturbate while I'm in a diaper or to be sexually aroused. This was happening, it actually worked. The third night I got home late and changed into a thick night time diaper and didn't listen to my instructional recording. By the fourth night I was very excited to listen and put the recording on and got diapered and into bed.
That night was sureal, I was really out of it by the time the induction was over and this played over and over all night. I wore a thick diaper plastic pants and a onsie to bed that night. The next morning I woke up and shut off the recording and didn't notice anything and wondered how long it would take to become diaper incontinent as it instructs me to accept. Well I was standing at my kitchen counter and felt the urge to pee. I started to walk towards the bathroom and couldn't hold my pee and wet my diaper! I couldn't believe it! It happened several more times over the morning, each time I tried to hold my pee but couldn't. That was it I was going to wet myself whenever I wear a diaper from now on. I was so excited! I have been wearing diapers during the day lately because I love them and now at night I have no choice I have to be diapered! I also have no bladder control whem I'm in a diaper now. It is so humiliating to be brainwashed into this but I knew I needed to do it. Now I wear diapers to wear them, no sexual thing with them, I am forced to wear at night and I wet myself when I'm in a diaper. This will last for six months! I'm stuck with it and I will continue to listen nightly in order to strengthen this curse. If I don't ask to have it removed at the end of 6 months and continue with it, it will become permanant! I believe it will because I need to be in diapers every night and endure the humiliation of wearing diapers and wetting in them. I don't know if this will be what I want 2 months down the road but I don't have that choice any more. I look forward to being forced to wear at night and will be listening to other recordings so I can become a diaper dependant bed wetter and also wear diapers on my days off. I am a diaper boy and I am accepting the fact that I belong in diapers!
I reccomend this site to anyone wanting to experience hypno tapes.


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