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Kyleighs diaper secrete

by mastermith

Kyleighs diaper secrete

Kyleigh was an 18 year old girl. She was your average teenage girl. A senior in high school and hoping to go out with a bang. She was currently dating the starting quarterback in a town that was built on football. Her boyfriend's name was Ryan. She had been dating him for quite some time now and she loved him wholely and entirely but sometimes she just felt that something was missing from their relationship.
She had recently become the captain of the schools cheerleading squad, after starting cheerleading to get to watch Ryan as they both practiced. She was the girl in town that everyone envied maybe even the boys, but definately the girls. Who could blame them? Kyleigh was a beautiful, tall slim girl with perfect C cup breasts almost perfect D cups. She was athletic but not to the point where muscle negatively affected her femininaty. She had the perfect life in a perfect city, but she had one secret that was eating away at her. This secret was something that she had contained for as long as she could remember and she had always felt different because of it. She had a deep passionate lust for diapers. She had done all her research and found out that she was not alone. She had met many people online but was terrified to even hint at it to her boyfriend. She would enter various chatrooms and would be the baby of anyone who would talk to her online. This seemed strange to her because in the bedroom, she played quite a dominant role over Ryan.
She had a secret area in her bedroom where she stored her diapers, when her house was built there were many entrances to the attic one of which happened to be above her bedroom. There was an entrance into this attic in the roof of her closet. Up in this attic, Kyleigh stored various types of her favorite diapers, powder, wipes, pacifiers, outfits, and even a few sex toys that she liked to incorporate to her diapers. She kept this a secret for many years and when her parents were gone she loved to have some kinky fun.
Today was one of those days. Kyleigh was home alone and would be for roughly twelve hours as her mom and dad had gotten tickets to an out of state college football game from her dads former team. Kyleigh opted out of going as ryan had a home game that day. She sat through ryan's game in her uniform, doing her cheers when necessary, but for the most part she was waiting for it to end as she wanted to get home to her diapers as soon as possible. When the game was over and the team had won (big suprise), Kyleigh told Ryan she was busy today so they couldn't "celebrate" after the game. Kyleigh was driving home and while driving, she was drinking lots of fluid so later she would be filling her diapers very much. She pulled into her driveway and all but sprinted into her house. She quickly ran upstairs and pulled down the ladder that lead into the attic and grabbed all of the necessary materials. She opted on using Luvs which she still fit in (size 6) as her waist was extremely thin. She placed a mat on the floor and layed down on top of it. She was completely naked by now and on top of this mat, she poured a liberal amount of baby powder onto her hungry vagina. She rubbed the powder in and as she slid over her vagina, she began to play with her lips. She teased her lips with her fingers and then slid them in. She slowly moved in and out and pumped her hand in and out she was getting close to climaxing and after repeatedly fingering herself and rubbing herself, with the enticing aroma of baby powder still in the air, she exploded into the thirsty diaper that was sitting, waiting under her. She then pulled the diaper up over herself and taped it closed firmly. She decided that this small diaper wouldn't hold what she planned on expelling so she added another one on top of it. And, as though that wasn't enough, she also grabbed an Attends diaper and placed this over it. She then placed a larger sized Abena diaper over that. She liked to do this because she could fill the diapers quite a lot without having to worry and it also made walking impossible. She now had no choice but to crawl. She put her black lace bra back on and slid her pacifier into her mouth caressing it with her tongue. She also placed a pink baby's bib around her neck with a strap that attatched to her pacifier. She decided that something was missing from her wardrobe. She then crawled over to her suitcase full of various baby items that she stored in the attic. She pulled out her favorite outfit. A pink onesie. She pulled it down over her head and had to strain to reach the buttons underneath. She also removed her pink booties with a brighter lace trim and slid them on over her feat. She also tied a pink satin bonnet over her head. And as the finishing touch she added pink satin mittens that went with the booties. She then grabbed her "blankie". She had this clanket since she was about two years old and still slept with it. It was the only piece of being an adult baby that she could allow to be in plain sight, and for that she loved it. She took it with her along with a few things as she headed downstairs. She crawled into the kitchen and went to the refrigerator. She removed the milk and poured it into the baby bottle that she had brought along. She pulled the tip of it to her lips and began to fondle it. It reminder her of her childhood years... She then began to draw upon it suculantly, being rewarded with the milk from inside. She was feeling a tingling sensation on her vagina as she drew upon the milk from inside the bottle. She sat there lapping away at the milk until possibly every last drop was gone. She then decided to have a little fun with herself and crawled all the way to the bathroom where, she opened the medicine cabinet and took out some suppositories which she carefully inserted into her diaper-covered bottom. She then went down into her basement. Now, Kyleigh's basement was more used as storage than anything. All of the family's old belongings remained down here from years past. She walked over to the area where her and her older sister's cribs remained and unfolded the one belonging to her. She had had some trouble separating from her babyhood as a child and was in diapers full time until she was 5. In kindergarten, she remained in pull-ups most of the time and eventually progressed to panties. She had refused when her parents told her at age 4 that she needed to start to give up her "baby-girl" items so they sold her crib and bought one fit for a child closer to her size at the time. She pushed the crib over into the finished area of the basement and turned on the tv when she was done. She then climbed into the crib and began to doze off to the sound of Barney, everyone's favorite dinosaur :)

When Kyleigh awoke several hours later she realized what time it was. It was Seven Thirty!!!!! Her parents said that they would be home at 6!!!!! She had forgotten what effect milk had on her!! Had they seen her?!?! She got her answer as her mom came downstairs. Her mom, Claire, came in with a smile that Kyleigh had not been familiar with. She said "How's my baby girl doing?". Kyleigh felt as though she could die! "Mom?" Kyleigh asked.
"Yes shnookums?"
"How long have you and dad been home?"
"We've been home for quite a while. We couldn't find our precious baby at first so we went to her room and found a suitcase full of baby things. We also found the attic open and up there we found wots of dideys for our cute wittle baby to use when she needs to go potty. Then we went downstairs and saw our precious wittle baby in her crib so we decided to let her sleep."
"Mom, I'm sorry let me explain..."
"You don't need to baby... A quick look at all of your recent internet pages explained everything to us. We know you love your precious wittle dideys and how much you want to be a baby so your daddy and I decided as long as you had already paid for all of the stuff, we would let you be a baby as long as you like. Now keep in mind there will be some consequences for this..."
"Ooohh thank you mommy!! But, what are the consequences?"
"Well for starters, whenever you are in this house, you are to be diapered. No exceptions, not even when Ryan is over. And you may not diaper yourself so if mommy and daddy aren't home you need to find someone to change it for you. Secondly, I noticed all of the nice little outfits that you have purchased, and there is no sense in letting them go to waist so, you will be wearing these as often as possible. Thirdly, you must speak in a babyish lisp whenever you are home. That’s not all princess, should you do anything naughty in this house, your father and I will have fun getting to punish you, and trust me we are very creative. Finally, seeing as you will be in diapers full time, you won't be able to retain much control in school, so we will be sending you to school in pull-ups. And, one last rule is that these rules are not set in stone, so we may change them at any given moment and add onto them Any questions?"
"No mommy..."
"Good, now baby take this bottle from mommy and lets go upstairs." Kyleigh did as she was told and went upstairs with her mommy to see her daddy sitting on the couch watching some sportscenter, the man's life revolved around sports. He looked at Kyleigh and with an understanding smile, he said "Climb on up kitten", Kyleigh did as she was told and crawled her way up to her daddy and laid her head in his soft lap. Here, she began to doze off as he stroked her like he did when she was a child and she remembered so fondly. She slipped into a deep sleep and as she slept, she felt an intense pain in her stomach and then, nothing. She awoke to her fathers kind smile some hours later and she could here her mother behind her saying, "I think baby made a stinky" Kyleigh had forgotten about the suppositories she had taken earlier! She felt her mess pressed up against her backside and it put her in a state of pure ecstasy for some strange reason. She sat up and nearly exploded into an orgasm as it spread all around her. She then said "Mommy, I fink I need a new dipey"
"Mommy is a little busy right now, I'll be there to change you in a few minutes." So, Kyleigh waited, and waited, and waited until after nearly a hour and a half, her mommy came back to change her. During this time however, Kyleigh had fun rubbing the multiple diapers up against herself and nearly exploding into her diapers in front of her father.
Claire lead her upstairs where she laid her out on the mat that Kyleigh had formerly used to put on her own diaper and said "It looks as though someone has been having some fun on this mat" as she noted Kyleigh’s juices that missed the diaper and were still there in plain sight. Claire gave her a strange smile that almost seemed enticing. This seemed strange to Kyleigh, because it was a look her mother gave her father when she was in "the mood" and then Kyleigh watched as her mommy unbuttoned her onesie and slid it just higher that her dideys. Her mommy undid the tapes with expertise and as she pulled down the front of the diaper she lowered her head ad Kyleigh thought that her mommy was going for her luscious vagina but Claire went higher and kissed her baby's belly. Kyleigh began to giggle and Claire then blew bubbles on her baby's belly. Kyleigh was now laughing hysterically as Claire refused to stop. It was a good thing that Kyleigh's diaper still separated the two because she began to pee as her mommy began to tickle her sides and blow bubbles on her belly. Kyleigh was in heaven. She was not only in diapers, but accepted by her parents, and as though that wasn't enough, she believed that her mommy was enjoying her baby treatment as much as herself.

Chapter 3 A night with mommy. This is where it may get a little weird for some of you but I promise it all has a purpose

Claire just finished up powdering her baby and began to rub the powder in, paying extra close attention to her vagina. She stroked it hard on the surface, and powder was spreading inside of it. Kyleigh began to get flushed and was feeling her nipples harden and just before she felt as though she would explode, her mommy stopped. She then slid the clean Luvs barney diaper up her daughter and then before adding any of the extra diapers, she told her baby to climb up onto her bed with her. Her mommy sat on the bed and Kyleigh laid down in her mommy’s lap. Her mommy began to unbutton her blouse, and un-hooked her bra, exposing her beautifully perfect breasts. She said, “Kyleigh, as long as you are a baby, I want you to be as close to the real thing as possible so I want you to start drinking from my breasts. I know that you won’t get any milk but, I plan to order medication that will make me lactate.” Kyleigh nearly exploded from excitement and she then placed her lips around her mommy’s nipple and began to suck from her breast. Kyleigh was becoming extremely excited from this experience and her mommy knew it. Her mommy then began to rub her diaper into her pussy and Kyleigh began to lick and suck her mommy’s nipple in return. Kyleigh also began to stroke her mommy’s other nipple and both girls were on the verge of exploding. Kyleigh came first and then her mommy. Kyleigh slumped into her mommy’s lap and felt her hot juices rubbing up against her pussy slowly get soaked up by the diaper. Her mommy looked down at her and smiled and said “Thank you baby. Mommy needed that…” Kyleigh gave her a puzzled look and her mommy wet on to explain that since her daddy had gotten in an accident playing in professional football, he has had trouble getting an erection and suffered from a somewhat severe case of erectile dysfunction. It has affected their sex life greatly and that what Kyleigh just did with her was the most excitement she’d gotten in months. She then asked “Kyleigh? Can I ask a HUGE favor? Possibly one of the biggest favors I’ll ever ask of you?”
“Sure mommy, anything for you. After all, you are the one letting me wear diapers.”
“Kyleigh, would you mind if I orally pleased you?” At first Kyleigh was completely put off by the idea, but eventually came around seeing as she had never been pleased by another woman. Without a second’s hesitation, she lowered herself onto her bed. Her mommy walked away to lock the door so her father would not see. She then removed her blouse and skirt to reveal a very sexy set of matching light blue satin panties and bra. She then let down her blonde hair and walked over to Kyleigh. By this time, Kyleigh was naked except for her Luv’s diaper which was filled with her own juices. Claire climbed over and began to un-tape Kyleigh’s diaper and slowly slid down the front to reveal Kyleigh’s tight vagina. She reached in and began to kiss her lips. She then slid the diaper away and continued to kiss it. She slid her lips apart using her fingers to reveal the treasure, the clitoris. She began to kiss her daughter’s clitoris and began to slide her tongue in slowly. She made her tongue nice and soft as she used it to explore inside her vagina. She felt around, twisting her tongue this way and that, and Kyleigh began to moan in pleasure. Fearing this might be heard by her husband, Claire grabbed a pillow and paced it over Kyleigh’s face. Kyleigh bit down hard as she blew juices deep down her mother’s throat. Claire swallowed every last drop but didn't stop. As though this wasn’t enough, Claire then stiffened her tongue and begin to use it as though it were a penis and pumped it in and out of Kyleigh’s vagina. Claire repeated this and sent her daughter through four more explosive orgasms. Kyleigh couldn’t take anymore and eventually passed out. Claire assumed that she would be out for the night so she diapered her and put her onsie back on. She tucked her daughter into her bed, placed a pacifier in her mouth and kissed her forehead goodnight.


When Kyleigh awoke, she felt lighter than air, and she rubbed her eyes to see that she was heavily diapered. She had forgotten the past day’s events and they suddenly flooded back into her memory. She began to fondle herself using her hand which she now realized was encased in a locked pink mitten. She saw both of her hands were bound like this and balled into fists, rendering her completely helpless. She then saw Claire walk in with a smile that brightened the entire room. Claire came up to Kyleigh and asked “How did my baby sleep last night?”
“Mmokay” Kyleigh attempted to speak and suddenly realized that she had a very large pacifier. Claire chuckled “Do you like your pacifier baby?” Kyleigh blushed and looked down and the floor. She replied “Yeth” around the pacifier. Claire then went on to say “I have a surprise for baby today” Kyleigh just gave her a puzzled look and with that her older sister Kelsey stepped through the door. Kyleigh immediately stood up and attempted to run towards her sister but ended up quickly waddling toward her. Kelsey ran towards Kyleigh and embraced her in a warm hug. The two just stood there. They had not seen each other in over a year. Kelsey had become extremely busy with school and her job. It also didn’t help that she was going to college on the other side of the country. Kyleigh then realized how ridiculous she must seem. She spat out her pacifier and said “I’m sorry… Let me explain this whole thing.”
“Don’t. Mom already told me everything. I also have to say, I kind of knew all along. I discovered your diapers a couple years back and thought noting of it. I guess this explains it.”
“I guess” Kyleigh said blushing. The two went on conversing, and recounting all of their childhood memories until it was finally time for dinner. Dinner was usually a big deal in their family because it was the only meal that the entire family was together for, and now it was an even bigger deal as Kelsey was here on a month long break. The girls walked downstairs and Kyleigh couldn’t believe what she saw. Sitting between her mother’s and Kelsey’s seats was a high chair fit for an adult. Kyleigh could have exploded she was so happy. She waddled as fast as she could to her new high chair. Kelsey then helped her into the chair. Kelsey then pulled down the tray, but allowing Kyleigh to keep her hands above the tray without locking them into place. Claire then placed all of the dishes on the table and brought a small pink Barbie bowl of mashed potatoes for Kyleigh and set it on her tray. The whole family sat down at the table and after talking about everyone’s lives so far and their plans for the future, they were then informed by their father that he would be going on the road with some sportscasters from ESPN to follow teams as it was college bowl season. This was a great surprise to everyone and everyone gave him their full support because they knew this was what he really wanted. He couldn’t have been happier with his family and his life after this experience; unfortunately, he had to leave them tomorrow because the games he would be broadcasting would be starting in a few days. He went upstairs after this and finished up his packing. He then fell asleep as he had an early start tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Kelsey and Claire were having a private discussion while Kyleigh played with her dolls in another room. Claire said “I think we can wait till about Tuesday afternoon. When your father should be calling us from his second stop, I think it’s the Marriot hotel.”
“Are you sure about this mom?”
“Absolutely, I’ve seen it for a while and I want to do something about it.”
“Okay, you’re the boss.” It then came to be night time, and the entire family was climbing into their beds. Kyleigh and Kelsey ended up sharing Kyleigh’s queen sized bed as Kelsey’s room had been moved out of and was now more of an entertainment room. Kelsey removed all of her clothes to reveal her perfect D cup breasts which almost put Kyleigh’s to shame. Not only that but she had a perfectly slim waist and a perfect shaven vagina. Her long, dirty blonde hair flowed down to cover half of her perfect breasts. She then climbed into bed with Kyleigh who was completely naked except for her large diapers and plastic pants that she wore over the diapers just to add to the sound effect. The two lay together for awhile, and then Kelsey began to ask her “what’s it feel like?” Kyleigh gave her a puzzled look. “The diapers. What do they feel like?”
“I can’t really describe it, but they’re perfect. I love the feeling of being completely nurtured and treated like a baby.”
“Do they, you know…. Turn you on?”
“Actually yes… I could easily reach an orgasm just from rubbing them up against me.” With that, Kelsey began to rub the diapers deep into Kyleigh’s vagina. As the night was coming to a close, Kelsey had helped her sister reach three explosive orgasms inside her diaper, although it felt strange, they both seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.

Kyleigh awoke with a very soggy diaper the next morning. She rubbed her eyes to find her hands once again, rendered helpless with mittens. She assumed it was Kelsey. She grabbed her blankie and began to walk down the stairs and saw her mommy sitting on the couch watching her husband on ESPN. Kyleigh waddled over to her. Naked except for her diaper and said “Mommy, I need a dipey change”
“Okay sweetie. Don’t you look cute this fine Monday morning? Are you enjoying your spring break so far?”
“Yeth mommy. I’m having wots of fun”
“Come on honey, let’s go get you changed into a fresh dipey.”
“So what are your plans today, baby?”
“Can I go out wiff Ryan?”
“Sure Sweetie” With that, the two went upstairs into Kyleigh’s room where Kyleigh was laid down on a pad to have her diaper removed. Claire removed the soaked diaper with extreme care and rubbed diaper rash cream into her baby, as she had been sitting in a wet diaper for quite some time. While rubbing the cream onto her daughter, she began to slide two fingers inside her vagina. She then began to pump rapidly. She kept this up until her daughter exploded into her waiting hand, and with that, Claire placed her hand in her mouth and cleaned herself before finishing with the diaper change. Claire then rubbed baby powder all over Kyleigh’s wet vagina and with extreme expertise, pulled the diaper up and taped it. This diaper was extremely thin, however, because she didn’t want to make it obvious around Ryan. Kyleigh then stood up and pulled on a pair of tight jeans which weren’t so tight that it revealed her diaper, but if you were looking close to her vagina, you would see the slightest bulge of a diaper. She then placed a tight Hollister top on over her bra and bib that she had forgotten she was wearing. Kyleigh then sprayed some of her favorite perfume onto her pulses and grabbed her purse. Kyleigh climbed down into her car. It was a 2008 Toyota highlander. She loved her car and took quite good care of it. She slid down to sit and almost exploded into her diaper as the touch sent a chill up her spine. Kyleigh became a little flushed but decided to wait for Ryan before she gave herself any release. She put her car into reverse and pulled out of the driveway. She then was on her way to Ryan’s. After the scenic ten minute drive to Ryan’s house, she parked her car in his driveway. She looked in the mirror and saw the straps to her bib and panicked as Ryan would be walking outside to greet her soon. She tore off the bib and stuffed it into the glove compartment. She also dug her hand into her pants and tore off her diaper which she slid out the front of her jeans. She then stuffed this into the glove compartment. With that, Ryan came out to greet her. He was wearing her favorite shirt, a tight fitting American Eagle shirt, which he knew she loved for its ability to show off his muscular physique. He was wearing slightly baggy jeans with a belt holding then around his slim waist. He was also wearing a solid white hat covering his somewhat long brown/black hair. His hair was usually done in a look that could only be described as “emo” with it combed to one side of his face, bangs almost covering his eyes. Ryan stood there waiting for Kyleigh to exit the car. When she climbed out, he embraced her in the warmest hug he had ever given her. The two then kissed passionately. Ryan’s tongue caressed Kyleigh’s. This continued for roughly a minute and the two went inside. Ryan had a nice house on the better side of town and he had it all to himself for the day as his parents were over at his aunt’s house. The two went to watch a movie in Ryan’s living room and laid in each other’s arms watching Saw IV. After Kyleigh was thoroughly scared, Ryan comforted her. The two began to kiss again and Kyleigh began to remove her shirt without breaking the connection of their lips. Ryan then removed his shirt to reveal his perfectly sculpted abs. Kyleigh then slid off her jeans and Ryan followed suit. Kyleigh removed her bra to reveal her beautiful breasts and without having any panties, she was now completely naked. Ryan stepped back and admired his beautiful girlfriend. Ryan then slid off his boxers to reveal his throbbing erection. Kyleigh came up to it and began to kiss it and stroke it with her tongue. Ryan threw his head back in pleasure as she placed his entire penis into her mouth. She began to pump it in and out of her mouth and with a very minimal amount of gagging, she was able to fit the entire penis down her throat. She then gripped his shaft and began to pump his penis. After roughly ten seconds, he blew a giant, hot load into Kyleigh’s throat. Kyleigh swallowed the majority but let some linger because she had gotten an idea. She pulled his penis out of her mouth and went up and began to make out with him. Ryan did not realize it but he was swallowing his own juices not just Kyleigh’s saliva. Kyleigh grinned to herself at this. She seemed to think Ryan kissed her more passionately and she assumed that he liked the taste of his juices. With that done, Ryan gently lowered her onto the couch where he spread her legs and dove in. He wasted no time in plunging his tongue into Kyleigh’s tight vagina. Kyleigh thought to herself how perfectly Ryan could eat her pussy. She also though that what he lacked in his penis’ abilities, he made up for with his tongue. Ryan ate Kyleigh to three explosive orgasms and then he took a minute to slide on a medium sized condom. He then slid his penis into Kyleigh’s vagina and began to thrust back and forth. Ryan plunged in and out of Kyleigh rapidly and exploded inside his small condom. Kyleigh exploded after a few minutes because Ryan was not terribly talented with his penis. The two then embraced each other for roughly half an hour. After their time alone on the couch, the two went upstairs and climbed into bed together where they carefully drifted off to sleep together.


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LOVE this story! I've read it 3 times already. Hope a sequel come out where he finds out about her diapers, and accepts her. That would be SOO BEAUTIFUL!

Keep up the AWESOME work.

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