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The Job Interview

by twistedsub

The Job Interview

This is a sexual fantasy storie, about a guy... *(myself) or any other guy who is into this type of sexual fetish. I'm not sure how to classify it or where to place it. It deals with Heavy hypnosis, subliminal suggestions and in the end, the guy who went in for a job interview, becomes a sex slave without even knowing he is. He has been tricked into becoming a submissive sex slave. He only remembers what he is instructed to remember. Mostly that he is a happily married family man, trying to provide for his family. But once his trigger word is spoken, he becomes his master's pet. Read on if this sounds like something you would enjoy either having happen to you or taking part in as the master.

The Job Interview;

I needed work, income. Being in my early 40's and not exactly in the best shape of my life... it was a tough field with no education, no real experience in any one field either. I had to look and start from the bottom up. Work my way litterally from the bottom up to find my place in life and earn a living. I searched everywheres it seemed to find work. I was at my end, no more rope left for me. A friend told me he saw a few ads online on some site called craigslist. In the adult section. I had known about craigslist for awhile. It was like a small daily ritual, to search through ads and see if i knew any of the people posting up some of those ads. There sure were some nasty and kinky ads for adults to have or want sex with others. I couldn't understand why a job would be posted in the adult section?

Unless it was for porno or something. I left my friend at his place and headed home to check it out online. If there was a job, i sure as hell needed one. Back home, seemed everyone was gone. Kids at school, wife out and who knows where she was. My relationship had become sort of messed up. With me not working and not really providing much for the last couple months, things were rocky to say the least. Being alone, i flicked on the laptop and pulled up craigslist. I hit the adult section and started searching for some ad offering a job? Sure enough, i found it. It read; Average Guys Needed... for background video footage of orgies. You will not being fucking any girl, just being used with all the other guys to show massivee guys you are part of the orgy taking place. You will be required to undress on video footage, remain completely naked and alot of touching or being around a room full of guys will happen, you will not have sex with the girl though. You will be used as a filming standard that just shows you, along with many, many other guys having sex. It will appear you are there to take part in a large orgy with the girl. But she is really only going to be getting fucked by one man. It will show you with lots of other guys, all naked, all together, mostly you are the center of attention with the other men, all appearing to have sex. When the filming ends, it will more or less show you exhausted, worn out and cum covered all over you from al of the sex you had in the orgy.

Filming starts soon, we need one guy who is just your average joe. To play the main part of this film.

Please send a brief description of yourself, availability and recent photos showing you completely naked, with a erection and no erection. Face shots don't matter as much as body and cock. We also need to screen you for filming on video to see how well you can play your role. Unlike hollywood movies, this is a really easy part to play for almost any guy. You simply undress, let the fluffers... *(thats what we call cock teases) let the fluffers get and keep your cock hard for filming footage. We direct and give you orders to follow, along with the dozens of other guys with you as well. You must be trained though, the director has to see how well you can perform and maintain yourself for filming.

We have a video you can watch at your interview, it basicly shows you everything that happens backstage and during actual filming. You'll see exactly what is happening and what you need to do, it's called on the job training. As you watch the video, the director will be there in the room with you,, to interact and watch and see how well you can follow instructions and orders as if you were being filmed.

It's important to do exactly as your told so we do not have to stop and re-do film shots.

The pay you will recieve will depend on the amount of dvd and advertisements sales that are made. Generally the main star of the show can expect to get paid almost 25% of the film profits, while the main star or character gets closer to 50%. You will earn a heck of alot of money, get alot of cock attention and never even have to risk fucking anyone either. You will appear to be there for the orgy and take part in fucking the girl with all these other men, however... the camera will never show you actually fucking her, just headshots like you were but never showing your cock or body on hers.

We call it trickery, false filming.

During the interview, expect at least 2 hours spent with the film crew, director and other actors. You will be tested on your ability to keep a erection, interact with other men and appear to be taking part in big orgy. If you pass the screening phase, the director likes your performance? Your ass is in.

One thing though, you must sign a model release form. Giving full rights for us to use you and your footage in our films. Once you sign the release, watch the training video and perform for the director, we will be able to give you a answer directly after the interview and we also compensate advances to our new hires. meaning, you can expect to recieve at least a 20% bonus paid upfront right at the end of your interview if your hired. *(which generally is about $4,500.00)

If your serious about long term employment with a company who can provide you a life long adventure with very well compensated pay? Please send your details, availabbility and photos as described above.


The interview appointment;

Not knowing what the hell i was doing, but needing a source of income and not having to have sex with another women...wait no sex with a hot slut? Ok, yeah... i'm married. Maybe if this gets out, my wife would understand anyway. Lots of money, no sex with women. In the end, or at least on my part of things. I can say I'm making killer money and not really doing anything but pretending to fuck girls.

I somehow got my courage to show up and do this interview, I drove across town. I was dressed casually. Jeans and a t-shirt. I arrived at the location, it was in a country setting at some ranch. As i pulled up to the driveway i did get kinda worried and my stomach filled with butterflies. I wasn't sure of this. Would it bite me in the ass or I end up trying to explain myself to everyone who might see the porno vids with me in them? How would I talk or tell my friend about this stuff? Oh hell my friends would understand, I'm doing a orgy with other guys. Whats not to understand i thought to myself.

Guys all fucking and screwing the shit out of some chick, hell yeah!

I reached the end of the driveway. Shut my car off and grabbed my smokes. I got out of my car and headed for the front door. I saw a man, he called my name. Over here, we can enter through the garage and head downstairs in the basement to the interview room. Its all set up for you now. Follow me... As i follow the man into the house, i noticed there wasn't anyone else around. I thought kinda strange... so i asked. So wheres everyone else at? Oh the filming crew got called to location downtown to finish up on another film. It's ok though, the director has told me exactly what to do and how to conduct the interview. It's ok, and if I may say so... I think your perfect for the part. I had a chance to sit in with the director as he over looked your photos and read your description in great detail.

He really, really liked what he saw. He said this shouldn't be a hard choice as long as you can play YOUR part of things and do what we telll you. Or else your going to be missing out. Here down the stairs and into the DUNGEON is what he likes to call it. The director loves this little place. Out in the country, no one else around for miles. The perfect set up for on location shoots. He built this basement to look like a actual dungeon and it even has real props and back ground sets for actual filming. The thing is, the director is really into bondage and another whole subject of porn... called, HYPNOSEX.

He gets sexy girls to respond to ads, they all end up here doing interviews just like you.

Ok, follow me into this room. It's all set up for you. Theres a monitor for you to watch the training video, this examination table... it works perfect to give you a inspection and check out your body. The director explained, since he couldn't be here... he made a special video for you to sit here and watch and after it gets done playing, i will conduct the final stages of your interview and you can decide if you would like to become a part of our company. Ok, here is a bag for your belongings, as per our conversation online, this interview will require you to perform completely nude, naked with no clothes on. You must sit and watch the video and try to do exactly what the director tells you to do. There are cameras installed in the corners of the room to capture raw footage of you as the interview goes on.

The director will instruct you on the training video. If your ready to begin, here is the bag. Please don't remove any clothing yet though. The video will tell YOU exactly what to do. This is another big thing the director likes to do, take control and make you do things he says. You'll do fine, don't worry! Everyone who comes here for these interviews normally has to do it right in front of him. Luckily he had to go to location for a filming. So just relax, sit there on the examination table and try to just relax as the video plays... before you now it even, you'll be doing everything the director tells you to do. You'll love it.

Ok, I'm going to shut the door, I'll press play and leave you to it. See you in a little while.

*( ok, i said to myself) that was weird. This is wierd. The room or for that matter thhe whole place is like some set out of some twisted bondage flick. There are lots of chains, restraints and strange bondage things, tables, platforms, hanging swing chairs, racks and everything i've seen in a few bondage movies. There is a huge shelf on one side of the room i can see and it has dozens of dildos, all differents colors, sizes and shapes even. There is another shelf on the other side, it has dozens of bottles of lube, you name it and its there. Then the far wall is just chains, shackles and ropes, whips, paddles, a bench, a bar raised for bending over girls or submissive sluts i guess. Theres a rack like a letter X in the corner. It's pretty medevil in here i thought to myself. And for some strange reason, i was excited by it all. My cock was semi erect from looking at all the stuff. I looked at the last wall and there were closed shelfs with doors on them. I had no clue what was in those. I did see a cage though near them. It was like a huge metal dog crate, but much more sturdy. Very heavy duty and no way someone chick could get out of that. Figured all this stuff was for some serious filming and hot porn.

Then it hit me... why was I in this room? Ok, i get it now. It's going to be some bondage flick where the chick is some slut, some chick who wants lots of cock and everything but she gets tied up and forced to take it from all the guys. Maybe punished or tortured by her master. I liked the feelings I was having in here. There was music playing the entire time through speakers in the ceiling. Where i also noticed, hanging clamps, rings and all kinds of other nasty things for playing out bondage adventures. I saw the cameras too in the corners of the room. I figured, this was one hell of a playroom for anyone to be in.

I was getting excited just thinking about all the men that would soon be in here naked, all getting ready to fuck some slut.

I couldn't believe i had found this job online, i was going to be with alot of other guys and all of us were going to get naked together to fuck some slut. Ok, i wouldn't actually be fucking anyone but I get paid to do all of this, this was almost unreal. I couldn't again believe I was actually here. Let alone doing this and even being considered, based on my body. I wasn't the body builder type or even a guy with a huge dick even. I was just your average joe blow and here i was. Unbeliveable i thought to myself.

Suddenly over the music playing i heard, relax... the word repeated itself over and over.

I thought ok, thisis strange but felt so calm about it all. I could clearly hear the words being spoken. RELAX, i heard it plain as day. But still listened and enjoyed the classical music playing in the background. You have been listening to a hypnotic trance being repeated over and over since you walked into this room. THAT is the statement i clearly now could distinguish and make out over the music playing. WHOA, this wierd shit man. I'm sitting on this examination table, just like the ones you see in doctors offices. It even had the white paper over it where i sat. I listened or at least i seemed to try to listen even harder to the messagge being played over the music. I didn't hear it at first or even notice any words being spoken while in here. I could CLEARLY hear a message now. My focus being distinct and aimed straight on the bag on the floor near the exam table i sat on. I don't know why, but I couldn't think of anything other than undressing myself, removing everything i had on and placing it all in the bag on the floor. I don't know why, but i had the most hardest hard on right now and couldn't understand why? All i could think about was being completely naked and feeling all those dildos in my hands and grabbing them, stroking them, getting lots of lube covered all over them all and playing with them in my hands. I wanted to get up and walk over and grab one and just feel it. I was so horny now.

I heard a CLEAR message spoken again, remove all of your clothing, EVERYTHING now.

Suddenly there i was taking off my shoes, my socks. I started to pull my tishirt over over my head, i flung it all piece by piece right into the bag. i was down to my jeans and underwear now. I unbutton them and then let down my zipper. I leaned back on thhe table and slid them down my legs. Off each leg and into the bag they went too. Now in just my underwear, sitting in this room alone... in a dungeon at that, i heard the words again, RELAX, RELAX... now take off the last remaining thing you have. Take off your underwear, feel relaxed being completely naked, feel yourself totally relaxed and let those underwear fall into the bag as well. Let all your clothing go for now, just enjoy how you feel right now.

Feel how excited you are to be completely naked and ready for your training to begin.

I couldn't and honestly tried to gather my own thoughts about anythign and everything as to why ii was here, in this room and what was i doing or about to do? Then i heard it again, RELAX.... your now completely naked, you have nothing left on and your about to recieve your instructions. Now lay back on the table and RELAX. Soon the monitor will begin showing you a training video to watch. I could only remember the monitor hanging on the wall by the shelf with all the dildos. I looked over at monitor and stared at a black screen. I heard the worrds again... over the music. RELAX, you are about to be given instructions by your director. YOU WILL do everything he tells you. Because this is what you want. YOU wrote us and explained your inner most sexual fantasy. YOU told us how much and how bad you have always wanted to serve a MASTER and be his submissive slave. YOU have agreed to play and become his personal pet. YOUR TRAINNING has already begun, you are under his spell and control now. To prove this, you will answer 1 simple question and then you will remember everything you have told your MASTER you wanted and would agree to do, how you set this up for yourself and agreed to do it.

DO YOU REMEMBER NOW? of course you don't and right now confusion is setting in, but I can bring you right back to where you told me you want to be, thinking of nothing but serving me, YOUR master. You explained how you masterbated and thought of nothing but men, sucking mens cocks, being fucked in your ass by men, being used and fingered in your ass. Fucked in your ass by dildos, being fucked in your mouth by cocks, being filled with cum, glob after glob of mens semen, sperm, cum, lots of cum.
You want this and this is why you are here, look at yourself, look at where you are, look at yourself.

YOU ARE here because this is what you WANTED, you want to be controlled and used and turned into nothing more than a submissive slave, you can't bring yourself to do the things you really want, so you have submitted yourself to me, in ORDER for me to force you and make you do these things you WANT.


OMG, i can't believe this! HOLY CRAP i remember it all, oh shit. Oh no way! I remembered instantly sending emails, texts and even meeting up with this guy in person. No fucking way. I did ask and tell this guy everything about myself and what i wanted him to do to me. OMG....

Suddenly the words over the music were even more clear now to me. "FORGET UNTIL TOLD TO REMEMBER YOUR QUESTION" and almost like a blank page or person hit over the head. I fell back on to the table, mindless and only concerned with listening and hearing what my next instruction was to do from my MASTER. *(this is where things became very clear as to my situation.)

YOU will now lay back, stay relaxed and watch the monitor. I looked at the monitor and it began to show a subliminal video of sissy's being forced to suck cocks and take it up their asses. I could clearly see men, dressed as girls, some had breasts, tiny dicks and even large hard throbbing cocks between their legs, but they were all the center of attention and focus. They were dressed as a sissy male and were all sucking big fat hard cocks in thier mouths, watching them get fucked and they all seemed to love this.. It was so hot, my own dick was hard, harder than i think it ever has been in my life.

I couldn't look away, infact i saw my own self wanting to be in the pictures. I wanted to be a sissy and feel a cock in my mouth and a man fucking my asshole. I was literally drooling from watching the videos, I couldn't look away at all. I wanted to stare and watch it all. I could see flashes on the screen that said, SUCK COCK, EAT CUM. SUCK COCK, EAT CUM.... i knew what i wanted now. I wanted to suck cock and even eat the cum too. WEAR PANTIES, be a bitch. WEAR PANTIES, be a SISSY slut.

I watched and saw so many flashes as guys dressed up as sluts were being fucked constantly by other men, large men, huge dick guys just fucking the living shit out of these little faggots.

My master spoke, YOU ARE NOW A SISSY.

I suddenly felt so relaxed and at eaze with myself and surroundings. I heard my MASTER speak again. In a few moments your going to begin masterbating and stroking your cock for me. I want to see you jerk yourself off while I tell you how your poor little ass, well not exactly little is it? NO it has grown much larger from all the FATTY food you have been instructed to eat lately. As well your your breasts. I have been instructing you for months already, you have been fingering your own asshole for about 3 months now. Using dildos and even showing me at regular times online using your webcam. You have been fucking yourself for months now, getting yourself ready for this very encounter with me. I have instructed you to ruin yourself, destroy that hole, make it so stretched out... that it looks like a PUSSY.

You have done well slave. Now keep stroking yourself, but you already know. DO NOT CUM.

Thats right, your not allowed to cum anymore unless you have at least 3 fingers in your ass or a nice big dildo or mans hard cock fucking it. Now lets get ready shall we... your going to stay RELAXED as I walk into the room, naked and very hard. YOUR going to stay calm, relaxed and continue to watch the monitor and even stare at me and mainly my cock as YOU see me enter the dungeon. YOUR focus is only on how long you have to wait to get my COCK inside your mouth. I want you licking your lips, drooling and begging me when i ask you if your ready to suck my cock. WHEN i ask you, ARE YOU READY TO SUCK MY COCK? you will simply say YES master and open your mouth wide and be ready to perform what your best at now, sucking cocks. YOU are a very good cock sucker and can suck any mans cock who asks you to give them head. As long as it is done in a private setting with no public awareness to your dirty little secret. WHENEVER you are asked to suck a mans cock? YOU will figure out a way to safely perform that for him. YOU will peerform felatio on his penis, because he asked you to do it. If you attempt to do it and he says, he was just kidding, joking or wasn't serious about it. ASK if he is sure and lick your lips, make a effort to show him you want to suck his cock, make sure he has every option to let you do it if he wants to put his dick in your mouth. YOU LOVE SUCKING COCKS.

Now repeat after me and keep saying this until you see me enter the room, once you see me... then stop speaking and begin using your leeft hand, use 3 fingers and suck them until they are wet, moist and easily able to be shoved and pushed and used to fuck yourself, i want to see you fucking your asshole with 3 fingers, middle, pointer and ring finger. I want to see you finger yourself while jerking off with your right hand. As i walk into the room stop repeating the phrase; "I'M A SISSY FAGGOT!"

Once i enter the room, i want to see your mouth wide open and ready for cock.

*(what happens next is......................)

I'am told to stop fingering myself, stop jerking off and to get up and stand straight, ankles together, arms at my sides. I'm dressed by my master in pretty sexy panties, crotchless of course, a bra and sexy stockings. my hair is put up in a pony tail and my lips are painted red with lipstick. I get a blindfold placed over my eyes, i can feel my asshole fitted with a tube, massive amounts of lubrication is squirted, injected into my ass. I can feel myself filling up like a enema. I'm forced to take my position on the floor, ON ALL FOURS. i feel a collar go around my neck, a chain attached and holding my neck in place. My feet are spread apart and my ankles held and clamped into locking rings on the floor. I have my arms at each wrist restrained as well. Like a dog, a bitch... I'm held in my doggy style position on the floor. My asshole dripping out globs of lube. Down my legs i feel it dripping. My cock is semi erect, knowing what is about to happen to me. My master gives me the command, my instructions. "OPEN YOUR DIRTY LITTLE FAGGOT MOUTH SISSY!" SUCK COCK SISSY...

I open my mouth and feel my master's huge COCK being forced inside my mouth.

I'm being fucked in my mouth by my master's cock, his huge, hard, throbbing and monster sized cock. Hard to imagine how I waited soooo long for this. I have always enjoyed men's cocks. But was too afraid to tell them. I would look and stare at guys in the locker room back in my early days. At swimming pools, gyms or where ever I got a chance to see a man's cock. I always thought about cock, masterbating and fucking girls even, i thought about how my ass was exposed and up in the air as i fucked a girl. I always thought about a guy getting behind me as I fucked a girl. I had a fascination with men's cock's. SUCKING COCK and being FUCKED BY A MAN'S COCK. It was like all I ever thought about during jacking off or fucking some chick. But I was always so scared to try doing it. Now look at me, dressed up as a SISSY and held firmly in position, in a doggy style little FAGGOT position.


What went on for hours one day, my first meeting with my master... has since became a non stop adventure for me. My asshole is now ruined for sure. I always have to wear a buttplug too. My hole is so huge, i can simply lose my own hand up there whhen wiping myself. I have to be careful when applying pressure in that area. It's just like a real PUSSY now only it's my asshole. I can easily fuck any size dildo, fists or other objects like large plastic pop bottles. I love how I feel when I'm dressed up in sexy outfits. I soooo enjoy just being told to bend over and get on ALL FOURS and reach back and spread my asscheeks. I can't describe how wonderful it feels........... to feel my naked ass on display.

I can feel the air hitting my ass, the breeze between my spread wide ass. ow my hole feels so open and ready for something to slide into it. I love it. I love this feeling. ESPECIALLY when I'm dressed up. I can't explain it, just know how GOOD it feels. Knowing something is about to FUCK ME, a cock, a dildo, my own fingers or fist, someone else's, it doesn't matter. Now i look forward to my MASTER setting up fuck nights for me. He will arrange for dozens of men, all with HUGE COCK'S to come over to his place, where I'm layed out on a bed or the floor or bent over a bench or even left in the backyard exposed to the world to see me, dressed up like a little slut, ready for all these men he has invited over to simply... FUCK ME SILLY.

it's all too much and I can't believe this is all happening or even really me doing it all, let alone doing it right now because I asked, i actually asked some stranger online to make me do these things.

Here I'am. Only remembering everything RIGHT NOW as my master stands behind me, as I type this story into this site, WARP MY MIND. He says one day he might let me recall everything and see if Zi can handle it. Seeing the dozens of pictures of myself sucking cocks, being fucked, dressed up and all the sessions and training he has put me through. Especially how or seeing how will i accept my changes. Not knowing that i do all of this stuff with out my family or wife even knowing. I do not even knwo that i'am doing this stuff. SUCKING COCKS, being trained to be a SISSY. Having my asshole ruined, destroyed and stretched beyond anything normal at least, my wife would notice it if she spent 10 seconds back there, which she doesn't. I guess my MASTER wants to train her as well. But a little differently in her case. He wants to make her a BBC lover and send her out to find all kinds of BLACK MEN with HUGE dicks and bring them home to us. Where she gets fucked nightly and makes me watch, infact makes me suck them off first and get them nice and hard before she fuckes THEM. Master want to make her a BBC LOVER and me a CHASITY SISSY, eventually using medicine to shrink my penis.

To completely make it almost nothing more than a large clit in appereance.

I'm supposed to serve my wife as her personal pussy / CUM cleaner. SERVICE any COCK she finds and decides to fuck or have fuck me. MASTER says in less than a few shorts weeks, he will have my wife fucked hundreds of times by BLACKMEN and she will no longer appear to be the shy little slut she really is. She will let herself come out for the world to see what a slut she really is. Just like me, if a man wants or needs a fuck, blow job or whatever... a good ASS FUCKING from her or me, MASTER says we will be doing that for any, ANY cock that wants it. It's hard to believe any of this is happening.

But it is because i searched online, looked and tried to find something i guess i wanted. MASTER says thats how hypnosis works. DEEP down you just go along with everything, because you really want it. Just like my wife, I guess she did too. It's been over 3 years now. She has come home many nights with her worn out cunt filled with blackmen's SPERM. Only to lay me down and squat over my face and make me lick and suck and drinkl and EAT IT ALL OUT of her well used and fucked pussy. I simply OBEYED her and did what she said. ALL while watching master or hearing him direct us and do whatever he wanted us to do. He was in charge and control. As time went by, I noticed my penis was too small for even wearing a chasity device. I no longer had to wear it. Now it was just my PANTIES and cute little outfits. I had little balls hanging, but they were soooo small. WEARING PANTIES really made me look hot in them. I always had shaved legs, infact I actually had no body hair other than a very small patch of thick angle cut /trimmed pubic hair above my CLITTY.

Master had some how taken control of us both. Our kids had grown and moved out and on with their lifes. Leaving us to serve every whim, anything MASTER wanted from us. He arranged a trip even to a small island. That was the most intensive treatment we even recieved. Master had arranged a meeting with a very rich man who wanted to see a SISSY FUCKED BY A HORSE while my wife was spent 6 months having her asshole ruined just like mine. She actually enjoyed it alot more than me though. But i was happy to see thee bitch's hole ruined too. I enjoyed how i felt and knew eventually she would too. Watching MASTER position her is a custom sling, restraint system just for placing her directly underneath a horse for a good ASS FUCKING was incredible to watch. Only once the horse spurted it was too much to see. A horse can really cum, soo much sperm, semen. The stuff would just squirt out everywheres as the horse got his nut off in her asshole. It was really a sight to see. I enjoyed it a little too much and found myself in my slut bitch of a wifes very same position. I was held, restrained and also fucked in my ass by numerous horse too. It was too hard to try to explain, just how much... SO MUCH CUM that would shoot out and so DEEP inside me. I swear it filled my whole intestines and just was too much. That wasn't the end of crazy things though..............

oh hell no...

MASTER had one more trick up his sleeve. With ruined fuck holes, boith myself and wife now... we saw and endured our final test of just how much MASTER wanted us to know and remember what he had done to us. He told us, he was going to remain in charge but we wouldn't even know it, him or anything he had done to us or made us do. to ourselves or with others. He was going to give us commands to not be aware of what we had done with him or anything to the point of where we were now. Other than, my wife had turned me into her subissive SISSY slave. I would obey her and suck men's cock's. I would take cock up the ass and believe she was the only one in charge and responsible for everything.

She also would think it was me who somehow gave her permission to fuck around and in the end this is just how we ended up together, both loving it all. Her enjoying being able to fuck other men, in fact being set up to fuck other men by me. I would find her dates and fucks and she loved it all. I would be ok and happy doing it too, knowing i didn't have a dick anyways. I would believe i was born this way and not even know really what happened to it. The fact that MASTER gave me medicine to make it shrink. The fact that master turned my wife into a BBC LOVER and me a SISSY FAGGOT. We just simply won't and can't remember anything other than programmed memories of what MASTER wanted us to remember. From time to time, MASTER updates everyone including us as well. We have learned to treasure our time together remembering and thinking about everything that has took place, MASTER allows us to think nothing has even happened or changed with us, but we know it has. I love cock and she loves BBC. I love to get fucked and she loves to degrade me while fucking superior cocks.

We have slowly been allowed to remember everything little by little with a strong command to accept it all because it really is what we wanted. See, MASTER had us honestly answer what we wanted. While we we're under hypnosis, i guess we both told the truth and this is what we both wanted to try. Here we are now writing this message together, with MASTER standing behind us. He is fingering both our assholes as we lay bent over typing this message. He says, we won't remember a thing for a few years though, he still wants to continue playing with us as i guess we are nothing but a bunch of fun for him.

We agree on our own freewill too, we both really enjoy this fantasy and don't think living our old lifes would be the same. We never had fun together. Now we're always fucking or getting fucked and I myself, I enjoy not having a dick in my way. I think I always have just enjoyed GETTING fucked in my ass more than jerking off. I actually didn't like yanking myself off versus riding a nice big fat hard cock. I could always make myself cum with a good ass fucking anyday over a stupid jerk off session.

same with my wife, she says my little dick never did shit for her after the baby. Her twat was ruined just from that. Thats why she really liked the big black cocks. She could feel them inside her she said. Of course neither of us have a shit of muscle or anyway of even trying to squeeze around any dick anymore, were both ruined. We have no control of our fuck holes anymore. Thats why we wear plugs.

Its always fun though to be part of a ORGY with dozens of men fucking us. It must be one sloppy mess for them to shove dicks into, but we do still enjoy all the fucking we get from all those hard cocks. Until Master lets us share again, adios. Please be careful of what you ask for and want from someone. You never know if it ends up like this, some guy simply hypnotizing you and next thing you know is.......

Well, what ever they want you to know, i guess. Bye now.............


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