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Serving My Mistress, Part 1

by VeryGnawty

Serving My Mistress, Part 1

Rachel was standing naked in the living room. She always preferred to be naked for hypnotic games. It was freeing. She also encouraged all of her subjects to be naked, as well. Unshackled by the illusions and customs of society, people could free their minds. Rachel had a bit of an interest in freeing minds, actually. She knew how to bring out people's greatest potentials.

Sera was also naked in the living area. She was one of Rachel's subjects. Sera was awaiting commands. Rachel walked over to Sera. Putting her hand on Sera's shoulder, Rachel asked "Are you ready?"

Sera nodded her head. "Yes, mistress."

Rachel decided she was going to begin today with some simple hypnotic commands she had been testing on Sera. Rachel felt herself getting into the mindset. She was the 'tist, the commander, the master. Like a conductor directing a musical masterpiece, Rachel raised her hand and commenced the hypnotic session. "Now, Sera. There is one thing I need you to do for me first. I need you to place your hands on your ass."

Sera grabbed her own ass. She placed her right hand on her right buttcheek and her left hand on the other.

"OK." Sera said.

Rachel continued. "Now it is time to test a trigger we've been working on. What happens if I say that it is sticky time for you?"

Suddenly, Sera felt as if her hands were stuck to her ass. She tried to remove them, but couldn't. She realized that the trigger had worked. She responded to her mistress, "My hands are stuck. I can't remove them. My hands are now stuck to my own ass. And you are the only one who can remove them, correct?"

Rachel nodded her head. "Yes, that is the way we had set up the suggestion. Good, I see that our first test is successful. Should we try more?"

"Yes, please!" Sera nodded her head in enthusiastic agreement. Sera enjoyed hypnosis. She particularly enjoyed these conditional triggers which put her in awkward situations.

Rachel smiled. "Good, I see you have no fear. You are just a little excited is all. But it is perfectly normal to be excited by something you enjoy." Rachel sat down on the couch, making herself more comfortable. Sera continued to stand at attention, her hands firmly stuck to her ass. Rachel decided to take this session to the next level. She called out to Sera, "Is it cold in here or is it just me?"

Sera felt a chill run up her spine. She shivered, her hands still firmly planted on her own ass. Then she realized what had happened. Of course, that was another trigger! How clever. Sera responded to her mistress, "Yes I am feeling a little cold." Sera thought about it for a minute. She knew that the temperature hadn't changed. The temperature in the room had to be the same. But she couldn't deny that she was starting to feel colder. How odd!

Rachel sat on the couch, waiting. She wanted to see what her subject would do. After a short minute, Sera came over to her and sat on the couch. Sera had to be careful not to sit on her hands the wrong way. Her hands were still stuck to her ass. Fortunately the couch had very soft cushions, so it wasn't much of a problem. Sera rubbed her body against her master's. Sera was trying to use her master's body heat to keep herself warm.

Rachel took pity on her subject. "Oh, poor Sera. You look so cold. I have an idea. Why don't you do something very stimulating? I hear that masturbation is the most vigorous form of exercise. Maybe it will produce enough body heat to warm you up?"

Sera was overjoyed. "That's a great idea!" Sera thought about how she was going to masturbate. She couldn't use her hands, as they were still planted firmly on her own buttcheeks. She decided to try something simple. Kneeling down next to the couch, she began to rub her breasts and nipples against the arm of the couch. But for some reason it wasn't making her horny. Her breasts didn't seem to have much sensitivity for some reason.

Sera decided to change tactics. She walked to the other side of the living room where there was a loveseat with a pillow sitting on it. Lying down on her side, she used her legs to wrestle the pillow up against her pussy. Actually it wasn't really like lying on her side, but more like lying on her arm. With her hands still stuck to her ass, she found that her arm was in the way while trying to lie down. She had to balance her weight properly, otherwise she might cause herself pain. After a few seconds of squirming around to find the right position, she was ready. She squeezed the pillow between her legs, causing it to create pressure against her clitoris and vulva.

Sera tried to masturbate in this way for several minutes. For some reason, she wasn't very sensitive today. She wasn't able to get horny, or even particularly sensitive in any way. Masturbation was starting to feel much more like a chore than the playful experience that she had thought it was going to be. Not only was it not fun or exciting, but she wasn't even using up enough energy to make herself feel warm. Her hands were starting to feel cool, and she had begun to shiver slightly.

Still lying on the loveseat with the pillow between her legs, Sera pleaded with her mistress. "Rachel, can I revert to normal now? I'm starting to feel uncomfortable. I'm feeling even colder. I'm starting to get chills. For some reason I can't masturbate. Please don't make me do boring exercises to try to warm myself up. That is way too much work."

Rachel reassured her subject, "I understand this is becoming uncomfortable for you. You've been put through a lot of new conditions and experiences today. It would be trying for anyone. Your bravery is commendable. But don't give up yet, we are almost done!" Rachel clapped her hands together, applauding Sera. "I am proud of you, Sera! Most people wouldn't do what you have done. It is not easy to implant deep hypnotic suggestions and then be bound by them."

Sera felt better. She had pleased her mistress. "Thank you, Rachel! It means so much to me to receive your praise."

Rachel felt pleased. This was turning out to be a good hypnotic session. She removed herself from the couch. Standing up to her full posture, she gestured dramatically towards Sera. "Sera, I know you are feeling mentally challenged and drained from what you have already experienced today. But there was one more suggestion I wanted to test on you today, and I would like to finish that test to see if the hypnotic suggestion has fully taken hold."

Sera nodded her head. "Okay."

Rachel continued. "Don't worry, it's not going to be hard or difficult like the conditions you have experienced so far. Now, do you remember when I told you that your sexuality was linked to mine?"

Sera was shocked. How could she have forgotten that? If Sera could have facepalmed, she would have. However, her hands were still stuck to her ass. Of course there was a direct link between her sexuality and her master's. That's why her attempts to masturbate and stimulate herself didn't work. If she had only remembered that, she could have saved herself a lot of trouble.

Sera was beginning to feel "cold pains" in her body. It is the acute pain some people feel when they start to get really cold. Sera got up off the loveseat and walked to the middle of the room, where her master was waiting. Sera wanted to get this over quickly before she became even more uncomfortable. Her slight shivering was starting to become more intense.

"Wait!" Rachel said. "Let's make this more interesting." Rachel waved her hands over Sera's hands. "Release!"

Suddenly, Sera's hands were no longer stuck to her ass. Rachel grabbed Sera's wrists, forcing Sera to touch her own breasts. Rachel pressed upwards on Sera's wrists, causing Sera's breasts to be pushed upwards. Sera could hear the words being uttered from her master's mouth. "Sticky time for you."

Sera found that her hands were stuck pushing up on her own breasts for her master's amusement. Without futher delay, Sera knelt down and began sucking on Rachel's tits. As she sucked and licked on her master's tits, Sera felt as if there was a toungue sucking and licking on her own tits at the same time. Sera pushed up even more on her own tits in an effort to push her breasts into the imaginary tongue, which was actually her tongue.

Sera was starting to become aroused. She could feel her body beginning to generate heat. She wasn't quite as cold anymore. After the breast play, Sera moved to the main course. Leaning down, she began licking and sucking on her master's pussy. At the same time, Sera could feel the imaginary tongue stimulating her own pussy. Before long, Sera could hear her mistress releasing moans of pleasure. As Rachel moaned in pure ecstacy, Sera could feel herself coming to orgasm. Sera also let out moans of pleasure as an intense orgasm washed over her entire body.

After some heavy breathing and trying to get their wits about themselves, the master and the subect stood up and faced each other. Rachel pressed her hands together, performing a formal bow to Sera. Rachel was very pleased. Rachel raised both of her hands dramatically, "You have done very well today. Now, I formally release you."

Sera suddenly felt her hands drop as they stopped pressing against her breasts. She was starting to feel less cold. She knew that in an hour or two, her temperature would return to normal. Or maybe her temperature had always been normal, but she was just still feeling cold. She was trying not to think about it too much. It was too confusing. Rubbing her shoulders, she tried to bring some warmth back into herself.

Rachel reassured her, "The coldness will wear off in an hour or two. I wouldn't worry about it."

Sera nodded her head, "Yeah I know."

There was an uncomfortable silence between the two of them, until Sera patted Rachel on the shoulder. "Thanks for everything, Rachel. It was difficult just like you had said it was going to be. But I'm glad I did it. I learned a lot about myself today. My heart is racing. That was all so exciting!"

Rachel hugged Sera, "Don't mention it. That's what I'm here for, sweetie. Since you enjoy it so much, we should set up another session. I was thinking that we could implant a new suggestion into the cold trigger. We could make it to where the only way you can feel warmer is to stimulate your own breasts. I can return your sexual stimulation back to your own control. I have to admit that I find the idea exciting. I could watch you play with your own breasts in your attempt to prevent yourself from getting cold and shivering."

"That does sound fun!" Sera exclaimed. She was already excited by the prospect. Her mistress always came up with the best ideas. Bah, she was already starting to think of Rachel as her mistress again rather than just a good friend. Even just the idea of hypnotic suggestions seemed to make her want to refer to Rachel as master or mistress. Sera put on her clothes, preparing to go home. She waved to Rachel, "Bye mistress!"

Rachel looked up at her quizically, "Don't you mean Rachel?"

Sera giggled. "Rachel, mistress, it's all the same. If you can make me feel as wonderful as you did today, I'll do whatever you say. You can always be my mistress!" Sera opened the door, walking out of the house.

As the door closed, Rachel walked into her study. Still naked, Rachel sat down in her office chair. She smiled to herself, "So, the suggestions of being addicted to hypnosis and being submissive to me are also working. Sera will be back for a lot more sessions. I can put her through hundreds of awkward, joyful, humiliating, embarrassing, frustrating, or downright challenging situations. I'm going to help her become the submissive that I know she is, and that she desires to be."

There was a notebook on her desk. Rachel picked up a pen. Putting pen to paper, Rachel continued talking to herself. "Now, I need ideas. Novelty is the birthplace of greatness. So, what happens next?"


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