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Hippy Chicks

by janesg

Chapter 1

I went over to my friend Mandy's house on a Friday evening.  She was the girlfriend of my friend John, and as such my friend also.  John was away for a week or so, and Mandy, enjoying her solo time had announced that she was having a little soiree tonight with some of her friends from college.  The documentary of the Woodstock festival was on TV, so we would have a few drinks and smokes and all get into that 60's vibe.  When I arrived, there were a few people already there, as well as Mandy, there were her friends Michelle, Vicky, and Dani.  I had never met Michelle or Dani, but knew Vicky a little.  All the girls looked great, they had dressed in a 60's hippy style with long flowing skirts, loose hair, and a bandana or two.  Mandy looked at me in my regulation jeans and a t-shirt and then rolled her eyes and said, 'fuck! I never mentioned the 60's costume thing to you did I?  Oh well, too late now'.  To be honest, although I have long hair, my wardrobe doesn't really have 60's style clothing in it, so I would have needed to borrow clothes from someone, so I was quite pleased that Mandy had forgotten to tell me as it would have been a hassle.

Michelle passed me a joint and asked if I wanted a shot of tequila, which of course I answered yes.  Everyone downed their drink, and Michelle admitted that she had almost no hippy clothes, but arranged with Mandy, who is something of a throwback hippy chick, to wear some of hers.   Michelle said, 'Mandy has loads of great stuff, why don't we go and look, don't worry about your size difference she has lots of loose baggy stuff'.  I looked at Mandy, who smiled at me and said, 'yeah, great idea, I reckon you'll look great in a long skirt and a boho top, and then we can have a girls night'.  Dani said, 'or more precise a hippy chick night, bagsy I get to do Ian's hair and make-up'.  I looked at the smiles on the four girls faces, shrugged my shoulders, and said, 'why not, should be fun, get in touch with my feminine side and all that'.

Forty minutes later I was doing another shot with the girls, only this time I was wearing a loose tie up top, with a black bra (Vicky's idea) underneath, a long flowing purple skirt, had a couple of plats in my loose hair, and had some eye make up, lipstick and rouge on.  For a while I was centre of attention, the girls had changed my name to Jane, and they all found it fun to tease me a little. I was happy to be part of it all, and was enjoying myself, although I found the bra to be a little uncomfortable.  After a while the novelty of me being Jane started to wear off, and we all just drank, smoked, chatted, and occassionally switched up a good song and danced as if we were five girls having a good Friday night get together.

After the docu had finished, Mandy played some psychedelic 60's music.  We were all a little drunk and stoned.  I was slumped on the sofa next to Michelle.  We were chatting, although it was Michelle doing most of the talking, telling me about college, and giving me the gossip on people I had never met.  Vicky was snoozing on a chair, and Mandy had taken Dani off to another room for reasons best known to her.  Then suddenly Michelle stopped talking mid sentance and started giggling.  Her laughing was infectious, and I giggled a little too and asked her what was suddenly so funny.  Michelle just shrugged and said that she had been having a really good chat with her new girlfriend when she suddenly remembered that I was a man.  'Honestly,' she said, 'I saw you for like five minutes at the start of the night, but have been having fun with Jane for hours, I had totally forgotten who you really were.  You are so natural as a girl, and you look the part too.  I reckon that I will always sort of think of you as Jane a little, after all, it's Jane that I've got to know'.  With that, she promptly lent across me, took my head in her hands, and proceeded to kiss me hard and deep.  I was momentarily startled, but very soon relaxed and accepted the kiss.  We were suddenly all over each other, Michelle taking the lead and sitting astride me, as we kissed and cuddled.  Lost in each others charms, it was fifteen minutes or so later when we were disturbed by the return of Mandy and Dani giggling by the door.  'Erm we'll have none of that sort of behaviour young ladies' said Mandy in a mock stern voice, and everyone fell about laughing.  This prompted Vicky to wake up and want to know what was going on.  'Well!' said Mandy, 'It would appear that Michelle is a bit of a lesbo and is currently seducing poor mild mannered Jane.  Meanwhile me and Dani have been exploring our bisexual sides upstairs.  Vicky, you're the only one not with anyone, so it'll have to be a threesome with me and Dani'.  With that she winked at Vicky who went bright red.  'Erm, if it's all the same I'll pass thanks, not everyone is bisexual you know.'  Mandy laughed, 'only teasing Vicks, I gave up trying to seduce you ages ago, and to be fair, had sort of given up on Michelle too, straight as an arrow that one I thought, but it would appear that she has a kink for the girly boys.'  Now it was Michelle's turn to blush, and she tried to make out that I was a boy and she is straight.  Mandy stopped her dead and asked Michelle what my name was.  Michelle looked at her and could only say, 'well Jane, or tonight it is, but she's really erm...'  Mandy laughed, 'ah ha, you've just referred to Jane as a she and admitted you can't remember her other name, jeeeze girl, you've been making out with a girl called Jane admit it'.  Michelle laughed, 'ok ok, I admit it, I was chatting and had forgotten who Jane was, then I suddenly remembered that she was a guy, and then I just had to kiss her, alright?'  To be fair, I could understand their confusion, I was a bit confused myself, being Jane had come so easily, and when Michelle had put her hand in my bra and started teasing my chest and nipples, I'd sort of forgotten myself and had felt like a girl.  Then another round of shots were done, and we all got our second wind and did some more dancing and partying until we were all too tired.  As the time hit the wee small hours, Mandy took Dani off to bed, Vicky took the couch, and Michelle took me to the spare bedroom.  Not wanting to spoil the image, Michelle found two nightdresses and insisted we wear them to bed.  They were silky and short, and I felt a bit exposed, but not to worry, we were soon under the duvet in a small single bed kissing and cuddling until we fell asleep.



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