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by jessielynn


The story of the successul aiteration of a good looking youn man into a
stunning, talented, ultra feminine boy/girl

John was about to learn obedience in the strietbatt sense of the word.
his whole life style was about to be changed, The rather alightly built,
pretty boy of 17 was to become Julie, a boy/girl, changed mentally and
physically to perform as a girl,

It all started when he was approached one day by a rather captivating
young lady who having Introduced herself quickly won him over to her
confidence. They subsequently had several dates and wasn't he falling in love
with Carol? One day Carol said they had been invited to a costume party and
all boys were to come dressed as girls! "It would be so much fun to dress you
up, please do it." In the end John gave In to her pleadings and the stage had
been set,

The boy did not bargain for what was to follow. When they left for the
party John was expensively dressed from head to toe in a Black Satin Maid's
Uniform with flaired skirt over white petticoats. Nor did Carol overlook
nylons and black patent leather shoes with 4" hiels. Under this pretty
ensemble John was carefully dressed in fine lingerie, the latter only after
some persuasion, It had taken Carol and a friend hours to prepare what his
Image in the mirror now revealed to him, a beautiful, beautiful girl. John
could not take his eyes off the reflection as the "girl" In the mirror worked
on his senses and began to change his mood, Carol knew he would make such a
perfict and pretty panty waist and had singled him out for this purpose as we
shall see.

Julie was understandably apprehensive and about on the verge of backing
out, but Carol's reassurances and affections bolstered his courage. Arriving
at a rather grand, splendidly landscaped home in the country they were met at
the door by a lovely maid dressed exactly like Julie. This shocked him a
little but even more so when he soon became aware of three other boys dressed
the same way,"no, they just must be girls!" At this point Julie was being
introduced to the host, a tall, good looking gentleman with a certain air of
authority that Julie found disturbing, especially when he kissed his date
rather too long and warmly. The two followed him Into the library as the door
closed behind them. "you are a very attractive young lady Julie," he said.
Julie's face flushed embarrassed to be addressed by a man in this way and in
front of Carol. Before Julie could say anything the man interrupted; "I'm
going to come straight to te point. Julie, Carol has brought you here as a
candidate for transformation Into a boy/girl and you will stay here until the
work is completed at which time you can choose to stay or leave. Our
experience is that, with your predisposition, you will stay."

"This is a Training School for Maids that are taught to perform sexual
functions. You will find it a most attractive life style I promise you. The
demand amung a select clientele is growing and the rewards are high, You will
offer more reliability and fewer collateral problems than do girls of the
same age."

Julie turned to run but unused to the heels tripped and fell as the door
opened and two men entered. Each took an arm and lifted him to his feet still
struggling. "It is no use to resist Julie, you can be pacified if you Insist,
try to believe that. "You are going to be taken to see the "Chair" where your
obedience training will be done." They were then joined by a tall attractive
older woman in a Nurses Uniforom. She appeared quite poised, efficient and
dedicated. Julie gave up the idea of eseaping now, there was nothing she
could do but cooperate and wait for a chance later,

"Come follow me Julie, I am going to take you to a room down the hall
where your Initial obedience training will be done. I have a boy/iirl
candidate there now nearing the end of her indoctrination. her name is Joyce
and complete acceptance has already been achieved, she is totally obediant
now as I'm sure you will be eventually. The word obedient startled Julie, but
before she had time to think about it she entered the room conscious of the
two male escorts still close behind,

At first she became aware of the scent of delicate perfume and very soft
music above which she could hear what could only be described as a sucking
sound. As his eyes became acclimated to the dim light she was to see much to
her horror, the Chair and it's occupant. She was suddenly filled with fear
and loathing as she gazed transfixed at the picture of complete subjugation
of what was once a man. The body was bent forward and held in place by a sort
of head reat at the end of an adjustable rod. The boy/girl's mouth held the
full length of his cock. The head moved slowly producing the subtle sucking
sounds. The Chair was rotated back by a long lever so that Joyce faced
horizontally to reveal the made up face with It's distorted mouth and large
dove like eyes. Facing the face was a mirror in which Joyce was foreed to
look. From the high heels hose, garter belt and panties to the soft delicate
skin this was a girl but for the evidence filling the mouth. Over the chair
was held a latex rubber bag partially filled and connected to the dhair by
surgical tubing. "Oh yes, she has taken almost all of it" the Nurse remarked,
"what a good girl you are my dear, do not let us interfere with your sucking,
that's right don't stop". The slow and deliberate strokes resumed. "You will
notice the latex panties Joyce Is wearing, they contain a special insert for
the administration of the liquid In the bag. The flow rate is carefully
controlled to the point of most efficient absorction hy her body.

This manner of administration of the formula will have much to do with
your acceptance of the Chair. We know your masculine self will try to rebel.
at first. The formula a carefully blended mixture of harmones, mild narcotic
and energy additives to help you sustain your erection. The narcotic will
make it easier for you to return to the chair as you will wish to repeat the
unique feelings and the harmones will changer your skin tone, produce more
rounded curves and most of all a young girl's breasts. As you see all of
these results have been achieved with Joyce in just a few months, A cold
shiver ran up Julie's spine and he turned to leave but felt a strong grip on
his arm. She then relaxed feeling helpless and strangely passive. The Nurse
guessed his thoughts: "there will be no running away, you will be given
obedience training at ance, after which the transformation to a boy/girl will


The time of Julie's introductlen to the Chair was months ago and now she
too was a boy/girl like Joyce and just like the others, she had accepted her
new roll, a beautiful object created for the pleasure of others. All Julie's
protestations had past, now addicted to the sensual effects of her latex
training panties. Julie walked voluntarily to meet Barbara, the masseur who
would prepare her for the Chair. After removing all but her garter belt,
nylons and heels Julie laid face down on the table where her body would be
toned with heat and massage. Barbara then proceeded to slip her pink ruffled
latex panties over her heels and with a swishing rustling sound guided them
up Julie's lego. The enormous rubber cock, ( she had learned to accept the
largeest over a period of time), was then introduced and fully lubricated
went slowly in as Julie closed her eyes and gasped. The panties were then
drawn up to her waist, the elasticised waist and legs imparting a voluptous
feeling of captivity. The massage was then completed including the nicely
curved posterior holding as it was the masterful cock inside. At last Barbara
placed the boy/girl on her feet as she wrapped the surgical tubing around her

Warmed and relaxed now with panties rustling and heels clicking Julie
walked mincingly toward the Chair room escorted by the nurse. Once seated the
tubing was connected to the full rubber bag and the head rest adjusted and
the chair rotated back. Julie's cock was now displayed semi erect through the
panty opening. By rotating a small wheel the head rest moved forward thus
assistiag the positioning of her head. A valwe was now turned and soon this
new boy/girl product could feel the warm liquid at the tip of the monster
cock inaide her. As the bag proceeded to empty the cock became fully erect,
(it was almost two inches longer due to repeated vacuum fitting). Julie
began to feel an inner glow produced by the commanding cock inside her
Injecting it's persuasive load. her mouth closed over her still growing cock.
The sucking began as she took it all while looking down at the shaft each
time It emergec from her mouth.

As she looked up she could see her reflection in the mirror, truly a
femminine face now, distorted by the cock, her budding breasts extending as
they were. When Julie was at last removed from the cook she felt completly
passive. Every part of her, every movement was girlish. The boy/girl Julie
was again ready for the men who would take her that evening.

Julie now belonged to Carol, and became Carol's sexual plaything and
personal Maid. Carol alone assumed the responsibility of selecting all of her
lovers for ber. The boy/girl's obedidence was absolute, her deportment and
appearance correct, her desirability the equal of the most accomplished and
attractive girl.


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