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Desire to be his Maid

by Danielle_03

Desire to be his Maid

How do you feel he asked? Good I replied. And that cigararette craving? Still there, but I can feel it weakening I told him. Then the sessions are working, a few more and that desire should be completely gone he said as he patted me on my back. We’ll see you next week he said as he escorted me out, until then. Thanks doc I told him as I walked out smiling. The week went by as any other week did. I had cigarettes, but didn’t seem to desire them so much anymore. Wow this hypnosis stuff really does work I thought to myself. Before long I’ll be cigarette free. I was happy I was kicking that filthy habit or desire as doc called it.
On Thursday I was going to have another cigarette, but suddenly had the urge to clean my apartment. Funny I thought, I hadn’t had the desire to clean my apartment in a while, there was that word desire again. I didn’t have a chance to think about it much cause my phone rang. It was Bob, Hey man you coming out tonight or not? Huh I asked, of course I am. Then where are you? I’m at my place, what’s the problem? We’re all already here waiting on you. I don’t understand, it’s only 4:……I suddenly realized it was 9:00PM, I’ll be there in a minute I said as I hung up the phone. Where did five hours go, and wow was my apartment clean. I must a really given into that desire to clean my place….
The rest of the night didn’t really go well for me, what was going on I wondered. I kept striking out on the hot women at the bar, it’s no big loss I kept telling myself, they’re not that hot anyways. Man your game is way off tonight my friends joked, and you’ve hardly had any beer either. Really? Oh that’s cause I’m trying to lose a few pounds I replied. Was I really trying to lose weight? I mean I’m not really that big anyways so why would l lose weight? They didn’t seem to pay attention, cause it didn’t get a response out of them anyways. I headed home early, told them I wasn’t feeling all that great anyway.
The next day was session day, I was determined to kick this habit and thanks to the doc, I was well on my way. I awoke and almost felt that desire for cigarettes gone. Almost there doc I said, yes he smiled back at me, almost there. Your desire for cigarettes is almost gone, he said a little winded. You ok doc I asked, just fine, perfectly fine he replied. We’ll see you next week he said. Next week doc I replied. I couldn’t help how clean his office looked on the way out.
The next week was pretty much a blur, I didn’t have the desire to have many cigarettes, but I did have a desire to clean, even if I didn’t need to. I even got down on all four and scrubbed the floor, rocking back and forth as I did so. Why was I doing this I kept asking myself. I even caught myself dieting, I was losing weight pretty fast, getting slim in the waist. Was my butt growing I thought to myself, nah, just an illusion from losing the weight on my waste. The weekend couldn’t come soon enough I kept thinking. But today was Friday, session day, hopefully this would be the day I finally kicked the habit!! I showed up a little early, to my surprise there wasn’t anyone else waiting so the doc was able to see me sooner than I expected. We should be able to have a longer session than normal today he told me, this way we can finally kick that desire of yours and move on to better things. Awesome, all I kept thinkg was that desire will finally be gone!!
I woke up groggier than I normally do, I had a weird taste in my mouth, but I didn’t want any cigarettes. I wondered if that was a result of lacking the desire of a cigarette. Doc I said, I don’t want any cigarettes, I finally kicked that desire!!! I know he said. Congratulations, Danielle. What, my name is Danielle. That’s not right, and why aren’t you wearing any pants?!? Well, Danielle, it’s because you just gave me an amazing blowjob, well you started to and your about to finish. WHAT!!!! You see I replaced one desire with another. I replaced your desire for cigarettes with the “desire to be my maid”. No, I said that’s not possible. You hadn’t noticed because I did it slowly he replied….There’s no way I sucked your yummy dick, did I just say yummy? I’m out of here. I started walking out when he called me. Danielle, Danielle don’t you “desire to be my maid” I froze in place, I couldn’t help it. I just stopped…
What’s going on I asked, shhhh he replied. I was quiet. Don’t you “desire to be my maid” he said again, I felt kind of funny all over, not funny ha ha just funny. Come here he said. I walked back to him and looked at him blankly. I don’t know what was going on, but my body just moved itself. Yes I replied. No that’s not what I want. I want out of here. Then prove it to me he said satisfy your desire and finish pleasing me. I couldn’t stop, I just couldn’t I knelt at his feet and grabbed his already engorged dick with my hands. Noooo I don’t want to do this, but I did. I leaned forward and kissed the tip of it, I couldn’t stop. I began to suck it, harder and faster, good girl he told, me, that made me happy. Why would that make me happy?!? Finally I felt his dick beginning to twitch in my mouth, that’s right he said fulfill your “desire to be my maid” he said as he cummed in my mouth. I got real dizzy but continued to suck all of his wonderful juice I couldn’t get enough, its what I wanted to do to please him….to please Master…..
We’ll that was better than I expected Danielle. You are quite good at that. Thank you master I replied. Now, he said, in the closet is an outfit for you. Go put it on immediately. Yes Master I replied bowed and hurried to the closet. I opened it up to find a sexy French Maid outfit, included with it some breast forms and a wig. I got dressed as master instructed, putting it all on. Even perfume, makeup nails, somehow I knew exactly how to do it. I looked in the mirror, I no longer saw myself I saw Danielle. She was beautiful, I was beautiful. I hope Master approves I thought.
Are you dressed Danielle? Yes master! Then come here. Right away master, as I ran back to him my heels clicked on the wood floor. Wonderful, he said those few pounds you lost really help your curves on the dress, and don’t worry were going to take care of your breasts and hair, your going to have real big boobs he said. I felt a joy when he told me that. But on the inside I kept screaming no this isn’t me, make it stop!!! But only words of gratitude came out, thank you master I hope you will use them well. Oh I will he said I will. Now, let’s see what else you are good at, I think my floor needs cleaning, get to it. Immediately I grabbed cleaning supplies, and got on all fours to clean. It didn’t take long before I felt hands on my ass, I pushed back for a tighter grip. Suddenly I felt it, a warm dick teasing my ass. Again I pushed back.
All of a sudden he entered me, oh what pleasure and pain I cried in enjoyment, and began moaning in pleasure. I rocked back and forth as he pumped me. Harder I screamed fuck me harder was all I could say. Until he finally exploded into me, I had never felt such pleasure. I wanted to say let me go, but instead I said thank you master. Your welcome. Now go get cleaned up and then continue with your duties. Yes master I smiled. Don’t worry he said, you can have more later. Thank you master, and away I went fulfilling my “desire to be his maid.”


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