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Poorly Kept Secret (2/?)

by Jeshi

Poorly Kept Secret (2/?)

Jeff spent most of his lunch staring very intently at his sandwich. It wasn't that good of a sandwich, but he had to keep his eyes fixed somewhere. Whenever he looked somewhere else, his eyes ended up drifting to Isha, and when his eyes drifted to Isha his heart started beating faster, and when his heart started beating faster his fast started growing red, and then he had to go hide his face to stop even more embarrassing moments. So as much as he wished he could just stare at Isha all day, he had to instead opt for his significantly less attractive sandwich.

It occurred to Jeff recently that he always ate lunch with Psyche majors for some reason. He did have friends who weren't Psych majors, and he did often eat lunch after classes completely unrelated to Psych, but somehow he always ended up sitting at the same table with the usual group of Psych majors. He was sure there was some sort of psychological reason behind it, but analyzing his own psychosis just wasn't as fun as analyzing every else's.

Jeff finished his sandwich, fuck. He needed something else to stare at, so he decided to try some good old psychoanalysis. He started to watch the gestures of the woman sitting across from him at the table, Linda. Linda had very frizzy hair and wore a lot of purple. Purple must have had some significance in her life, or maybe she just really liked purple. When she wasn't speaking, she would keep her hands interlocked and centered in front of her on the table, as if she were hiding them in the sleeves of a long gown. When she spoke, she would open her arms up, pivoting at her elbows, and make vague unimportant hand gestures. Perhaps it symbolized her opening up as a person when she spoke but staying close minded when she listened and a piece of Isha's hair fell onto his face. . . Jeff's eyes, while watching Linda, had ended up travelling across the table slowly and once again found themselves on Isha.

First Isha tried blowing the hair out of the way, but that just made it float in the air a bit before falling back down onto his face. When it touched his nose, he gave a single quiet laugh as his mouth pulled into a smirk. He put the hair behind his ear and then his eyes moved to look at Jeff, smirk still in place. Jeff had a great smile, and that cocky smirk was incredibly sexy. Jeff felt a nagging in his head to look away so he didn't blush, but it was too late, eye contact.

"Hey Jeff, do you have a fever or something?" Isha said it in a strange voice and tone that could be interpreted as genuine by anyone else but was clearly sarcastic to Jeff.

"What? Of course not," said Jeff. Jeff was very bad at avoiding Isha's traps.

"Really, then I wonder why your face is so red all of a sudden," said Isha. He raised his eyebrows, a corny but effective move. For some reason, it didn't occur to Jeff that this behavior obviously showed that Isha was completely aware of Jeff's attraction to him. For some reason, even though Jeff processed all of the sarcasm and the teasing, it never made the final connection that it was because Isha knew. Jeff really wasn't sure what to say at all really, 'oh sorry I look at your face and blushed' was definitely out of the question.

"Hey Jeff, did you know that dinosaur skin can cure any common cold? Too bad they're extinct, the skin has to be fresh for it to work," said Isha. Jeff believed him though. He didn't even consider that it was a joke.

Jeff was studying in his room when he heard the door open. He looked over and saw of course that it was Isha. He knew it was going to be Isha, but he looked anyway. Isha was a bit wet, he had just gotten back from swim practice and he hadn't yet completely dried from the post-swim shower. He was panting just oh so little and it was super manly. Jeff's eyes drifted around Isha's body, his heart picked up pace, and his face grew red.

"Are you sure you don't have a fever?" said Isha.

"Of course," said Jeff. He started to lean back a bit in his chair.

"Jeff, My friend, do not lie to me." Isha quickly grabbed the back of the chair and stopped it from tipping over. "Jeff, my friend, you can trust me, I would not judge you if you had caught cold." Jeff's eyes fell closed and his head slouched forward. His pencil fell out of his hand and onto the floor. The tip of the pencil broke, it was a shitty pencil anyways, plus, he was just using it to underline passages in his textbook. Highlighting passages isn't a very useful studying strategy anyway. Isha gave another quiet single laugh smirk combo, although this time there was nobody to appreciate it. It was probably in regards to the two ridiculous sentences he had to put together in order to slip the trigger in. Who the hell get's judged for catching a cold? Or lies about it?

"So tell me Jeff, my friend, why is it that your face is so red today?" said Isha.

"I'm blushing."

"And why are you blushing?"

"You look so hot"

"Ah, now you're gonna make me blush too. Is there anything you want to do to me?" Isha would have raised his eyebrows if anyone could have seen them. He considered doing it anyway, and then gave in and raised his eyebrows a few times while he waited for Jeff's response.

"I. . . uh. . ." Jeff stammered. Was there anything he wanted to do to Isha? "To look at you?"

"Ah, I believe you want do more than that, don't you? Trust me, you wouldn't want to look at me the way you do if you didn't want to do something more. Is there anything you want to do to me? To give me?"

"I. . . uh. . ."

"I know what you want to do, trust me, it's obvious, you want to suck my cock, don't you. I'll admit, it's a pretty great cock I have. You've certainly never seen a better cock before. If the penises in porn movies were anywhere near as great as my penis then they'd sell a hundred times better than they do now. My cock looks so delicious to you, and trust me, you really want to put it in your mouth. The desire grows in you every day, there's no way for you to resist it and you really don't want to resist it. Because you know that the desire was suggested to you during hypnosis, and so you want to have that desire. You want to desire to suck my cock and so it will build and build. Eventually, you will suck it. I'm sure the day will come, trust me. But you're going to have to initiate it yourself. So to get to that point, you're going to have to start getting flirty. Trust me, you can't go down on a man until you flirt with him first. So from now on, you're not going to be able to control your flirty urges around me. You will flirt with me all the time, and I may flirt back, but it's gonna be a slow process. And every time you flirt, you're going to get more and more affection towards me too, a crush, romantic feelings. You can't control it, you can't control your own heart of course, although I can. So integrating everything I've told you, waking up now. . ."

Jeff wasn't sure what he was thinking. He thought that Isha was wet from swimming when he came in but after some blinking he was all dry now. It really really matter though. He picked up his textbook.

"Hey Isha, I'm reading that book on Freud right now. You know what they say about Freud." Jeff raised his eyebrows.


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