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Misses Cat/Only 16

by EMG

Misses Cat/Only 16

It was raining cats and dogs outside as Ms. Catherine Walker (Cat by her friends) graded her Accelerated Integrated Geometry test scores. Her was long and flowing and her sweater was purposely pulled low to embarrass the male teachers with her cleavage. Her cock twitched as she shifted her leg to a more comfortable position.
“Ohhh” she moaned
Deciding she was alone enough she freed her cock from her slacks confident that on the chance that if anybody came to her door she would have time to hide it behind her desk.
Looking up from Steven’s F she saw a group of students standing under the overhang at the school entrance. Thoughts passed through Catherine’s head with lightning quickness going from concern about their health to concern about their bodies to what she could do with their bodies to finally wondering if they could take her cock. After thinking about the last question she decided something that could quite possibly give her the greatest experience ever or get her fired and 20 years to life.
After 5 seconds of intense philosophic thought she decided 2 things, First that she didn’t become head of the math teacher’s council without taking risks and Second that chances like this only came once every 13 years and 257 days. She couldn’t however approach them while the monster between her legs so excited which left her with only one option, to make it go down and the quickest way to do that was masturbation.
Luckily for Ms. Walker she remembered to bring her custom made fleshlight to school. She had ordered it directly from Sweden and it had cost her a pretty penny as well, but it had paid for itself when no matter how many time she washed, used and abused it, it had refused to break or even tear. After getting up shutting the door and pulling down the blinds, her cock flopping all the way, she sat down at Amy’s desk. She had long fantasized about Amy when she masturbated, not unusual considering she was head of the cheerleading squad, twice national.
Pulling the main part of the desk to the right so she had room watch what she was doing, Cat got started by pouring baby oil down the exceptionally long sheath. When she considered she had poured enough to stop friction burn, she stopped and set the bottle down on the desk behind her. Lining up with the artificial hole she squeezed inside and elicited a sharp
Once she found her rhythm she increased her tempo and the only sound in the room was a low groaning and the sound of flesh slapping flesh. Inside Cat’s mind Amy was bouncing up and down on her cock as Cat roughly kneaded her nipples as she spewed obscenities (Our protagonist has a deep fetish for cursing during sex and actually devotes her bedtime masturbation time to testing out new words). Cat soon felt the oh so familiar tightening in her balls and screamed as she came.

Change of POV
Amy, Tiffany, and Lily stood outside under the overhang as they waited for Amy’s boyfriend, the school’s football team’s quarterback, to pick them up. Amy was wearing her ultra-revealing cheerleader outfit and no panties as usual, her blonde hair waved violently in the strong wind. Tiffany was wearing some khaki shorts and a graphic tee, her dirty blonde hair was short a cropped up with gel. Finally the tallest girl was wearing ultra skinny jeans with a black tee that had a skull in the middle of it; she had neck length raven colored hair and had her bangs covering her right eye. They had been standing outside for a good 20 minutes and Amy was pissed.
“Where the fuck is that loser!?” She yelled at the rain as if it possessed the answer.
“Maybe he got caught up somewhere” Lily said to Amy as she wrote in her journal, her highlights a dark blue against her pale skin.
“I still say he still messing around with that slut Sarah?” Tiffany added her own opinion to the clusterfuck, after looking hungrily at Lily, which was the question, where the hell was John?
They waited another five minute with Lily’s pen scratching at her paper and Tiffany practicing kicks with an imaginary dummy. Just as Amy was about to start complaining about John, Ms. Walker came out from the school.
“Looks like you girls need a ride, you could ride with me if you want” She offered.
“Oh you’re a life saver Ms. Cat” Amy said for the group as they picked up their scattered stuff from around the area.
When Amy had finally been assured that she had left her lipstick in her locker they walked through the school and out to the faculty parking lot in the back. Catherine told them to wait at the doors and rushed off into the rain which had gotten so fierce that the rain drops felt like sharp stings when they hit and you couldn’t see a full 5 feet through it.
After a few minutes Cat pulled up beside the doors in her purple, but pink streaked Ferrari. Needless to say the three girl’s jaws dropped when Cat rolled down the windows and expertly tossed her long blonde hair.
“You girls getting in or what?” she asked
After a scramble and a brief fight between Tiffany and Amy over who got the front seat, the girls were situated, with Amy in the front seat. As soon as the last seat-belt clicked Cat gunned it out the school parking lot and onto the near empty main road.
“So how can you afford a car like this with a teacher’s salary Ms. Walker?” Tiffany asked “Did you steal it?”
“Hardly” she replied “My dad was a wealthy business owner and he gave me a third of his money in his will.”
“Cool” Lily commented absently mindedly from her book and as Tiffany turned to her to show her something at waist height so Cat couldn’t see.
“Sooo” Amy began brushing stray hair out her face and turning to her teacher “while we are here I wanted to ask you if there is anything I can do to bring my grade up in your class?”
While she asked she placed her hand on Cat’s right leg and started moving it up and down creating goose bumps along Cat’s calf.
“I’m sure I could” Cat replied her tone completely calm which unnerved Amy enough to remove her hand “but don’t you have the same period as Samantha? I’m sure she would be more than willing to tutor you; oh wow speaking of Samantha there she is right there.”
Ms. Walker pulled up alongside Samantha who had pulled her broke down moped under a tree where she was protected from 80% percent of the rain. Samantha had on a long pleated skirt and a plaid shirt. Needless to say she squeezed in the car to escape the rain, her breasts jiggling as she crawled over Tiffany and Lily. As Cat pulled away Amy turned on the radio just in time to catch an announcement that the road was flooded trapping a local high school quarter back on top of his car.
“Well at least he wasn’t cheating” Tiffany muttered
“Oh no where will we go now?” Amy said aloud.
“Calm down girls” Cat said “my house is only a few blocks away from the school, that’s why you never say my car before, I usually walk.”
Sure enough her 2 story house was only a few seconds away (33.885 to be exact). Cat had left her garage opener at the school so they all had to run across the grass and well decorated path to the front door. Once inside they practically collapsed on the floor in their soaked clothes.
“Come on girls let’s get out of these wet clothes and take showers. I have a special device I bought on an infomercial that air dries your clothes 10 times as fast so by the time we are done they should be done as well.”
After getting Samantha to agree, the group trudged upstairs. Tiffany and Lily said they would bathe together in the guest shower and Samantha would go after them. Amy said that she would be double showering with Ms. Walker, not knowing what was in store for her. Inside the master shower Amy was getting undressed while the water heated up, Cat however was spiking Amy’s sprite with an aphrodisiac pill that she usually used on hookers so they wouldn’t remember where she lived.
Handing a glass to Amy, who downed it one gulp, she pretended to drink while Amy hoped in the shower. Once she was sure that Amy was locked in the shower, she moved across to the bathroom to a two-way mirror she had installed, dropping her robe along the way. After removing the child-hood painting from in front of the mirror she had a great view into the guest bathroom.
Inside were Lily and Tiffany taking a bath, they were however doing more than taking a bath as they were French kissing. Tiffany was dominating the taller girl’s mouth like a pro, while she had hand on her tit and the other was out of sight beneath the water, but from Lily’s squirming it wasn’t too hard to guess where it was. Cat couldn’t believe her eyes, it was like she had a house full of sluts and the only real challenge would be Samantha, but judging by her phone history (which Ms. Walker confiscated one day) she watched tons of porn.
While Catherine contemplated how to effectively drug the other girls Tiffany had stood up revealing her and all her six pack glory and moved to the other side of the tub, her crotch hidden. Thinking they were done Cat stopped stroking her cock and bent to retrieve the painting. When she looked back up Lily had started eating Tiffany out from what Cat could see from her position. Quickly putting the picture back up Cat shuffled back to the shower which she unlocked.
“Amy could you do me a favor and turn around while I get in the shower?” Cat asked.
“Sure thing Ms. C.” Amy replied giggling slightly delirious.
Stepping into the large shower Cat closed the sliding door behind herself.
“Want me to wash your back?” Cat offered.
Amy complied simply by sinking to her knees and moving her hair out the way. Seizing the soap Cat lathered her cock with soap and then began to use it as a loafer.
“Ohhh your sponge is so slippery” Amy giggled
Her balls made slapping sounds as Cat began to thrust on Amy’s back.
“Ready for some shampoo?” Cat asked gently grabbing Amy’s hair.
“It’s how I keep my hair sleek and shiny after all so yeah” Amy agreed.
So without further words Cat grabbed a handful of loose hair and released her sticky payload. Cat came for a good 20 seconds given Amy’s hair an even coating.
“Ugh” Cat sighed as she finished “You can go head and turn around now.”
Swinging around Amy received a face full of limp cock.
“W-What is that!?” Amy asked unable to bring herself to any type of action because of the drug and burning sensation in her loins which had caused her to start fingering herself during Cat’s absence.
“Does it really matter?” Cat replied “Just suck it and if you do a good job I’ll give you a reward in that slutty pussy of yours huh?”
The thought of getting rid of this burning sensation filled her mind. She started by running her tongue along the 3 inch limp dick, stopping every other time to flick Catherine’s balls with her tongue.
“Ohhh!” Catherine groaned, making her happy that she had installed sound proof walls a few months earlier when neighbors had made complaints of noise and limping women leaving the house.
Cat’s pole gradually grew longer under Amy’s expert ministrations. Deciding to take initiative Cat seized the back of Amy’s head and held as her cock grew to its full size inside Amy’s mouth that was lucky to have received deep-throating lessons in preparation for her boyfriend John. Cat felt every sensation as Amy slapped away at her growing cock with her tongue. For lack of a better definition it was heaven on earth.
When Cat reached her full length she pulled out agonizingly slowly from Amy’s mouth. Finally she got her full foot out with a wet *PLOP!*.
“You’ve been a bad girl haven’t you?” Cat growled
“Mmmhmm” Amy moaned still furiously fingering herself.
“Bad girls need to be punished don’t they?” Cat continued and was answered to by another gratuitous moan.
Using her cock as a makeshift police baton Cat began to slap Amy in the face with her rod. *Slap Slap Slap!* Cat had even turned off the water so she could better revel in the glorious sound. Cat continued from Amy’s general face to her lips in which case she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Going from her lips and then down to Amy’s relatively small B-cups.
“I think you’ve had enough my little shower bitch.” Cat growled still deep in her officer roleplay “Now it’s time for a cavity search!”
Dropping to her knees Cat set her cock against Amy’s stomach as she leaned in and captured her lips. At first it was just tongue then it progressed into Cat’s tongue trying to put Amy’s tongue in a submission hold. Deciding to press her advantage Cat started roughly pinching Amy’s nipples which caused the teenager to moan into Cat’s mouth. Which she thought the cheerleader was ready Cat pushed Amy onto her back and the teacher set her cock against the cheerleader’s opening.
“Are you sure you want this?” Cat asked Amy knowing good and well that the burning in her loins had graduated to a full on inferno.
“JUST DO IT!” Amy yelled
“Fine, but when I do I want you to scream and use every swear word you knew deal?” Cat asked
Amy said nothing, but furiously shook her head. Sealing her fate Cat pushed her way into Amy’s sopping pussy and when her balls clapped against Amy’s ass Cat vision flashed to her being locked up inside a jail cell. However the feeling was too good for Cat to concentrate on anything other than Amy’s pussy. Amy’s walls squeezed her staff like a Russian pro wrestler forcing Cat to kneel over Amy and swear.
“Come the fuck on! Fuck this tight pussy as hard as you can! I know you can do better than that you fucking hung whore.” Amy kept up her end of the bargain.
On Amy’s end everything felt just as good if not greater. The drugs were pumping strong through her system and would continue to do so for the next 2 hours. Cat on the other hand was getting back cramps from thrusting in this position, grabbing Amy’s firm ass she stopped thrusting and then stood on one knee at first then the other, slowly rising from the shower floor with Amy hanging on by her cock.
“Ohhh!” Cat yelled
“Ohhh shit! You’re stirring up my pussy! You’re so deep!” Amy yelled as she climaxed which was ignored by Cat.
With a bestial yell Cat rose from the floor and slammed Amy against the wall and started pounding her against the wall. Cat then took one of Amy’s nipples in her mouth and started rolling it around with her tongue causing the girl to groan even more if that was even possible.
“You’re so fucking good” Amy gasped as she had her 2nd orgasm.
After a few minutes Cat felt the tightening in her balls for the 3rd time that day.
“Ahh shit!” she said as she pulled out not wanting to impregnate the teenager like she did that one hooker who she had to spend a fortune on to keep quiet and get an abortion.
Without a cock to keep her up Amy collapse to her knees, because Cat had literally fucked her up off the floor.
“Take my load you dumb bitch!” Cat yelled as she blew her load directly on Amy’s face and blonde hair.
She aimed her cock directly into Amy’s open mouth and came all over her face.
“Go head and wash up then come down stairs” Cat ordered as she and her limp dick strode out the shower and hit the water knob on their way out.
Deciding to check in on the 2 lovebirds Cat removed the painting and was shocked at what she saw. Tiffany had Lily bent over the sink and was ramming her with her 6 inch cock! Another Herm just like her and she didn’t even know it who would have figured?! Getting her mind off that she realized that she was witnessing a rape when she saw Lily’s tears. Cat turned and hit the button for the speaker when she saw that Tiffany was about to say something.
“Fuck Fuck FUCK!” Cat heard Tiffany yell “I’m about to cum!”
“Please don’t do it inside me I’m on my period!” Lily pleaded tears streaming down her face.
“Shut the fuck up and take it!” Tiffany roared and went balls deep into Lily and by her spasms Cat could tell she was cumming inside Lily.
After a minute she stopped spasming and pulled out letting a good amount of cum flow out of Lily.
“You really need to get over yourself you know.” Tiffany began easily dragging Lily to the shower by her legs “This time is no different from the time under the bleachers, the time in the locker room, the time in the faculty bathroom, or that time I bent you over Ms. Walker’s desk during lunch for a quickie.”
Needless to say the Cat was shocked at this statement, they had fucked over her desk? The image brought a rousing sensation in Ms. Walker’s groin which she shook off and concentrated on what Lily was saying.
“But this time its different” she wined “I might get pregnant. What will you do if that happens?!”
“You’ll just get an abortion my family has money on that you know.” Tiffany replied off-handedly.
Cat however didn’t stay for the entire conversation as she had already put the painting back on the window and was half way down the step before she remembered she needed clothes. On her way back down stairs Cat was wearing jogging shorts and special panties that held her penis upwards so you could only see it from directly above. She thanked god for having a small flaccid penis and rounded the corner into the kitchen she encountered Samantha getting off the phone.
“Oh hi there Ms. Walker” she greeted “just got off the phone with our parents and they said we could spend the night.”
“Great!” Ms. Walker said as she fixed hot chocolate “I’m sure we’ll have tons of fun tonight.”
After finishing the hot chocolate Cat slipped 3 more pills into 3 of the 4 cups. Handing one to Samantha who gratuitously took it, Cat headed off upstairs and set the other 2 of the banister directly in front of the bathroom door just in time for Tiffany and Lily to exit. Cat could plainly see that Lily’s eye shadow was running and Tiffany seemed a little too happy that she had just abused a close friend.
“Drink up girls don’t want you getting pneumonia now do we?” Cat asked.
“No mam” They both replied as they took hearty swigs of the drink.
“Your clothes are in the 2 separate rooms right there” Cat pointed at 2 doors at the end of the hall “If the doors get stuck please don’t bang I’ll be back up soon to check in on you kay?”
“Alright Ms. C” they replied
“IS IT OKAY IF I WATCH T.V. MS. WALKER?!” Samantha yelled from downstairs.
“SURE THING” she yelled back.
By then both Lily and Amy were on their way downstairs leaving Tiffany alone in one of the guest rooms. Coming up with a devious plan Cat hurried to set it into motion. Putting her ear against Tiffany’s door she heard her say
“Goddamn pants always catching on my cock. Ugh! There we go.”
Smiling at her excellent timing Cat turned and pulled down her shorts far enough so you could plainly see her ass crack. Setting her hot chocolate on the floor she bent down to retrieve it plainly showing her pussy to Tiffany as she exited the room. Standing back with hot chocolate in hand she turned and saw the outline of Tiffany’s cock against her pants.
“Oh hi there Ms. Prelin” Cat smiled
Tiffany mumbled a response and tried her best to cover her bulge.
“Since you’re not busy could you help me with something in my room?” Cat asked.
“I guess so” Tiffany mumbled barely audible.
Leading Tiffany into her room, and closing the door behind her, Cat pretended to look for an imaginary box. Walking all over the room and showing of her ass to Tiffany whenever given the chance. Deciding that Tiffany has had enough teasing she bent down in front of Tiffany and check underneath her bed. Behind her Cat heard a zipper pop. Sliding out from underneath the bed Cat turned around to see that Tiffany’s cock had burst out of her pants. It was hard as steel and veins were running through it.
“What is this Ms. Prelin?” Cat asked mock astonished.
What Cat didn’t see was the look in Tiffany’s eyes. It was the look of a person who got everything they wanted and something wanted was right in front of them. Wasting no time Tiffany seized Cat’s arms and threw her on the bed.
“Stop this Ms. Prelin!” Cat yelled trying her hardest not to smile.
“No” Tiffany refused “You want to walk around this room like a slut I’m going to treat you like a slut!”
Tiffany straddled Cat with her knees and using her hands brought Cat’s face to her cock.
“Please! I’ve never done anything like this before” Cat pleaded
“Well I guess it’s time to learn isn’t it?” Tiffany replied sadistically shoving her cock in Cat’s mouth.
“God gave me a cock so I could have whichever women I so desired whether it be my classmate, my teacher, my mother, or even my cat.” Tiffany ranted.
Right then and there Cat realized Tiffany had a god complex and wondered when it had started.
Tiffany was 13 when she had her first erection. The doctors said it was perfectly normal for a girl of her type and by her type meaning a hermaphrodite. Her mother took her home because her father left 2 months after her birth. Speaking of her mother Carline Prelin was an exercising freak, meaning she spent more time lift weights than she did spending time with her own daughter. Of course given the mature women’s sandy hair and ridiculously toned body and angular face you couldn’t help, but mistake her for a lesbian butch. This was true however as Tiffany watched her mother dominate whores with a strap-on from the hallway on weekends. The outcome of spending most of your time by yourself and having male teenager hormones was of course masturbation.
So Tiffany waited until her mother went to work and began fishing around in her dresser. Eventually she found a vintage lesbian porno which she sat down on her mother’s bed to watch. Half-way through she found the pressure in her panties was too much for her so she took them off and laid them at the foot of the bed where she found one of her mother’s thongs. As if instinctually knowing what to do young Tiffany wrapped the thong around her 4 inch penis and began jacking off.
She didn’t even last 2 minutes under her own ministrations and came all over her mother’s thong and about 2 feet in front of herself. Hearing her mother’s car pulling up she hurried to turn off the DVD and put it back where she found it and scrubbed the floor of cum. She was however caught red handed with her mother’s thong around her dick when her mother burst into the room.
Taking a moment to gather herself her mother cursed her out and yelled at her to get out her room, and as Tiffany ran passed she gave a snort of disgust and slammed her door shut. Something right then and there inside Tiffany snapped, no longer would she be ignored by her mother or anyone! She would teach them all a lesson they would never forget. Sneaking back into her mother’s room she saw that Carline was working out with one of her new exercising equipments she bought.
The way it was set was set up was that it wrapped around and underneath your bed. You secured your arms and feet into each of the 4 straps, and to the beat of the work out music you brought your arms and legs together as if trying to break free. They way you got out was by completing a self set amount of pulls in which upon completion would cause the device underneath the bed to come loose. Carline however wasn’t even a quarter of the way done and Tiffany was already on the bed unbuttoning her mother’s pants before she realized she was there.
“What the fuck are you doing?!” Carline yelled
“Taking what’s mine” Tiffany replied simply with cold eyes as she slid her mother’s pants down.
Carline struggled and cursed as her daughter took off her pants and panties.
“Hmmm” Tiffany said absent mindedly as she rubbed her mom’s opening “To figure nothings been in here since dad left.”
“He left because you were a freak!” Carline spat, desperately trying to complete the goal so she could get out of the straps.
“That may be true but that didn’t justify your actions since then and now I’m taking my revenge!” Tiffany replied raising her voice slightly.
With nothing else left to say Tiffany plunged into her mother’s pussy. Both she and her mother cried out harmonically. Taking a cue from when her mother was fucking those prostitutes she leaned forward and started slapping her mother’s jiggling breasts through her shirt.
“Uh Uh Uh” Tiffany grunted as she hammered into her mother.
Carline might not have been getting much pleasure, but Tiffany was having the time of her life. Getting bored with her mother’s pussy she pulled out and without lube slammed into her mother’s ass.
“Ahhh!” Carline cried out.
“Ohhh!” Tiffany responded.
Tiffany was amazed at what she was doing, she was taking control, but now it was time to finish the job. Pulling out of her mother’s ass after a few thrusts she got up and walked to the side of her mother head and sank to her knees on the bed.
“What the heck are you doing?” Carline asked a lot less angry and a lot more curious
She got her answer when her 11 year old daughter came all over her face as she screamed in pleasure. Grabbing Carline’s knife, which she kept on her dresser for safety, she held it to her mother’s now terrified throat.
“Karma’s a bitch isn’t it” Tiffany growled “Don’t worry I won’t kill you if you follow my instructions. I mean after all who are the police gonna believe an old fart like you or an abused and neglected child hmm?”
After a minute of thinking Carline opened her mouth to say something when the doorbell rang. Getting off her mother and intentionally slapping her with her small penis Tiffany waltz to the window and looked out to see a black woman dressed warmly in a fur coat and high heels with leggings.
“Brought one of your whores home huh?” Tiffany said as she turned to her mother “Well what are you waiting for go let her in.” Tiffany commanded cutting the straps with the knife.
Carline was faced with a decision. Should she try to get the knife from her child or see how this all plays out? Choosing the latter Carline strode downstairs wearing nothing but a wife beater that clearly showed her nipples. Opening the door the whore looked around and then strode into the flat.
“You know I’m gonna have to charge you extra for making me come out here right?” she asked.
“Money’s not a problem Ms…..” Carline trailed off
“Names Sasha” Sasha said as she popped gum “Now where do you want to do this? On the couch?”
“In the bed room with you tied up” Carline answered inserting one hand into the woman’s shorts and easily fondled her ass.
“Ohhh kinky I like” she replied striding into the bedroom.
“Now get on the bed” Carline commanded
Obliging Sasha bent over the bed and removed her clothes as Carline bound her hands with rope to the 4 bed posts.
“I don’t do anal so you know” Sasha said face down on the bed.
Unknown to her Tiffany had exited from the closet with a limp cock and Carline was putting on a 10 inch strap-on. After she secured the straps Carline stood to the side of Sasha waiting on her daughter’s word. Examining the whore ass Tiffany climbed into bed and gestured her mother to move underneath the whore. Carline did just that and took Sasha mouth onto hers. Tiffany took Sasha pleasant to distraction to slid her small pecker in between Sasha large ass.
Before Sasha could say anything Carline readjusted herself and slid effortlessly into her pussy getting a good 6 inches in, before she started thrusting. Taking the opportunity Tiffany slammed into Sasha ass causing her to cry out.
“WHAT THE FUCK!” she yelled “I said no anal and is that another person there? This is gonna cost you-”
She was cut off by Carline shoving two fingers into her mouth. After about 5 minutes of double penetration Carline expertly read the signs that her daughter was about to cum. Rolling out from underneath Sasha Carline stood to the side and watched her daughter work. Tiffany quickly pulled out of Sasha’s ass and went 4 inches into her pussy. The sudden pulling out and slamming in caused Sasha herself to climax and the feeling of pussy juices splashing her underage cock was too much for Tiffany and she came as well.
After she finished Tiffany collapsed on top of Sasha and Carline pulled her off and put her in her bed. Coming back in on Sasha Carline cut her free paid her triple the agreed amount and pushed her out the house. When Tiffany awoke her head throbbed and her morning wood pitched a tent in her covers. Suddenly she remembered what happened yesterday and hid under her covers for the next half hour until the aroma of bacon became too overwhelming and she ventured outside her room without any clothes. In the kitchen Carline was cooking equally naked.
Noticing her daughter the Asian women smiled.
“Hey there honey” she greeted Tiffany “Want some toast while the bacon cooks?”
Tiffany could only nod dumb founded. Seeing her daughter erection she put her cooking on hold and shuffled over to her.
“This won’t do at all” Carline said sounding upset
Seeing her mother raise her hand Tiffany flinched and closed her eyes only to feel incredible warmth on her cock. Swiftly opening her eyes she saw her mother giving her a blowjob. Tiffany shock face turned into a smirk then a grin until it was a full on maniacal smile. This was so much more than a change in her mother’s attitude; this was a change that would forever alter her life. A couple weeks later the whore came back saying she was pregnant so they packed up and moved. A few weeks in Carline got a complaint from Tiffany’s teachers that girls would start crying when she came near. A year after that Carline married a rich business man and they became family.
“And that’s how it all got started” Tiffany jerked as she came “Ahhh memories.”
“I’m sorry about the way your mother acted, but that’s no reason to do what you did.” Cat tried to get through to Tiffany.
“Give it up bitch” Tiffany snorted “besides after I’m done with you I’ve got 2 new toys to try out downstairs.
That statement made Cat mad, after all the trouble she went through Tiffany thought she was just going to reap the rewards? Not on Cat’s watch. Firmly grabbing Tiffany’s ass Cat shoved a finger in her asshole making her cry out in pain and pleasure. Using this distraction to her advantage Cat flipped Tiffany so that Tiffany was on her back with her legs bent back above her head.
“You know that story of your got me nice and hard” Cat said.
Looking downwards Tiffany was shocked to see Cat’s foot long monster with her balls held in place by a small pink thong. Releasing the thong Cat used it as a rope to tie Tiffany’s shocked limbs together above her head.
“You’re like me?!” Tiffany exclaimed
“Yes, except my cock is bigger and my history is even more fucked up than yours.” Cat replied “Now enough talk it’s time to bring you down a notch.”
Grabbing tape off her dresser Cat taped shut Tiffany’s struggling mouth and then roughly shoved a finger into Tiffany’s snatch and began fingering her. Using her other hand Cat grabbed Tiffany’s cock and began jerking her off. After coming on herself twice in that position Tiffany began to feel the creeping sensation of fatigue.
“Getting tired?” Cat asked “You’ve only just reached the main course.”
Lifting Tiffany up so she could slide underneath her, Cat positioned the hog tied Tiffany over her cock. Ever so slowly Cat lowered Tiffany down on her cock, her pussy juices providing lube against the entry. When Tiffany’s ass reached Cat’s balls she came again, screaming under the duct tape. Deciding now was as good a time as any Cat removed her thong from Tiffany’s arms and legs to her surprise and ripped off the duct tape.
“YEEOUCHHH!” Tiffany screamed “What was that for-”
She was cut off when Cat sat up and captured her lips.
“You cannot force your love on other people, they have to accept willingly or what is it? Just a mere apparition of what it could be.” Cat said directly into Tiffany’s ear.
After a moment on pondering this (because all good thoughts come from sitting on a cock) Tiffany shook her head acknowledging that she understood of what she’d done.
“Good now that that’s out the way” Cat finished.
Taking Tiffany’s ass in both hands she lifted her halfway off her cock then slammed her back down to hilt, eliciting a sharp cry from the teenager. After doing this a few times Cat released Tiffany’s ass as she began bouncing on Cat’s massive staff herself. Tiffany’s tits flopped with every lurch and her breathing became heavy as Cat’s cock managed to hit all her spots and even some she didn’t even know that could be hit. Cat was in heaven as well, this tight underage Asian pussy was wonderful and every time she hit Tiffany’s womb it felt like a mini-orgasm.
Pulling out after 5 minutes Cat flipped the helpless Tiffany over and placed her cock directly next to hers.
“Go ahead and stroke” Cat commanded.
Obliging Cat’s order, Tiffany took the cock sandwich with both hands and began beating both of them off. I don’t think I need to say that the pleasure was intense for both girls; the feeling of their ultra-sensitive cocks on each other was amazing and Tiffany could feel the weight of Cat’s heavy balls on top of hers. Somehow symbolizing the growing up she need to do to become like this woman.
Cumming at the same time the girl’s cocks created a geyser of cum directly into the air, in which case Cat then directed onto Tiffany covering everything above her waist in a sticky white liquid. Cat collapsed on top of Tiffany, the strain of doing of these girls in one night was getting to her and she was only halfway done! Rolling off the cum soaked and moaning Tiffany Cat reached into the drawer and popped a pill that she bought from a guy claiming that it extended your duration and endurance time. Walking over to her closet Cat pulled out a harness of leather straps and a pull gag.
“What are you doing with that?” Tiffany questioned struggling to sit up.
“I may have forgiven you, but that doesn’t mean Ms. Inferno has.” Cat answered securing the harness to Tiffany and placing the ball in her mouth.
Standing back to admire her work Cat could see that there was no way that Tiffany could escape the elaborate connection of straps that held her legs open, her arms behind her back, and her face pointing forward. Entering back into her close Cat closed the door behind her, moved a dress that revealed a keypad, and put in an 8 digit code. When Cat pressed enter a click could be heard at the end of the closet.
It was a door leading to a room full of monitors, on each monitor was a live video feed. In the living room was Lily sitting on the couch, her lanky legs brought up to her chest. In the kitchen was Amy using a dildo stored in a drawer to pleasure herself. Looking out at lake was Samantha kneeling on the back porch, probably trying to calm herself down.
Cat hurried down the steps and poked her head around the corner.
“Lily come here it is an emergency!” She hissed lowly, but loudly enough for Lily to only hesitate for a second.
Running back up the steps Cat closed the door to the secret monitor room and placed a strap-on directly on the foot rest below Tiffany. Securing herself in the closet Cat hit the closet light just in time for Lily to come bursting into the room. To say that it was an awkward situation to have the girl who just raped you tied up in front of you is a huge understatement.
When Lily convinced her body to move she ran up to Tiffany and removed the ball gag.
“Who did this to you Tiffany?!” Lilt asked tugging at the straps.
“I am so sorry for what I did to you Lily” Tiffany said.
“What?” was Lily’s only response “This doesn’t seem like the situation to talk about that?”
“Can you think of a better one?” Cat said stepping out the closet wearing a robe “She raped you and now you can get justice with the thing you’re sitting on, don’t you want to?”
Lily looked down at the strap-on she was sitting on and jumped up.
“That strap-on is loaded with my concentrated semen and if you cum in her with it, there is no doubt she’ll get pregnant.” Cat explained rolling the strap-on in one hand and loosening her robe with the other.
“Your semen?” Lily questioned not nearly shocked as she should’ve been when she saw Cat’s well polished staff.
Thoughts raced through Lily’s head sped up by the drugs she had taken. When Cat tossed the strap-on to Lily she caught it and began fastening it on.
“How do you make it cum?” Lily asked tightening the straps.
“With this” Cat said tossing her a remote “have fun girls.”
With that Cat proceeded to walk to the side of the bed and sit in a chair. After looking at the teacher for a second Lily approached Tiffany their eyes glued to each other.
“You do realize I’m going to impregnate you with this cock right?” Lily asked uncertainly.
“I do and I also realize I deserve so shut the fuck up and pound my raping ass already” Tiffany demanded.
With that Lily simply began pound away her anger, frustration, and misery into the shorter girl’s pussy. The strap-on was designed so that with every thrust the user also received pleasure because the back of the strap-on had a small dildo on it. Lily was having the time of her life, she had been removed the straps that held Tiffany in place and had started slapping Tiffany’s tits with no sign of stopping.
“You fucking little whore.” Lily grunted between slaps on Tiffany’s now red tits “I bet you’ll think twice before you fuck anyone ever again now won’t you?”
“Yes master!” Tiffany cried out.
Lily had grabbed Tiffany’s flopping cock and was squeezing it so hard that Tiffany couldn’t cum, while Lily had already climaxed on top of her twice. Even though she couldn’t cum Tiffany got loads of enjoyment from the strap-on as Lily varied positions every few minutes. First it was doggy, then cowgirl, to reverse cowgirl, to Lily coming in as Tiffany was on her side, to missionary while Tiffany looked at the mirror and watched herself get fucked. Tiffany felt amazing, this was the first time she was on the other end of the cock and she envied Lily.
“Now enough is enough, it is time to finish this.” Lily grunted.
Cat smiled from the side of the room, she had jacking off with her fleshlight the whole time, but now she wanted in on the action. Approaching from the front of the bed when Tiffany went back to the cowgirl position she placed the head of her boom stick against Tiffany’s ass hole.
“I agree it is time to finish this.” Cat said from behind Tiffany as she slammed into her ass.
Tiffany’s cry was so high pitched Cat swore that some of it must have gotten through the floors. Not worrying about that however Lily and Cat were concentrating on wrecking Tiffany’s ass and pussy and they were doing an impeccable job. Cat could only hold out in Tiffany’s tight ass for so long and Lily hips were getting sore from thrusting. With a synchronized nod they both went balls deep into Tiffany and released their load.
Cat’s come gave Tiffany’s rectum a new color as she filled it up so much it overflowed. The strap-on’s cum however did a much more important job. Lily was balls deep inside Tiffany that the head of the strap-on was resting directly against Tiffany’s womb. When Lily hit the button the cum was forced directly into the womb, heated by the friction on the strap-on. Tiffany came last, when Lily released her cock, cumming mainly on her own face.
“So warm…” Tiffany tried to say, but couldn’t.
Cat pulled out first and went down stairs her cock rapidly shrinking. Looking around the kitchen corner she could Amy still going at it with the dildo.
“Put this on, upstairs, my room, now.” Cat commanded giving Amy a regular strap-on and Amy hurried to obey.
Cat followed Amy up stairs and got a beautiful shot of her pussy as the cheerleader bounced into her room fastening the strap-on. Upon reaching Cat’s room Amy was delighted to see Tiffany lying spread legged on the bed and cum leaking out her snatch. Letting Amy take care of Tiffany Cat looked around for Lily who she found in the bathroom staring at herself in the mirror. Closing the bathroom door behind her Cat came up and placed a hand on Lily’s shoulder.
“What if what I did was wrong?” Lily said looking at herself.
“If it was you can’t change it now.” Cat answered coming up directly behind Lily.
Lily broke down into a sob and Cat leaned over and wrapped her arms around her in a hug.
“I am so sorry Lily” Cat apologized
“What are you apologizing for?” Lily sniffled.
“For taking advantage of you right now. I think I can see why Tiffany enjoyed raping you so much. You’re so beautiful when you cry.” Cat replied slowly beginning to hump against Lily.
“Wait what are you doing?” Lily cried out trying to get out of Cat’s bear hug with little success.
Grabbing the back of Lily’s head Cat pushed it down over the kitchen counter so she had her in the same position Tiffany had her in other bathroom. Suddenly Lily went limp and Cat stopped to check on her.
“It’s no use; just use my as long as you say you love me.” Lily said against the counter.
“I do love you” Cat lied through her teeth.
With every thrust into Lily Cat began to feel more and more sympathetic with Tiffany, Lily’s pussy was amazing. The girl was actually tall enough that her pussy could take Cat’s entire cock and Cat loved it. Grabbing both the girl’s arms Cat pulled her back so she was forced to watch Cat thrust into her. It felt as if Lily could individually control her pussy muscles in just the right way to cause immense satisfaction.
“I think I’m getting close” Cat said into Lily’s neck and was shocked as Lily herself climaxed on her cock.
Not one to be left out Cat put the taller girl down and covered her body with her cum from the tits up. Using her cock as a rag Cat wiped the cum out of Lily’s eyes.
“You know Tiffany is still on the bed and you can have her right now if you want, the strap-on is on the bed as well.” With that Cat left the bathroom.
Amy was going at it Tiffany’s ass as Cat tossed Tiffany a pill that fell directly into her mouth.
“That should perk you up Ms. Prelin” Cat said as she walked into her closet and closed the door behind her.
Putting in the code again Cat went back to the monitor room and checked the time 7:57. It had stopped raining so they should still show up. By ‘they’ Cat meant a group of teenagers who often came by and hid in her back yard to watch her fuck hookers. Right on time 5 girls walked up to Cat’s fence and hopped it ages 14-18. Smiling Cat left her closet leaving the monitor room open.
After putting on a thong and then a plain brown skirt and tying a pink scarf around her nipples creating a makeshift bra, Cat then put on a red and white striped shirt. Taking the stairs two at a time Cat reached the back door with lightning quickness. Slowing herself down and taking deep breaths Cat prepared for the climax of the day. How she handled seducing Samantha would determine if she got sent to jail or if she got an awesome orgy.
Slowly pulling open the well oiled door Cat stepped outside. Samantha kneeling on the porch, and was staring out at the lake half way intent on it. The other half of Samantha’s attention was focused on bringing herself to an orgasm with her fingers. Cat made a loud ‘harrumphing’ sound and Samantha snapped her head back.
“Oh there you are Ms. Walker” Samantha said as if getting caught masturbating in your teacher’s house was normal.
“Samantha!” Cat shouted in believable surprise (4 years of drama in high school.) “I can’t believe you would do this to me, I thought surely Amy but not you!”
Cat was in the heat of her performance of shock; she reached out to Samantha tentatively then pulled her hand back as if disgusted. Cat walked along her backyard path toward the lake and she could hear the soft padding of Samantha barefoot behind her. Cat’s senses were sharper than most so she could hear the breathing of the 5 girls in the bushes by a nearby tree.
Leaning against the tree Cat covered her eyes and wrapped her other hand around her stomach as if grieving. Samantha walked right up to and stared at the older woman’s face. Leaning in close she whispered
“I know you have a fucking cock.”
Cat went still, though she really wasn’t surprised at all. She had called Samantha to her classroom during lunch and purposely started masturbating so Samantha would catch her.
“If you don’t pull your skirt off right now I’ll expose your secret to the whole school” The nerd threatened.
Cat knew that Samantha was under the influenced of twice the amount of aphrodisiac, but that sounded a little cruel. Unbeknownst to Samantha however there were 5 girls only a few feet away lying in the shrubbery watching the whole thing and judging by Cat’s excellent hearing at least 2 of them were masturbating.
“P-Please don’t tell anyone” Cat stuttered “My job is all I have!”
Slowly Cat unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to the wet round. Samantha roughly grabbed Cat’s package making Cat genuinely jump in surprise. Using one hand Samantha fondled Cat to hardness and with the other hand Samantha pinched Cat’s nipples. There were 3 girls masturbating now and the other two were in a make out session. Once Cat achieved full hardness for the 6th time that day (including the morning masturbation) Samantha jerked her around.
“I don’t want that thing pointed at me just yet.” Samantha hissed in Cat’s ear.
Reaching around Cat Samantha began jerking Cat off and slowly humping her at the same time. What Samantha didn’t know was that she was pointing a WMD at 5 innocent girls, Samantha instead was concentrating on how to best abuse her power. Cat on the other hand was enjoying the abuse greatly and the audience didn’t hurt either. If Samantha was thinking straight she would have noticed that Cat wasn’t mock crying anymore. As a matter of fact Cat was now thrusting into Samantha’s strokes and had placed one hand over Samantha’s so she could control the speed and the other was fondling her tits. By then 2 girls were eating the other two girls out while the last fingered herself and watched closely.
“Please stop Ms. Mill! I’m about to cum!” Cat cried out.
In an effort to get away Cat jerked free of Samantha’s really weak grip and stumbled slowly towards the bushes the girls were in frightening them. Samantha grabbed Cat around the waist and pulled her to a halt. Cat was directly over the girls now and they could tell she knew they were there. What they couldn’t tell was that she was about to cum and they didn’t know until it was too late.
“Ugh!” Cat cried out as Samantha viciously jerked her.
The black 18 year right below Cat’s balls was the one that received the most cum directly to her face. The rest of the girls still got his however and there was even money shot directly in another girl’s open mouth.
“That is it!” Cat said “I refuse to let you manhandle me like this!”
Turning the tables Cat jerked away again and turned back on Samantha. Grabbing her by the arm Cat bent her arm behind her back and pushed the 18 year old against a tree.
“It looks like you failed.” Cat growled into Samantha’s neck “Time for some remedial classes!”
With that Cat removed her cock that she was between’s Samantha’s ass cheeks like a hot dog and slowly inserted it into Samantha’s pussy which was dripping like a leaky faucet. All was well with the world until Cat encountered an object that stopped her cold. This object didn’t present a challenge physically as much as it did mentally. The dreadful obstacle was Samantha’s hymen, but before Cat could make a decision Samantha made it for her dropping down onto Cat’s cock.
Cat had to give the girl credit for not crying out, but biting her lip until it bled. After a minute of Samantha hugging the tree and Cat hugging Samantha Cat pulled out slightly and slammed back into Samantha without warning inciting a loud moan/groan. Not wanting to be a bad host Cat lifted Samantha off her feet, with her cock and hands, and presented her cock filled pussy to the 5 girls staring.
The girls were in awe of Cat’s length, of course they had seen it when Cat was fucking on the porch or on the grass in the yard, but it was a whole other story entirely to see the foot look gift to women up close.
Not wanting to disappoint her fans Cat began to thrust into the limp Samantha and Samantha simply flopped about like a rag doll to hype up on drugs and pleasure to feel anything significant.
“This is what I like to call the standing fuck.” Cat explained “It provides a great view if you have an audience or easy access if you want to slip to hotdogs in the same bun if you get me drift.”
After thrusting a few more times Cat laid the still dazed, scratch that, the fucked up Samantha on the surprisingly dry grass in front of the girls with her face against the turf and her ass in the air.
“This is traditionally called the doggy style position, because of its appearance to dog mating.” Cat taught as she fucked Samantha’s pussy.
“This one you have to be careful, because it’s a 50-50 chance your lover will like anal.” Cat warned “Make sure to have plenty of lube, which I’m using her pussy juices for and patience to slowly let your partner adjust to the sudden intrusion which I don’t have.”
Cat rammed Samantha in her ass shaking her out of her revere and into real life, where she was getting fucked by her teacher as 5 other girls masturbated watching her. Samantha put all her strength into saying something intelligent and witty to totally throw the situation to the dogs, but due to the fact her ass was being mauled all she managed was a grunt satisfied moan and sticking her tongue out like a thirsty dog.
“Alright I’ll think I’ll show you one more position before I head back inside girls.” Cat said flipping Samantha over helping her to her sitting position. “This is called the tit-job and it’s where you place your cock in a girl’s tit and allow her to move her it’s up and down on your staff. If she is talented enough she’ll lick the head of your cock as it comes out of her cleavage and if you’re long enough she can even give you a blowjob while she does it.”
Straddling Samantha the older woman grabbed her mammoth tits in each hand and placed her cock in between. Cat came right then and there Samantha’s tits was that soft. It was like fucking a cloud while an angel gives you a massage. Cat’s cum left a river of cum running down Samantha’s valley of Eden. Shaking herself awake the drug addled dark skinned girl smiled at what her teacher was doing.
“You need a hand with that Ms. Walker?” Samantha asked slapping away Cat’s hands and replacing them with her own.
Samantha knew her breasts better than Cat did and did a lot better job holding them in place than Cat who was overwhelmed and let the tits run over palm like jello. As if Samantha had subconsciously heard Cat’s teachings, she started sucking Cat’s cock as it entered her mouth through her valley. By this time the other girls were climaxing whether it was by themselves or with help. Cat realized she was fighting a losing battle here as she came in Samantha’s mouth while the main part of her cock was smothered in the teen’s marshmallow pillows.
Pulling out of the death trap tits, Cat flipped Samantha over and dove back into Samantha’s pussy causing the girl to gasp. Cat turned on her game face and concentrated on hitting all of Samantha's spots and that she did. Sticking Samantha’s leg in the air Cat pushed deeper her head nudging against the teenagers womb. Samantha once again had her tongue hanging out and her face contorted in the image of pure pleasure.
“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Cat grunted as she neared her final release.
“Oh! Oh! Ohhh!” Samantha moaned as she reached the greatest climax of her life.
They both came at the same time ignorant of the fact that the other girls had left out of decency. They knew the difference from raunchy sex and passionate lovemaking. Samantha’s body shook like a woman having a heart attack as she had multiple orgasms at once her scream scattering birds. Cat echoed her scream her spewing cum like a geyser, it quickly filled Samantha’s womb and the sheer force of the cum pushed Cat’s cock out of Samantha’s wreck pussy. The cum didn’t stop there however, once out Cat tried to put out the raging white fire by engulfing her cock in Samantha’s tits, but to no avail as the cum turned the dark skin titties white and splattered Samantha’s face. Cat was getting scared now, it was unnatural for any person to cum this much and all of Samantha’s body was covered in white stuff except one place. Seizing Samantha’s face Cat shoved her cock down her throat. The cum soon slowed then eventually stopped and Cat felt….fine?
After cumming enough for several horses Cat should have been at least unconscious and at worst dead. Instead she felt perfectly normal, looking down at her cock it was rubbed raw from all the fucking and Cat nearly passed out from the pain when she touched it. Turning toward the fucked up black girl Cat put Samantha in a fire man’s lift and carried her into the house every orifice dripping.
After staggering up the stairs Cat came into her room to find it a warzone comparable to WWII. There was cum everywhere, the sheets were ruined, and the girls were still in the cum covered bed. They were all asleep however, Lily fell asleep humping a strap-on tied to a bear, Tiffany passed out balls deep in Amy’s ass and Amy had this crazy look on her face like she had just solved a NCIS case before the show ended.
Cat placed Amy in one of the guest rooms, transported Lily and Tiffany to the downstairs fold out couch and for good measure placed Tiffany hand on Lily’s nipple and Lily’s hand on Tiffany’s balls, finally after hours of work cleaning her room and changing the sheets Cat placed Samantha and herself under the same cover and right next to each other on the same pillow.
Cat suddenly had a revelation as she lay down to sleep on her bed at 11:37. The revelation was the fact that she had done something she swore she never do again, fall in love. Facing Tiffany Cat placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, before darkness took her.
Cat had a good long sleep and a dream where she was teaching her daughter about the importance of pulling out while fucking her faceless mother. Suddenly Cat was opening her eyes blinking to get the light filtering in through her window. Pulling herself into the sitting position Cat looked around. Samantha lay beside her and the clock showed 10:24. Cat started freaking out until she remembered today was Saturday and she calmed down.
After waiting for her morning wood to die, because she was afraid to jerk off after yesterday’s giant orgy, Cat pulled herself out of the bed and into the bathroom to wash up. Leaving the bathroom Cat went into her closet and pulled out some jeans and a flowery shirt. With her stomach growling Cat headed downstairs, pass Tiffany and Lily who were sitting under the cover Cat gave them. After Cat fixed three bowls of cereal and expertly carried them upstairs with her waitress training. When Cat got up the steps Lily resumed jerking Tiffany off and snuggling in her neck.
After placing the bowls on the hallway banister Cat knocked twice on Amy’s door and entered to Amy bending over as she stretched.
“Hey Ms. C” Amy greeted her teacher “What happened last night I can’t remember squat and my vag hurts like hell.”
“We just played some board game and watched a few movie no biggie.” Cat replied giving Amy a bowl of cereal and sending her downstairs.
Cat walked into her room in time to see Samantha wake up.
“Nice to see you’re up and at em’” Cat smiled handing Samantha a bowl which Samantha started eating right away, apparently ravenous.
What Samantha didn’t know was that her cereal was spiked with the anti-aphrodisiac which would cause her memory to return over a period of time.
After everybody finished a delicious breakfast of coco puffs they loaded in the Ferrari and Cat pulled off.
“Was last night great or what girls?” Cat asked with a smile, her hair blowing the top down and her shades masking her eyes. The girls mumbled their agreement even though none of them truly remembered the night.
Cat dropped Lily off first and when no one was looking Tiffany gave her ass a quick slap. Amy was next, her house being only a few blocks away in the same neighborhood. After driving for a good 20 minutes through the still wet street they arrived at Tiffany’s house. Cat walked up to the door with Tiffany and stopped her before she could ring the doorbell.
“If you need anything at all or if you even need to get rid of something just see me during lunch” Cat said with a smile cupping Tiffany’s dick through her shorts.
Leaving the Asian shocked Cat strode back to her car and pulled out.
“So where do you live Ms. Mill?” Cat asked once they reached the entrance to the neighborhood.
“My father died in the war and my mother died of a heart attack my sophomore year. I stay with my aunt, but she could care less where or how safe I am.”
“I’m sorry to hear that Samantha.” Cat replied as she took a dirt road to her house.
“Yes it’s a real shame.” Samantha said pouting “Say for instance if you hadn’t shown up yesterday and some guy did they could simply pull over while taking me home and rape me.”
As Samantha said this she unbuttoned her top and let her braless tits overflow. When their eye’s connected Cat knew that Samantha remembered everything. Pulling over to the side of the road Cat ordered Samantha to get in the back. Leaving the car running Cat exited the driver’s side door, as Samantha crawled through the middle. By the time it took Cat to get to the back door the dark skinned girl had lifted up her skirt and used to fingers to spread her pussy for Cat to see.
Struggling to free her rapidly expanding cock, Cat simply pulled her pants down far enough that her cock sprang free and left her balls trapped. Wasting no time Cat got her cock into the hole it hungered for and started thrusting. Cat’s hands were on Samantha’s thighs pushing them out the way. Samantha’s hands were tweaking the nipples of her breasts as she got fucked.
The car was rocking so much that the girl door Cat opened closed. Seeing this Samantha opened the door her, which supported her, head, and laid her head upside down outside the car. With every thrust Cat’s head brush against Samantha’s womb sending shivers up the girl’s spine. Deciding this was the perfect time for chit-chat Samantha asked a question.
“You fuck teenagers on the side of the road often?”
“Only the beautiful ones” Cat replied cheekily “I getting ready to cum.”
“Go ahead and cum inside, what happens happens” Samantha replied wrapping her legs around Cat’s back.
So Cat dumped her first load of the day into her girlfriend on the side of the road. Pulling her still semi-hard dick out of Samantha, Cat sighed a contented sigh and began to get up.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Samantha asked grabbing Cat’s hand and pulling her back down “I haven’t given you your daily tit fuck yet” Samantha said scolding as she would a child.
Smiling at her lover’s boldness Cat gestured out the open car door. Cat sat on the car seat shaking off her pants as Samantha placed her mammoth milk makers on her ten inch cock. Rubbing up and down Samantha got into a natural rhythm which had Cat groaning. When Cat’s head cleared Samantha’s tits the girl would give it a good lick before she brought her tits up again. Since her mouth wasn’t occupied Cat slurred obscenities.
“God damn you fucking tits are amazing. I know a couple of people who would pay good money to ride a whore like you. Try harder you slut, we both know that giving tit-jobs on the side of the road is nothing fucking new for you.”
After a few minutes Cat came so hard she left a clear indent on the car metal she had been holding. She came a good amount, splattering most of Samantha’s face with her warm cum. Not giving Samantha time to rest Cat stood up suddenly, nearly braining herself with the car, and dragged Samantha by the arm to the front of the car. There she bent her dripping pussy over the warm hood, smashing Samantha’s tits against the shiny metal. Looking up Samantha could see her reflection in the windshield and see could also see Cat pull back and thrust into her.
The feeling was bliss as Cat fucked the girl on the side of the road in plain view to any passersby. Samantha felt great as well, her sense of voyeurism being used against her, of course the huge cock in her snatch and the steady pleasuring vibrations of the car’s engine didn’t hurt.
The couple climaxed together with Cat leaning over Samantha’s back balls deep into the girl and Samantha splayed over the hood of the car like a hit deer. After she pulled out Cat’s cum simply flowed out of Samantha’s orifice, finding no room. Slapping Samantha’s ass the couple got into the car in the nude to the world. On the ride home Samantha caught Cat’s mouth doing an array of expression from: happy to said sad to so angry Cat was afraid to say anything to an over stimulated look where Cat got hard again.
“Okay what are you thinking about over there?” Samantha asked.
“I’m thinking about all the things I’ve been through to get to this moment right here and I realize it’s a blessing I’ve made it even halfway.” Cat replied seriously.
“Why don’t you share your experiences aloud? I would certainly like to hear them, how about when you first lost your virginity?” Samantha asked.
“Well I was sixteen…………..”
That’s it and I’ll pick up Cat’s story in the next chapter of this series started in Medias Ray. I’ll go from 16 year old Catherine, who is very different from 25 year old Catherine, to present day Catherine, to what happens next. There will be a lot of stories attracting and repulsing people of various tastes.
Good Day, Good Evening and Good Night.


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