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A Puppets Life

by OwlGold

A Puppets Life

Chapter 1 - A New Role

When I woke I was in a bed and wasn't being threatened. That surprised me. My last memory was of walking out of work and down the alley to where my car was parked. I had felt a sharp sting on neck, closely followed by blackness.

My next thought was "Where am I and how did I get here". I could just make out a pink leather skirt and jacket hanging from the wardrobe door, and guessed I was in a woman's bedroom and, judging by the leather suit, a woman I looked forward to meeting.

That was enough to start my imagination fantasizing about the woman who would wear such sexy clothes and I felt myself getting turned on. Strange though, my arousal felt different, more internal, and this strange sensation in the pit of my stomach. Not like having an upset stomach, somehow more complete and permanent. I could quite put my finger on what was wrong.

I slid my elbows up to prop myself up on them. They slid smoothly, like the sheets were satin, but my hands insisted the sheets were cotton. Puzzled, I looked down. The top sheet was down around my waist and sure enough the sheets were cotton, I had felt the satin of the night shirt I was wearing. I looked back at the room and then suddenly what I had seen when I looked down hit me. The satin night shirt was a woman's style and bright pink, but the real shock was the way it hugged the two round and distinctly feminine mounds on my chest. Letting a high pitched and distinctly feminine scream, I sat bolt upright and my hands flew to my chest. They should have felt muscles and small nipples, instead they found a pair of large firm breasts, with large prominent nipples. As I looked down, long dark hair fell about my face and I shifted my hands to touch it. That was when I noticed that my hands were now small and delicate, with long, well shaped, pink, nails.

At that moment a young girl in a revealing silk nightie burst in the room and turned the light on. I looked up, and she said "Michelle, is everything all right". At first I could only stare, she was breath taking. About 20, a bit on the short side, long brunette hair, a beautiful face and curves in all the right places, I felt a shiver of arousal slip through my body causing more foreign sensations in my crotch.

Just as I decided to check on these strange sensations the girl spoke again. "Michelle! What is it". She was looking straight at me as she said it yet she called me "Michelle". That together with the obvious femininity of what I had seen of my body made me wonder whether the woman's the suit and bedroom were for me. The girl's presence was suddenly annoying, I realised I needed time to figure this all out.

Using both hands, I flicked my hair back over my head. The feeling of all that hair brushing against my satin clad shoulders and back, sent a shiver of arousal to my crotch. "It's OK, I just had a nightmare, I'll be all right" I said in a very feminine voice. The girl groaned, turned to leave and in a tired voice said "Well get some sleep. I don't want you piking out tonight!". I hardly heard her, I was still stunned by my voice. It was now at least an octave higher, distinctly feminine, and very sexy. Involuntarily, I moved one hand up to feel my throat and hit my one of my breasts on the way, I wasn't used to the way they jutted out from my chest. The feel of the soft fleshly mound under the slinky material, provoked more unfamiliar sensations in my crotch. The girl had left the light on and my hands pushed the sheet away. My crossed legs were hairless and, as one hand ran up my calf, I noticed how smooth and soft my skin felt.

Pulling the front of my night shirt up under my breasts, I was distracted by the feel of their soft warmth resting on my forearm. Looking down over them I let out an involuntary gasp. For some reason I had still expected to see a familiar cock and balls between my legs, but instead those smooth thighs led to a mound of public hair which curved out of sight under me. Trying to deny the obvious, I slid my hand slowly up the sensitive inside of my silken thigh and, as it reached the top, I felt a pleasurable contraction in my pelvis and an increase in the already distinct warmth in my crotch.

As my fingers cupped my crotch, I felt a crack running down my smooth mound and I pressed my finger into it. My probing finger slipped easily past my surprisingly wet pussy's lips, through into the very entrance of the vagina I should not have had. The worst was confirmed, my transformation into femininity was total. My body was now completely female and my arousal had caused it to ready itself for sex with a man. Shocked by the thought I pulled my hand away sharply and tried to think. I knew that I had passed out as a man and woken up as a woman named Michelle, but how had it happened and where was I? There were no answers in the bedroom, so I climbed out of bed. Sliding my bum across the sheets highlighted the new equipment between my legs in a stark yet sensual way.

I left the room and tip-toed down the hall to the lounge, all the way acutely conscious of the weight of my breasts and the way they moved under my satin nightie as I walked. Looking out the window I was disappointed to see nothing more than the houses immediately around. Turning I started to look around the house.

In the hall a guy, about 25, stepped out of a door and bumped into me, knocking me over. Apologizing profusely he helped "Michelle" to her feet. The physical contact with a man had a disturbing effect. Mentally I became 'Michelle', feminine attitudes and feelings taking over to the point where, noticing the guy was well built and totally naked, I started to feel very horny. Asking if I was all right, he placed his hands on my upper arms and I felt a feminine rush that left me with no self control at all.
I put a hand on his waist, pretending to steady myself, wet my full lips and looked up into his face. Following his gaze downwards, I realized the top of my night shirt was undone revealing my substantial and unfettered cleavage. I also noticed that his cock was growing and becoming erect. I found myself imagining his erection brushing against my sensitive inner thigh on its way to my hot pussy.

Lifting one leg and pretending to check my ankle, I 'accidentally' lost my balance and collapsed against him. He caught me neatly in his arms and held me against his body to steady me. My satin clad breasts rubbed sensuously against him, and reality improved on fantasy, as his half erect cock slid neatly between my legs. Trying to rise to full erection it rubbed teasingly between my legs. Disgusted, my male side fought to regain control and I managed a quick "Thanks, I'm fine" and started pulled away from the contact. As his cock slid out from between my legs it rubbed against my pussy's lips and it took everything I had to stop myself sliding back down it to him and continuing that delicious sensation.

As I moved back to my room, I regained control and relaxed a little. I felt naked, knowing that the split sides of my night shirt revealed top of my full hips and I wasn't sure its tail hid my bare pussy. Even if it did, I knew the guy behind me would still be fantasizing about slipping his cock into my hot haven, while his hands reached round and massaged my breasts. Realizing I was the one fantasizing, I pushed the feminine thoughts away.

Closing my bedroom door and leaning on it, I made a mental note to avoid physical contact with men while I was a woman. The complete take over by the needs of my woman's body had been frightening and I was not certain I would be able to fight if there was a next time. After all I had slipped back into femininity just thinking about physical contact with a man.

I needed some modest clothing if I was to contain the needs that drove my new body. Starting with the drawers, I opened the top one and stopped short. Towards the back was a vibrator, it was the biggest I had ever seen. Ten inches long and at least two across. Instinctively I reached out and picked up the vibrator. It looked even larger in my small delicate hand. The thought of it's purpose, sent ripples of pleasure through me. Without thinking, I turned it on and pressed it's tip against my clitoris, causing a surge of arousal that pushed me over the edge.

Feeling a strangely familiar softening of my mental outlook, I found myself pulling my night shirt over my head and lay down on the bed. I started by running the tip of the vibrator around my nipples. It caused the soft feminine mounds under them to quiver and I watched captivated as they enlarged, becoming erect and firm. Next I spread my legs wide and applied it to my clitoris, moaning with ecstasy as I rubbed it up and down the soft pink lips which peaked through my hot wet pussy.

Lost in my new sexuality, I licked the tips of my delicate fingers, admiring their scarlet painted nails. Still without conscious thought, my moistened fingers swirled gently around my large nipples, the long nails just catching the nipples tips. Then, my curiosity getting the better of me, I slid my hand down my smooth flat stomach to the mound of dark hair at my crotch. Gently parting my pussy's lips and revealing the moist silky skin of my sex's entrance, I ran the vibrator over the sensitive folds of my clitoris and pussy lips. A gasp of pleasure escaped my full lips, the inner pressure of my arousal increased. Running a finger teasingly around my entrance, I marveled at the intensity of my arousal and at the softness and sensitivity of my new sex.

Unable to contain myself any longer, I slowly and gently pushed the vibrator into my vagina. The feeling of my vagina being forced to expand to accept such a large vibrator, accentuated my femininity and I couldn't help moaning with desire. As my insides adjusted to it size, I started to pump it slowly in and out, while using my other hand to play with my clitoris. It felt better than I ever imagined and the pace of both hands rapidly increased. Even the soft, silky feel of my clit on my finger tip was adding to my arousal. As I built up the tempo I had my first female orgasm. It was stunning! It spread further through my woman's body than any orgasm had as a man and it last much longer. Afterwards there was a warmth and continued arousal that suggested a readiness for more. As this slowly subsided my masculinity managed to reassert itself but I still found myself thinking that being a woman might actually be a very interesting experience, for a short time. while it lasted. Feeling very satisfied, I drifted of to sleep.


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