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Taking charge of this. (A rendition of the night, here on the bay.)

by Haxsaw

Taking charge of this. (A rendition of the night, here on the bay.)

So I looked at the three girls after snapping the digital images. I used to use film. I used to use real film, 120, within a real camera. I would snap off a photo, then wind forward, advancing the next. Geez', revealing old age here, huh?
I posted them at W.M.M. EMG ran that site and did a sharp job. He had it set up and the codex was fast and furious. That meant it clicked up quickly and never hung, during Internet searches. I listed the three ladies under the photo section "entranced."
I was never into porn, not even soft porn. I was getting off with what I liked as a quiet past time. I enjoyed the ladies passive, obedient and far from harms way. Perhaps they were like my daughters or my best friends. I am not sure the feeling. One thing was for sure, I protected all my gentle listeners. These girls were no different.
At my rented cabin that warm summer night on the bay here I was in total control again. I used a technique giving me utter control. I would manipulate the girls as I saw fit. Take the former housemaid? I would often gently rotate her head, once she was in trance. The little lady seated besides her was acting out the role of the toy with dead batteries. I had her deactivated. She was saying, "No." Always so stubborn yet I snapped my fingers. In jig time she was drooping like a dead fish. The first lady against the wall was standing. I had her convinced she was on display at a mall.
Before this I had the music playing with the subliminals embedded. It was playing from the computer. I had a really gnarly, new mother board that cranked. It appeared and seemed as the same old set. It was fast as I wanted at least. The music sounded out a heavy bass track.
I was serving them. I had a hot coffee and they were poured ginger ale. As they giggled and spoke of the music they mentioned some stressful times. I listened. I was passionate. I offered to help. This allowed me chance to hypnotize them without even mentioning the word. I was telling we were to make a little mind exercise. I played along, leading them deeper.
Once all were limp and out of their own control I had each understand I was helping. I had them mindful they were to do this, over and over. The former housemaid asked I place her deeper. I was taken back. I figured she was already under yet she craved more. I was happy to oblige her.
She slowly took off her clothing. She told she was so hot. I held her while the other two girls slept soundly. I could feel her heavy breast against me. I kissed her neck and forehead. I had her dressed again. I told her she was a gargoyle, a statue, so to speak, high atop a building or church. I snapped my fingers and she was set.
The standing lady was told she was wearing the latest fashion. I asked where she liked to shop. I told her she was on display, at that store, for all to see her beauty. I snapped my fingers and she was set. Looking over her face I could dream of her giving me a blow job. I would not take advantage though. I respect the gentle listener.
The third girl was told to stand and walk about the room. I told her it was wise to always obey me. I taught her even when she felt the need to no longer follow she still felt, deep inside the desire to submit. I asked what she wanted. She confessed she wanted to follow me and only me, just follow me. I was so impressed I ordered she sit again. I told her the marching about was tiring. I stated at the count of three she would deflate as her batteries went dead. I told her she would be deactivated. 1, 2, 3, SNAP!
It was then I took the images, as best I could in the state of mind I was in. I masterbated in front of her. I wiped some sperm, a tiny wetting, under her nose. All the gentle listeners agree EMG offers great files and even neat stories here at warpmymind.com


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