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Broken Down

by jmaster12

Broken Down

“Shit! Seriously!?!”

As Sara struggled to steer her stalling truck she continued to curse at the engine light that insisted on pointing out the obvious. Her truck was breaking down and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do but hope not to completely stall in the middle of the road. To make matters worse, she was hopelessly lost. A few miles back her GPS suddenly stopped working leaving her with nothing but a blank screen and when she pulled out her phone to call for help it was also dead which made no sense considering the battery was charged and working perfectly earlier that morning. Now she was not only frustrated with all of her failing technology, but she was lost and frustrated in a heavily wooded, barely traveled back road where there wasn’t even anywhere to pull over. Thankfully luck hadn’t totally abandoned her, unlike her electronics, and just up ahead she saw what looked like some kind of gated driveway.

“Who the hell would want to live all the way out here?” Sara said aloud to herself. Either way it didn’t matter, all she knew was her truck sounded like shit and she wasn’t sure how long it could keep going and this driveway held an immediate possibility of her getting help.

Sara pulled up to the front gate which was even larger than it had originally appeared. Taller than her truck it had a foreboding feel like when you’re at an amusement park and you decide to look up at the mountainous roller coaster that you are voluntarily about to subject yourself to. The thick iron bars stood as a sentry warding away intruders. Just in front of the gate to the left was an intercom. Sara rolled down her window and took in a nervous breath as she willed herself to push the call button hoping and dreading at the same time that someone would answer. Suddenly the intercom came to life.

“Yes, who is it?” replied a woman on the other end.

Sara leaned out her window to make sure she was heard clearly.

“Um, hi would it be okay if I used your phone? I’m lost and my truck is having mechanical problems and my phone and GPS died on me.”

“Oh my!” the woman responded with sympathetic excitement in her voice, you are having a time of it aren’t you? Of course you can come and use my phone; I’ll buzz you in in just a moment.”

Sara breathed a sigh of relief as she heard the gate mechanism buzz and unlock. The heavy metal hinges of the massive structure moaned in protest as it began to open. As soon as the gate had fully opened Sara began the slow drive down the long paved driveway. Her truck was now coasting. The engine had completely failed and Sara hoped she had enough momentum to get her to the end of the driveway.

“Arrrrrg!?! Dammit, you have got to be freaking kidding me!” Sara screamed to her non caring vehicle.

The truck was now dead and she had what appeared to be a long walk ahead of her. Whoever this woman was on the other end of the intercom must treasure her privacy because the driveway pretty much doubled as its own freaking road and Sara hadn’t even traveled halfway over it.

Leaving her truck behind; Sara began the long lonely walk. Even though she was frustrated and beginning to tire, she had to admit to herself that the area was beautiful. It reminded her of the wildlife sanctuary near her house. She was surrounded by trees in the middle of a huge stretch of forest. If it weren’t for the fact she was so irritated by the day’s recent events, she may have actually been able to enjoy the view. But, she had a mission. She needed to get to a phone, get her truck towed and get the hell back to civilization. After what seemed like miles, Sara finally saw a building up ahead.

“What the...?!?", she exclaimed.

In front of Sara stood what looked like some kind of huge medical looking complex, complete with its own parking lot and glass exterior at the entrance. As she walked in through the automatic double doors she was greeted with something else she couldn’t understand. This place was completely empty, well empty of people in any case. A facility this huge should be bustling with activity yet Sara seemed to be the only person there.

“Um, hello... is there anybody in here?” Her voice echoed adding to the eeriness of the situation? A hand suddenly but gently grabbed Sara’s shoulder from behind.

“Hello Sara, glad you could make it. Why don’t you have a seat, you look absolutely exhausted.”

The woman came from freaking nowhere causing Sarah to jump with fright.

“Whoa, where did you come from?!? Sorry I mean thank you, I um... wait how did you know my name?”

Sara couldn’t believe her eyes, as distracted as she was from the woman startling her she had to admit she was absolutely gorgeous. She looked to be in her mid 30’s, with long wavy black hair that reflected the lights in the room. Her eyes... they were like deep pools of blue that reminded Sara of the ocean she so loved to visit. It felt as if she could just stand there and allow herself to drown in those wonderful inviting eyes. She was also stunningly tall causing Sara have to look up slightly just to meet her wonderful gaze and her perfume was subtle and slightly flowery, like a rose on a warm spring day that had just opened taking in the sun. And there was something else... something seemingly familiar about this woman that tugged at Sara’s mind but she just couldn’t put her finger on what that something was. The woman gestured for Sara to have a seat on the plush leather couch in what appeared to be a massive waiting room. She sat on the couch shaking her head to try and clear her mind and suddenly remembered her unanswered question.

“How did you know my name? I don’t remember telling you?”

“Why you did tell me my dear, over the intercom. Don’t you remember?”

Sara thought back to the prior conversation she had but she didn’t remember giving the woman her name.

“Um, I... really don’t... remember...”

Before Sara could finish her sentence, the woman began speaking rapidly.

“Why of course you don’t my dear, you’ve had a very trying day and I’m sure you’re extremely tired. It’s no surprise you would forget. It’s so easy to forget things when one’s mind and body are so exhausted. It’s a wonder how you are even able to keep your head up as the exhaustion must be such a deep, heavy weight. A weight so hard to fight, so hard to keep your tired, heavy head from falling back on the couch an allowing sleep to wrap you in its warm embrace. So hard to keep those tired, heavy eyelids open as they become heavier with each...exhausting...blink.”

Sara stared blankly in the woman’s direction for a short while focused on nothing but the sound of her soft, soothing voice. A voice that seemed to know exactly how her body was feeling. A voice that began to seem vaguely...familiar... Shaking her head suddenly to get her bearings, Sara met the woman’s gaze. She had to fight her exhaustion and get her truck towed and get back home.

“Sorry I must have zoned out there for a second, um..so can I please use your phone?”

The woman smiled and placed a filled beverage glass in Sara’s hands.

“Of course my dear but first drink this. While you rest on the couch and drink I’ll just go down the hall and get you a phone so you can call a tow truck.”

“But, I’m really not thirsty I just...” Before Sara could finish the woman gently interrupted.

“Now now my dear, please, I insist. You look so tired and I’m sure all that walking has left you parched. Go on, drink. I’ll be right back with the phone.”

Sara had to admit it was an unbelievably long driveway and now that she thought about it she was thirsty and this woman was being extremely kind letting her into her place to use her phone, the least she could do was be hospitable and accept the beverage.

“Okay, thank you.” Sara said with genuine gratitude as she took the glass from the woman.

Smiling, the woman stood up began to walk away.

“You’re very welcome my dear, now go ahead and drink up, I’ll be back in just a minute with a phone.”

As the woman walked away, heels clicking hard against the buffed tile floor echoing throughout the empty facility, Sara allowed herself a moment to relax and lean back on the couch. She took a small sip of the beverage and was pleasantly surprised by its taste. It reminded her of when she was a kid and she would mix her Kool-aid packets together to try and find that perfect combination. Obviously this woman had found that combination because before she knew it, she had drunk the entire glass.

Setting the glass down on the table in front of her, Sara settled back into the couch and took in the scene. This building reminded her of a hospital lobby, complete with front desk and its long hallways all around and that damned sterile scent that accompanied such facilities. But what didn’t make sense is it seemed like she and the other woman were the only ones there. Things just didn’t seem to add up.

A couple minutes passed and Sara was beginning to wonder where the woman had gone. It was getting late and Sara’s head felt like it weighed a ton.

“Man, I must be more tired then I realized”, she said out loud to herself.

Her head felt so heavy and she was finding it extremely difficult to keep her eyelids open. It was as if every time she blinked they became heavier and heavier to the point where just the mere act of blinking became exceedingly difficult because it meant she would have to try even harder each time to open her heavy eyelids again. Then the idea hit her, if she just lay back on the couch for just a moment she was sure it would help her get her bearings. Obviously the phone must be pretty far away because the clicking of the woman’s footsteps had not been heard for some time now. Sara was sure it would be okay to lean back for just one moment and as she did she realized that the room seemed spin and go out of focus. She tried to raise her arm to rub her eyes but her hand only made it halfway to its destination before dropping heavily into her lap. Sara’s heart began to race as alarm bells in her mind were going off telling her something wasn’t right. She shouldn’t be feeling like this. Her escalating panic was pumping adrenaline through her veins allowing her one last extreme effort to stand and make a run for it. She managed to raise herself away from the couch only to drop right back down, limp and completely unconscious.

Somewhere, in another part of the building, the woman sat behind a large panel of monitors and watched Sara succumb to the sedative she had just been given. Smiling to herself, she got up from the console, rolled her chair back under the desk and walked out of her office wheeling a gurney to the lobby.

Sara awoke slowly, her mind trying to clear a fog that had settled in. After a few moments she began to stir and to her shock she realized she couldn’t move. She was naked and her wrists and ankles were bound to a bed securely with padded leather straps and all she could do was move her head from side to side.

“What the fuck!!!, let me outa here, she screamed to the empty room.

Sara thrashed against her bonds but the only thing she accomplished was to wear herself out. She angrily dropped her head back on the pillow and began to take in her immediate surroundings. She was in what appeared to be some kind of lab complete with more electronics than she had ever seen and all she could hear was the steady hum of the surrounding machinery and constant beeps from a heart monitor that had been hooked up to her. Suddenly she realized she had an IV injected into her left arm with an unknown greenish liquid invading her veins. She wasn’t sure what was going on but she would keep screaming until she found out.

“Sara, please try to remain calm.” Said the woman whom she had met earlier who had just entered the lab. Except now she was wearing a crisp white lab coat.

“What are you doing to me and why am I here!?!, exclaimed an exasperated Sara to her now kidnapper.

“I don’t understand... please tell me what’s going on!”

The woman stood next to Sara and lowered the side bar to her bed so she could easily access her IV line and gently caress Sara’s forehead.

“It’s quite all right my dear, no need to get upset, I’m going to take care of you and help you with your little problem.”

Sara looked at the woman with an expression of absolute confusion.

“What little problem?!? The only problem I have is I’m here naked and strapped to a table in a lab and you are holding me hostage.”

The woman gently brushed back a strand of Sara’s curly brunette hair that had fallen over her left eye and caressed her cheek.

“Perceptions my dear Sara, that’s all, and yours are obviously differing from the truth right now but no matter, all that will soon change and you will understand.”

Sara had no idea what this woman was talking about but decided that since she was in no position to protest she might as well play along until an opportunity to escape presented itself.

“What do you mean problem and what exactly is it that I’m supposed to understand?”

“Ah, so glad you asked my dear, the problem is that you’ve forgotten something that will help you understand. Do you know who I am Sara? Think for a moment and search your mind and heart before answering.”

Sara was so confused but she didn’t know if it was because of what was being pumped into her veins or if it’s because this woman did seem familiar somehow. Even over the intercom there was something... something about her voice that... that Sara just couldn’t put her finger on. And when she met her, there was...something. But it was as if her mind was withholding secrets from her and she just couldn’t access where these feelings were coming from.

“I... I, you... I can’t... but...” Sara stammered.

“Shh, it’s okay my dear just relax and I’ll help you remember.”

The woman continued to gently caress Sara’s forehead.” I just need to make some adjustments to your IV before we continue.”

Moving just a few steps away from Sara, the woman went over to a metal tray and came back with a small syringe with bluish looking liquid. She sterilized the IV port, popped the cap off the syringe and began to slowly inject its contents into Sara’s IV line. Suddenly Sara’s entire body began to feel warm and her clit began to pleasantly throb. She was getting hotter and hotter and beads of sweat began to form all over her body. She could taste and smell something almost sickly sweet as the remainder of the syringe was emptied into her IV. A few moments passed and her entire body was enveloped in warmth yet she felt eerily relaxed and docile. Her vision was still clear but the woman seemed somehow different to her as she fixed her gaze upon her beautiful face. The longer she looked at the woman the faster her heart would race and a feeling of familiarity began to seep into her mind again. Without realizing she had been zoning out, Sara was quickly brought out of her reverie by the gentle touch of the woman on her arm and her entering into her field of vision.

“How are you feeling now Sara?” the woman asked.

With a sigh of contentment Sara lazily looked at the woman and whispered that she felt okay but tired.

“I’m sure you are that last injection should be doing quite a number on your mind and body right now. You won’t be able to struggle anymore but you look so sexy in those restraints so I’ll just keep you in them for a while longer while we get re-acquainted.”

Sara felt a rush of pleasure go straight to her pussy at the thought of being restrained and how it had pleased this gorgeous woman whom she felt so comfortable with. The pulsating increased even more as the woman leaned in closer and began kissing her neck and nibbling her ear. Then her soft hands made their way to her breasts and Sara almost yelped in excitement at the electrical pleasure she was getting from the woman’s ministrations with her nipples. Finally her fingers made their way to her folds and slowly separated them as she began sliding her fingers in and out of her soaked snatch. Faster and faster the woman seemed to know just what Sara liked as she brought her to the edge of orgasm then suddenly stopped. Sara bucked and writhed in her restraints trying desperately to grind against those wonderful fingers but to no avail. She couldn’t take it anymore and begged the woman to continue.

“Not yet my dear, there is still the question of your memory we haven’t dealt with. I don’t think I could live with myself if I were to continue with only part of you here awake to enjoy this.”

“Fuck my memory”, Sara exclaimed, “Just please keep going, it felt so good. I don’t care just please don’t stop.”

“I’m afraid that’s your pussy talking my dear, what I want is your mind and your pussy. So let’s see if your previous programming held and we can sort this out quickly shall we.”

Sara was suddenly confused at the word “programming” and her sexual excitement began to chill as her mind began to reel at the thought that something had been done to her and she didn’t remember what that something was.

The woman took note of Sara’s sudden change in demeanor and gently pressed into the center of Sara’s forehead with her finger. The moment her finger touched her forehead, Sara’s body relaxed as if she had been given another sedative and she let out a deep sigh of contentment. With a look of absolute joy the woman exclaimed, “Very good! I see the tactile trigger is still in place! Now let’s try the verbal. Sara... look at me, yes that’s right, look deep into my eyes and listen very closely to what I’m going to say next... Safe and secure...deeply relaxed...” then the woman snapped her fingers and Sara collapsed into a deep trance completely relaxed and awaiting further commands from Mistress Elana.

“sara... wake command blue7.” sara opened her eyes but remained in a deep trance. “Now little one, who am I?”

In a sleepy monotone voice sara answered, “You are Mistress Elana.”

“Very good and who are you?”

“i am Mistresses pet, i live to serve Mistress in whatever capacity She desires. my will is Her will. my only desire is Her desire.”

“That’s right little one, oh sara how I’ve longed to hear those words and waited to bring you back to me and finally here you are, right back where you belong!

Your suspicions were right my dear, when you were in the hospital all those years ago and I came in with the clearance to have you all to myself and unhook the cameras in your room, those psychological tests were really part of a secret lab experiment I was conducting to study various mind control methods. Then when a terrorist threat diverted funds from my project, I had to come up with another way to keep the project going. I was able to save my work but not able to take you with me.

You are the first subject I’ve been able to find and bring back into the fold. Your absolute fascination with mind control and hypnosis were a result of several implanted suggestions from me during our sessions. I allowed you to remember parts of me, not enough to piece together what had been done to you or to know who I was, but enough to allow you to miss the mysterious woman at the hospital and long to find her again but not know why. I was the one who arranged for you to be on that back road and it was technology I installed in your truck and electronics that made them fail right at my doorstep. And now that you’re back, I believe it’s time that we get re-acquainted don’t you think?”

With pure devotion and exhilaration in her heart, sara replied, “Yes Mistress, anything You desire is my desire!”

“Of course it is little one, now let’s get those restraints off of you. Command sarablue3.”

At the sound of the command sara found that she could move again and move she did, her hands found their way to Mistresses clothes and hastily removed them, her fingers sliding from Mistresses breasts to Her sopping cunt. sara wasted no time sucking and fingering her Mistress, starting with Her glorious breasts then fingering Her clit. she then moved down to Her clit and began gently licking and sucking while taking in her Mistresses sweet nectar. sara suddenly plunged her fingers deep into her Mistresses waiting sex creating multiple lengthy orgasms. As her Mistress climaxed so too did sara and after an unknown amount of time passed they lay there on the bed, spent from their recent activities just enjoying each other’s touch. Then, Mistress got up and began to dress.

After dressing She turned to sara as said, “I believe it’s time to find your sisters don’t you think.”

“Yes Mistress,” was all sara cared to think or say.”


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