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The Neighbour

by Pinstryp

The Neighbour

It had been a couple of weeks with out sex, my wife had not been in the mood and so, I start getting horny - who doesn't? Susan had to go to a neighborhood board meeting and that left me with nothing but time and my own thoughts to drive me to distraction. I went up to the clubhouse pool for a late evening swim. I did a few laps in the pool and then got out and relaxed in the lounge chair while I started to dry off in the fading sun. It was then that I saw her --- tall brunette with a one piece white bathing suit that looked fabulous against her deeply tanned skin. She came over and set up shop in the chair next to mine. A book in hand so she could be left alone, but a glance over to me was one that invited a conversation. So it began. Small talk, I am not even sure what we had said, I was trying not to stare at her exposed cleavage that seemed to be drawing my attention each time she twisted her body to continue our conversation.

You know the idle chatter that starts conversations for people who decide to get to know each other better - Was I married? Where was my wife now? What kind of job I have? How long I have lived here? To which I answered that I was married and told her a bit about Susan, and why I was up at the pool alone. I told her I had lived here 7 years and that I was a writer and work out of my home. The same kind of questions were asked by me and she responded that her name was Ann, that she just moved in a block from our house, that she wasn't married but involved with someone special. She hinted that she was available for fun, but it was one of those statements that are not said directly but rather given an underling tone.

Just as the sun hit the horizon she asked me to join her for a drink back at her house, saying that I was one of the nicest looking guys she had met since moving in three weeks ago.

I knew Susan would be at that board meeting for another few hours and I liked the company that Ann presented me, so I agreed and walked her to her house. We entered the garage and she told me to wait while she turned off the alarm, then stepped into the house and shut the door behind her. After what seemed like 2 minutes she returned to allow me enter. I was disappointed by what I saw as she reopened the door to her house. Ann had changed clothes.... Gone was the wonderful swimsuit and in its place was a ¾ length silk robe.

"Take your shoes off, and put this on," she instructed while handing me a pair of satin running shorts. "I don't want your damp swimsuit to damage the furniture." Then pointing to her first floor master bedroom door, "You can change in there."

This was not what I expected, but I wanted to be with her --- wanted the conversation to continue --- but more than that --- I wanted to be with this sexy creature. It didn't seem like a weird request and I politely kicked off my sandals and changed in her bedroom. The running shorts were loose fitting and unlike the swimsuit I had just removed, these shorts did not have any support. They were thin material and allowed my cock and balls to hang down. Now I worried about getting excited....and it showing!

Her bedroom was nice, with a 4-poster bed in the center of the room and a large master bath that had a sunken tub.

The conversation turned to sex and I was more than willing to give her some information about my wife and I. I told her how we don't have sex often enough to please me, and I described my wife's attributes - namely her looks. She is a petite woman of 4' 11" and weighs only 92 pound wet. She has long blonde hair that hangs down past her waist. Baby blue eyes, and a cute face, and large breasts for a petite woman. She wears a 32 C but could push it to a D if she didn't like how the C cup seemed to push her cleavage together to make a perfect sight. In contrast, Ann was 5' 10" maybe 165 pounds and seemed to be toned very well --- perhaps even muscular for a woman. Her breasts were at least 36DD.

Ann continued our conversation on sex when she was telling me how much she liked to be in charge, and have sex slave wait on her hand and foot. She told me that her partner was not into being dominated, he would rather be the boss also. This left her feeling unfulfilled in the relationship. She wanted more. I had always been the boss of our marriage, but really wasn't that dominant with Susan... we were just easy going I guess you could say.

I let on to Ann that an arrangement of not being in control excited me. It was like a green light for her. Ann started stroking my leg and working her hand up inside my open shorts. She wasn't going directly for my cock, but just the nearness of her hand made the little monster grow. We had been talking in her family room and she pressed me into the couch and began to kiss my cheek, neck and ear. As her hot breath was at my ear, I had surrendered, and was just laying back enjoying this new way of foreplay. Ann's hand snaked into my shorts and got a grip on my balls and squeezed. I yelped! She laughed and had an evil look... one that sent shivers up my spine. I looked like prey for her and she was going to eat me for dinner.

When I reached up to her breasts and started to pull her robe off her shoulders, she stopped me, putting my hand back at my side. "No touching, you are mine to play with" she admonished me. Then she went back to kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear lobe. Moments later, she pulled my shorts off and my cock sprang free.

"Mmmmm, how delicious you look.... I bet I could swallow your whole cock." She told me. Now, I am not one to complain about getting a blow job...but I didn't quite catch that she was really saying that I am smaller than what she is accustom to having in a cock. She climbed off of me and scooted over on the couch. She was still in her robe, and all I had on was a T-shirt. "Stand up next to me... I want to suck your dick" she told me. "Lose the T-shirt" I managed to yank the shirt over my head and stand in front of her waiting for her lips to circle around my hard member.

Ann started cupping my balls in one hand and jerking me off with her other hand, while at the same time licking the tip of my dick and occasionally putting a few inches in her mouth. I got even harder. Ann was moaning and enjoying her activity until she looked up at me from her seated position and asked, "Does this satisfy Susan?"

I thought about her comment for just a moment but since I was proud of how hard I was at the time, I answered "Yes it does"

"Really?" She said just before taking my whole cock into her mouth.

"I haven't had any complaints from her in the past" I replied in my own defense.

"Well, I guess if she is as small as you said, then she is pretty tight in the snatch too" Ann retorted.

It was tough of me to be getting a blow job from a neighbor I had just met 2 hours earlier, but to have her question my stability with Susan while she was doing it was a bit awkward.

Then to the understatement of the year I said, "Well, I know I am not as big as some guys, but this 6 inches is pretty thick and it does the job it was intended for"

"I would guess closer to 5 inches, maybe 6 if we gave you a couple of Viagra.... But don't get all cocky on me with the thickness either.... You should be glad that I think you are cute and decided to let you have all this pleasure" She stated with a sneer on her lovely face.

A woman giving me a blowjob was putting me in my place. I had to try and change the tone here ... I tried to be funny and quote a line from a play I once saw while I held on to the back of her head and pushed it onto my hard cock "Me thinks you talk too much wench"

Ann gagged on my cock.... I think it caught her off guard.... But what happened next caught ME off guard. Ann squeezed my nuts with the hand that had been softly stroking them, and pushing back against my hands holding the back of her head she forcefully stated "Remove your hands from my head." I did so immediately.

But now I put one hand on her wrist to try and remove it from my balls and she took offense to that too.

"Listen here smarty pants ... When I feel like giving you a blow job, you will stand still and keep your hands to yourself. Do NOT put them on me. DO NOT try to stop me from what I am doing. You can play with your nipples or put them behind you and hold your ass open...but don't put them on me. NOW LET GO!!"

I did. She let up her squeeze then smiled up at me. "Listen Pet... you will like this a lot more if you just give in to me." Then she sighed as I she saw the fear in my eyes. "It is a power thing with me... I told you my partner is pure man. Not only is he a BIG man...but he knows how much he can pleasure a woman and knows he can get away with being bossy. This is for MY pleasure, and I will sit here with my clothes on, while you stand naked at attention letting me take your dick. When it is time for you to go down on me.... I again will be comfortably sitting down while you will be on your knees before me. AND I WILL PUSH YOUR FACE DEEPER INTO MY WET PUSSY and you will please me."

Her dominant speech was turning me on again. She was telling me that she would only accept me as her plaything. She wanted to be in charge.

"Remember, you get something you always wanted out of this deal --- you get sex. You wanted sex... a lot of it." This part was apparently true since she was milking my cock.

Ann went back to letting her tongue lick my dick, and I stood there naked, with my hands behind my back so I didn't mistakenly grab the back of her head again, and I contemplated her words.

Then I came.... I squirted hard and she sucked down every drop.

She stood up and as she walked toward the kitchen, she told me to stay put. After that little episode, I didn't even think about sitting down on the furniture. I just stood in the middle of the room with my poor cock shrinking back to normal size.

She smiled at me when she returned, and I am sure her thoughts were of how I was still doing as she commanded. "Here, drink this. It is a home made herbal tea that my partner found will give you more stamina in the sack." As I drank the brew, I got a shiver that sometimes occurs when something doesn't agree with your taste buds. "Finish it all my dear pet, and follow me to the bed room"

From there, everything got a bit fuzzy... and I do remember her taking off her robe. She had a pair of blue lace panties on that I remember kissing. I saw as she peeled them off for me to lick her. I remember a voice telling me to obey. The voice told me I was a PET that obeying would give me pleasure. The other memories that flooded into my poor brain were that of a large cock. Much bigger than mine. My god... I was afraid that she was not a full woman. She had a cock and made me look at it. She made me play with it. The voice kept telling me to be a good pet and obey. After that, I don't remember a thing.

I woke up the next day in my own bed, in my own home. Was it a dream? How did I get home? Did Susan know what I had done? Did this beautiful woman exist? I remembered the sex, and began to get scared that she was different ... that she was not entirely a woman. That she was once a man, but had some surgery to add a fabulous set of boobs. I decided that the best thing to do was to forget everything that happened and not go near that woman again. Easier said than done. But now I had to find out what Susan knew of my encounter.

I started questioning Sue about last night. "What time did the meeting end, dear?"

"9 PM"

Hmmm, not much to go on....but I couldn't be this sore, and only had been out till 10 with the wild woman last night, so I asked "Boy, I don't even remember going to bed last night."

Sue was working around the bedroom picking up some clothes and answered "You didn't come to bed dear, you were asleep on the couch at 6 this morning, I went to bed after the meeting, and assumed you had gone for your evening jog after being at the pool. I heard what I thought was the door slam, and woke up and you weren't in bed beside me. I got up and found you asleep on the couch. The TV was just static, but it was turned down almost all the way, so I assumed you fell asleep watching it."

I sighed with relief that she wasn't worried about me, or that she didn't suspect me of any wrongdoing. I began to try to put last night (or what I could remember) out of my mind.


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