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Girls Night part 2

by Briar

Girls Night part 2

Chelsea bent at the waist, making sure to give John an excellent view of her ass, before turning back to him and telling him to shut his eyes. John could hear her pulling something from under the bed. Then he felt something stiff wrap around his waist and felt it cinch tightly around him as Chelsea tightened the corset. He felt the bottoms of garters brush against his thighs, so he wasn't surprised when he felt Chelsea turn him around and sit him down on the bed knowing it would be followed by the sensation of stockings being rolled up each of his legs before being fastened to the garters. He wasn't, however, expecting the feeling of panties rimmed with lace to follow the stockings up his legs to his thighs, before Chelsea helped him up and pulled them up around his waist. Next she had him step into what he knew must be a dress, as he felt her pull it up around him, clinging to his new artificial curves as Chelsea zipped it up in the back. Once the dress was on, she had him step into petticoats, again pulling them up around him, even through the stockings he could feel the material wisp around his legs. As finishing touches, he felt a choker tighten around his neck and stepped into what must have been 3 or 4 inch heels, each of which took Chelsea a few seconds to secure on his foot.
“Are you ready to see how pretty you look?” John heard Chelsea say.
“Yes.” John breathed, more anxious and excited about this moment than he had imagined he would be.
As he opened his eyes, he saw that Chelsea had positioned him in front of a mirror, and he felt his mouth drop open. He saw himself dressed in a pink gown. The petticoats made it poof out around his legs, but it didn't quite reach the floor and he could see matching pink high heeled shoes on his feet. He lifted his skirts a little to get a better look, and saw that the shoes were tied to his feet with bows that stood out against the white stockings on his legs. Letting his gaze wander up, he saw the gown clinging to the curves created by the corset. They weren't as dramatic as Chelsea's, but it was quite a change from his usual shape. Going further up still he saw the pink choker that he'd felt Chelsea put on him, and finally he took in his face. He had glimpsed a couple of the things that had been applied to it, so he had a vague idea of what to expect, but nothing close to what he finally saw. His skin, usually nice but a little spotty, was flawless, perfectly touched up with concealer and foundation. His lashes were long, dark and full, with a strong curl. The eye liner was heavy enough to be noticeable, but not over done, and his eyebrows were high and slender. His cheeks were tinged pink with blush, matching his shimmery eye shadow and complimenting his pink lipstick, with a slight layer of gloss over it to make it shine.
“I wish we could have done something about your hair, but beyond that, you're a perfect little princess” Chelsea said from behind him, smiling.
John turned back to look at her, smiling himself. “I really am!” He said, with a giggle. “So, what do princesses like to do?” He asked. He wasn't sure why he'd phrased the question that way, but he couldn't seem to think straight anymore, his mind seemed to be filled with a pink mist and everything he tried to do or say seemed to come out more silly and girlish than he originally intended. But, he had to admit, dressed like this, it all seemed right. Certainly more appropriate than the boyish responses he was coming up with. And the more he sank into it, the more he let it alter his responses and actions, the happier he got.
“Oh, all sorts of things!” Chelsea said with an even bigger smile.
The two of them spent hours drowning in the mist. They had a tea party with Chelsea's stuffed animals, flipped through girly magazines and touched up each other's makeup, gossiping the entire time. About celebrities, old friends, new acquaintances at school, even boys. John was surprised at how much he actually had to say about this last topic. He somehow knew all the right times to giggle and oooh, and was amazed at how much he noticed about other guys, even if he hadn't realized it at the time. He didn't think much about it though, he had given up on cross analyzing his new, pink thoughts hours ago. All he noticed was how much fun he was having being a girl.
Once things had wound down a bit, about 45 minutes after the two had decided to focus entirely on chatting rather than splitting their attention, Chelsea started leaning forwards toward John while they sat on the floor.
“I know this was supposed to be a typical girl sleepover, and I'm pretty sure this isn't normal, but all of my sleepovers seem to get to a point where everyone starts to get a bit... excited, especially after all the boy talk.” Chelsea said.
“Oh, really?” John replied, leaning in toward Chelsea as he gave the best seductive smile that the fog could muster.
“Really,” she replied, smiling back, “and everyone's usually got some trick from one of the magazines they're itching to try. Personally, I haven't been able to get my mind off a certain article in... this one.” She glanced to her left and flipped open one of the magazines she'd been reading earlier, clearly strategically placed for this moment, revealing a spread on “What Guys Want from a Blowjob”.
John felt himself get hard, no, harder? Had he been aroused this entire time? He hadn't even noticed before now, but he definitely wasn't starting from scratch.
“The only problem is,” Chelsea continued, her face slipping into an exaggerated frown “We don't usually get to find a boy to practice on for days.”
“Oh, that's dreadful!” Said John. He was definitely turned on, which was enough to get a chunk of his brain to wonder if the pink mist was going to keep him from getting head from his dream version of his girlfriend. He'd had fun handing himself over and being a girl tonight, but not even that could eclipse the libido of someone in his early 20s. If he had to fight the mist, he felt pretty well equipped.
“It is! But where there's a will, there's a way.” Chelsea leaned in to kiss John on the lips, then started to lift his skirts and crawl between his legs.
John's worries evaporated as he felt himself lean back without having to struggle. Maybe the mist wanted this as much as he did, or maybe it was just a filter, translating male thoughts and reactions to female ones but keeping the motives and intentions. Maybe it just blocked out inhibitions and he'd known what to do all along. Whatever it was, it was clearly on his side. He felt Chelsea start licking around his cock, hidden beneath all those layers of fabric. John's head slipped back and his eyes closed as Chelsea kept teasing him for a few minutes before getting to the main event. Little moans of pleasure escaped John's lips, higher and lighter than the sounds he usually made, but he didn't have time to think before his mind was pulled back to the attention being lavished on his cock. Nothing managed to pull him away until he felt Chelsea starting to rearrange his skirts. He opened his eyes and looked down to see that she had given him a perfect view of her, all dressed in black and red, as her ruby lips slipped up and down over his dick. John was amazed at how much he had been enjoying it up to this point, usually the visual was his favorite part of of a blowjob. She managed to keep him going for longer than he'd ever lasted before, always stopping just before he would have finished to focus on some other part of him, sucking his balls, kissing his thighs, keeping him hot but not cumming, before returning to his cock. Finally he couldn't hold it any longer, though he couldn't shake the feeling this was more by Chelsea's design than his own, he felt himself start to cum in her mouth. At first he was worried, they had never tried that before, but he saw that she wasn't pulling away. He closed his eyes, and the pink mist took him back entirely, leaving him only bliss.
Chelsea's voice came from a few inches below his face, sweet and sultry at the same time. “I've always wanted to try that.” She said. To his surprise, John felt Chelsea pushing off of him. He opened his eyes and saw her standing by her closet, her panties on the ground next to her. He heard her moan softly to herself and looked up from her panties to see why. As his eyes slipped up over her legs, he caught a glimpse of a leather strap across half of her ass as she turned to face him. He didn't have long to think about it, because as she turned he got a perfect view of the strap on she had donned.
“So princess, how would you like a go?” She asked.
Oh, I do, John thought to himself. He leaned forward and crawled to Chelsea, feeling his stockinged legs rub against each other, looking up at her the whole time. There was nothing he wanted more in the world at that moment than to take that strap on in his mouth. When he reached her, Chelsea reached down and put a finger under John's chin, pulling him up so he was on his knees, her strap on inches away from his pink, glossy lips. Her hand caressed his face, stroking it, before slipping behind his head and pulling him toward her. He felt his lashes, heavy with mascara, as he blinked his focus from Chelsea's face to the strap on. He could feel Chelsea's hand pushing him closer. She didn't need to, he wanted that strap on between his lips, but he had to admit that he liked how it felt, having her control him like that. His lips parted and he watched the strap on slip into his mouth as he wrapped his lips around it, sucking.
As he sucked, he heard Chelsea start to moan. As he alternated between watching the strap on and looking up at Chelsea, he could see that the strap on was a two-way. As he sucked, he realized that Chelsea had started thrusting into him more, and tried to match her rhythm until she twined her fingers into into his hair and held his head still as she fucked his face. The longer he kneeled there letting her thrust into him, the more he enjoyed it, but he couldn't help wanting more...
“Oh, okay princess,” Chelsea moaned, “get up and turn around.”
John pulled his mouth off of Chelsea's cock and obediently stood, surprised for a second as he remembered just how high his heels were. He spun so his back was to Chelsea and he was facing her bed, while she was going through a drawer. She quickly returned to him and put a hand on his shoulder, pushing him down so he bent at the waist. John reached out and grabbed the bed, intently aware of the fact that his ass was perfectly on display for Chelsea who was lifting his skirts up around his waist, revealing it. For half a second he was frightened, but was immediately overwhelmed by an intense feeling of emptiness, almost a hunger, needing that cock in his ass, needing to be filled. He spread his legs, giving Chelsea the best access possible, dying to feel her inside of him.
Seconds later he felt the tip of her strap on press against his asshole, glad that she had taken the time to lube it up before starting. He felt her grab his waist and pull his ass onto her cock as she slowly pushed into him. Somehow his body had been ready for this, even though he had certainly never experienced anything like it before. Maybe it was the fog, but he felt himself accommodating the strap on easily, and before long Chelsea had built up speed and was fucking him hard as he bounced back against her until he could feel his ass bouncing against her.
“Oh, that's right princess, take my cock.” Chelsea moaned.
“Oooh, oh yes, I want it, fuck me, fuck me” John moaned back, saying whatever slipped through the fog into his brain.
When Chelsea finally pulled out, shuddering with pleasure after what may have been her second or third orgasm, John wasn't sure he was ready to get back up, the empty feeling returning, but passing as he straightened and turned to look back at Chelsea, who kissed him passionately. After removing her strap on and heels, Chelsea helped John out of his own shoes and dress, both of them leaving what remained of their underwear and makeup on as they crawled into bed together, the fog receding as they did.
“So, that's a typical girl sleepover?” John asked, smiling.
“More or less. Well, with my friends at least.” Chelsea replied, smiling back. “What did you think?”
“I can see why you like it.”
“Think you'd want to do it again?”
“Yeah,” John said, smiling back, not sure what else to say.
Chelsea laughed a little. “Sounds good princess, we're going to need our beauty sleep though.”


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