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Serving the Black Man

by sissygracie

Serving the Black Man

There was a huge golf tournement in town
this week and i was going to be a Marshall for one of the holes on the
course. During the first day of the event i came across
one of the security guards working the area. He was a very Handsome
Black Man with an incredible aura of power about Him. i was
immediately drawn to Him and i thought about Him
and what it would be like to be able to service Him and to have His
BLACK Cock in my mouth. i am a sissy CrossDresser slut cocksucking
whore but i do not dress all the time. i do a lot of things as the man
that i was born to be. However, if i only had the balls to be dressed
as a Woman all the time i would love to do so but that is another
story. so back to my dream Man.

He was standing guard in one of the critical areas where the general public
was not allowed and only the golf pros and family. i was passing by
and saw Him and immediately went over to Him to try to talk to Him to
see if He would be interested in having His cock sucked. i did not
know how to make the correct contact without offending Him. i did not
want to say hello Sir, i want to suck Your Cock Sir and have Him throw me out
for being an asshole. i did manage to find out His name was Spencer. i went off thinking about Him all

Later that night i devised a plan. While surfing the net and
looking at some of the yahoo goups i belong to, for example, Superior
Blacks or Black Qwned or Big Black Bulls for white sissy sluts i came
across the slave credo for white sissys to Black Masters, which was a
list of things that Must be adhered to and followed to be a real white
sissy slave to a Black Man. i picked out about 15 items that explain
how a white boi is a slave to the Black Man and that as a white boi i must
obey all Black Men and worship Them and obey Them and suck Their Cocks
or lick their assholes or submit to what ever punishment that the
Black Man desires to inflict . the last item was that my name was to
be sissygary or subgary or slavegary. i printed this list out and the next day i walked
over to Spencer and was being extremely polite to Him. i dropped the
printout next to Him while i was trying to talk to Him. As i was walking away
He said Hey you dropped something and i turned around and said no Sir that
is for You Sir. i walked away quickly as this sissy slut is very shy
about first encounters.

Later that day i thought that i would stroll
back to where He was stationed see if He reacts or says anything. i
was taking what i thought was a short cut and ended up over by the
compound maintenance area. However i was not prepaired for what
happened next. As i was walking by one of bathrooms they have scattered
around i was grabbed by this rather Large Black Man
dressed in all Black. His look burned a hole right through me. He
said to me "Hey bitch! I understand that you are a slave and that you love to
suck dick? i did not know who this Black Man was and i was extremely
scared. i could not answer at first and He pushed my back against a
tree and almost had my feet off the ground with just His one hand and
again asked me, Come on you fucking cocksucking white cunt, answer
Me bitch, Are you a slave!!!!!! yyyyyyeeesssss SIRRRRR !!!!! i
mumbled. And do you love to suck dick????? i was petrified and was
looking around. There were people around but no one was paying any
attention to what was going on. He had managed to get me in an out of
the way area and off to the side. i felt it in my best interest to
answer honestly. YES SIR i replied. Good He said, I have a fucking
Huge set of balls that are full of hot cum that I want to pump down
your mouth cunt!!!! Would you like that bitch? He asked. Come on
you fucking sissy white punk fucking bitch!!!! YES SIR i answered
louder and more agressively. YES SIR this sissy cunt would LOVE to
suck the cum out of Your beautiful Black Cock SIR.... Good He said
and let go of me so that i almost dropped to the ground. He said to
follow Him. There was a shed about 100 yards away and He started
walking towards it. i almost had to run to keep up with this gorgeous
Man. When we got to the shed He walked to the door opened it and said
to me in a deep cold voice, " Go in there, strip off All of your
clothes and get on the ground on your knees bitch. Now i really was
scared. what was He going to do with my clothes and more
important.... to me?????

i did not see the huge hand coming my way but i sure felt it when it
hit my face. it knocked me into the shed and down to the floor. "NOW
STRIP CUNT" He yelled. i furiously removed all of my clothes and He
held out His huge hand for me to put them into. He casually threw
them out side the door and stepped in. "So you like to suck Black
Cocks and be a toilet too???? Good!!!" He unzipped His pants and
pulled out His beautiful Fat Long Gorgeous uncut fucking huge semi
hard cock and stood there for a few seconds and than began to piss on
me. He ordered me to open my eyes wide, open my mouth wide and
swallow what ever gets in my mouth. He pissed for what seemed like a
good 2 minutes all the while He was pissing all over me. in my face
in my hair all over my body and mostly into my mouth where i was
trying very hard to swallow as much as i could. When He was done with
out a word He just stepped in close and shoved His monster cock deep
into my open mouth. "Suck me bitch yeah suck me good you cunt.
and i did!!!!!!!!!! i sucked this Man like there was no tomorrow. i
swallowed Him all the way and He grabbed my head and forced His cock
deep into my mouth until my nose was buried deep into His stomach. i
had His entire cock inside of my mouth. i was gagging and thought i
was going to puke my guts out but He continued to hold me tight. i
finally was able to stop the gagging feeling by trying to relax and
swallow and sure enough i swallowed. He loved the fact that i got His
whole cock into my mouth and down my throat. He started pumping and
pulling almost all the way out only to shove it deep back into my
mouth. He continued to fuck my face for about ten minutes when i
heard another voice saying Hey man whats going on in here? i tried
to pull off of His cock to see who it was but He just grabbed me
harder and shoved it deep. i had no choice but to swallow and next i
heard Him say Hey Man check it out this cunt will suck Your cock dry
man I got my whole monster deep inside of her mouth. i heard oh
Man that is too much bro, I want some of that baby. Sure as soon
as I am done He said. so He continued to fuck my face deep and hard
until i could feel His cock getting just a little bit harder and
started pumping. What He did next suprised me thought. He pulled out
and started shooting cum all over my face and hair. Now i had piss
and cum all over my face and body. He started laughing and said Look
at this cum cunt man!!!!!! He got down into my face and looked me
directly into the eyes and said to stick my tounge out which i did and
He grabbed it and pulled it out hard and tight. He looked at me and
said. " We have your little slave rules paper you dropped bitch.
from now on you belong to us!!!!!!!!!!!! He was pulling my tongue so
tight it started to hurt. For the rest of the day you will stay here
on your knees and be the course cunt. All the brothers are going to
be stopping by to give you whats right whitie!!!. Nice hard Black
Cock and all the cum you can drink and swallow. you belong to Us now
cunt. so your new name is going to be cunt gary because your mouth is
going to be fucked just like a white cunt should. and with that the
next guy walked in and i heard zzziippppppp!!!! and looked up to see
another big Black Cock bouncing in my face. This one was still soft
and He told me to swallow it now so i could feel it get hard inside of
my mouth. i obeyed.

i must have sucked 25-30 Black Cocks that day.
i swallowed a ton of cum and drank gallons of piss and i even had to
suck and clean 5 assholes that day and one of them was still dirty
from Him shitting earlier. He told me He went and shit a big one just
so i could have something to eat. So here i was on my knees with out
a fucking stich of clothes on and sucking cocks and having to lick and
clean a total strangers asshole. And when i was done i had to suck
and clean all over His ass because i accidently got cum from one of
the other guys on His asshole and He was pissed. He turned around and
slapped me hard. i almost started crying when He yelled at me that i
was a fucking sissy crybaby and not a cocksucker. i stopped any
whining and whimpering and started sucking His cock again. He got
hard for the second time only this time it took almost a good 30
minutes before He started pumping my head hard and grabbed hold hard
and fucked my face and shot all His cum deep into my mouth.
my mouth was never so sore in my life.

Finally, there was a gap for about 10
minutes and i started thinking that maybe i was done and could at
least look to see if my clothes were out there when i heard another
Mans voice coming closer. All i could hear was " here cocksucker,
here cocksucker" and i knew i had another Black Cock to service. When
this Man walked inside my eyes almost bugged out of my head. This Man
made Shaq look small. My god i started to tremble. He started to
giggle. He said while wagging His finger, come here cocksucker come
on girl come on cocksucker. i crawled over to Him and started to bend
down to kiss His feet and He said oh now boy dont you do that, I
want you to start right here and He grabbed His crotch. i reached up
to pull down His zipper and when I did a pungent odor came out. He
said "i been working for two days straight boy so I's might smell a
bit." and He laughed. i didn't care. i wanted to see this cock. even
after having 30 guys shoving Hot Black Cocks down my throat i was so
turned on by this Man i was almost ravenous for His cock. i reached
inside to grab His cock and felt the largest hunk of meat i have ever
felt,seen, touched, saw pics of, etc i mean to tell you this cock was
FUCKING HUGE, He just started to giggle when i first touched it
because He knew that i was about to witness something extrordinary.
When i finally got His cock out of His pants my eyes were bugged open
wide. Huge does Not describe this Magnificient Cock. MONSTER
SIZE!!!!! It was too big for me to get all the way into my mouth i
thought. the skin was loose and hanging He told me to lick the
foreskin and open the skin with my tongue. i was totally mesmerized
by this Beautiful Black LARRRGGGEEE Cock. i stuck my tongue up into
the foreskin and started licking and soon sucking and slowly pulled
the foreskin back and started to swallow this cock. i did not care
nor even notice the smegma around the head of His beautiful cock. i sucked it all up and
licked Him clean. He grabbed my head and told me in His low deep
voice, this is gonna go much easier for you boi if you just open wide
and try to swallow dis cock man it was huge and i tried to swallow
this thing but it would only go in about 6 inches and He told me that
was to bad cause He was gonna bury that cock deep inside of me one way
or nother. He grabbed my hair and pulled my face up to look at His.
He was staring at me and He said, "You do understand what I mean right
boi? I's gonna fuck your sissy ass bitch if you cant swallow dis
cock .........."
oh fuck me i thought i am going to die here, split
wide open. i pushed and opened and swallowed as hard as i could but
it would not go in much further. He pulled His cock out and slapped
me hard across the face knocking me to the ground. He yelled at me
"Stand up you cunt and climb onto that box over dar and bend over
so's I can fuck yo ass bitch". i scramble to get up and climbed onto
the box. He was so tall that it was the only way He could reach my
ass. I turned around and shoved my ass up and out knowing i looked
like a damn fool shoving my ass out like that. He grabbed my ass and
pulled it close to Him and i felt the head of His massive cock pushing
at my asshole. i begged Him to let me lub my ass a little and He
stopped while i wet my fingers and shoved them into my ass. He
slapped my hand away and started shoving this huge cock into my
asshole. It hurt like hell and i started to moan and yelp out that it
was tearing me apart and to please stop!!

He just started laughing
and said "OH sure cunt, i's is gonna stop as soon as i's gets my nut
baby!!" and He started laughing really loud and while laughing He
grabbed my hips and shoved that monster deeper into my poor asshole.
OH god the pain was intense!!! i had fucked my ass with dildos before
and knew that my ass could take Big objects shoved up but it usually
took me quite a while to work up to it. This happened in seconds and
my gawd was i in severe pain. He did Not care and just kep on shoving
this Huge cock deeper and deeper. After a few minutes my swollen ass
muscles started to accept this COCK and it started to feel really
good. We got into a fucking rythem and what He was doing was pulling
His cock almost all the way out and slowly shoving it back in deep.
OH THIS WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! i never felt anything like this
before. my own cock was hard now as this fucking of my ass was
feeling wonderful. i started to push back when He was shoving it in
and He started saying " OH Yeah da bitch wants my cock "" OH YEAH
i did not notice that the room was starting to fill up with some of
the Black Men that had been here during the day. They all wanted to
watch this Huge Cock fucking my poor white asshole. And fuck it He
did, but i was wanting it now too, so we put on a good show. He was
Fucking my ass like a fucking wild man and i was moaning and yelling
for Him to FUCK ME MASTER !! FUCK ME HARDER !!!! It was then i heard
the other Black Men standing around watching us as they all started to
yell and whoop it up. i saw several of them were pulling out their
cocks and stroking them. One got up close and grabbed my head to
raise it up and shoved His big hard cock into my mouth. i had already
sucked His cock once today so He was back again He grabbed my head
and shoved His thick long Hard cock deep into my throat. i had so
many cocks in me already i was open and ready for His cock. He shoved
it all the way in and got into the rythem we were doing and while i
was having this Huge Black Cock shoved up my ass He was shoving His
Black Cock deep into my throat. Being slammed by Two fat Black cocks
was fucking incredible to me and i was in fucking heaven. After what
had to be ten minutes of being fucked in both holes the Black Man
fucking my face started to cum and He held on tight while pumping His
hot delicious cum deep into my mouth. As soon as He was done another
long fat Black Cock was shoved deep into my mouth and the whole rythem
thing was started over again. After three more huge cocks were shoved
deep into my slut mouth and all the cum pumped deep into my mouth down
my throat i felt the rythem in my ass start to speed up. He started
to grab my ass and pump harder than ever and whoopin and hollaring
about "get ready you fucking ho, i's bout to fucking fill yo ass hole wid my
hot juicy cum you fucking whore" and smacking the shit out of my ass
with His hand and with His balls. He let out a loud groan and
'UUUUHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " " OHHH YEAH" and i could feel the cum
as it pumped out of His Beautiful Huge Black Cock and slam against the
inside of my ass like a fucking fire hose. He pumped gallons of cum
into my and was still fucking me when He pulled out and grabbed my
head to spin me around He told me to suck His cock and to lick it

i colapsed to my knees and started to suck His still hard cock
and lick off all traces of my shit and His cum . He grabbed my head
again and pulled me off and He backed away just a little and while
standing there He started to piss on me. While He did this the others
all gathered around and did the same. i had 12-14 guys standing there
all pissing on me while i just knelt there getting one of the most
erotic showers of my life.

When they were all done, Spencer, the
first BLACK Man that i approched showed up and threw my clothes to me
and also tossed my wallet. i saw the flash of the camera and knew He just got a full frontal nude shot of me covered in cum and piss
What He said next sent chills down my spine.

"Hey pussy boi!! I got your driver license boi. I also got
your digital camera boi, and a whole bunch of pics of our new
cocksucking slut whore sucking cocks being fucked and drinking our
piss you cunt"
" I will mail them back to you along with some of the
pics when I get them all copied for each and every one of US here
today. We now have your address and phone number boi. Be expecting a
call or visit on a regular basis cunt".
And with that they all laughed and walked out leaving me sore, worn out, covered in cum and
piss, with my clothes soaking in the piss puddle under me. i knew my
life was going to be totally different from that moment on but i was
also in a state of total happiness and bliss because i was and am a
cocksucker of Big BLACK COCKS!!!


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