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naga prince to hypno slave

by distancerunner

naga prince to hypno slave

The throne room sank into a low murmur. The last issue of the people had been addressed for the day, and the king’s court was officially closed. Lord Gallen Blackfang slumped back into his ornate throne, flicking out a serpentine tongue and turning to his right to address his son, Roken, sitting in his own decorated seat to the side of the main court, “Are you getting anything from this, boy? You look awfully preoccupied.”
That wasn’t exactly the word Roken would have used. The younger snake rolled his eyes and shifted his scaly head from one hand to the other, leaning heavily on the arm of his chair. Venomous sarcasm dripped from his response, “No, father. This is all terribly exciting.”
“Pah. My words may be wasted today, tomorrow, and perhaps even years from now.” the royal snake rose from his seat, gliding forward on a powerful brown and black-patched lower body, “However, I expect you to assume your rightful place--your destined spot on that throne--before I am bones. Preferably, before I’m too old and weak to push you up there myself!”
“Yes, father. I know.” Roken sighed, rising as well and stretching his arms up over his head. Royal blue silks drifted down to his shoulders, then slid back over his arms once they were lowered again. A violet sash crossed over his chest, and another wrapped around his waist to provide modesty unneeded by those of serpentine descent. The naga’s eyes roamed over to his father’s throne, giving a smile and a nod to his mother, still seated, in the process. The chair was decorated almost gaudily, carved from the finest mahogany and encrusted with precious stones. Gold-tipped tassels hung from the end of either arm, attached to silken sheets sewn into a fine leather covering. Nobles always did like making themselves look important. The serpentine prince turned back to his father, idly brushing down his silks, “On the day of my coronation, I will make you proud.”
The older snake seemed unimpressed, “You speak the words, but I wonder if you truly mean them.”
“Just trust me, old man.” Roken slithered past the king, having grown tired of having this conversation every other day, “I could run this kingdom in my sleep. But right now, that’s your job. So how about I let you do yours, and you let me do mine?”
“I hardly think your daily activities can be even remotely considered a ‘job’.” the king scoffed, waving to his son to dismiss him, “Go, have your fun. I’ll just have to haunt you, should you fail to do the things expected of you.”
Roken snorted, slithering out of the court and up the stairs to his bedroom. He pulled his muscular tail inside and closed the door behind him, slipping out of his royal silks and leaving his powerful serpentine form bare and unrestrained. His scales matched the colors and patterns of his mother and father, all of pure ball python blood. At least, that was what his father always said. If there were any faults in the bloodline, they were either forgotten or well-hidden. A noble line of impure blood was shameful.
The snake settled down on his bed and stared out the window, watching the palace keepers and guards go about their lives. It was that simple life that he envied, but he couldn’t deny that nobility had perks that he’d quickly come to miss, should he one day find himself part of the working class. He was far more relaxed about the royal duty than his father was, but he was by no means one of those ungrateful “unwilling heirs” that he’d read about so often.
“Ah, father... If only you’d put more faith in me.” Roken gave an irritated flick of his tongue, eyeing a few overly-dressed cleaning girls walking down the street. A grin came to his lips, and for a moment he let his mind slip, imagining the two coiled up in his tail, helpless before his enchanting gaze and uttering soft, obedient affirmations of servitude to the powerful serpent prince. He quickly shook his head and woke himself from his fantasy, chuckling lowly and rolling onto his back, then sitting himself up again, “As wonderful an idea as that sounds... I’m not quite ready to go out and play yet.”
That was another thing. Roken was the playful sort, and in the most sensual of ways. Often, he would wander the castle grounds, eyeing up the multitude of servants the king had hired to keep the palace clean and presentable. He would flirt and tease and generally keep the more receptive ones happy with his advances. Occasionally, when he found one that he felt warranted more than a wink or a pat on the bottom, he would catch her in his serpentine gaze, pull her to a nice, quiet place, and have his way with her. The sounds they made under his spell and bound up in his cool, smooth coils were all too much for him to resist, and as far as he could tell, no one suspected a thing. Afterward, he would dull their memory somewhat, so that their little romp seemed more like a very vivid dream than a reality. He would then send his playmate away, typically to her bed, to “awaken from a dream-filled slumber”, none the wiser to the prince’s wiles. When his time came to take the throne, he would have to abandon this wanton quest for flesh, fur and scales and settle down into a life of dull, monotonous responsibility.
A knock on his door alerted his attention, and he gathered himself up on his coils to slither over and answer it, “Yes?”
One of the servants, a slightly older collie girl, averted her eyes when she beheld his nudity, “M-My lord, dinner is ready.”
Roken was confused at her reaction for a moment, but picked up on it upon glancing down at himself, “Hey, relax. Nothing’s showing, right?”
“No, I... I’m sorry, my lord.” the collie’s cheeks turned a shade of red beneath her black and white fur, “B-But yes, dinner is ready. Lady Sen requested your presence in the dining hall.”
“Yes, yes.” the snake grabbed one of his sashes, slipping it around his waist to try and put the girl at ease. He reached out and gently stroked her cheek, smiling a charming smile and hissing softly to her, “I’ll be down momentarily. Please tell them for me?”
The collie all but fainted right there, swooning obviously and reluctantly ducking away from the prince’s caressing fingers, “Y... Yes, my lord. Right away!”
Roken grinned, laughing to himself as she hurried down the hall and around the corner. Peasant girls were so fun, so easy. Noble women lacked the same energy. It would be a sad day indeed when he had to give up skirt chasing and spend the rest of his days sitting beside a stuck-up naga woman.

The dining hall was busier than usual today. Apart from the Blackfang family, there were visitors from a neighboring kingdom; another family of pythons, clad a little more conservatively than the castle’s hosts, and possessing a much more regal air about them. Lord Blackfang had been friends with the Windsong family for close to fifteen years, and the two naga clans occasionally invited one another over for dinner and discussions both political and personal. Much to Roken’s dismay, this meant that the Windsong lord’s daughter, Irika, was also there.
“Ah, Roken!” his father called, beckoning him over, “Come, sit. We were just setting out the first course.”
“Father.” he nodded to the king, then to the queen, “Mother. You didn’t tell me we were having guests tonight.”
“It slipped both our minds.” Queen Sen admitted, motioning for her son to have a seat beside her, “Things have been busy as of late.”
Roken slithered along to the seat offered, waiting as a servant pulled the chair back for him, then settled down and glanced across the table. Surely enough, Irika was there, staring at him with that longing look in her eyes. There was no denying her beauty; glistening mahogany scales and piercing amber eyes, and a body sculpted by careful exercise and diet. She was lovely... and she wouldn’t. stop. staring. The serpentine prince politely turned his gaze elsewhere, greeting the Lord and Lady Windsong and quickly busying himself with a napkin. The less attention he paid her, the sooner she’d lose interest... or at least, that’s what he told himself. Her interest was flattering, but he simply did not share it.
“So how go the talks with those savages down south?” Lord Windsong asked in his overly-dignified voice, leaning back to make room for a plate of flame-roasted beef to be placed in front of him by another servant.
Gallen put his hands together, “Most excellent! I feel they’re finally beginning to come around. It’s a shameful way to live, in those mud and straw huts. Especially for a serpent.”
“Let us hope, then, that your silver tongue holds up. I would hate to waste time and resources on brutes.”
Roken rolled his eyes and suppressed a groan. It was difficult to listen to Lord Windsong talk without wanting to stick a fork up his royal, holier-than-thou nose. He went to lean his head on his hand, but a firm slap in the shoulder by his mother reminded him of his manners. It appeared that this evening would be a dreadfully long one.
That’s what he thought, anyway. He felt a body brush up against his back, but he ignored it at first. The snake perked up when a furred hand slid a plate in front of him, and he picked up on the most exotic perfume he’d ever had the privilege to smell. Roken craned his head back to find the source of this scent, and what he saw was the most lovely furred woman clad in a simple white tunic. Her fur was bright red-orange around her head, save for her muzzle and cheeks, which were pure white. The orange continued down her neck and over her shoulders, trailing off into black “gloves” at her elbows. A long, fuzzy tail bounced behind her, with alternating stripes of white and orange. Two fuzzy ears pointed out through waves of shoulder-length red hair, and a pair of deep green eyes met his gaze. She was the most peculiar thing, and he couldn’t decide whether she looked more like a fox or a raccoon.
“Oh, you two haven’t met?” his mother broke the silence that had fallen over the group, “She’s new here. Her name’s Fan Ling.”
“Is she a...” Roken trailed off. Those big green eyes hadn’t left his for even a second.
“A red panda.” his father answered the unfinished question, leaning forward over the table, “She moved here from overseas. Quite the journey, coming all the way from Xin just to serve meals and wash dishes, eh?”
The one called Fan Ling smiled, finally turning her gaze from Roken’s and placing her hands in her lap. She bowed respectfully to the two families, speaking in a lightly accented voice, “Xin is a beautiful country, but one with a history plagued by conflict. It may seem an unworthy journey, but for me, it was very important. And I am quite happy for the life I’ve been offered here.”
“Well, if only all our servants were as grateful.” Lord Gallen joked, leering across the table at his son, “And some others, too.”
Roken, however, still had his eyes glued to the servant girl. Such exotic beauty all wrapped up in a furry bundle of perfect curves, form and feminine grace! Once again their eyes met, and the way Fan Ling smiled at him sent an excited chill from the top of his head to the tip of his tail.
“Roken.” his mother scolded, slapping him in the arm, “Roken, you’re staring again. How many times do I have to tell you?”
“Sorry, mother!” he cleared his throat, turning back to Fan Ling and smiling that teasing smile he’d gotten so used to wearing, “And sorry to you, miss.”
The red panda only giggled in response, serving the rest of the first course of food and departing, her big, fluffy tail waving behind her.
“Cute, isn’t she?” Sen remarked, “Such a beautiful coat she has. If I had fur, I’d be envious.”
“Yeah... cute.” Roken stuffed his mouth with a piece of meat before he could comment further. He happened to look over at Irika, whose gaze had turned sour. Her eyes were fixed on the door Fan Ling had gone through.
“Do you let all of your servants speak out of line like that?” the obviously annoyed princess asked, silencing the whole table before her mother nervously laughed.
“Now now, Irika.” Lady Windsong said, leaning in to mumble a little too loudly, “Do not embarrass us in front of the neighbors.”
Roken could only grin silently as the two lowered their voices and began to argue, his expression widening when he turned his gaze over to the Windsong patriarch, who all but squirmed in his seat. Finally, the stuck-up noble finally had something clamped around his snooty jaw. Even better, Irika had finally stopped staring at him.
“Ladies, please!” Gallen put on his best unbothered smile, rising from his seat and patting either serpent on the shoulder, “No need to squabble. I am certain Fan Ling is just eager to show her gratitude. I say welcome it!”
“Exactly!” Lady Windsong beamed, at least happy to have something shut her daughter up, “They are people, not golems. They should not be forced into silence.”
“And this is why our families get on so well!”
The two shared a forced laugh, and Roken could only scoff quietly. His father meant well, but he was sickened by how fake he was being. Again, he let food replace words in his mouth, swallowing a big chunk of meat easily.
“Don’t eat it all in one go.” his mother said lowly, apparently relieved by the lessening tension, “You’ll feel sick later.”
“I feel sick right now.”
“Oh hush. You’ll have better things to complain about in a few minutes.”
The naga queen clammed up, leaving Roken to question just what was meant by that. Dinner proceeded as normal for a while, with two more courses of food coming out of the kitchen to satisfy the hunger of six large snakes. Eventually Irika resumed her staring, though this time with a hint of irritation in her gaze. Perhaps she’d finally grown tired of his lack of reciprocation to her obvious infatuation?
“Now, our next, and perhaps most important topic for the evening. Roken!” Gallen said with that horribly fake cheer of his, “I’ve been in discussions with Lord Windsong for a while, and we’ve come to the conclusion that, if our families are to grow, we need to begin mixing our cultures and weeding out the impurities of both.”
Roken looked to his mother, then back to his father. So this was what she was talking about. The serpent prince already knew what was coming.
“Therefore, we’ve decided that you and Irika are to be married at the beginning of next spring!”
Roken watched Irika’s dreamy smile curl into a smirk. She’d known about it, apparently. He rolled his eyes and swallowed his latest bite of food, then downed his wine and leaned across the table, “Is this your way of trapping me into responsibility?”
“I won’t act like a prince, so you’ll push some air headed princess on me.” he knew he’d be in trouble for this, but this underhanded move by his father was the last straw. A glance at Irika showed that her smile had turned to a dumbfounded gape.
Lord Gallen looked uncomfortable, clearly not used to being disrespected in front of guests, “Now, son. You’ve known Lady Irika for a while now, and you ought to know she is quite far from air headed.”
“Wouldn’t matter if she was. You’d use her all the same.”
“Roken!” the older snake’s voice rose, but quickly quieted again as he maintained a hold over his temper, “I recommend that you vacate this table immediately, before you say any more to endanger our relations with our neighbors.”
Roken scoffed and rose from his seat, turning his back on the dinner party and pausing only when he felt his mother’s fingers catch his momentarily. The two exchanged a glance that spoke more easily than words. She didn’t like this any more than he did. The glance lasted a second and a half, after which Roken continued out of the room in silence. He shut the door behind him, gliding along at a lazy pace through the hallway leading back out to the throne room, “What a joke. As if I’d marry that hussy. He could have picked any other naga, and I’d have been perfectly fine with it.”
Just as the thought of his father doing this out of spite crossed his mind, he turned a corner and bumped into a servant. He started to apologize, but his words got caught in his throat when he realized the girl he’d run into was the red panda from earlier.
Fan Ling held herself to the prince’s body to regain her balance, those big green eyes of hers turning upward and meeting his gaze once more. She took her time in removing herself from his form and never quite left his personal space, a mysterious little smile crossing her lips as she purred in that lightly-accented voice, “Good evening, my lord. I trust you enjoyed my cooking?”
“Um...” for once, he was at a loss for words. Could it have been that overwhelming cuteness that seemed to radiate from every inch of her being? Or was he just so flustered by everything that had happened today that his brain was too scrambled for a real response? Either way, he managed to form a coherent thought after a few seconds, “Yes, your cooking was wonderful.” he was tempted to add how distasteful dinner time was otherwise, but elected not to burden her with the affairs of nobles, “Thank you, um... Fan Ling, was it?”
“Oh good, you remembered.” her bushy tail swayed slowly behind her, her eyes never leaving his, “It took your father a while to get it right. First it was ‘Han Ding’, then ‘Lan Fan’, then ‘that servant from Xin whose name I can’t remember’. Good that your memory is better than his.”
“His memory’s not the only thing wrong with him.” Roken mumbled, allowing a hint of his irritation to slip through.
The red panda’s head tilted to the left. The gesture suggested blissful ignorance of his problem, but something in her eyes betrayed a sense of understanding within her, “Did something happen, my lord?”
“Ah... forget it.” Roken waved it off, then eyed the girl up and down. He hadn’t really had time to appreciate her earlier, but for a servant girl, she sure was well endowed and in pretty decent shape. More than decent, in fact. She was slim and petite, generously and yet modestly endowed in all the right places. Bare shoulders sat at the top of a sleeveless tunic and trailed down into long, slender arms and delicate hands tipped with black nails. The top of her tunic stopped an inch above her knees, hiding all but a fleeting glimpse of smooth thighs and legs ending off in well-tended to footpaws. Her hair, a gorgeous red that seemed much more vibrant now than it had in the oppressive atmosphere of the dining hall, had been put up in a bun with two lacquered chopsticks placed within to keep it in place. She was the very object of femininity... and all at once, Roken felt that familiar desire rise up from his loins and go straight to his head. She would be a great way to work off some stress...
“My lord?” Fan Ling bounced on her feet a little, as if to gain his attention, “You’re staring. Are you alright?”
The snake blinked once. Had he really been staring? He shook it off and smiled, reaching out and offering her his arm, “Would you like to take a walk with me?”
“I thought the serpent folk preferred to take a slither, my lord.” Fan Ling smirked, poking out her tongue and then slipping her arms around his offered one. She leaned her head against his shoulder, pressing her delicate body close to his strong, muscular form, “I would be honored to accompany you.”
Roken was surprised at her boldness. Most servants held a respectful fear of the nobles they served under, and few would have the nerve to crack a joke, never mind one that poked fun at their noble’s species. Even lighthearted quips like hers could have landed her in a dungeon in a less stuck-up kingdom. Her nerve both impressed him and helped to soothe his irritations, a little chuckle finding its way to his lips, “I could try and walk on these coils, but I’m afraid it’d look quite silly.”
“Yes, you are right. I’d much prefer to see my lord slither.”
“And I’d much prefer to watch you do the walking.” the naga’s voice dropped to a low, flirtatious tone. Charm mode was officially activated. Now all he had to do was test her limits and see how far he could push her. “You’ve got the proper equipment to do so... and might I say, they’re absolutely lovely.”
A faint hint of heat rose into the servant’s cheeks, easily felt through Roken’s scales. Fan Ling stepped closer, casually tugging him around corners when necessary, the two passing the castle gates and heading out into town. The sun was just beginning to set over the horizon, bathing the kingdom in a golden-orange light that perfectly accentuated Fan Ling’s reddish features. She murmured lowly, her voice quiet and bashful, “I’m just a servant. Surely you’ve got plenty of royal girls to look at.”
“Ah, forget about them.” he eyed one of his favorite privacy spots: a public garden with plenty of hideaway spots for naughty couples to slip away to after dark. Many times had he lured a susceptible girl to this place and seduced her into his coils, never once even coming close to getting caught. Tonight, another swooning servant girl would experience the bliss of submission to the serpent folk. Roken freed his arm from her grasp and slipped it around her waist, fingers stroking over her hip and causing little tremors to rumble through the girl’s body. Tremors of excitement... of desire. Things he was quite used to feeling in another’s body. “Hey, why don’t we go in there?” he asked, nodding toward the garden, “It’s a lovely place to just sit down and relax, and no one will bother us there.”
“Of course, my lord.” Fan Ling’s tail swished and twitched behind her. Surely she was dripping with need for the prince already, with how anxious her body felt. Still, she held that air of confidence and boldness about her that just made her so much more attractive than the nervous and uncertain girls Roken had become used to lulling into his power.
The two made their way into the garden, passing by a few townsfolk heading home to escape the encroaching night. Roken led Fan Ling to his preferred spot, a little grove off to the side from the entrance just deep enough into the wooded part of the garden to hide them from the prying eyes of others. He stopped and stood in front of her, fingers brushing over the warm fur of her cheek, “Much better. More privacy.”
Fan Ling nuzzled the naga’s stroking hand, purring out loud and leaning close to him. Her chest rose and fell in quick, excited breaths, the little red panda gazing up at him with those emerald eyes, “My lord... Is this proper, what you’re doing?”
“To hell with proper.” Roken grinned and flicked his tongue out over her lips, a length of his tail sliding up behind her and brushing against her soft backside, prompting her to lean back and sit. The strong snake tail held her up easily, a loop of it curling over her thighs and around her waist to keep her steady, “And don’t deny what your body has already admitted. You want this as much as I do...”
“Y-Yes, my lord... I do.” she averted her gaze for just a moment, but brought it right back to his eyes, “I am flattered... but I fear the repercussions, should someone find out.”
“Then allow me to soothe those worries for you, my lovely little servant.” Roken took a gentle hold of her chin to ensure she was looking at him, affixing his eyes onto hers and hissing out a soft request, “Now look deep into my eyes, Fan Ling.”
This was the naga’s most relished moment. The few seconds before his ‘prey’ was ensnared by his gaze. The remaining few moments of clarity in their eyes before all their thoughts, all their worries, melted away into blissful mindlessness. He savored those few seconds, but risked no more. He didn’t want her to become uneasy from his stare. Thus, the prince focused on his innate serpentine ability of hypnosis. His bright amber eyes began to glow, an inner light pushing and pulsing out from their centers until it filled them, gently bathing Fan Ling’s face with a pretty golden glow. “Look into the light, little servant...”
Fan Ling did look, and the effect was apparent immediately. Her eyes widened slightly, and already he could feel some of the tension leave her body. Her breathing slowly began to steady, and her energetic tail started to slow in its swaying. She was just as deliciously susceptible as the others, it would seem.
Roken decided it was safe to push further. Slowly his slitted pupils began to constrict, closing off until they had shrunk to pinpricks. When they finally vanished entirely, a bright blue ring poured out from the centers of his eyes, flowing out like the most vivid of inks. No sooner did the blue fill his eyes than a ring of green flowed out to precede it. The green pushed that vivid sky-blue out of the way just in time to make room for an orange ring, then a yellow, then another, darker blue. All different colors began to pour out from Roken’s eyes, cascading outward in perfect rings, and so absolutely eye-catching. The snake hissed to his captive servant, leaning in closer so that those colors would envelop the whole of her vision, “Don’t look away, little panda. Let the relaxing feeling wash over you.”
Fan Ling’s lips parted and never managed to close. Her wide eyes seemed far less aware of the world at large than they had before, the deep emerald green not quite as lustrous now that she was staring into his eyes. Her shoulders slumped, and she hunched forward, held steady by Roken’s coils so that she would not fall onto her face. Through her daze, she formed a question, topped off by a curious little coo, “What are you... doing, my lord? Feels so...”
“Nice, yes?”
“I am merely helping you to relax, my little servant. Helping you to forget all those silly worries and concerns of yours. Just focus all your attention on my eyes and my voice, and I promise you will feel better than you ever have before.”
The red panda’s head tipped back, then slumped forward again in a lazy nod, repeating the gesture twice and then falling still again. Slowly her eyes began to lid, all the tension leaving her body as she submitted to the overwhelming feeling of relaxation that the prince’s hypnosis brought to her tired body.
“Let all your thoughts just slip away. No need to try and think, now that you’re safe and happy with your lord, yes?” Roken’s hands slipped around her shoulders and rested against her upper back, clawed fingers scratching into the little bits of exposed fur above the neck line of her tunic and bringing deep, approving purrs from her throat, “Let the colors envelop your mind and show you pleasure beyond your imagining.”
“Y-Yes... Safe with my lord... and...” her words trailed off into happy little murmurs. The panda’s eyes, now half-lidded, began to glow along with Roken’s, the swirling colors faintly mirroring in them and all but drowning out the deep green they normally possessed. She was sliding along on a spiraling downward slope, just about at the point of no escape from his power. If she was going to resist, it would have to be now.
Roken’s tail began to slide further up her body, coiling around her waist and her belly, circling around her thin body and beginning to envelop her breasts in its scaly embrace. He grinned in delight as the obviously sensitive girl squirmed and writhed weakly from the sensation, little moans escaping her when his coils tightened around her breasts and grinded against her stiff nipples. His tongue flicked out and teased over her lips, and he hissed to her once again, “That’s a good girl. That’s what your lord likes to hear. The sounds of your unrestrained ecstasy at the simplest touch.”
“M-My lord...” Fan Ling breathed out, her eyes widening momentarily before slipping to their half-lidded state again. There was no resistance in her gaze. Only absolute submission to his power and an ache for his touch showed through those dulled eyes, now displaying the enthralling rings of colors in full as the last of her willpower melted away. Her body moved on its own accord, grinding and bucking weakly against her serpentine captor, desperate for sensation as her mind blanked out and demanded input.
“How do you feel, my lovely servant?”
“So good, my lord...” her lips curled into a dreamy smile, even as she moaned and whimpered at every tiny movement of his tail.
Roken let out a little victorious chuckle. There she sat, immobilized by his strong coils and helplessly gazing into his eyes. Her body, squirming and arching in his grasp, so desperate for more, wordlessly begging for him to tease her and please her. And her eyes... once so full of energy, now swirling endlessly with the colors he’d shown her. Blue, green, orange, yellow, blue, green, orange yellow, red, blue, yellow, green...
Wait... Was that right? He stared for a long moment at the colors in her eyes. Red, blue, yellow, green. Red, blue, yellow, green. Dazzling rings of color continued to flow out from her eyes, signifying her submission to him... right? Yes, of course that was right. It was so right that he didn’t even pay attention as her lips moved, unheard words reaching his ears and reassuring him that he was still in control.
“Keep looking into your eyes...” he said, but quickly corrected himself, “M-My eyes. Keep looking into... my...”
Red, blue, yellow, green. He couldn’t remember. Was that right? Were those the colors he chose? Surely they must have been, because there was no way he’d be so careless as to forget. After all, they were such lovely colors and so easy to just stare into. So easy to lose oneself in as they flowed out in an infinite loop of red, blue, yellow, green.
“S... Submit to the... colors.” Roken felt a little dizzy. Were those his words, or hers? He could have sworn he’d heard her say them first... but everything was beginning to feel so fuzzy and soft and relaxing and...
“Deep into my eyes.” the red panda’s smooth, seductive voice reminded him, “Deep into the soothing colors. It’s ok to just let yourself go.”
“Yes, it... is. Just... let go.” Roken felt a weight lift from his shoulders. How had he been so blind? Of course it was so easy to let go and just relax for the beautiful red panda before him. It was so hard to be strong and seductive when he was all tense and irritated, after all.
Fan Ling smirked. The colors continued to pour out from her eyes, glowing as brightly as the snake’s own mesmerizing gaze had been until moments ago, until her own hypnotic assault had dimmed the lights in both his eyes and his head. Slowly she peeled the layers of coils away from her body and stood again, hips swaying gracefully as she stepped closer to the serpentine noble to fill his gaze with her power, “Sinking down into a vortex of colors. You may try to swim against the current, but it is far too powerful for any one mind to resist. It is all you can do, to struggle and resist the flow. Fatigue is all that can come of your resistance, and when your weary mind gives way to the current, my power will envelop and enrapture you entirely.”
Roken’s entire world spun around him. Those twin pools of colors took up all of his vision, whirling and flowing around her eyes at a dizzying pace. He felt himself floating along in that current, his defenses pushing against the words tickling at the edge of his mind. Those all too convincing words, seductive whispers coaxing him into relaxation and submission. A thought nearly surfaced, asking how he’d fallen so easily when he’d been trained to resist this sort of thing. The thought sank back into the deep recesses of his mind, retreating from his conscious mind and making way for the desire to gaze into Fan Ling’s eyes and listen to her soft, commanding voice.
“Getting tired yet, snakey?” the servant girl grinned cheekily as the helpless snake nodded. She tickled under his chin, slowly beginning to relieve him of what little he was wearing, “Soon the current will overtake you, and you will slip into a state of pure mindless happiness. You will be right where you belong: In the palm of my hand.”
“In... your hand...” Roken’s eyes now fully reflected the new, more powerful colors that emitted from Fan Ling’s gaze. He slowly began to slump forward, nearly toppling onto the red panda in his almost drunken state.
Fan Ling was ready for this, of course, and she placed her gentle hands against his shoulders to catch him. He was heavy, but she was able to gently guide him downward, having him settle down against the scaly pile that was his tail, all curled up beneath him. This allowed her to crawl up on top of him, the seductive servant unbuttoning her tunic and letting it fall to the floor behind her, leaving her nude in the cool spring evening air. She tugged the sashes and silks from Roken’s body and left them in a pile with her clothing, rubbing her soft, nude form over his scales and letting out a happy little coo, “You’re so smooth... So cool and so muscular. I bet you think pretty highly of yourself, like all nagas do.”
“I... yes.” Roken admitted, a hint of reluctance managing to surface before being crushed under the hypnotic power still flowing from Fan Ling’s eyes.
“Well not anymore, my submissive little snakey.” the red panda began to rub and caress his chest, stroking over his scales and listening to the soft moans that she tugged from his throat, “In this state, you’re just a dumb, weak-minded boy. Perfect for your powerful, intelligent Mistress.”
“Me, boy. I am your Mistress.”
“I...” this didn’t sound quite right to him. Somehow the last bits of his resistance had found refuge in the domineering part of his psyche, and were holding out against this admission of submission to her. He tried to turn his eyes away from hers, but much to his disdain, she simply moved herself back to the center of his vision each time. Letting out a helpless whimper, the snake then tried to close his eyes, and even managed to get them half-shut before his lids would droop no further.
“You think you can disobey me?” Fan Ling smirked, reaching down below his waist and rubbing at a slit in his scales, listening to the pleasured gasps and moans that accompanied the slightest touch to that area, “You can certainly try... but by the end of this evening, you will be calling me ‘Mistress’... and you will love it.”
Roken’s slit began to stir. He’d already been having a hard enough time keeping his arousal at bay even before she took control. Now it was impossible, and before he could even process the desire to protest, a stiff, wet serpentine cock was sliding out from between his scales. It was immediately seized by Fan Ling’s fingers, and the naga came alive with whimpers and moans as she began to stroke him off, “P-Please...!”
“Please stroke faster?” Fan Ling giggled, complying with the false request, pumping her hand up and down the snake’s shaft, all the while assaulting his mind with those powerful swirling colors, “Can you feel it, boy? All your resistance is being pumped up into your cock. All your thoughts, all your will, all those precious desires to resist my power, all bound up in that thick.” she gave him a firm squeeze, causing him to cry out, “Throbbing.” another squeeze, “Shaft. And soon it’ll be all mine.”
“A-All... yours. W-Wait, n--I mean... y--ahh..!” the confused serpent’s eyes spun faster, whirling helplessly along with the colors in Fan Ling’s eyes, precum dribbling down his length and onto the red panda’s fingers. In this vulnerable state, it felt as if every little drop of pre was draining him bit by bit; tiny little droplets of resistance falling into (or onto) her fingers to help make way for the final push into absolute obedience.
Fan Ling’s cheeky grin never faltered, the almost sadistic pleasure of watching him squirm beneath her expert ministrations causing her to rub her thighs together. There was no denying her own carnal desires. She needed him... and she needed him soon, or she may just go mad. The red panda continued to stroke, caressing his chest with her free hand, bare breasts squished between their bodies and rubbing up and down his scales as she arched and pressed herself to him. Soon she felt him reach that point that all males inevitably reach. The point at which there is no turning back, no stopping the flood... under normal circumstances. Just as Roken’s cries began to grow in pitch, Fan Ling delivered a firm command, “Stop. Do not cum.”
The serpentine prince let out a loud, needy whine, precum dribbling down his length freely, that thick snake cock throbbing right on the edge of an explosive orgasm. He needed it so badly, and he was sure he was about to cum right then and there. But there he sat, hanging over the deepest part of the vortex, hanging by a thread. His eyes opened wide, chest rising and falling rapidly as he panted for breath. A single word managed to pass his lips, “Please...!”
“You want to cum?” Fan Ling let out a haughty little chuckle. She let go of his cock, much to his displeasure and stood, turning away from him and straddling his chest. The servant girl lowered her hips, then lay herself down over the snake’s body with her dripping wet sex not even an inch from his snout. She curled her long, furry tail around his neck, tickling his sensitive scales in a flirtatious manner, before issuing another undeniable command to his emptying head, “Lick me out, pet. Then I might consider letting you submit... and cum.”
Oh, how wonderful that sounded to the python! To release that pressure, to cum, to... submit! Submission was quickly beginning to sound like a good idea if it meant he would be allowed to cum. His long, forked tongue slipped out from between his lips, flickering quickly across the lips of Fan Ling’s sex. The motions teased a gasp from the panda, and she wiggled her hips to encourage him further. Easily spurred on by the simplest of motions, Roken plunged his tongue deep into the furred woman’s pussy, wriggling and flicking it against the walls of her sex, the vibrations of each movement sending little tremors into the elusive G-spot.
“Mmff..! Good boy. Good snakey.” Fan Ling’s toes curled, fingers gripping her snake’s tail and squeezing firmly. Her tail stroked and curled around his neck, providing more stimulation to his sensitive nerves, now extra receptive due to the absence of conscious thought. The girl leaned herself forward, taking hold of his cock again and giving it a long, teasing lick. Her tongue started from the base of his length, lapping upward slowly and then dragging a circle around the head to taste his ample precum, “Such a tasty boy I’ve gotten my hands on. And... talented..!”
The thin tongue within the panda was absolutely maddening in its methods. It could reach spots that normal lovers could never hope to find, flicking across nerves she never even knew existed in her body. And her big snakey slave was just so eager to show her just how much he wanted to please her. Fan Ling’s thighs closed around Roken’s head, and she slowly began to sit herself up, abandoning his cock once more and finding herself kneeling over the snake’s face with her pussy planted firmly against his muzzle, “Yes... More, slave... More, more, more... Be a good snakey and I’ll let you cum..!”
The conscious Roken would have been having the time of his life, were he in this situation, albeit with a few changes. He’d have much rather have been the one in control, especially over his orgasm. Unfortunately, that Roken was asleep. The subconscious Roken--the one obedient to Fan Ling, was quickly winning over as the dominant personality, and soon the two would mix in a climactic, orgasmic release... if he could please Fan Ling first, of course. He doubled his efforts, sliding his tongue in circles around her inner walls, finding that magical spot within her and focusing his attentions there. The servant-turned-Mistress yelped out and quickly covered her mouth, and that prompted him to keep his attentions right on that spot.
Fan Ling’s free hand squeezed and kneaded her left breast, the right hand clamped firmly over her mouth. The snake had said no one would bother them there, but she still could not risk detection at this stage. She breathed hard through her nose, riding Roken’s snout without a care in the world, her bright orange cheeks almost glowing red at this point. She could feel tingles rising up from within her pelvis, and she knew she’d need to stop soon to claim her prize... but it just felt so amazing. A few more seconds wouldn’t hurt, right? And a few more after that... and after that...
“No!” she reminded herself, shaking her head drunkenly and attempting to tip herself forward to remove herself from the heavenly tongue beneath her, “Need to... follow the plan. Can spend the rest of my life being eaten out by my snakey slave!”
Eventually she did manage to slide herself off of him, falling forward and nearly landing on his dick, which could have possibly ruined things right then and there. Nothing was more trance-breaking that pain in the genitals. Fortunately she caught herself, sitting down on his belly and once again assaulting his eyes with swirling colors, “Coil me up, slave. From waist to shoulders. Do this, and you’ll be allowed to cum at last.”
Roken didn’t even wait to catch his breath. Panting heavily, the snake curled the tip of his tail around Fan Ling’s waist, the long, winding appendage circling around her body and caressing her soft fur with every pass. Fan Ling put her arms up to avoid having them trapped, and Roken’s tail continued to slide over her soft curves and firm belly. It crossed over her breasts, sliding across her nipples and causing her to gasp out, the eager panda cooing soft, encouraging words to him to coax him along, “Yes... Give my breasts some love, my big, obedient snakey...”
The naga obeyed, making his coils pulse and squeeze around her breasts, stopping his tail just under her shoulders and holding her firmly in place. This position might have meant a victory for him in the past, but now every little thing he did signified his submission to Fan Ling, to his servant, to his... Mistress.
“Good boy.” Fan Ling tickled under his chin, grinning wide and pressing herself down against his shaft, teasing a moan from the both of them, “Now do what you do best. Fuck me! Fuck me for all you’re worth, and prove you deserve that climax!”
Those words may as well have been spoken by the gods themselves. Roken’s coils tightened, pushing Fan Ling’s body down onto his waiting shaft and impaled her on it, taking hold of her shoulders with his strong hands and riding her like his very existence depended on it. It was as torturous as it was divine, further adding to the already near-bursting pressure built up within his loins... but so, so amazing. Her pussy squeezed around his cock, her hips swiveling and bucking in tune with his motions, the little red panda asserting herself just enough to show him who was in control. Not that she needed to, of course, with her power so deeply seeded within his mind.
“That’s a good boy... A good snakey...” Fan Ling arched her back, arms up behind her head as she all but handed him the reins, “Fuck me like the big, dumb, horny brute you are! You don’t want to think. All you want is to sex your Mistress up!”
‘Y-Yes... Mistress..!” the naga’s hips thrust harder and faster at her suggestion. There was nothing to be gained by being smart or a smooth talker. Sex with his Mistress was all that mattered.
“Oooh yes... Say it again, pet.” Fan Ling grinned and gave a good squeeze around his member, “Say ‘Mistress’ again!”
“Louder, pet!”
“Mistress!” Roken cried out, his entire body tingling with the need to release. How much longer would he have to take this relentless assault on his already pent up dick?
“Oh, look at you.” Fan Ling teased, giggling between moans and grinding herself firmly against his scaly pelvis, “You really need this release, don’t you?”
“Yes Mistress...” the snake’s reply sounded so pathetically desperate.
“Well...” Fan Ling let her statement hang in the air for a good minute, grinning like the Cheshire Cat as she watched his expression turn from hopeful to pleading, “You’ve been such a good, obedient boy. I think you’ve earned it.”
“Oh, thank you, Mistress!”
The red panda smirked, her eyes lighting up and absolutely crushing what little remained of his shattered resistance, “When you cum, you’ll cum away all those pesky thoughts, all that will, and any tiny fragments of your desire to resist me. You will be mine, now and forever. Do you accept this, pet? Or do I have to come in for seconds?”
“I accept, Mistress! I accept!” Roken was far too desperate for this climax to consider any other option. Submission was preferable to holding out for another second of this.
Fan Ling shivered from head to toe, a little dominant rush topping off her building orgasm and nearly sending her over the edge right then and there. She slammed herself down onto Roken’s cock, groaning lowly and sucking in a sharp breath, then arching her back wide and shrieking out in ecstasy, “Cum, pet!”
The mental shackles that held his climax in check shattered at her command. All at once, Roken’s body remembered how to cum, and before he could even process it, his entire being was flooded with an ecstatic sensation that put to shame any orgasm he’d had in the past. He leaned his head back, moaning out loudly each time a thick, hot rope of cum would shoot up inside his Mistress, his body going into overdrive as it worked to expel all that sticky snakey love juice for the sexy panda. He could feel her pussy squeezing and grinding against his spasming cock, milking him for every last drop and demanding more and more of his seed. His dazed mind couldn’t tell how long he was cumming, but by the time his spurts tapered off into little dribbles of seed, he was staring up through tiny gaps in the tree cover, watching the stars twinkle overhead. A gentle breeze and the sound of crickets chirping were all that accompanied their tired, satisfied gasps for breath. No thoughts rang through the snake’s mind, save for those that demanded obedience to his Mistress.
Fan Ling slowly picked her head up, having sprawled herself out on the snake’s chest. Somewhere in that haze of pleasure, she’d commanded him to release her from his coils. Her big green eyes, now lacking those enthralling, swirling colors, peered down at him with all the charm and cuteness that he’d seen in her originally. Now, however, there was that hint of power lying behind the supposedly innocent gaze, and somewhere in the back of his tired, mesmerized mind, he now understood the meaning of that mysterious smile she’d been wearing.
“You are mine, Prince Roken.” she said, licking her lips before planting a firm kiss to his, “You belong to me. You will yield to my desires and serve me as a loyal, obedient pet. A dumb, brutish pleasure machine, existing only to satisfy your Mistress.”
“Yes... Mistress. I belong to you.” there was no resistance now. No reluctance. No hesitation. He belonged to Fan Ling, and he would follow her commands to the letter.
“However...” the red panda idly traced a circle on his chest with her finger, “We cannot have you running around telling people about this, and we certainly cannot have it become public knowledge. So you will assume a mask of your former self. Even if you have to marry that silly, jealous princess.”
Apparently she’d noticed Irika’s irritation at the dinner table. It mattered little now, however, as she was all that was truly important in his life right now. Roken gave a weak little nod at her words, a dreamy smile crossing his lips, “Will act normal for Mistress.”
“Have your father assign me as your... ‘personal servant’. Don’t worry, I’ll work my charms on him, too, if I have to.” the panda girl grinned at the thought, “But don’t you fret, my obedient snakey. There’s only room for one big, horny naga at my feet, and that is you.”
“Thank you, Mistress.” the old Roken would have scoffed at such arrogance from a servant, but now it was the most flattering, most wonderful thing he’d ever heard. To be the one she’d chosen, out of all the other snakes in the kingdom...
Fan Ling smiled victoriously, kissing him once more and then lifting herself off of him, breathing out a moan as his cock slipped out of her satisfied womanhood. She grabbed her clothes from the floor and began to dress herself again, stretching herself out momentarily before turning back to him, “I will retire for now, pet. Take some time to gather yourself, and awaken from your blissful mindlessness. Act as if nothing happened, but do remember it all in your heart, in vivid detail. And when I call you, I expect you to answer. Is that clear?”
“Yes Mistress.” Roken sat himself up, sitting unsteadily and beginning to slowly wake from his hypnotized state.
“Good boy.” Fan Ling grinned and turned on her heels, raising her hand to wave behind her, “See you later... ‘my lord.’”
Roken watched the seductive swaying of her hips and tail before she vanished behind the tree line. Gradually the colors faded from his eyes and his thoughts returned to him, albeit with some very different priorities in his head. He was still Prince Roken Blackfang, heir to the throne of his father’s kingdom. Now he simply answered to a higher calling, in the form of a sexy woman from overseas, who’d stolen his mind away and made him all the better for it. The naga finally regained enough of his composure to stand and dress himself again, and he made his way out of the garden and back toward the castle. The night was young, and his Mistress was no doubt waiting for him.


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An absolutely excellent hypnosis story! I hope others may be able to look past whatever misgivings they have about furry characters and see just how well-written this particular descent into mindless bliss is. Excellent job.

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