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Roxie's First Session

by Kimberly_tv

Roxie's First Session

Roxie had spent all day preparing for her visit to the Hypnotist. He hadn't gone by any other name during their correspondence, but somehow Roxie trusted him.
She hadn’t had any one to one hypnosis before, but had done some self hypnosis on her computer. Suffice to say she was nervous – but longed for a session that could accommodate her needs. The Hypnotist opened the door to a very sheepish Roxie, wearing a short denim skirt, with leggings under a pair of 4” knee high boots. Her top was covered by her autumn jacket, but underneath was the best bra she had, and the matching thong nestled between her butt cheeks, reminder her all the time it was there – and it made her feel sexy under the Hypnotist’s gaze.
She was surprised by the Hypnotists appearance; she’d imagined an older man, quite well turned out, but what stood in front of her looked like a geeky graduate student. She thought he was cute, but not quite how she’d expected. “Come in,” he said very calmly.
“Thank you,” she replied, stepping in the door. “Should I take my boots off?”
“No no!” Replied the Hypnotist, “please, they make you look very nice. Keep them on.”
“Okay,” she said, slightly reassured. Her boots did make her feel sexy, and she loved them very dearly.

The Hypnotist escorted her to his living room, and Roxie deposited the bag of things the Hypnotist had requested: one baby girl’s dress (adult size) with white tights and black mary jane shoes, a school uniform (grey skirt, white shirt – both a little too tight), and finally her sexiest outfit, which consisted of a pink boob tube top, some denim hot pants and a pair of 5” platform heels in pink. Roxie liked hot pink, even without hypnosis!
“Please, lie back on the couch, and we’ll begin.” The Hypnotist instructed her… this was all a bit quick, but she wanted to take the plunge, so she lay back and waited.

The Hypnotist’s words soothed her, relaxing her more and more. As she went further and further into trance, further than she’d ever gone before, she completely lost a sense of herself. She felt like she was floating, lighter than air, and all cares in the world had gone. Then the hypnotists voice spoke clearly into her ear, compelling her to follow his instructions, which was now under mercy to do.
“Roxie, when I wake you up, you will be a sexy high school girl. You will put on the uniform straight away, and will be immediately transported into a completely imaginary school. I will be your teacher, Mr. Grey, and you will be in detention, because you’re a very naughty girl.”
As he spoke, Roxie’s mood changed significantly. As the Hypnotist described more and more what kind of a girl she was to become she become both very angry and very horny – all at the same time. She didn’t want to wear her uniform, so she would abuse it. She would wear the skirt too high, undo too many buttons on her shirt, wear her tie too low… only to tease the boys and male teachers of the school. Roxie sank deeper and deeper in age, until she was no longer 22, but 15. And before she realized, she was there.
Standing in front of her, was her teacher, Mr. Grey. He didn’t look happy, but she didn’t care!
“So, Roxie, what have you been up to, you naughty girl?”
“Nothing, sir!” She snapped back, with her uniform on. She didn’t even remember it going on, such was the power of the suggestions she was under.
“The prefects told me you were wearing your skirt so your ass was showing!”
“Dammit… Last time I suck one of them off to keep quiet.”
“You should feel very ashamed,” replied Mr. Grey.
“How can I… make it up to you… sir?” Roxie asked, now pulling her skirt up, provoking Mr. Grey.
“Well… you could fuck me.” Said the teacher unexpectedly.
What followed, was the best sex she had ever had. Her horny little, tight, 15 year old pussy gave her such pleasure that she came at least twice, ripping her shirt to reveal her bra. Mr. Grey was an excellent lover… and she bet this wasn’t going to be the last time she would have to do this.
“And… sleep!” Commanded the Hypnotist, and Roxie floated off once again.

When she came round this time, she found herself in the dress she had to buy… the baby girl one. Not only did the dress have bows on the sleeves, and all along the waist with a big one on the chest, but she had a bow in her hair too. She was wearing the white tights, which she could see in front of her as she sat on the floor, but she wasn’t wearing the shoes.
“These shoes,” the Hypnotist told her as he put them on, “are magic shoes which regress you in age. Once they’re both on, you will have the mental age and physical capacity of a 1 year old.”
“But, will that mean I pee myself?”
“I’m afraid so…” said the Hypnotist as he did up the last buckle. Then, as if by magic, Roxie went a little dead behind the eyes, and then slumped back on the floor. Her knees spread, and she giggled in an unnaturally high pitch. She looked at the Hypnotist now standing over her.
“Daddy!” She screamed.
“Hello, dumpling.” Said the Hypnotist, putting a pacifier in her mouth which she sucked vigorously. “Let daddy get a diaper on you.
Roxie proceeded to have a diaper secured around her pussy and ass, which felt lovely and soft against the soft skin of her clit. The rubbing as she moved gave her quite a pleasurable sensation. For the next hour she wriggled around the Hypnotist’s living room, enjoying the simple things. Then, without her realizing, her diaper flooded with warm, wet pee-pee.
“Ooopsh,” she slurred with the pacifier still in her mouth.
“Aw, did likkle Roxie go wee-wee?” asked ‘Daddy’.
“Uh-ha,” she stammered, with tears in her eyes.
Daddy got on quite quickly to changing her, and she was as good as new in no time.

Roxie woke back up, never having realized she went under again, now to find herself in her pink boob-tube outfit. Her long legs stretched out underneath her, as she was posed before a mirror in the hallway. She tried to move, but he entire body was frozen, as solid as a statue.
“Now, Roxie, this is where the real fun begins. When I unfreeze you, you’re going to be a complete bimbo. You know all those celebrities, Paris Hilton… Britney Spears… you’ll be like them. Air-headed, brainless, blonde, and a complete dunce!”
Roxie couldn’t reply, but she was quite scared now. Control had been completely taken away from her… but part of her sick mind enjoyed this, and she was as horny as ever.
“You will unfreeze in 3, 2, 1…” And at that moment, Roxie’s brain just vanished. She was a giggly, flirty, cute bimbo, and just couldn’t help it!
“Like… hey!” She said to the Hypnotist.
“Hello, Roxie.”
“How’s it goin’??” She asked, fiddling with her platinum blonde hair.
“It’s going good, thank you. Fancy a fuck?” He asked, blatantly.
“Okay!” she giggled, and bore her thong to him.
As the couple had sex for the second time this session, the removal of Roxie’s mind made the whole experience much more satisfying. It was almost like each thrust was one small orgasm, and she could have gone all day! She was yelling and screaming, it was a surprise the neighbors weren’t knocking on the door, asking them to keep it down.
When the Hypnotist was spent, she collected up her things, still in bimbo mode, just following the Hypnotist’s instructions.
“Roxie, on your way home, you will remain a complete bimbo… you’ll flirt with all the guys you see, and even suck off a couple. When you get home, you’ll need to climax again to get back to normal.”
“Back to wha-? This is, like, well normal!” She told the Hypnotist, but it was okay, because the suggestion had gone into her subconscious. All that was left now, as she walked out the door, was to find all those hot guys on the journey home.


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