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Witches are Superior 2

by Raziken

Witches are Superior 2

Warning, this story contains wetting/soiling on an extreme scale. Possibly 18+ material that I don’t suggest anyone under said age, should ever read. Or really anyone! By continuing to read you are responsible for your own actions (that's no fun right?). You have been warned.

first part: http://www.warpmymind.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=830


Jake laid on the couch for the next few hours, wishing it was all a dream, or if he could escape it somehow if it was real. But considering the mess he had just gone through, there was no doubt in his mind that what had transpired earlier was no dream.

He sits up on the couch and rubs his face with his palms. He had to do some shopping today because he was nearly out of things to eat and drink, but this new girl gave him some worries about what to buy at the store.


Jake's hair stands on end as he turns his head to look behind him and sees the dark brown haired girl standing there behind him. He is frozen in place, looking her over to check for any transparent parts of her, strings, smoke, anything do distinguish her as a figment of his imagination or at least an illusion.

“hello?” she steps closer and leans forward on the back part of the couch with her arms folded so her elbows keep her up.

“y-yeah...” Jake stutters and looks down to see her rather large breasts nearly falling out of the front of her robe. The gold trimmed V on her neck was so close to losing the contents of her shirt, and he hated it for not letting them free. But he had other things to worry about. She had proved her powers on him and he just had to find a way out of this.

“you should get diapers! You know, for when I punish you!” she says with a cheery grin with perfect white teeth showing.

“did I do something wrong...?” he couldn’t help but look worried as she grins a bit wider. His face was starting to flush slowly from the way she looked at him.

“not yet. I know you will though. I can feel the planning in your head. You humans have such a weak mental defense! If I wanted to, I could just go into that head of yours and ruin you. But that's no fun if a girl destroys all of her playthings.” she speaks casually and cleanly, as if she was a speaking expert, her hips moving side to side every so often. It was honestly a bit calming to be around her charming appearance and demeanor, but Jake knew her dark secret and what she was capable of.

“can I ask some questions...?” Jake says a bit sternly and trying to stay strong despite her cheery manor.

“nope! I know what you want to ask. No I’m not human, I’m a witch. Yes we look similar but witches are superior in every way... um.. you will never know freedom again. Aaaaand...” she bites her lower lip, that was all the questions Jake was going to ask but in answer form! What was this 'and' she was leading on with? “you will get to see me naked. But not right now.” she tilts her head and rests it on her fore arms “that's all!”

Jake was in a bit of a breathtaking shock at how she managed to do that. But then, if she was a figment of his imagination, then she would know all of that already because it would be him that thought and guessed it!

“you know I'm real right?” she grins again and Jake gives an unamused glare back to her. “prove it.”

she stands back up and walks around the couch, the sexy sway of her hips made it seem like such a long journey. as she moves, the robe hits her curves, or is her robe tightening around her? Yes it definitely was getting tighter around her! The material shifts from the fluffy wool look, to a slick, smooth, silk. It hugs her all over her torso, showing off her luscious curved body. It was very close to the ideal hourglass but took on a more natural shape, and those tits were probably DDs, but they seemed perky and he could see the nipples through the fabric.

While Jake is in a daze, she props her right knee beside his legs and lifts herself over him. The bottom of her robe seemed to recede upwards and uncovered most of her legs until it was a nice length, high on her thighs. But Jake wasn't watching her dress at the moment. Her breasts were right in front of his face and moving as if there was nothing covering them!

Her other knee slides beside him and she sits down on his lap, leaning back, and putting her hands on his knees. “touch anywhere, anything you like! I'm real. But, remember my rule about the staff?” Jake nods once and can feel his heart racing. It was odd how his cock wasn't erect right now...

The witch points to the staff leaning on the couch. “that's the only thing you can't touch.” Jake looks at it and it seems to draw him in. the ball at the end seeming to pull his gaze in with a spectral wind as long as he looks at it. The very lighting in the room is dimming, and everything else didn’t seem to matter as he stared.

Jake could hear giggles, this was more than likely a game to see how obedient he is! But as he turns his head, and closes his eyes, he can feel his hand around something... it felt like the staff. His arm was stretched out in that direction. He could only plead in his mind as he keeps cursing himself in his mind.

“oooooooh! Baaaad boy!” she says in a mocking tone. Her robes were still very sexy and he opens his eyes to look up at her. “but... I didn’t...” she hushes him and puts a finger on his lips. “shh shh... its okay! You have a week before I decide if you will recover from this!” She cups his groin, and rubs it up and down. This would be pleasant, if not for that sensation of needing to pee so badly again!

“no.. please! I don’t know what happened!” she tilts her head and sighs. “oh.. its begun... this is going to make it hard to buy diapers! What will people say when you cant even speak to them to tell them why you are buying the diapers? Gurgles and baby noises wont help anything at all!” Jake's eyes go wide as he tries to speak but just gives a protesting moan and some incomprehensible gibberish!

“its okay Jakey! Mommy will take good care of you while you go back to your old ways! I don't want to spoil whats next, but you will know in the morning!” the witch kisses Jake's forehead and stands up to walk out the door, snatching her staff as she goes. With a twist and a pull, she slides out of the front door and the locks all re-lock a moment after she leaves.

Jake knew what he had to do, but feared the embarrassment of it! He didn’t have to talk, so it could be easy!

After a few minutes of getting his stuff ready, grabbing his wallet, his keys, his socks and shoes, his phone, and his sunglasses, he is ready to take off for the short ride to the store. Of course, most of his ritual was to calm his nerves and give him time to prepare. But now he heads out the front door, locking it manually, and heading down the hallway.

Something seemed like it was missing from his mind, but he just couldn’t tell what! His mind was racing to find this important detail about himself.. a state of being possibly. But what could he forget so easily? It seemed urgent and important...

Jake just shrugs it off and goes about his business. His walk was somewhat odd, and sporadic... as if someone really needed to pee...


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