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Pushing the Limits

by computerf58

Pushing the Limits

I was having a great time, the bar was packed and the girls and I danced up a storm. We flirted, but not too much because we were all married.

I was on my fifth drink and feeling just a tad tipsy when I realized what time it was. Hubby would be off work soon and I had promised to be home before he got there. My Big lovable lummox husband is a cop and he looks forward to coming home and relaxing with his wife.

I said my good byes in the bar and although I knew I shouldn't drive it wasn't very far. I only had to go straight down the hi-way for ten miles and then make two turns. I really didn't think it was a big deal, besides having a cop for a husband has its advantages. Parking tickets are often overlooked if you run into one of your husbands cop friends. And if not, I have been known on occasion to flash a little peek of flesh to one of the boys and it's always worked so far. I was sure there would be no problems as long as I obeyed speed limits and took my time.

Pulling onto the hi-way I checked my speed and drove in what I thought was responsible manner. I guess I was about 5 miles up the road and before I knew it my speed had increased considerably. I was in control and it felt good, the window was open and the fresh spring air blew my hair around cooling my neck.

By chance I looked in the rearview mirror. Even in my tipsy state there was no mistaking the flashing red lights. I gently slowed down and pulled off the road. I guess I could have done better; the car seemed to be on a bit of a slant. I checked my self in the mirror and made sure my makeup was still nice. I even unzipped my plush white sweater a little, I have really nice titties and a little peek at the goods never hurts. I hate to admit that I've used it to my advantage once or twice when one my husband's fellow cops have pulled me over. I just tell them who my husband is and flash a little peek of my boobs. Of course my hubby doesn't know about it and as long as he doesn't find out I don't see any harm in it. Luckily it's gotten me out of a few tickets.

The cop car of course pulled in behind me and I sat rather nervously waiting for him to come up to my window. I hoped and prayed he wouldn't ask if I'd been drinking. Hopefully I thought, he'll just say I was speeding a tiny bit and give me a warning.

Laughing with relief I saw my big lovable lummox of a husband get out of the car. I couldn't believe my luck! It was great; I wouldn't have to worry about getting a speeding ticket.

Wearing a huge smile I watched him come up to my open window, and decided to have some fun. "Oh officer I'm sooo sorry, I guess I was going a little faster then I should have."

Gary's big affectionate eyes shot me a surprised look when he saw who it was. "Mattie! Mattie for heavens sake, do you know how fast you were going?"

"Officer, please I didn't realize until it was too late." I cried with mock sincerity.

"Matty, jeez how many times have I told you, leave the car at the bar and I'll come by and pick you up. I don't mind once a week when you go out with the girls but for gods sake Mattie you can't drive home drunk!"

"But I'm not even drunk baby, don't be such a party pooper."

"Mattie get out of the car, you can't drive home. I'll get the car in the morning."

"What if I don't my big handsome cop, what are you going to do? Spank me?" I giggled. I was in the mood for playing around.

Gary flashed me a funny look and his hand went to his chin. He stroked his beard in a thoughtful way. I was just a bit afraid that he was actually thinking about it.

"Come out of the car Mattie, right now. Get in the cruiser."

"But it's only a couple of miles; you can follow me and make sure I'm alright." I protested. Still feeling very playful I didn't want to end my little game.

Gary yanked on the door handle not realizing that it was locked. I always drove with the doors locked. It was something that Gary said I should do. He gave me an exasperated look. "Matty I'm tried and my shift is over, just get in the cruiser and I'll drive us home."

"I don't want to go home yet." I pouted. What I really wanted was for Gary to join me in the car and we could fool around in the back seat. I always get a little horny after drinking.

"Matty, open the door! You're going in the cruiser and that's it. Don't try my patience or I'll give you a ticket for speeding."

"I'm not coming out." I pouted again. "And you won't give me a ticket anyway. Why don't you just come inside with me and we'll have some fun baby." I giggled.

His arm reached inside and pulled up the lock. I giggled again thinking I had won him over.

"Alright you little brat, that's it! Out of the car!" he demanded and grabbed hold of my wrist. Gently I was pulled out.

"Oh please officer don't spank me!" I cried in mock terror.

"Gary tugged on my arm, but I stood my ground refusing to move. "Don't be such a spoil sport; I don't want to go home yet."

"Last chance Mattie get in the cruiser or else." He said quietly. I could tell that he was really getting tired of my little game. I tried one more time to get his attention and have some fun before we got home. I didn't know he had had such a bad day and just wasn't in the mood for games. I should have just done as he asked.In my half drunken state I just didn't want to quit.

"You saucy little brat! Get in the car now!" He demanded once again.

I just shook my head no and stood rooted to the spot.

Gary grabbed my arm again and dragged me to the front of the car. He twisted my arm, and I yelped in surprise. Suddenly I was pushed face down on the hood of car. I felt like one of those criminals you see in the movies. Gary held me with one huge hand, while his other yanked up my skirt.

"Oh baby," I purred. Thinking I was finally going to get my way. I thought he was going to feel me up right there on the side of road. It was making me even hotter. I wiggled my little ass for him.

"You sassy little brat your in big trouble." He said sternly. All of a sudden my panties were being pulled down. With his hand on my back I couldn't move, I had no choice but to lay over the hood with my cute little ass completely on display. I have to say it was turning me on so bad; my little panties were getting wet just thinking about a car driving by and seeing us. I hoped that Gary was going to just grab my ass and start fucking me from behind.

"You're a naughty little brat; you need to learn a lesson about drinking and driving. It's not just against the law but you endanger yourself and everyone else on the highway."

I couldn't believe it when his left arm went around my waist and his right arm began slapping my exposed bottom. I started to giggle, it was kinky and Gary had never done anything like it before. I knew he was mad about the drinking and driving but I didn't think he was serious enough to actually give me a real spanking. I thought he was just fooling around for fun. After about ten smacks it was starting to hurt. "Oww Gary, okay that's enough, Just Fuck me baby."

"You're getting a real spanking Mattie and I'll decide when that little ass is red enough!"

No Gary! Please it hurts! I won't do it again." I wailed.

It was useless, Gary is a big guy and I was pinned down. Smack, smack, smack, smack my little round ass was getting real hot. The funny thing was, even though it hurt I was getting even more turned on. Gary I was sure was getting turned on too. His hand was giving my bottom the blistering it deserved but every ten smacks or so his hand would run between my little red ass cheeks and feel my wet pussy. His fingers probed inside me and I thought I was going to explode from horniness. I never dreamed a good hard ass spanking could feel so good and hurt so bad at the same time.

Gary kept right on spanking until my ass was so sore I knew I couldn't take it anymore. I was near the point of starting to cry, but my pussy was soaking wet.

"Well you little brat have you learned anything?" he asked rubbing my sore red bottom.

I nodded my head and pushed my ass into his hands, I needed that big cock of his to fill my pussy and give me a good pounding from behind. That gets me hotter then anything else, the doggy position. I was so turned on that when his thumb brushed across my clit I drenched his fingers with my pussy juice.

"You still want to fuck you little brat? Haven't you had enough for one night?"

I managed to wiggle out of his grasp and turn to face him. I didn't care if the whole world was passing us on the highway. I wanted him badly. I fell to my knees and with a smile on my impish face I slid down his zipper and watched with delight as that big cock of his fell into view. I was going to show him that I hadn't had nearly enough and took his tasty cock into my mouth. Even my mouth was salivating from being turned on. My tongue found his big mushroom tip and I eagerly began licking the drops of pre-cum. I heard Gary moan and I really gave it a good suck, and then with a rhythm he couldn't withstand for long I did the up and down bob. Just when I felt his cock begin to stiffen I pulled away with another impish smile.

Gary again grabbed my arm and spun me around, pushing my head down on the hood of my car.

"You sexy little tease..." he said and again my ass got spanked; only that time it was much softer and there was a lot more fingering between spanks. I was crazy with desire and couldn't stand the anticipation any longer.

Gary nudged my legs wide apart and finally I felt his big thick cock slid in. The ecstasy of a long awaited and highly anticipated fuck is like no other. It was exactly what I was waiting for all night. Deep penetration from behind, felt so good, that cock filled my insides until my orgasm spewed forth calming my excited frenzy. Gary too, Collapsed leaning against my back as we both came down from our sexual high.

If there had been any cars passing by we didn't notice, and finally I went like a good little girl into the cruiser. Gary and I have had many other adventures just like this one ever since, and I have learned my lesson about drinking and driving and I know that if I ever do it again Gary will take care of that as well.

The End


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