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Turned Into More Than She Was.

by Haxsaw

Turned Into More Than She Was.

Dear Gentle readers,
This is a confession, picked at random. I use the liberty of posting fictional names and settings. I do this, as usual, to conceal identification. Please be open minded and read of a school girl who was modest, yet become a passion lady.

I was only told of her. It was a dear, dear lady. This sleek, dark fleshed lady was attending a prestigious university in an ivy league setting. It was no accident she was also hard nosed. She was very, extremely physical. The sleek, dark skinned princess could really drive herself to endurance. I read of her performance on track, in the gym and even on in-line skates. She was really a top notch, physically fit princess. Any man to look over her while she wore a leotard at gym could make out the lines and features. It was no doubt she was hard nosed. She did not get in shape sitting around on the couch thinking about it. Can you imagine this? Can you imagine the same girl dreaming of being physically fit while stuffing Ho-Ho's, watching the afternoon soaps? Lying around planning is not a solution. Getting up off your duff and taking action is. Here was a girl who was action, faith in action. Hers was the story cut out of a girl who was hard nosed, determined and with direction. To make words we call her a compass with two, long, lithe legs.
So, being a weekend she came to see her older boyfriend. I will call him Gregg. I call many of the men listed as Gregg. Gregg is fifteen years older than she. At his flat they are going to spend the weekend together. There is the knock at the door! Gregg opens and sees the dark princess.
She carries in her duffel bag with what she needs. After compassion, embraces and a few pecks on each others necks Gregg asks her if she would like hearing a few files he downloaded from some really zany site off the Web? The dark, fresh princess agrees. Easing across the living room floor she sits at his short, white, leather couch. Gregg uses the remote to zap off the T.V. Dark Princess places on some ear bugs. Fiddling with some buttons she starts the player, now in her lap. Gregg explains there are many files.
"Kitten," his nickname for her, "I will go prepare us tea. Take your time." Dark Princess winks.
"Thanks, Gregg. Work was a grinder after class let out. What is it?" she asked, pointing at the player still in her lap. Gregg was already stepping away.
"Just follow along the directions, really, Kitten, okay?" With that he stepped through some swinging doors to his kitchen area. The Dark Princess swept the room with her line of vision. Shrugging her shoulders she took a deep breathe and sunk back. After all, the overstuffed little couch was feeling good on her lower back. It was then she just pressed PLAY.
At first it seemed odd yet who was this odd man? In a short time she was breathing. She did feel her face relax. Her neck and even her back. It felt good. It felt really good.
What were those sounds playing behind him? Why did he mention them? She strained to make them out. SNAP! Without warning her eyes closed fast. Her mind and more ever her body drifted. She was told she was doing good. "Yes," she agreed, "this does feel good."
After so much time she was seeing herself walking into a department store after closing hours. Haxsaw was there. She was so glad! He helped her in. Once inside he sat her at a table. At the table she saw things. She then was relaxing deeper. In time, Haxsaw snapped his fingers again.
Dark Princess found herself in sexy underwear. She was on her knees. She felt very, very womanly this way yet why on her knees? It was then Haxaw came in the room. He unbuckled his pants. Without control, her mouth popped open. His penis slipped inside.
Dark Princess found herself giving a head job, a blow job to Haxsaw! At first she felt so shocked. She never felt so embarrassed in her life. When was this going to end, anyway? Haxsaw told and guided each step. He even told her how lovely, how good she was doing. She could feel Haxsaw's hands on her face, holding her in place.
After so much time Haxsaw came.
Haxsaw told her what it tasted like. He even told her she liked it, really liked it. Dark Princess found herself wanting, hungering for more, now. Whatever it was Haxsaw had done she needed this control. She was responsible for so much at school. Her part-time job after was so much rushing about, followed by paper work. Haxsaw was granting her relief!
1, 2, 3, SNAP!
Dark Princess opened her eyes. She had no idea what took place. She was... Giving a blow job? She put away the player unit. Slowly, easily, she drifted into the kitchen. Her head felt so relaxed. Her nerves were so eased over and smooth. As she was in the kitchen there was Gregg. He had poured dark tea for the both of them. The Dark Princess pulled the chair away from the table.
Getting on the floor she knelt before Gregg. She pulled at the zipper to his pants. Gregg helped her get what she desired. Tea time would have need wait, until later.


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