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Devious Kim

by andrew100

Devious Kim

Kim was a lively schoolgirl who would celebrate her fourteenth birthday within a few months. She was of normal length and rather slender, although she felt herself her bottom was to big and her hips to bony, like girls from that age do. In fact her figure was rather perfect, completed with two already quite grown breasts with beautiful nipples. Of course she had discovered since a long time the pleasure of touching the tiny hole and especially the "pleasure spot" as she mentioned it. Masturbating and having orgasms was a common part of her young teen life and she practised it almost every day and sometimes even more often.

She lived with her mother Kathy in a small apartment in a rather big city. Although there was some contact, she hardly knew her father, who left Kathy before Kim was born. She and her mother on the contrary, had a very good contact. Her mother always gave her a lot of freedom in her life but also lend a listening ear to support her when necessary. Her mother never had a boy friend, but she didn't seem to care much. She actually seemed to be more interested in other woman. Sometimes she went on a short holidays with a colleque, leaving Kim home. "You're old enough to take care of yourself Kim" she declared.

On one of these weekends Kim had discovered a new dimension on her sexual arousing. When she awoke that Saturday morning she knew she had al the time for herself with no mother around. It gave her a wave of pleasure in her underbelly at once. Of course she let her hand slip under her light nighty into her knickers. But when she started to rubble she realised she had to pee strongly, as usual in the morning. On many times during her morning fingering, she had fantasies of wetting her panties of course impulsed by the fact that her cunny grow wetter and wetter during her play. She never actually dared to wet her panties by real, afraid of her mother to find out. But now her mother was not there for the whole weekend. She could wash and dry her underwear easily before she would come back.

She stepped out of her bed and walked into the shower tub. Here her pee would easily flow away without any trace. There she stood with her legs a little apart. She had lifted her nighty a bit to observe herself. Although she had a strong urge to pee, at first nothing happened. So she started to talk to herself "oh let it flow, it doesn't matter at all" and than the first drips started to darken her white knickers. She pressed a little bit more and a warm spurt of hot piss came out. It soaked her panties and started to stream along her legs into the shower tub. The feeling of this hot flow in her panties was exact as horny as she already had expected. She enjoyed every drip calling herself a dirty girl, who could not hold it and peed her pants. She started rubbing her cunny long before the piss flow ended and came the most intense way she had ever experienced until now, just seconds after the flow had ended.

During this first weekend she hardly went to the toilet. She experienced wetting several and some old shorts. She felt it a pity when she had to fill the washing machine and the dryer on Sunday afternoon.

When Katty came home she kissed her little daughter and looked happily. Actually she looked satisfied. Perhaps her own experiences made her not noticing that her daughter looks very satisfied too.

During the next weeks Kim fingered herself every morning thinking with pleasure on the wet weekend she had. On some occasions, when her mother had left home before she had to go to school, she wetted her panties again. Of course she could not let run the washing machine always. So she washed them a bit under the tap an hided them on her room to dry, before she put them in the laundry basket.

One day she felt very horny in the morning and she hardly could wait until her mother left the house to work. Today she had to go to school a little bit later because one of the teachers was ill. As soon as her mother left the house she went into the bathtub and started rubbing. Already on the way to the tub some pee started to flow, but she only let some drips behind as a trace. Soon the pee flew from fully her white knickers along her legs into the bath. But unfortunately her mother had forgotten her deodorant and she came into the bathroom finding her young daughter peeing her knickers. In fact Kathy was not surprised by the pee game her daughter obviously was enjoying, but she was more concerned about the fear she saw in her daughters eyes when she was trapped in the middle of her play. "Sorry Mom, I could not reach the toilet in time" she stammered. It's all right Kim, I hope you will clear the mess yourself.

That evening Kate thought it was time to talk to her daughter. Until now they hardly had secrets for each other, but on the other hand they also hardly spoke to each other on sexual feelings. And why had she directly thought Kim was wetting her panties on purpose? Could it not have been an accident really as the girl said herself? Was n't it just her own secret wish to pee her panties like that, that made her think her daughter discovered the pleasures of wet sex?

"Kim, I'm sorry I entered the bathroom without knocking this morning. I was in a hurry " Started Kate. "I 'm sorry I didn't go to the toilet in time" replied Kim. "Kim, we don't talk much about our feelings to each other last time. But you are growing up and are becoming a woman. I don't want to embarrass you about sex, especially when it is the kind of sex which is not recognized as "normal". But I can understand if your wetting this morning had to do something with sex. I really don't mind if it does". Kim looked shocked, how could her mother have discovered her little secret so soon. Didn't she hide her washed clothes well enough? She never thought of the idea that her mother would understand her dirty play. She looked at her uncomfortable. "Really, I don't mind, girls of your age are expierencing with sexual feelings, these things belong to that" Kathy repeated. "where you wetting on purpose?". "Yes mom" Kim whispered. "I will not ask more. The only thing I will say is: don't be afraid of me to discover. But please take care of others who come here at home to discover. They won't understand"

The next weeks Kim occasionally wetted her panties. Her mother had put an extra laundry basket next to the washing machine so she did not have to hide her wet panties any more. It was summertime. She wore short skirts and used to walk through the house barefooted. She was still rather shy to pee herself with her mother in the neighbourhood. So she went to the shower tub to empty her bladder, enjoying especially the flow along her legs, but also could let it flow on the grass of their little garden (although she was very careful no one saw her doing it there. Afterwards she showered her legs and dried them. Some times she walked around in her peed panty during the rest of the day, peeing them again several times. Kathy could not help she went horny herself by the knowledge this thirteen year old handsome girl with her little titties, walked around her house wetting herself whenever she liked. Alone in her bed at night she fingered many times imagining the warm hot flow along her legs like her daughter did. But she didn't dare to do it herself.

So far Kim had only experienced panty peeing. Only the first weekend alone she wetted her shorts as well. In fact her shyness for her mother made her only pee alone, in the bath tub. But now she was lying on the ground watching a movie on TV. She had been drinking quite a lot and felt an urge to pee. But the movie was thrilling and she didn't want to miss the clue, so she stayed. She realised she really could not hold until the end. "But why shouldn't I just let out a little bit?" She wondered. Her mother probably would not notice and even if she did she had said she would not mind. She was laying on a few cushions on the floor. Of course she should remove them preventing them to get wet. They had a tiled floor, which easily could be cleaned if necessary. So she removed the cushions from under her crotch and tried to relax. The movie again took he attention and at one of the thrilling moments she felt a spurt flow into her jeans. From now she tried to divide her attention between the final of the movie and the horny feeling of peeing her jeans a little. The first spurt of pee seemed to relax her muscles more than she would hope. A few other spurts of pee started to wet her jeans further. Kathy did not follow the movie but was reading a magazine on the couch. She actually watched her daughter too and so she noticed the glinstering in the young girls crotch. She kept her breath for a moment. Her little girl was peeing herself while watching a movie. It was the first time she saw her daughter wetting herself since that morning when she catched her in the shower tub. The girl didn't seem to notice she was peeing herself, because the movie took all her attention. But now the movie was ended and she turned around to her mother and looked at her very wet crotch the same time. "Sorry mom, the movie was too thrilling" she said. "You don't have to be sorry I've told you already. I don't mind as you know" Kathy replied. "I didn't do it for the sexual feeling" Kim mentioned, "I just was too lazy. I will clean the mess know, but I first have to go to the bathroom, I still have to pee". "If you walk to the bathroom maybe you start dripping through the house. You may let it go here, Kim. I don't mind you know" heard Kim surprisingly. I seemed Kim her mother even would like to see her peeing, but she felt very shy about wetting her pants in front of her. "If you won't let me watch you, you don't have to of course" Kathy hastily said. But the idea of pissing her jeans on purpose, approved by her mother, made Kim too horny to neglect. She did not say anything any more but stood up and spread her legs a little. At once she started pissing fully in her jeans. She could feel the flow soaking her pipes en finally reaching her socks and shoes. There she was standing in the middle of a huge puddle, sighing for relief. She hardly could prevent herself touching her horny cunny but masturbating in front of her mother was a bit too much. She went to the bathroom and before stripping of her wet jeans she rubbed through the wet fabric and came easily. She took a shower and when she came back in the room her mother had cleaned the mess already and had gone to bed.

Next morning when Kim came on breakfast her mother was already dressed. But she was not in a hurry for work, Kim noticed. "Kim we have to talk al little sweetheart" her mother started. "may be you've got al little confused yesterday when I watched you". "It was my own fault Mom, I should have gone to the bathroom in time". "Would you be very shocked if I told you that I had the same feelings when I was your age" Kathy continued. Kim looked puzzeled, surprised and shocked at the same time. "you mean that you also liked wetting yourself?" Kim asked. "Yes darling, but I did not have parents that accepted it, like I accept it from you". "you mean that the reason why you let me pee whenever I like is that you don't want me to oppress my feelings like you had to do?" "Indeed Kim, I thought you ought to know. That is why I let you pee the rest in your jeans yesterday evening. I actually liked you to enjoy it and it reminded me from when I was as young as you".

"But you're not wetting any more, are you?" Kim wondered. "No, Kim" Kathy sighed "when you grow up, get boy friends, get married and so on, you stow away your secret longings". "Don't guys like wetting for pleasure" Kim asked a bit disappointed. One of her secret dreams during pee play was that I guy got horny watching her. "Most guys don't. But you have to hurry now to be at school in time."

The next weeks Kim thought back many times to that morning conversation. She wondered if her mother would get horny seeing her wetting. She also wondered if she would like to see such intimate moments at her mother and was a bit confused. She noticed that on one hand she didn't want her mother get involved in her sexual life but on the other hand she felt very horny by the idea of being watched during her wet games. The next weeks she wetted herself more often when her mother was around. One morning she saved her morning pee until breakfast and let the whole pee flow through her pyamas on the kitchen floor sitting at breakfast in front on her mom. Another afternoon she was laying on the balcony sunbating with her shorts on and peed her shorts several times to lazy to get up, knowing her mother would notice. On both occasions she notice her mother disappeared for a while to her bedroom after she had wet herself. Once she listened at the door and heard her moaning. Now she knew for sure that her mother liked her self wetting very much.

One morning Kim awoke with the horny pressure of needing to pee again. She felt too lazy to go out of the bed and pee her knickers in the bath tub first, so she started rubbing her cunny immediately. She did not intend to pee her bed. But she so often had started rubbing and peeing in the same time in the morning, that she forgot she was laying on the bed. So a huge flow bursted into her bed when she came. On one hand she had dreamed of peeing her bed as well, on the other hand she immediately understood what a mess she had made and how her matrass would be ruined. So she jumped out her bed en knocked at her mothers door. Kate saw her daughter coming in with a pee stained nighty. "Sorry mom, I really didn't do it on purpose but I have wet my bed" "its OK Kim, I knew this would happen sometime. How is your matrass?" "Terrible I'm afraid, I really had to go you know. Actually I still have to go, I jumped out of my bed at once"

At that moment a naughty idea came up in Kates head. "Ok Kim than pee the rest of your piss in your panties right now and than clean the mess". "You mean you want me to pee my panties right here in your bedroom?" Kim asked astonished. Kate realised she perhaps went to far. Now she showed again that she herself liked her daughter to wet herself. "I don't want to force you of course, what I meant to say is that I would like to see you peeing yourself right here". "I know you like it?" said Kim. "yes..... if you don't mind me looking at you" hesitated Kathy. "Ok mom, I'll do it" said Kim with a trembling voice. She spread here legs a little and started to let go the rest of her morning piss. I was streaming along her legs, clattering on the floor. Kate could not help sighing when she saw the view of the little horny girl wetting herself in front of her. "Ok Kim, you can go to your room now" she said with a harse voice. "But, the mess...."said Kim. "I 'll take care of that" and the girl and the women both went into their beds to finger their horny cunts. They both knew the other did.

After cleaning Kate said. "we have to keep our little secret ourselves very good Kim. People would not understand" "Of course Mom, I'm so glad you understand my feelings". Next day Kim found a plastic cover on her matrass. "I bought it for just in case, not to encourage you wetting your bed of course" she said. So Kim carefully tried not to finger again with a full bladder and played her pee play in the shower tub as usual. But one day when she wanted to put her wet panties into the washing basked she found some pee stained sheets in it. She realised that in this case it was not she, but her mother who had peed the bed. Her mother had gone to work already and she had to hurry for school. But first she went to her Moms bedroom. There she found what she expected. Her Mother also used a plastic sheet. That day she hardly could keep her attention to the lessons. Every time she was thinking on her bedwetting mother. Next morning she awoke horny and with a full bladder and thought of the adult woman who clearly had wet her bed on purpose. She realised her mother now could hardly object her to do the same and a wave of hornyness went through her. Slowly she moved her finger around what she called her pleasure spot. She felt the urge to pee now very strongly and really tried to hold, imagining how it should feel to let it flow into her bed. Than the stream came and she felt the warm moist filling her panty and soaking the long nighty she was wearing this time. She lifted her bottom as high as she could and she felt the stream dripping from her back. It was also streaming a bit over her belly against her little breasts and she felt it flow over her chest. She started to crawl around her bed to feel as much as possible of the now almost finished warm flow against her body. She started rubbing through her now soaked nighty and knickers and soon had the most intense orgasm she could ever remember.

Havily breathing she laid upon her bed whispering "I did it, I peed in my bed with al the pee I had in me" And she started rubbing again and came within a few minutes for the second time. Then she heard a knock on her door. "Can I come in sweetheart" her mother asked. "There is something I have to tell you". Her first reaction was to say "not now". In that case her mother would have left and let her clean the mess without showing she was aware of her daughters activities. On the other hand her mother knew already everything of her love for wetting. It would be better that she also accepted her bedwetting too. This would create a chance for much more fun in future. "Come in, but I 've wet my bed" She managed to say."That's wat I wanted to tell you" said Kathy. She came in with a little wet spot around her crotch in her pink pyamas. "We should no longer play hide and seek to each other I think. We know from each other that we like to wet, even our bed. I knew you must have seen my wet sheets in the basket. And I was sure you could not longer resist the chance and wet the bed this morning." "oh mom, I 'm so glad you don't mind that much" Kim said. I 've really made quite a mess you see". She folded the cover from her bed and Kathy saw her little daughter laying in a huge wet spot, with her nighty wet from her little breasts till bottom and a strong smell of young girl piss came into her nose. "You really made a game of it, I can see" Kathe whispered and came sitting beside her daughter on the soaked bed. "Do you mind me touching you a bit" she asked with a harse voice. Kim still felt horny although she came twice already and loved to feel a hand touching her longing body. She didn't mind it was her own mother who was besides her so she said. "Oh please Mom, do".

Kathy started to move her hands around the wet body of her daughter. Touching her hard nipples through the wetness. Than she kept her breath because she felt the little unexpierenced hand of her little girl grabbing around in her own pink wet pyama's. In fact she only had let a little bit of pee flown out yet and her bladder still was very full. She layed down beside her daughter and put her leg around her body. The little hand moved inside her wet panties touching the pleasure spot she didn't touch yet herself this morning because she wanted to save her orgasm. But now she could not resist much longer. She was too horny to have any reserves and she moved her body over her daughters hand to encourage her. At the same time her own hand slipped under the soaked nighty of her daughter and moved above to her pee stained panties. Her finger slipped along the opening into the thight hole of the kid and started moving slowly. Soon both where moaning and rubbing but Kathy still felt the urge to pee. Her daughters bed was pee soaked already so nothing prevented her from letting it go. Kim felt the hot piss stream of her mother on her hand even trough her pink pyamas. She realised her mother now was doing what she already had finished: doing her morning pee in bed. In her bed! She moaned and whispered "Pee on me please". Kathy stopped fingering her little girl and went on her knees. Both knees at one side of the horny little girl who was enjoying this game so much. Kim felt the warm stream on her little nipples and at the same time rubbed the fastly growing wet spot on her mothers pyama. Her mother had an immense orgasm and sat than with her wet bottom on Kims legs. "Oh mom, aren't we dirty" Kim exclaimed. Kathy realised that her daughter had masturbated her till end but did not come herself yet. "come here dirty girl she said stretching her arms. There they where sitting on the pee soaked bed. Kim lying in her mothers arms. Kathy brought her expierienced fingers to Kims cunny and let the girl come for the third time within a quarter of an hour.

Ginny's Hollyday

Mandy was a 23 year old pretty girl. She was of a normal length, had blond hair and a bit greenish eyes. She was as slender as a woman of her age would like to be. She was well proportioned although her B-cup wasn't very impressing of course. Today she wore a not too short mini and a T-shirt because it was rather warm weather. She waved at the young girl with a huge trunk behind her, who just left the train and now was waving back to her on the platform. "Hi Ginny, I 'm so glad you're here now" Mandy said giving Ginny a hug. "My car is outside, so lets go to my house quick, there it is a lot cooler". The woman and the girl had the normal chat on their way about the voyage, the weather and so on. Actually Ginny was a remote family-member of Mandy but they saw each other more as friends. They where like friends in spite of the difference in age of 10 years. Ginny admired the grown up woman like 13 year old girls can do and Mandy liked the childish enthousiasm and also a bit her admiration. She had just ended a relationship of 4 years with her school friend Nick and had to refind herself someway,

The idea of the staying of Ginny had come up a few weeks ago. After their meeting on some birthday the kept in contact by mailing. Soon it became Mandy clear that Ginny did not feel happy at home. Her parents where in a divorce and she was tired of the arguing and the quarrelling all day. So when the summerhollidays neared, Cindy suggested she would go to Mandy instead of spending her holidays with her parents. The agreed and so her Cindy was. Before her mother however had phoned to Mandy to tell that their was something she should know. "Cindy wets her bed sometimes. It is happening more frequently since we are in divorce, so maybe it has to do with that. But she will bring her plastic cover if you don't mind" Mandy didn't want Cindy to feel uncomfortable about these things of course. But actually the idea of the little young Cindy in a cuty nighty and pee stained panties turned her more up, than she would agree. It reminded her on the phantasies she sometimes had while masturbating.

"This is your bedroom, make yourself comfortable" Mandy said and looked at the nice little girl. She now wore a pair of faded jeans and a T-shirt which showed some little hills. Of course she was wearing no bra and Mandy wondered of she had public hair already. That evening they had long talks about growing up and especially of becoming an adult women. Mandy told Cindy she did not have all the time for her, because she had to do some work also. But she promised to spend many days with her the coming weeks. Than they kissed goodnight and they both went to their own bedrooms.

The next weeks the two women came closer to each other and their talks became more intimate because Cindy wanted to know everything about sex, fucking with boys, masturbating and so on. Although they hugged and kissed they did not touch each other in a sexual way so far. Mandy wandered how it was with Cindy's bedwetting because so far nothing had happened. She noticed however that Cindy used the plastic cover she brought from home, but it did not seem necessary. So one evening, when they where sitting at the sofa Mandy asked: "Er, Cindy, I don't want to make you shy of course, but it seems your bedwetting is over, you didn't wet the bed since you stayed here". "It must be that I feel happy here"Cindy murmered. Mandy took a close look at the young girl next to her. She wore a short and a very thin blouse. Her little nipples seemed to point through the soft material some more, during this new subject. Mandy put her arm around Cindy like she had done many times before and let her hand rest on her shoulder almost touching a nipple with her fingers and felt some moist between her legs. She herself wore some comfortable jogging trousers and a red top. No bra as she used not to wear one when she was at home. "You don't have to tell me more, I'm sorry if I embarrassed you" Mandy whispered in the girls ear. "Can I trust you a big secret?" Cindy said and Mandy nodded. "I am not the bedwetter my parents think. I 've wet my bed several times alright, but that was more because I could not stand them quarrelling all the time, so I tried to show them". "So you where peeing in your bed on purpose" Mandy sighed, feeling now really hot down in her pussy. "Yes" Cindy blushed. "And did you like it" Mandy asked, hoping her voice did not sound too hopefully. Cindy looked down to her legs and to Mandy's legs as well. She blushed even some more; "Yes Mandy, do you think I'm a very dirty girl now?" "I really think you're dirty" Mandy cried out "but that does not mean I don't like it. I 'll confess something too" And she went to a locked drawer where she took out a samle of wetset magazine. "This is what my phantasies are about sometimes" she said giving the magazine to Cindy. "But it's porno" Cindy cried out and started to look of the many pictures of women and men peeing themselves or each other. "Its horny " she exclaimed "I thought I was the only one with this dirty phantasies". Mandy now put her full hand over the girls little breast and started playing with her nipple between her fingers. She looked Cindy right into her eyes and than kissed her "Oh please Cindy, I have longed to touch you for a long time. Please let us be lovers". "Oh Mandy, you make me feel more horny than I ever have been. Please touch me" Mandy moved the other hand to the girls knee and started rubbing higher and higher. She made the little girl come in her arms within a few minutes. "I'm sorry I went to fast" Mandy sighed. "Please let me touch you too Mandy" Cindy let her hand slip under the waistband of Mandy's jogging trousers and noticed Mandy wore no panties. Her little hand almost vanished in the womans cunt. And more and more juices came out. Mandy was breating now heavily but before she came she stood up from the sofa. She stood in front of Cindy spreading her legs and Cindy started rubbing through her pants. "Oh Cindy, here it comes" Mandy cried and Cindy felt her hand becoming very wet. Mandy was peeing her jogging trousers. A fast growing wet spot was around her crotch and the pee started to wet her legs as well. Soon a puddle grew on the floor and Cindy now was rubbing Mandy's wet trousers very fast. Soon after her last drop of pee came out, Mandy came screaming for pleasure and Cindy moaned. Mandy hardly noticed the girl was masturbating hersef in her panties at the same time to a climax. "Oh Cindy what an example I am for you to play this dirty game" The woman murmered. "But I like it so much". "I never dreamed to have a friend like you Mandy. Who would share my needs" Cindy answered.

That night the slept in each others arms in Cindys bed. In the morning Cindy woke up and looked at the beautiful woman besides her who was still asleep. She felt the urge of the morning pee and at once a wave of hornyness came through her. This was far more exiting than peeing her bed at home where she had to act as if it was an accident. That night they had gone to bed well dressed. Cindy was wearing her cotton pyama and Mandy wore a long nighty with panties on. Now Mandy was awake too. Without any words Cindy took Mandy's hand and put it between her crotch. Mandy of course knew wat would happen and started to rub Cindy's nipples. Soon Mandy felt the warm piss flowing over her hand and Cindys leg. It soaked her pyama and sheets very soon and in the mean time Mandy rubbed the little clit through the wet fabric. Cindy moaned very hard and came shivering all over. "Oh Mandy, what a horny game to pee my bed like that". "I'll show you what a real wet bed is, you dirty little bedpisser" Mandy exclaimed and planted her legs on both sides of the little tits of the girl. "Here it comes" and she produces a smelling yellow stream through her panties along her legs clattering on the little girls blouse. "Oh please, you're peeing on me" Cindy giggeled and she moved her little fingers under Mandy's wet panties. Mandy moaned getting touched and started to move her hips to encourage the young girl. Her pee splashed now more around her bed and she looked down. She saw her young friend in extacy wet all over under her pee and enyoing the pee dirty game intensely. And than she came.


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