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It started at camp...

by TheTurretCube

It started at camp...

Crystal Highlands Camp, a vast, 500 acre expanse of beautiful forest and meadow, set in the rolling hills outside of Redmond, could certainly be called the center of summer activities for the majority of the state. It opened in late May, rain or shine, after nearly six months of preparation by the staff members that both lived and worked on site, and closed the last day of August.

Schools for miles in every direction signed up kids by the dozens to go there during specialty camps that catered to a variety of interests from Horse Camps to Archery and Science. Whole areas of the camp were dedicated to these special groups, while other portions were simply dedicated for families to come at any time and spend the day or rent a cabin for a week and swim, hike or canoe.

August is always their busiest time, besides the very first week of June, when all the Kids are off school. It was quite by chance, then, with a busy as that last time was, that a school group opening appeared for the Female of Redmond High, who had been unable to go at their normal time because of a spell of bad storms which had flooded out their cabins. If they wished to go, they would have to share a campsite with the Male group of students from Redmond, since space was limited, but they were assured that there would be proper privacy.

Zoe had not been thrilled when she'd learned that she would be attending camp during the summer. When she had heard that the section reserved for the girls of her school had been flooded and closed, Zoe had seen a world of opportunities. With her parents gone on a trip to Europe for the better part of August, the girl would have had the house to herself. But that was not going to happen now.

With a sigh, Zoe grabbed her long flowing hair and secured it with the hair elastic she always kept around her wrist. She opened the empty suitcase on her bed and proceeded to unceremoniously stuff the clothing she'd be wearing during her stay at camp. As she finally got through the checklist of suggested items, Zoe flung herself on her bed. A thought occurred as she tilted her head towards her bed-side table. Turning to her side, Zoe let her lightly freckled arm hang over the bed and open the bottom drawer. She quickly removed the neatly folded towel that was clearly visible in the open drawer and unfolded it to reveal a plain black plastic box. 'Perhaps the stay at camp won't be so bad after all', she thought as she expertly refolded the now empty towel before putting it back in its place and closing the drawer. 'Sweetie, are you ready to go?' the girl heard her father call out. 'Just about' she answered before placing the mysterious box in her suitcase and closing it up.

Luke would have rather been doing almost anything than going to camp through the last month of summer vacation. Well, no, he had to take that back, he would rather go to camp than spend the summer on his Grandparents farm. He made a face as he lifted his suitcase and flopped it down on the bed. He took hold of the pair of zippers and pulled them apart and down, opening the case and checking to ensure he had everything. His clothes were folded, packed by his mother, and were tucked together along with a few extras that he had put in, such as his camera and netbook.

Sure that he had everything, he closed the case again, and lifted it from the bed. His hair, blond and a bit shaggy, shifted as he did so, and he lifted a tan hand to brush it back. His phone was quickly slipped from his bedside table into his pocket, and he left the room. His mother would be taking him to the camp, then heading to meet his father at the airport, they were flying to see his grandparents across the country, and probably wouldn't be back before he got back. As he descended the stairs, he decided that if he were going to have to spend the rest of the summer at camp, he would make the best of it, and the best part would be all the girls. Maybe he could figure out a way to have fun while he was there...after all, a boy with a camera and a mind like his own could surely come up with something.

Zoe hadn’t spoken a word since she had gotten into the car with her parents, not that she needed to; she had brought her IPod along for the near-hour trip. The car pulled up to the grounds and Zoe let out a sigh before exiting and retrieving her suitcase from the trunk.

As she came up to the section reserved for the students of her school, Zoe saw at once how the camp officials had managed to find room for the girls; besides the fact that there were now a few tents scattered around the area, Zoe noticed that they had doubled up on the bunks in a few of the cabins. They would be living in cramped quarters. ‘Yay’, she thought sarcastically as she stepped forward towards one of the wooden buildings reserved for the girls.

Choosing a top bunk to allow her more privacy, Zoe started unpacking the few possessions she had brought with her. She stopped as her hands made contact with the box she had brought, feeling observed. When she lifted her head, she saw him; that boy from school. He was standing a few paces away from the doorway and was looking at her. They locked their gazes for a moment. Feeling slightly uncomfortable, Zoe dropped hers quickly and finished unpacking.

By the time Luke reached the camp, most of the other students from his class were already there. The girls had ended up with an extra bunk house that the boys didn’t have, which meant he was assigned a tent with another boy. Only the first boys that had got there were given cots in the bunkhouse. Normally he might have been disgusted and complained, but already his mind was at work on how he could turn everything into having fun while he was at the camp. Having a tent meant that the boys got to pitch them wherever they wanted, as long as they weren’t ‘invading’ the girl’s private area.

What exactly the definition of ‘invading’ was, was another matter entirely. He found his tent-mate standing by the deconstructed pile of supplies for the tent, and immediately struck up a conversation. The two boys had seen each other about at school, and while they hadn’t talked much before, they fell in together quite nicely. The other boy’s name was David, and in contrast to Luke’s shock of blond hair, his was pitch black. It was a few minutes later that they started deciding where to set the tent up at. The other boys had erected their tents in various places around one side of the center of their camping area.

There was a large fire pit in the middle of an open grassy field. On either side of the field, back far enough to give some small amount of privacy, and under the overhang of some large trees, Were the bunkhouses. In front of the wooden structures, and around them, were where the tents were pitched. Luke had been considering the layout for a moment, and saw also that the bathroom facilities were actually a but farther away, and off to the side. There was one bathroom for each set of bunkhouses. “What say we put our tent up over a little further to the side here...” He suggested, pointing to a spot just a short distance away. David glanced in that direction, and shrugged, “Looks good...any reason in particular?” He bent to lift some of the jumble of pieces for the tent. Luke nodded and gestured over toward the girl’s side of the camp, “Let’s just say a better view.”

David chuckled at that, nodding, and the two of them set to work. Both had erected tents before, and it didn’t take them long before it was set up with their sleeping bags rolled out and suitcases tucked away, “I’m going to take a stroll.” Luke said, while David went about finishing up his side of the tent.

Luke meandered around for several minutes, walking around the boy’s side of the camp, listening to the conversation, laughing at jokes and generally joining the fun. He was an easy kid to get along with, or so most people told him. He seemed to be able to insert himself into most conversations. What most didn’t know was that Luke had a very definite mischievous streak, and that if something served his purposes, he would use others to get what he wanted. At last he drifted across the camp site, allegedly at first to help a girl with her tent, which she was having trouble with. He then just started browsing around and admiring the ‘sights’. He was surreptitiously glancing inside the bunkhouses when he came eye to eye with one of the girls from his class. She was pretty, quite gorgeous he thought, and seemed to be rather...nervous? He smiled at her, and she turned away to quickly finish what she was doing. He chuckled and turned around, thinking ‘she’ll bear some watching...’

After having finished unpacking her things, Zoe decided to walk around the camp grounds a bit. As far as she could tell by the tents that had popped up everywhere and the amount of teenagers walking around or setting up, most everyone seemed to have arrived. As she walked about, Zoe smiled and exchanged silent greetings with the people who crossed her path. She found an elevated area and sat down on the patch of grass, leaning against a mature tree.

Zoe let out a sigh as she saw the teens from her class chatting about in little groups around the section that was reserved for their school. This is why she didn’t want to go to camp in the first place; though she wasn’t known for being unfriendly, she had always been very reserved and much preferred observing and listening to starting up conversations. She was fascinated and somewhat jealous at the ease with which some of her classmates could communicate with such ease.

Absorbed as she was in her observation of the micro-society that was before her, Zoe jumped when she heard the ring of the supper bell. She got up and made her way to the cafeteria, choosing to sit at the very edge of one of the tables reserved for the students of her school. She listened distractedly to the conversations that were buzzing around her as she ate her tasteless cafeteria food smirking slightly as she heard that the girls at her table were planning a prank on the boys during the night. As far as she could tell, this had become something of a tradition for the students of her class as the boys and girls competed to see who would pull off the best prank.

Thinking that it would be very amusing to observe everything that would happen during the evening, Zoe was quite taken aback when she heard her name come up in the conversation. She looked around and found a few pairs of eyes on her. “You’ll help us right, Zoe?”, Camille, one of the girls she secretly admired, asked. “You know, as we find and hide their underwear”.

After Luke returned from his ‘scouting’ mission on the girls’ side of the camp, he headed back to his shared tent and made sure that everything of his was in it’s proper place. The tent was really rather large, it was one of the newer ‘pop up’ models with the sleeping area in the middle, and then a small zipped area to the back, opposite the entrance, where luggage and other items could be put. It was technically meant to sleep three, but since they were the last two boys to arrive, and there were no others that needed a place, they had lucked out.

He put his suitcase at the back of the tent, inside the zippered area next to David’s, then opened it to rummage around and find his camera buried among the clothing. He pulled the device out and made sure that it was alright, which it was. The High resolution Camera had been a gift the previous Christmas, from his Uncle who was a photographer. Luke had always expressed fascination in the field of Photography, and so had been overjoyed to receive it. David had evidently gone to speak with some friends, he wasn’t there, so Luke settled down on his sleeping bag for a moment and turned on the camera, checking it’s viewfinder and lens. It had High-Def night modes and other automatic settings, but His uncle had taught him how to adjust the settings himself for the perfect shots in any light level. He had already created presets for Night and Day, so that he wouldn’t have to do more than minor adjusting.

He had just finished messing with the device, and tucked it to the side of his pillow, when the dinner bell rang out. His stomach rumbled a bit, and so he climbed out of the tent, and moved slowly through the crowd as all the kids in the area made their way to the cafeteria. He found his way to the table where David was seated, and plopped himself down next to his tent-mate. There wasn’t much to be said for the food, except that it was filling. He ate his share and then leaned on his elbows and listened. He was very good at listening. The boys around him were discussing everything that you would expect to hear, from video games, to movies, sports, and girls...especially the girls in the class that they were sharing the camping sight with. A few boys swore they were going to get laid while they were there, and Luke kept an eye on those, memorizing their faces and names...why he wasn’t sure, but it would come in handy if he ever needed anyone that would gladly help him in some fun.

As always, there was also the subject of pranks and jokes played between the boys and girls. There was always rivalry between the two gender groups, and it often led to embarrassing, humiliating or down right mean pranks being played. No one ever got hurt though. Several of the boys in the group had been there the year before, and there seemed to be some an unspoken rule that went around, that each year one of the groups started off with a prank the first night. The boys had done it last year, so it was the girl’s turn. At that point it turned to speculation on the part of the boys as to who would be hit and what would happen.

Dinner was over by this time, and everyone was simply socializing. The councilors came out and introduced themselves to their respective groups, told them how the schedules were organized. Some students had signed up for particular camp activities, others were simply there to do something more than lay around at home. Luke would have preferred to stay home, but his parents had wanted him to go, so here he was. That meant that he could pick and choose which activities he wanted to do, which was fine by him...he could do what he wanted. After that, they were dismissed, and everyone filed outside. There was no real curfew time, though it was ‘strongly suggested’ that the students be in their tents or bunkhouses by 9.

A couple of adults had built a large pile of wood up in the clearing, and lit it as the night began to settle in. The flickering flames sent shadows racing across the ground and painted them on the sides of the tents and the bunkhouses as the teens milled about. David and Luke returned to their tent, talking in low tones, “I don’t intend to get victimized this year.” David said with a chuckle, “Last year some chick stole every pair of my jeans and I was stuck wearing shorts the whole time.”

That sent Luke chuckling. A nearby boy that they passed scoffed, “That’s nothing. There was one year I heard about the girls taking a guy’s whole suitcase while he was in the showers. He only had the boxers that he had taken with him when he got out. The suitcase was never found.” He shook his head.

Luke patted David on the shoulder, “So we don’t have to get victimized...at least not without causing some havoc in return.” The boys ducked inside the tent, and David raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean?” Luke opened his suitcase and pulled out a few pairs of clothing, then unzipped his sleeping bag and tucked the clothes inside so that it would look like he was in there. “I brought a camera...maybe I can catch someone doing something and make sure that we don’t feel the effects of the pranks this year....” David brightened, “Hey cool idea...” he turned and began rummaging about in his own bag, then pulled out an ipod, “This has a recorder in it... let’s record the sounds of you sleeping, that will make the ruse extra effective.” Luke was all for that, and a short while later they had a very convincing setup. In the falling light, it looked just like he was sleeping, and sounded like it too. “Great...I’m taking the camera and I’m going to go out and sit in the trees and watch....you just pretend I’m in here and go to bed when everyone else does.”

David agreed, and Luke peeked out the tent flap. When he was sure no one noticed, he got out with his camera and zipped it back up. He made for their bathroom then, as if he was going to go, but instead slipped around the back and into the trees. He settled down against a tree, and waited.

Zoe was feeling fidgety. She kept playing with her hair, putting it up into a ponytail before taking the elastic out and putting it back in again. She couldn’t believe that she had agreed to be a part of the prank. However, she had made up her mind under pressure; when the camp councillor had come in the hall after supper, Zoe had hoped that she could weasel her way out of making up her mind, but Camille and the other girls had pressed on while the man was talking. Zoe had tried to say no, but to no avail; Camille just wouldn’t let it go. To make matters worse, the councillor had noticed the discussion that was going on near him and, pausing mid-sentence, had turned towards the chatty teenage girls with a reproaching glance. Not wanting to attract too much attention to herself on the first day, Zoe had finally caved in and muttered a curt ‘fine’ before turning her attention back to the speaker.

The rest of the evening went by quickly. Zoe had sat by the fire, absentmindedly hearing bits of conversations, letting the odor of the burning wood soak into her clothing. When the flames had started to die out, and students had started to walk away from the pit and towards their tents or bunkhouses, Zoe had followed suit.

Now, as she was sitting in her bunk, Zoe was wondering whether she should just back out or not. Deciding she should at least stop playing with her hair, the toned brunette put the elastic back into her hair and tried to find a better way to occupy her hands. Her brain almost immediately sent her an image: two inch-wide spherical objects. ‘Not exactly what they’re meant for, but what the heck’, she mused. Retrieving the black box she kept hidden, Zoe searched for and grabbed the two matching hollow metal balls. She put the box away and, placing the two spheres in her left hand, started to rotate them around with her hand.

It wasn’t long until Zoe saw someone enter the bunkhouse. “It’s time” the girl said simply before exiting. As a few girls left their beds and left, Zoe quickly pocketed the balls and, on a bout of inspiration, removed the small LED flashlight she kept with her keys before leaving to pull the first prank of her life. She was looking around, wondering where she should go when she saw the small tent that was planted in an almost isolated section. ‘I’ll do this one’ Zoe thought. ‘They look like they tried to hide their tent so they’ll probably think that they’re safe’.

Zoe tried to walk as silently as possible towards the tent and a smile drew across her face when she was only a few paces away. ‘They’re snoring’, she remarked, a smirk forming across her face. Keeping the small flashlight between her teeth, Zoe worked on unzipping the entrance to the tent as quietly as possible. Once she had enough space to crawl through, she entered. Zoe quickly spotted the two sleeping bags in what was the largest part of the tent. Both bags were obviously occupied; she could see the head of one of the two boys and hear the light snoring coming from the second. Remaining on all fours, Zoe surveyed the tent, finding that ahead of her lay another small area. ‘That is where they must have put their suitcases’, she thought, noticing that they weren’t in the main area of the dome. As quietly as possible, Zoe crawled towards the area she had spotted and stopped when she saw the suitcases. ‘Piece of cake’, she thought as she retrieved the very visible underwear from within each suitcase hugging it tightly in her arms as she made her way back out.

Despite having gone through the hardest part of the task without a hitch, Zoe’s heart was beating at a rapid pace when she finally extracted herself from the tent and closed it back up. She quickly made her way towards a dense patch of trees behind the tent, one of the areas chosen by the girls to hide their “loot”, never noticing the shadow wrapped around one of the larger trees she passed or the little red light accompanying it. She knew she was in a good spot when the light cast by the moon diminished considerably. Placing her artificial light source between her teeth again, Zoe looked around and hid the clothing in a rather large bush. Her heart was beating so loudly that she was totally unaware of what was going on around her; all she could think about was getting back in bed. It seemed, however, that fate had something else planned for her that night. As she turned around to make her way back to her bunk, her heart seemed to stop in its tracks as she came face to face with a familiar face. “Hello Zoe”, the person said. It was Luke.

Luke had waited patiently for about an hour as the rest of the light dimmed in the western sky and the camp was plunged into moonlight. The moon was actually rather bright, there weren’t many clouds, and he smiled, for that would aid him with two parts of his plan. First, he would be more easily able to see what was going on in the camp site, secondly, he would be all the more hidden in the darkness behind the tree he had chosen as his hiding spot.

Nothing had happened for some time and he wondered if perhaps the girls had decided not to prank the boys this year. That seemed unlikely, but he was still considering that fact, and in turn, considering what they could do instead that would yield them an equal opportunity for fun, when he noticed movement. From across the camp he could just make out the shapes of a few girls leaving the bunk houses or tents and striking out for the boy’s side. Bringing up the camera, he peered through the viewfinder and watched as the girls picked their rival’s dwellings at random. He shook his head and chuckled, wondering which he would end up picking.

That’s when he heard a small noise near their own tent and brought his attention back to the immediate area. One girl was creeping toward their tent, and he couldn’t help but grin when he saw who. It was Zoe, the girl from his class...oh this was an interesting development. She was usually quiet, he thought...perhaps she had a hidden side to her. Either way, he made up his mind that she was going to be the perfect target for this. His camera came up and snapped a picture of her as she unzipped the front flap of the tent.

He waited, patiently, eyes riveted on the entrance, until perhaps two or three minutes later, she emerged and headed straight for him. He realized that this area, the very spot he was hiding in, could have been chosen as a hiding spot for whatever the girls had stolen. After all, they couldn’t take the ‘loot’ back to their own tents or bunks in case the councilors searched those. He took one more picture of the girl, whom he realized was carrying their underwear in her arms, and then ducked behind the tree to wait.

She passed within a few feet of him and immediately headed for a clump of bushes well into the darkness. Using his camera, he was able to watch her every movement, as she hid them, then stood and turned. He had stepped out from behind the tree at this point and was blocking her path, making her stop in her tracks. Precluding any comment from her, he said, “Hello Zoe.”

Not surprisingly, she seemed speechless for the moment, so he continued, “Golly Gee...I wonder just what a nice girl like you is doing out here at night, sneaking around and hiding things under bushes.” he shook his head, “Seems mighty suspicious to me, Bet the Councilors would like to know who stole the boy’s underwear tomorrow when they all start complaining.” He was tapping his fingers lightly on his camera, then turned, and took a few steps away, into the moonlight for a moment, where she could clearly see the device.

Zoe realized that she had stopped breathing, surprised as she was at coming face to face with Luke. ‘Shit’, she thought, ‘I pick this as my first prank and get caught, figures’. Zoe had never been a good liar. She had never been put in a situation in which she would have to invent a cover story either. As such, she fell right into Luke’s web.

“Oh God”, she stuttered. “It’s just a stupid prank I got talked into doing by the other girls. They told me it happened every year” she continued, waiting for an answer from the boy, but he merely looked at her, a slight grin on his face as he made sure she saw the camera he was holding. “Come on, please don’t tell the councillors”, she begged. “I’ll bring everything back to your tent”, she persisted. Luke seemed to be taking extreme pleasure in making Zoe feel uncomfortable and she started to panic when he continued to hold his tongue. It was almost as though he expected her to say something. Finally, not being able to stand it anymore, she broke the silence once again, having no idea how much the words she’d speak would have an effect on her life: “why aren’t you saying anything? What is it you want me to say? What is it you want me to do?”.

“That’s more like it.” Luke said, with a hint of a smile still playing around on his handsome face. His hair was tousled and the blond strands stood out in the moonlight a bit, “Seems you’re in a bit of a bind, aren’t you... You don’t want me to go to the councilors, fine. In return, you’ll agree to do various tasks and commands that I will set. That means that you basically obey whatever I tell you to do.” He shrugged, “If not, I’ll see you in the councilor’s office tomorrow morning.” he paused for only a moment more, then turned as if to walk away.

“Wait”, Zoe said, anxiety gripping her once again. She took her hair elastic out once again, letting her hair cascade around her shoulders. “Wait”, she repeated. “Don’t you think that’s a bit intense? I mean, it’s just one stupid prank? And well...” Zoe’s arguments seemed to hit a wall, each word she managed to sound out became weaker and weaker as she saw that the boy in front of her would not budge. “Fine”, she said “but what do you mean by ‘various tasks and commands’?” she finally asked, before putting her hands in her pockets and looking at the ground.

Luke shrugged at first at her protests. He wasn’t planning on backing down, not now that he had her in his clutches, or rather in his camera. “Oh just some small things...” He was very noncommittal with his remark, since the things he had in mind were not exactly what most people would accept right away, then again, maybe she would. “Since you stole my underwear and that of my friend, you can take your own off right now and hand it to me...” He clicked his fingers and held out his hand, “Come on.”

At first, Zoe was certain that she hadn’t heard right, she couldn’t have. However, as she studied Luke’s traits, she saw that he was serious. Immediately, she became flushed with embarrassment and she was certain that despite the cover of darkness, it was plain to the boy. She tried to find a way out of the situation, but couldn’t. After all, she had agreed and her father had taught her that you were nothing if you couldn’t keep your word. At first, she thought of turning around, but she was afraid that the mischievous teen would sneak pictures of her as she removed her underwear. Placing her hands under her shirt and behind her back, she expertly unclasped her bra. Then, she placed each hand in the opposite sleeve to get the straps off her shoulders. Finally, with shaking hands, she pulled on the bra to remove it. ‘That was the easy part’ she thought. Next came the panties. Zoe was thoroughly relieved with her decision to wear shorts for the day. She put her left hand up the hole to her right short leg and grabbed the waistband. Then, she pulled down on the stretchy cotton fabric and painstakingly drew it over her knee and off her leg. The other side was easy to take care of and she removed her panties with a triumphant feeling; she had managed to remove her underwear without giving Luke the satisfaction of seeing her try to hide behind a bush or tree to first remove her clothing.

Looking up at Luke she remembered the second part of her task: handing her underwear over. She took a step forward and stopped in her tracks as a flood of embarrassment came over her. ‘Oh God, my panties are wet’, she thought ‘I can’t let him have them. This is so embarrassing’. Trying to buy some time, Zoe threw her bra to Luke while keeping her panties in her hands, placing them behind her back. She tried as best she could to wipe the moisture off as subtly as possible and waited to see how he would react to receiving only one of the two pieces of clothing.

He shook his head as she went about taking her underwear off. Surprisingly, and very cleverly, she managed to do it without showing more than a little bit of skin. He still took pictures though, especially of her taking her panties down her legs. When she tossed the bra at him, he caught it deftly, draped it over his shoulder and held out his hand, “Panties too...and don’t think you’re going to get away with trying to hide them from me like that.”

Zoe was annoyed with herself at how things had turned out during the day. Twice, she had been put under pressure and, not being able to think straight, had given a rash answer that had gotten her into some form of trouble. Knowing full well that it would be hard to back out now that Luke had pictures of her, she put her panties in a ball and threw them at the boy. “Ok, we’re even now” Zoe said once her underwear had been caught. “That means you can erase the pictures and I can go get some sleep”, she continued as she walked towards him in the direction of her bunkhouses.

Luke let out a soft chuckle, “In your dreams Zoe...” he shook his head, “I told you that you weren’t going to get away with not giving me the panties when I asked.” Oh yes, he had her now, and he wasn’t going to let her get away from him. He was going to make sure that he had plenty of fun with her, “You don’t get to go back to your bunkhouse just yet....first you have a choice to make...have you ever gone streaking before?”

“Streaking”, Zoe mumbled to herself, trying to remember what it meant. Then it hit her, she recalled hearing Camille brag about a dare she’d done that required her to streak across the football field at a party. Immediately, Zoe felt herself shake in anticipation, surely he wasn’t expecting her to streak through the grounds, was he? “No, I...I’ve never gone streaking”, she finally said with a trembling voice.

Luke had thought as much. He had counted on it. She wasn’t the kind of girl to do that anyway, unlike some of the other girls in their class at school...that girl Camille for one. Not many people knew that it was actually Luke that had dared her to do that. He chuckled softly, “Good...I hadn’t thought so. Of course, you don’t get to decide if you do it or not..” he laughed, the mischevious tone returning to his voice as he knew he had her backed into a corner, “What you have to decide is which part of you to show off. You’re going to take off your shirt or your shorts and hand it to me as well, then. You’re going to streak through the boy’s tents, in front of the bunkhouses and down to the bathhouse by the lake...I think there are towels down there...once you get there you’ll take off your other piece of clothing and run to your bunkhouse, where I’ll be waiting to recieve the last bit of your clothes...THEN you can go to bed...and I suggest you make up your mind quickly...”

‘And what if I don’t?’ Zoe thought, but did not mouth the words; she already knew the answer to that question. That did not, however, help her answer the actual question at hand: what *would* she take off to streak? She knew she would do it, knew that she had to do it, if only to appease Luke and perhaps satisfy his need for revenge. ‘Besides’, she thought, the boys would be pranking the girls the next evening, ‘perhaps I’ll be able to get even with him then’. But, that, was another matter entirely. She looked down at her slender body wondering: do I remove my shirt or my shorts?

Zoe figured it would be way easier to cover herself up if she were to remove her shirt first. Therefore, not wanting to waste any more time than was necessary as she wanted to avoid being caught after curfew as much as possible, she turned around, and in one swift motion, pulled off her shirt. Then, covering both her breasts as best she could with one arm, she turned around and walked towards Luke to hand him her shirt while at the same time trying to ignore the fact that he was continuing to snap pictures of her near naked body. As soon as her shirt was dropped into Luke’s hand, she started running taking, a breast in each hand to avoid too much discomfort from the jiggling caused by the impact of her hurried steps on the ground.

Indeed, after Zoe had taken her panties off and handed them to him, he had continued to snap her picture every few seconds, eternally grateful that he had had the foresight to put a larger memory card in the camera. He got several snapshots of her taking her shirt off, and vowed that he would get naked ones of her soon enough, probably in horribly compromising positions...but that would come later. He took the shirt from her and snapped one shot of her covering her tits with both hands, then watched her dash off across the camp. He had her head through the boy’s section, instead of right back to her own bunkhouse, for several reasons, firstly the added chance of being caught would add risk, secondly, it was fun to make a naked girl run long distances...thirdly...

He turned and dashed off across the camp himself, but instead of following her, he went from shadow to shadow around to the girl’s side of the camp, and soon found himself in the deep shadows behind the girl’s bunkhouse that she would be sleeping in. He intended to take her shorts from her, and her towel, when she got there...and hopefully get a fully nude picture of her.

Zoe ran as quickly as she could trying to find both the quickest and less direct route through the different sections of camp she had to run through. As she approached the tent zone, Zoe turned 90 degrees towards the right, she decided that instead of running smack dab in the middle of the zone, where she would be at a greater risk of getting caught or tripping on some of the ropes put in place to hold the protective tarp in case of rain. She kept to the shadows and ran at the very edge of the section, making a point to run between two tents at one point just to honor the condition that she was to pass through the section. Still holding her breasts in her hands, cursing at their size, she took a breather against one of the bunkhouses reserved for the boys before going off again.

The girl cursed under her breath when she came up to the bathhouse; she realized that though taking off her shirt first had made it easier to hide herself in the beginning, it was also an impractical solution as she would need to stop to remove her shorts and while, in essence, stopping wasn’t a huge problem - she had done it before to catch her breath - it was at the bathhouse as all lights were on. ‘Damn Luke, he probably knew that this would happen’ she thought. Taking a knee in the shadows, Zoe considered her options. She could remove her shorts now and make a run for it without needing to stop, besides, Luke only hinted that there could be towels, but he never said she was required to use one. On the other hand, she could do the streak as planned, strip in the bathhouse and then grab a towel as it could be useful to cover herself up for when she’d near her own bunkhouse.

Finally making up her mind, Zoe took off her shorts on the spot. She decided that instead of going through the bathhouse she’d go around it, very near the lake to remain out of view from the lights. As she came up to the calm surface of the water she slowed down slightly, eventually stopping. She’d heard of skinny dipping before but had never had the courage to even think of doing it. But that night, with the warm weather and her initiation into the world of streaking, she thought ‘what the heck’. Already sticky from her short run in the stuffy summer air, Zoe entered the water with a mix of giddiness, relief and mischievousness; ‘Luke can wait a while longer’ she thought, a smile illuminating her face as she thought that the longer he was out the bigger chance he himself would get caught. ‘Besides, if ever anyone comes my way, I can always duck under the dock’ Zoe mused as she got closer to the structure.

Luke waited by the side of the bunkhouse for several minutes, at first watching her as she dashed for the lake. Then she disappeared behind the bathhouse and didn’t emerge. Wondering what she was up to, he snuck away from the girl’s bunkhouses and into the trees, then ran along just inside of them for cover until he got down near the lake and could see the entire bath house and dock. She was no where to be seen. He knew she hadn’t run past him toward her own side of the camp, and that’s when he saw the ripples in the lake, ‘so...skinny dipping is it?’ he thought, then smirked. Her shorts were sitting in a crumpled heap near the side of the bathhouse. There was no cover from the woods to the house, but she looked like she was facing the other way, so, taking a breath, he dashed across the soft grass until he came to the unilluminated side of the bathhouse and flattened himself against it. He crept down the length, then snatched up her shorts, and tucked them in one side of his own pants. Now he would wait until she got out, and would catch her, unsuspecting.

Zoe remained a few minutes in the water relishing in the coolness of it against her naked body. Finally deciding that she should get back to the bunkhouse, she extracted herself from the water and walked towards the bathhouse, where she had left her shorts. ‘That’s funny’ she thought, getting closer to the spot ‘I was sure I’d left them...’. ‘Shit’ she thought, noticing a set of footprints leading away from the place where she had left her shorts. Heart racing, Zoe sprinted to the entrance of the building in hopes of being able to grab a towel, not caring that she would have to pass under a brightly lit spot, naked, to enter. As she turned the corner though and came into the light, exposing her dripping body in the light, she heard the sound she was afraid to hear, the click of a camera. Luke was waiting for her in the building.

And there he was, standing in the doorway, just inside the shadow cast from the light overhead, so that he couldn’t really be seen from any distance. The shutter of his camera clicked again, and then a third time, then he smirked and said, “Well Well Zoe...I hadn’t thought to catch you of all people skinny-dipping. Looks like you’re more fun than I thought.” he laughed a bit and said, “You disappoint me though...you didn’t obey my command to the letter and come right back to the bunkhouse...guess what, that means that you get to do something else...”

As the girl stood there, facing Luke, she did not even try to cover herself up, figuring it did not really matter now that he had seen her in her birthday suit and had taken care to snap a few shots for safekeeping. Zoe wondered, mildly intrigued what this ‘something else’ he was referring to could be. She had to admit, though she’d done things during the evening that she would never have attempted before in her wildest dreams, she was excited and rather turned on as she remained under the light of the bathhouse. Zoe felt a shiver of anticipation as she waited for her sentence and she couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were erect despite the warm summer air.

Luke raised his eyebrows, “What? Nothing to say? Well at least you’ve stopped trying to get out of things...” He bent for a moment and when he stood again, he was holding her shorts in hand, “I’ll be keeping these...along with the other clothes I’ve already got...that means that you get to run back to your bunkhouse...nude. Also, you get to give me all of your panties tomorrow evening. Now, I’ll give you another choice...” he paused and then continued, “Ah, you get to keep one pair of your panties, but tomorrow you insert both of these.” he held out his hand so she could see her Ben Wa Balls, which he had found in her shorts, “and you edge once an hour. I’ll be checking your panties throughout the day at random times. OR, you come in here, now, and you masturbate until you orgasm, in front of me...and you get no panties tomorrow...which I’ll still be checking to make sure you don’t borrow someone else's.”

Zoe could have laughed. She had the choice between spending the following day desperately horny or taking care of the tingly feeling she had between her legs right now. For her, it was a no-brainer. After all, Luke had already seen her naked, plus, it wasn’t like it was going to take her a lot of time to cum.

Luke waited for her answer, though he figured she would pick masturbating for him immediately. He was figuring that, mostly because he knew she would rather not be horny the entire day tomorrow. Of course, he would have to make her pay for taking the easy way out. For now he waited though, until she would tell him exactly what her answer was.

She looked at Luke, a smirk floating about her face. “Fine, then” she said stepping out of the light and into the bathhouse, “I may as well get it over with now”. As she spoke, Zoe had
a sudden idea and she furtively looked about the bathhouse as the plan formed in her head. “I don’t fancy spending all of tomorrow horny and needing to find excuses to get out of sight of the monitors to go do some edges, so I’ll masturbate in front of you”. Zoe paused slightly. “Besides” she added, looking at Luke again before letting her gaze drop to the bump that was clearly visible at crotch level, “it looks like you rather need the show”.

He glanced down for a half a second and raised an eyebrow, “Nope, You’re not getting me to jack off...right now, you’re in the spotlight...so get going.” He pointed to the nearest stall and said, “Go on...” He stepped back and raised the camera, for he wasn’t going to let her do this without getting quite a few pictures of it. He would have to hide the camera card to make sure she never got a hold of it.

Zoe merely smiled as she made her way towards the stall Luke had pointed out. She paused slightly in front of it, but continued to walk, making her way towards the changing room. Luke followed , of course, snapping pictures as she walked further into the building. She walked to the very end of the room, choosing the furthest changing cabin, wanting to make Luke wait a while longer and stood there, facing the wall of the small space. Then, in a quick movement, right after hearing the click of the camera, she turned around and pulled the curtain to hide herself from Luke’s view. She knew Luke would object, but decided to speak before him: “now before you say anything, know that I am facing you right now, you can see the direction of my feet from where you stand. I am going to masturbate here and I’m still fulfilling my agreement to masturbate in front of you. Before you say anything, know that it’s your own fault for creating a loophole for me to exploit. Also, you did not mention you’d be taking pictures, so I’m expecting you to refrain from doing so. You should probably hand over your camera while I do this, though you are welcome to take out the memory card if you’re afraid I’m going to do something with it. ”. Zoe did not know where her bout of confidence came from, but she was rather pleased with herself. Smiling, leaning against the wall of the stall, she crossed her arms and waited to see Luke’s reaction.

Luke felt his temper rise as she closed the curtain. He was about to speak, as she had thought, before she began, making him pause. He had to push away the flood of anger that he felt in his chest, though that did nothing to stem the tide of frustration. It was true that it was his own fault. He had been too careless, and now she was taking advantage of him. He had to think about what he could possibly do to turn this back around. For long moments he didn’t move, his feet remained planted in the same spot, and then he turned and walked away. “guess it will be pretty awkward for you when the maintenance men come in the morning to unlock the showers and make sure that everything’s ready... “ He had found out that someone had forgotten to lock the bath house that evening, which was why he had decided to let her masturbate in there instead of doing it right out in the open...well, now she would pay because he could lock the door and leave here there, just as naked as ever. He had taken the liberty of locking the towel lockers and other supply cabinets as well, so she couldn’t get one of those.

Zoe’s smirk was wiped from her face in an instant and her eyes widened in fear. ‘Surely he’s bluffing’ she thought, but the thought was immediately pushed from her head; he sure did not sound as though he was bluffing. If anything, he sounded pissed at the turn of events. Zoe hadn’t meant anything by it, she was just being playful. “No! Wait!” she said, opening the curtain. Luke paused slightly but did not turn to face her, instead he kept walking towards the exit of the building. Zoe ran after him. She knew she was falling right into his trap, knew that though he probably wasn’t bluffing, he would be annoyed at not being able to see her masturbate and a part of her was thrilled by the evening’s experience. Though she had always been quite reserved, she was finding that the events that had happened so far during the night had woken up another part of her and she wanted to discover this part. Zoe caught up with the boy “Luke, wait. I’ll do it. I was just playing. Just please don’t take any pictures. Not for this. Not this time. You’ve already got plenty of compromising shots of me tonight. Please?”. Zoe waited breathlessly for Luke to answer. This time he had turned around and was looking right into her eyes as he seemed to consider her request.

Luke had his arms crossed over his chest, as he listened to what she had to say. He had been angry and frustrated, but slowly he felt that leave. Ok, so you could say he was a bit of a softy when it came to girls, sometimes. He really wasn’t a bad kid, or trying to be particularly cruel...he just wanted to have some fun. Sighing a bit, he nodded and even managed a soft smile, “Alright, I forgive you...” he glanced down at the camera in his hand, then lifted it and turned it off, “just this once I’ll not take any pictures....as long as you promise not to trick me...” His smile turned into a gentle smirk, “I like you Zoe, that’s why I wanted to have some fun with you...I rather get the feeling that you don’t mind it so much either.”

Zoe realized she had been holding her breath when she saw Luke turn off his camera. Feeling much less stressed out now, she gave him a genuine smile. “I promise”, she said “no tricks”. The girl walked towards one of the walls of the building. She put her back against it, spread her legs slightly and slid down until her bum was on the ground. With each foot flat on the floor and her knees still bent, she could have easy access to herself while allowing Luke a good look at her. Closing her eyes, Zoe lost no time in putting her hand between her legs and finding her already slick clitoris. She was amazed at how swollen she was already and she soon felt herself getting close. Completely oblivious to the fact that the boy she had been looking at in secret for years was watching her masturbate and to where he was in relation to her, Zoe felt a surge of pleasure course through her. As her quiet moans of pleasure became more and more intense, she came, her body tensing involuntarily at the height of her pleasure as she squirted on the cold floor.

Luke smiled a bit when she promised that she wouldn’t trick him this time, and then moved over toward the wall of the bath house. He came over, close but not too close, so that even in the dim light he could see what was going on. She had been right earlier, of course, that he could use some relief as well. Seeing her first running with bare tits across the yard, and then talking to her for so long completely nude had left him with quite the bulge in his pants. He crouched on the floor in front of her and watched as she ran her fingers over her folds and clit, rubbing furiously as she approached her orgasm, breathing hard. At last he slowly undid his pants, and adjusted them so that he could pull his member out and stroke it. Her moans were turning him on to no end, and as she got closer to her orgasm, he brought himself closer to release, masturbaing over the sight of this very pretty girl, a girl he had even fantasized about from time to time, getting herself off as well.

Zoe was surprised when she felt the liquid be ejected from her pussy while she orgasmed. Granted, she had never experienced one as powerful, but, then again, she was going through a whole new world of experiences. She looked up at Luke slightly flushed from the orgasm, the freshly imprinted memory of what she had just done and the realization that Luke had been masturbating in front of her as she spilled her pleasure all over the floor. Zoe stood up and smiled timidly at Luke. She cleared her throat: “well, erm, maybe we should go now”. Goosebumps covered her body when Luke stood up beside her and she crossed her arms over her chest, putting each hand on the opposite shoulder. “I, um, don’t suppose I could grab a towel before heading out, eh?”, she said with her most innocent smile before heading towards the door that lead outside of the building, swaying her hips as she walked.

Luke hadn’t gotten off yet, but he figured that he could wait a little longer. This was starting to take an unexpected turn, in the form of the fact that Zoe didn’t seem to mind what he was doing. He smiled a bit at her and shrugged, “Alright, but I locked the lockers, let me unlock them and get you one.” He went over to one of them, and spun the dial combination. Each teen was given a locker, so this was his, He pulled one towel out and walked back over to her, “Here you are...thanks for being such a good sport.....if you wanted to continue, I’m sure I could think up plenty of other things to dare you to do...”

Zoe smiled as Luke handed her a towel. She wrapped it around her body and followed him out of the bathhouse. As they walked towards her bunkhouse, they chatted. “You know,” she said “it could be quite fun to do some dares while I’m here. To be honest, I actually didn’t want to come so it would make my stay more interesting”. Again, she smiled at Luke admiring his body outlined in the light of the moon. The teens arrived at their destination quickly. “Well,” Zoe whispered “let me just go and grab my panties”. She entered the small building on tiptoe and quickly and quietly retrieved her underwear, taking care to try and not wake anyone. The empty corner of her suitcase brought to attention the plastic box that had been hidden within her bag. Zoe was about to exit the building, when an idea came up. Grabbing the box, she ‘hid’ it within the few pairs of underwear she had brought. When she made her way back out, Luke seemed to be deep in thought.

Luke took the Panties from her arms, there weren’t that many, but enough. As he took them he felt a slightly heavier, bulkier weight than just a few pairs of panties. Raising his eyebrows, he uncovered the box that she had ‘hidden’ and he gave her a questioning look, “What’s this?” he asked, not moving to open it but instead tucking the whole pile and the box under his arm. “So, since you’ve decided to go on with this, we both get to have a lot of fun...there’s no backing out you know, but I’ll promise you won’t get hurt by anything that I have you do.” He smiled and then smirked, “So, you know that we boys are going to be pranking you girls back tomorrow... Your next choice is as follows, and you can think on it tonight...One, Help us commit the Prank, which, if you’re caught doing it, will probably not make you too popular with the girls...and which you’ll have to do naked.... OR, suffer through whatever it is that we end up doing to the girls...and I can promise, it’s going to be a good one...”

“I don’t need the night to think”, Zoe said “I would much prefer being on the receiving end of the boys’ prank”. Actually, that wasn’t quite true. No one liked to be pranked and Zoe was certain that considering Luke was in on it, the boys’ prank would be quite intense. However, she also knew that if she got caught pranking the girls, she would have to suffer through the rest of her stay at camp. After all, there was an unwritten rule when it came to pranking: never switch sides. Zoe saw Luke’s mischievous smirk form across his face when she announced her decision. “Well”, she said, stifling a yawn “I think I should go to bed now. Besides”, she continued, grinning as she noticed Luke yawning in turn, “I think you also need the sleep and some time to think about how you will continue to make my and your stay here more interesting” as she said this, she put her hand upon the black box Luke was holding between his hands. That being said, she planted a kiss on the boy’s cheek, turned around and, after a whispered good night, entered the bunkhouse as silently as possible.

Luke just couldn’t believe what had happened in such a short time. After he whispered Good Night in return to her, he turned from the bunkhouse and, carrying an armload of panties and the mysterious black box, headed back to the Boy’s side of the camp. He most certainly did have to sit and think about this, and about what he should suggest for the prank the next day. When he reached the tent he shared with David, he slipped inside and sat down on his sleeping bag, then took the card out of his camera and slipped it away, replacing it with a new one. The Panties from Zoe, he stuffed in the bottom of his suitcase, along with the box, planning on looking through it soon.

He stripped down and changed, then slipped into his sleeping bag, turning off the tape that was playing and rolling over onto his back. He tucked his hands behind his head and began to think over what could possibly be their prank the next day. He thought for a while, and then, too tired to think anymore, drifted off.

When the sun had risen the next morning, the bell was rung in the middle of the camp and all he kids got up and got dressed, then stepped outside the tent. It occurred to Luke that he had completely forgotten to look inside the box that Zoe had given him, but he would have to do that later. Now, it was breakfast time. All the boys and girls lined up and headed into the cafeteria, gathering about their tables and talking excitedly. Luke rounded out David and a few other boys that seemed to him to be ringleaders, and then they began to plan.

Zoe woke up to the unpleasant sensation of someone pushing against her shoulder. Half-asleep, she mumbled a ‘go away mom’ before realizing that she was at camp. She opened her eyes in a flash and turned her head to the sight of the already dressed and well-groomed Camille. “My God, girl, you sleep tight. The morning bell has already rung and everyone is out and about. I’m pretty sure you missed breakfast too. I was just about to rip those blankets off you and throw a bucket of water all over your bunk if you hadn’t woken up”. Zoe’s eyes widened in alarm; the night’s events came back to her in a flash as she realized that she was stark naked under the blankets. “Ok, ok, I’m up” she said “give me a minute to get dressed and I’m out”. Camille stared intently at Zoe, almost as though she knew something was up, but to the brunette’s relief, the girl merely nodded and left the cabin. Zoe wasted no time in pulling a pair of shorts over her naked pussy and ass and putting on her bra and a tank top. Jumping out of bed, she put on her shoes and quickly brushed her hair before tying it into a ponytail. ‘The shower’ll have to wait’ she thought as she exited her cabin and spotted the bathhouse in the distance, ‘as will the food, it seems’ she reminded herself through the growling of her stomach.

As was the case with Luke, Zoe’s parents hadn’t signed her up for any particular activities, as such, she looked around to see what she would like to do for the day. There seemed to be room still for archery, horseback riding and rock-climbing. As Zoe thought about the pros and cons of each activity, she felt a hand upon her shoulder. She spun around, coming face to face with a grinning Luke who was holding out a blueberry muffin for her.

The Young man gave the muffin a little shake, “You Missed breakfast, I thought you would want something so I saved a muffin.” He said, by way of greeting, “My Mother always said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day...” He looked her over, his eyes following her curves and lines down to her feet and back. He knew she had no panties on, and that made his cock twitch, but he said nothing about that just yet, “did you sleep well?” He asked, as she took the muffin from him, “Trying to decide on what to do today?”

Zoe blushed when the handsome boy handed her the muffin. ‘He’s so thoughtful’, she thought as she munched away at her breakfast. Her pulse quickened slightly as she noticed the way Luke was observing her as she was certain that he was imagining her without panties on. Of course, the girl knew full well that he did not need to put much thought into what she might look like sans panties. “I slept like a log”, she answered “And, yes” she continued “I was actually wondering what I should do today. I think I pretty much have my sights set on climbing”.

After having given the matter some thought, the brunette had figured that rock climbing was the better option. Besides the fact that she was completely rotten at archery and that horseback riding was likely to leave an embarrassingly visible wet spot around her crotch area given that she had no underwear on, Zoe had reasoned that climbing would allow Luke to see that she had indeed held up her part of the bargain without requiring her to be ‘inspected’ by him. “ What do you think?”, she added as an afterthought. Zoe quickly finished up her muffin as she waited for the boy’s answer.

He smiled at her, it wasn’t a mocking sort of a smile but a knowing one. A friendly one that said he knew she had no panties on and he was thinking of something mischievous to spice up their day. His tongue ran over his lips a moment, before Luke nodded, “Climbing could be good, probably pretty fun overall and all that...I was thinking of something else though.” he turned and glanced away from the rest of the group toward the thick woods that framed most of the place, “Lots of things to explore out there...if rock climbing sounds too boring. Might find a stream...or a tree to climb...or you know.” he smirked.

She might just want to stay at the campsite and do things with with the other kids and if she did, that was fine. He would probably tag along with her, “So I guess there’s the choice... stay here and do rock climbing, which I think I could make fun.” He grinned, “Or we can head out into the woods and have some fun. Take a walk and explore.”

“But we...” Zoe started, with the intention of protesting against the idea. It was, after all against the rules. But she stopped mid-sentence when she noticed a commotion going about. Evidently there were a few boys that had found themselves without boxers and were less than happy about the situation. They were complaining loudly to the head councillor demanding that the girls’ bunks be searched. It would seem that their request was authorized because the next thing she knew, the head councillor was asking the unoccupied employees to fetch one representative from each bunkhouse and have them watch from the doorway as every inch of their lodgings were searched.

Zoe was brought back to reality when she felt Luke’s hand encircle her wrist gently. Definitely not wanting to be singled out by the councillor who would be going through her bunkhouse, Zoe figured that her best bet was to remain off the grid for the morning’s activities. As such, she quickly decided she’d accept the boy’s proposition to go into the woods. “You know”, she said looking back at her interlocutor, “I rather think some time in the woods is a great idea...even if I have a feeling we’ll be doing more than walking and exploring”.

He smiled as her protest was cut short while they both looked toward the commotion. He wasn’t going to let a golden opportunity get away from him though, and so as soon as everyone wasn’t looking, he took her wrist and started leading her away. “Good choice.” He said with a grin as they got away from the crowd of kids. There was a wide space before the trees, but he walked calmly through it, putting as many trees and tents and things between them and the councilors as possible. “So we may end up messing around a bit... I get the feeling...hold on...” he paused and glanced around, letting go of her hand and climbing into his tent, rummaging around for a moment before returning with his camera around his neck.

He stood and grinned, taking her wrist again and pulling her along toward the trees. No one seemed to have noticed them, so he sprinted the rest of the way into the trees ahead of them, and once they were past the first few, slowed down, “As I was saying... I get the feeling that you won’t really mind doing more. Not that I don’t think you’re a fine young lady... but some of the stuff I caught you doing last night...” he clucked his tongue.

Strangely enough, Zoe indeed found herself looking forward to playing along with Luke’s twisted games. In one short evening, the boy had awoken a part of her that, up until that point, she scarcely knew existed. Heart still beating from both the short sprint and the anticipation of what was to come, Zoe thought she should at least attempt to retain some form of innocence by replying to his comment. “Yes, well, you know, last night, was um...I don’t usually, don’t...” As Zoe’s gaze met Luke’s, she gave up all attempts to try to explain what had happened the night before. She could see the barely hidden smirk on his face and knew full well that there was nothing she could ever say to defend her behaviour from the previous evening. “So” Zoe started as she eyed Luke’s camera suspiciously - oh how she hated the thing, “what shall we do?”

She was right, there was absolutely no way that she would ever convinc


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