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The Change

by MacGyver

The Change

it had been some time since i met Jane. we had dated for a good while, taking things slow. maybe a year or two. we had both agreed it would be best to take things slow and not rush into things as it would work out better to become friends first and see if anything happened from there. it was not always easy though, she worked during the week and i worked on weekends. we both got up and work on first shift type schedules. on weekends i went to work by 5 am and returned home around 6:30 pm. long days, but i considered it a small price to get 4 days off each week to work on antique cars, ride my mowers around or go fishing, though, monday was normally a lazy day for me. i would sleep in till around 10 am. on fridays jane would sleep in until around 8 am, her lazy-day after working 4 - 10 hour days during the week, she was always home around 4 pm.

one day Jane had told me of a talk show where they hypnotized random people, she had commented on how it looked interesting. that is when i let her know i was a bit of a tist myself. she asked if i could put someone into hypnosis as fast as the guy on the talkshow had done. i told her it would take around 10-15 minutes for me to put someone under, i even told her how quite a few people feel as if they are floating and completely weightless while under hypnosis. it did not take much convincing and she was all for it and wanted me to take her under, so i did, and i put her so deep the first time i was having a conversation with her unconscious mind. there was no way she could remember anything except going under and coming back out of trance, especially with the hypnotic amnesia command i gave her before waking her up. i was also smart enough to giver her a trigger to quickly put her under trance in the future if i desired.

of all the time and of all the things i would put her into trance to do, i should have been more careful, i should have been smart enough to give her the commands to only be able to be hypnoed by me, but, i did not think and in the future i would eventually pay the price for my own stupidity.

i was out of shape and way overweight, and with all the hypno files out there, i began to get ideas for a RDC, Rapid DNA Changer. Jane has and has always had a great figure, like an hourglass, good teeth, nice voice and cute. a nice round bubble butt, wide round hips, nicely rounded thighs and a VERY nice set of DD's. i had used the trigger on her one night after work then gave her the commands for her body to make a RDC that only effected the male body and had suggested she would know when her body had made the RDC as her sweat would appear to her to be pink in color, and that her body would store the RDC in the cum in her saccral sponge. i suggested that her cum in that sponge would become super concentrated with the RDC and that she would become a squirter from now on.

Jane had enjoyed being a squirter immensely, the RDC i programmed her to make would put me back into great shape, smaller waist and good teeth and removal of excess body fat, basically to put me back like i was at the age of 20 when i was strong and able to lift a car high enough to change the front tire without using a jack. i had forgotten about the RDC i programmed Jane to make. i had thoughts of going down on a woman but would never do it myself, so i thought i would get her to force me to do it. one night she did, she tied me up, legs and arms tied to the bed in the spread-eagle position. she proceeded to get naked and climb onto the bed, she had a smile on her face from ear to ear as she positioned her muff over my mouth and gently pressed it down onto my mouth. i could not get away, and her muff was on my mouth with enough pressure i could not turn my head yet i was not being smothered neither. i could still breathe out of my nose, and with every breath, smell the musk of her vagina. she looked into my eyes and told me to start sucking or else she would remain in that position until i had done so and made her orgasm.

"you will swallow each and every drop or else!", she demanded. i had not programmed her to be so agressive, i guess i must have let the beast from within her out of it's cage with my program for her to force me into doing the lesbian-deed to her. i had figured that with the predicament i was in, i had better obey and make it quick. i sucker her off to orgasm and she squirted a bit, i could not stand the way her cum felt in my mouth, so, i closed my eyes and swallowed quickly. i was glad it was only one mouthfull, did not like the texture one bit. did not seem to have a taste to it, then again i pretty much burned out my tastebuds earlier that day with those atomic fireball candies. before she could pull her vagina off my mouth i passed out.

that next morning, i awoke, i noticed my mouth felt a bit strange, my tough felt as if it was locked itno a cage. when i walked to the bathroom to take a leak, i looked into the mirror and smiled. my word, it had worked! i now had a full strong set of teeth minus the wisdoms as per the program for the RDC. i noticed i seems to be alot lighter than i had been, i felt my waist, sure was smaller. starting at my ribs, i ran my hands down my sides, between my ribs and pelvis, i felt too small for a guy. as i looked down, i knew i was right, my waist had shrank down to the same proportions as a woman would be with a skeleton the size of mine. i had not bargained for the hourglass shape of a woman but, atleast i did not have a girly butt and hips.

Now Jane was loving the feeling of being weightless during hypnosis, and i was loving having a playtoy to make my sexual fantasies come true. all was going good, then one day i had came home and had no idea what i was walking into when i went over to her place that evening. she was fully dressed in a tight rubber catsuit that covered her from head to toe, and it showed off her curves. the shape of her body in that tight catsuit had instantly turned me on, i had a rock hard erection painfully fast. i was helpless, putty in her hand so-to-speak. she had remarked how she thought i would look nice in a catsuit like hers.

i had no idea she was having her girlfriends put her under hypnosis. they had gotten her so deep that she unknowingly told them of everything i had programmed her for, they thought it would be nice to tweak the RDC without her or my knowledge. her catsuit had a special modification to it. she got me into the bed, and had put my hands itno pockets on her butt. right hand on left cheek and left hand on right cheek, then she grabbed 2 zippers and pulled them hard and fast, and my hands were pressed against her butt cheeks, i was unable to get free.

"stop resisting and sit up!", she scowled. i had to do as she said, i would not be able to get away seeing as my hands were now prisoners of her butt cheeks.

"time to eat me like a good lesbian slave now", she said as she pulled a thick tight hod over my head which had my mouth directly on her vagina, and with a downward jerk on a zipper, my mouth was now pressed into her vagina. i just could get enough air to stay awake as she commanded me to suck her off to orgasm or remain stuck this way all night at the risk of a golden shower in the morning. not wanting to get peed on and possibly drown, i did as she commanded. she squirted a rather large load, i was constantly swallowing her massive load until i was so full of her cum i felt as if i had over-eaten at one of those all-you-can-eat places.

this time i was still awake and did not pass out, i could not pass out. she released my head, then my hands. i wanted to jump out of bed and go vomit to rid myself of all this cum of hers, but i was unable to move, it was as if i were paralyzed. i felt a sharp pain as my pelvis cracked and widened. my skeleton was becoming that of a female, i had no idea why. my arms and hands changed shape and size and were very girly looking, there was a ripping-tearing pain in my hips and butt, and from the thighs down i began to feel strange. my thighs took on a feminine shape and size, my feet shrank, my hips were stretching and growing rapidly as was my butt. my face became more feminine, and my hair was growing. i thought the change was over, i asked her what was going on and noticed my voice was feminine. she held a mirror over me so i could see the changes. thank god i still have my manhood, and just then, it was gone and i had a vagina, all my body hair just fell out and the only hair left was my eye lashes, eyebrows and the hair on my scalp. atleast my chest was still flat, i thought. then a ripping-tearing, intense burning developed in my chest. i felt as if i were on fire, yet i still could not move, i could only watch in horror as my chest swelled. my nipples and areolas had darkened and enlarged like that of a woman. my breasts continued to swell until they were a huge round FF cup. then i had finally passed out.

i awoke 2 days later, thinking it was all a dream, as i got up to go pee, i noticed it was very difficult to move, as if i had the flu or something, my energy was gone. i managed to make it to the bathroom, only to find out, it was not a dream, and i was wearing a very thick, very tight electric blue rubber catsuit, those FF's were mine, the nipples of the catsuit were open, and i felt down for my penis only to find my vagina. my god! i had been changed into a 100% woman. as i wiped and went back to lay in bed to rest, in came Jane and her cohorts. as soon as Jane sat on the bed, one snapped her fingers and Jane became stiff as a board, they then proceeded to tell me of how they made changes to Jane's RDC production to teach me a permanent lesson. i would not be a lesbian sex slave for them plus Jane for the rest of my life.

if only i had been more careful with Jane and made sure that noone could reprogram her against me, i would not be here in this room with pink walls, pink bed, pink matress and sheets and covers and even dressed in pink womens clothing that was very tight and restrictive. i would still be free, now, i only have 21 days a month to even try to enjoy anything in life as i am now a 100% woman, even down to having monthly periods and forever stuck in an 20 year old body that never ages. they have also blocked me from being able to re-write the program for Jane, so now there is no way to make Jane's body produce a RDC to somewhat put me back to what i was. i am trapped like this and it is my own fault for having been so stupid all those years ago.

i guess the only thing i can do now is to live with my dumbass mistakes.


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wish it would happen to me

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