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Wrestling with Change Chapter 10

by outkast1728

Wrestling with Change Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Nothing Ventured

“Nothing? What do you mean nothing!” Cameron said, getting upset.
“Don’t need to say anything.” Before Cameron could say another word in protest Ricky moved in quickly and kissed him.
This wasn’t like their first time a few short days ago. Gone was the tension and awkwardness as well as the rough lustful nature of that initial kiss. This kiss was born of passion, a shared longing for one another that was at last being fulfilled. Their lips pressed close and Ricky’s eyes fluttered shut as he let his hands feel the reactions of his friend and now lover. His fingertips traced along Cameron’s temples and ran through his hair down to the back of his neck. Ricky’s arms enfolded Cameron and held him as he rubbed down his back only to slip his hands up under his t-shirt to rub his smooth skin. He pulled his teammate in tighter against his own body and felt his entire form relax into him as their shared warmth grew in intensity. The heat grew exponentially fast in the area of his groin which tingled and throbbed with the close contact, pressing firmly against his partner’s.
Cameron was both surprised and relieved by the affection. For a few seconds he feared that Ricky was going to spurn his advances. For the first time he had placed his true feelings out there for another to see and the possibility of rejection was more than he thought he could have taken. But now with the warm touch of Ricky’s furry chest leaning into him all of those doubts and fears were gone and he actually found himself about to cry from the relief of it all. Cowboy was right. The firm pressure of Stetson’s lips on his own, the taste of his breath across his tongue, and the none too subtle swelling he felt in his hips was more than words could have ever said.
With Cowboy’s arms wrapped around him, Cameron just let himself melt into the embrace. He felt himself falling backward, but in actuality Ricky was gently lowering him down onto his bed. He suddenly missed the warm pressure of his teammate’s body on top of him when Ricky sat up and started to pull Cameron’s shirt up over his head almost ripping it in the process. He smiled mischievously as Ricky’s fingers fumbled with the button fly of his jeans, finally opening it up and slipping his hot hand in and wrapping his fingers around the solid furry tube of Cam’s sheath. He moaned softly and thrust his hips upward into the touch, anxious for more but wanting to draw this out for as long as he possibly could. He helped push his shorts the rest of the way down his legs kicking them to the floor before reaching out to grasp at the swollen mass hiding beneath the slick blue nylon of Ricky’s warm-ups.
With an unmistakable growl Ricky pushed into the touch on his crotch. Desperate for more direct contact he shimmied out of both the warm-ups and the sweats he had on underneath, nearly tripping as he hopped up and down to get them over the shoes that he hadn’t bothered to take off. Now naked save for the thick coat of fur and a pair of wrestling shoes, Ricky climbed up on the bed straddling Cameron and admiring the black fur that surrounded his groin and the proud reddish spike that extended outward above him. There was still no way he would measure up to Ricky though and the thought made him chuckle with a bit of self satisfaction. He took hold of his already thickening sheath and rubbed it gently, urging his cock to expand, slowly rising inch by inch from its furry home. Cam tried to help things along, stroking his hands up and down the inside of Ricky’s thighs and fondling his balls.
When his thick canine cock had fully emerged Ricky directed his attention fully to his teammate. He ran his hands across his body, slipping over the smooth skin of his stomach and chest, squeezing at his pecs and rubbing the tender hardened nipples. His fingers traced down from his shoulders and across the bulging veins of Cam’s biceps and forearms before grabbing each of his wrists. He pulled his hands up over his head stretching out his arms and holding them tight against the pillows as he leaned into Cameron, grinding their stiff pricks together as he smothered him with his own muscular body. Ricky nuzzled against Cam’s neck, slowly licking the side of his cheek sampling the salty exuberance of his hot flushed skin and once again feeling the firm touch of his lips pressed against his own. He broke away from the kiss; still holding Cam’s arms up over his head, and he grinned down at him.
“You know there was always something very satisfying about having you pinned down beneath me Cam.”
“Fuck you, man.” Cam laughed.
“Well – maybe later.” Ricky smiled and winked as he closed in to kiss him again.
The touch of the soft grey fur against Cam’s skin tickled a bit and the weight of his friend on top of him was like a gentle massage. He loved the feel of his firm muscled frame pressing into him and the slick wet feeling of his enormous cock steadily depositing a hot pool of pre on his stomach. He would loath to admit it to him, but he realized he actually liked Cowboy on top, too. It was fun to give him total control especially when he rose up to kneel over his chest leaving that large meaty prick hovering over his face. With his arms now freed he slowly reached up to caress the velvety smooth flesh eliciting a growl of pleasure from Ricky. He continued to stroke the canine cock, pulling on it and stretching the sheath as it moved inexorably downward until the moist tip was pressed against his lips.
Cam ran his tongue around and over the pointed red tip of Ricky’s dick, slurping up great quantities of salty clear pre-cum. The taste of it was addictive and each lap of his tongue only left him wanting more. He struggled to raise his head, succeeding in rubbing the steel hard shaft all over his face. Ricky helped a bit when he cradled the back of Cam’s head in his hands, guiding him upward, and at last allowing him to suck his straining member into his mouth. It didn’t take long before Cowboy was thrusting in and out and Cameron just bobbed his head along, stretching his maw wider to accept as much of that delicious meat as he could. He was actually surprised when he felt the large swollen knot bumping against his nose, the tip of Ricky’s cock halfway down the back of his throat. The scalding torrent of cum that was soon cascading down his gullet was no surprise as Ricky had actually barked in anticipation of the event itself.
Ricky poured forth another massive load from his furry balls. He hadn’t anticipated the barking and growling noises that he was making but somehow it just felt right to do. He was still surprised by how much of his cock Cam had taken in and only hoped he could soon return the favor. His friend continued to suckle on his prick, intent on draining every drop of his fluid, even as Ricky moved to withdraw. The wide grin on Cameron’s face spoke volumes to how much he enjoyed their activities, but not nearly as much as the still rock hard cock that was straining to poke Ricky’s rear. The touch of his hands running through the fur on his stomach and down the front of his legs kept Ricky turned on, even though his knot showed no signs of retreating. While part of him wanted nothing more than to slide down Cam’s torso and force that canine dick right into his ass, there was another part that hesitated to give up the control he had over the smaller man.
Instead he rolled off to the side, laying down beside his lover and eliciting whimpers of protest from him. He propped himself up on one elbow and traced a hand down Cam’s chest pushing a finger through the droplets of sweat that were beading up on his well defined pecs. Ricky playfully inched his touch lower, almost to Cam’s belly button and just inches from his cock, Cameron raised his hips in response desperate to stimulate his erection. Ricky just bit his lip and withdrew his hand, pulling it up to just below Cam’s chin. He repeated this tease several times and each time the pained look on his friend’s face grew more desperate. He was practically begging for more contact as he reached out and grabbed a fistful of Ricky’s fur and tugged and he decided to take the hint. Ricky cupped his hand under Cam’s balls, slowly ruffling the thick black fur upward along his plump quivering sheath.
Torn between wanting to prolong the sensation of contact with Ricky as long as possible and his building need to shoot his load, Cameron bucked his hips up into the slow deliberate touch of his friend. The cool touch of his hand wrapping around his cock was like the touch of pure joy to him. Cam could feel his cock surge in response, sliding further from his sheath and getting even harder as the knot quickly swelled at its base. It didn’t take long for Ricky to grow restless with the simple hand job and he leaned in close, blowing his hot breath across the moist tip of Cameron’s prick. His deliberate pace abandoned, Ricky licked across the underside of his shaft and plunged the cock deep into his mouth in one swift motion. Cameron gasped as the heat and pressure engulfing his member increased by an order of magnitude. His own hands ruffled through Cowboy’s hair as he guided his head up and down on this pole. He held out as long as he could but Ricky’s natural talents were too much for him to overcome. Much too quickly he felt himself losing control and he bit down on his lip as his entire body shook and he felt his large canine toes curl in response to his orgasm. In the end there was nothing left to do but bask in the glow of the emotions he felt for his Cowboy as he slowly drifted off to sleep.
It was a new experience waking up in the morning and feeling another warm body nuzzled up against his own. Ricky didn’t remember getting dressed again but he could tell he was fully decked out in his wrestling gear, the spandex singlet and warm-ups gripping his body almost as tightly as he was holding on to Cam. He was spooned up behind his friend, the sheets of his bed draped over the both of them. His cock felt ready for action again as its hard bulging length tented out his uniform and nestled comfortably in the crack of Cam’s naked ass. Ricky nipped at Cameron’s neck slightly, kissing the bare skin behind his ear while his arms enfolded him and started to run down his chest. Something was different though, what was smooth muscle the night before now felt soft and muted. His fingers probed the hard muscled ridges of the wrestler’s chest and abs and found they were now covered in dense thick fur. He continued his tactile exploration of the rest of Cam’s body and found his arms, back, and thighs were all equally covered in the soft coat of hair. Ricky’s hands moved across his friend’s furry body eventually finding their way to grip his plump sheath. Cam’s cock responded instantly getting thicker as the smile on Ricky’s own face grew wider.
Cameron could feel the warmth of Ricky’s breath blowing across the back of his neck and the comforting weight of his furry arm draped around his torso. Not wanting to wake from this dream he kept his eyes shut tight as he woke more fully. He could tell Ricky was awake just by the pace of his breathing and by the way his hand was stroking his chest and moving steadily down towards Cameron’s cock. He was much slower to recognize the difference in the sensations rolling down his skin but he couldn’t possibly overlook the sudden tightness around his manhood. He allowed cowboy to stoke his shaft, once again reveling in the sensation of his thick cock slowly sliding out of his sheath. It wasn’t until the tip of his cock started to brush through the coat of fur on his stomach that he realized that he had gone from smooth to hairy in the course of the night. His eyes snapped open and he did his best to free his arms from Ricky’s grasp as he threw back the covers to see how far this new fur extended and he was not disappointed. He could see that from his shoulders down to his altered feet every inch of his skin was now covered by short dense black fur, even his hands had a fine layer of fuzz to them.
“Now that’s more like it!” Cameron exclaimed as he rolled over to face Ricky.
“Like isn’t a strong enough word. You look so hot like this.” Ricky commented as he ran his fingers through the fur on Cam’s chest.
“Yeah, I can see you’re enjoying the view.” Cam added playfully, reaching over to squeeze at the large bulging protrusion in Ricky’s warm ups.
“Man, if this happened to me just by sleeping so close to you last night, I wonder how much you changed?”
“I say we find out.”
The two of them jumped out of bed and hurriedly started removing several layers of wrestling gear from Ricky’s body. Cameron had to take several breaks to stroke his throbbing erection as he grew steadily more excited as Ricky disrobed. Finally Ricky pulled the singlet down off his muscled torso and the two boys simultaneously let out a deep sigh of disappointment. It seemed like Ricky was still the same as he was night before. His well muscled body was still covered in the same coat of luxurious grey fur but other than that there was no difference.
“Huh, that’s weird. I mean I only wore he shoes for one whole night and my feet still changed. You’ve been wearing them for like a day and a half straight and nothing.”
Ricky couldn’t hide his disappointment. He looked down and wiggled his still human toes before looking over at Cam’s wolfish hind paws. It hit him just how much he was looking forward to this transformation now, how badly he wanted it to continue. It almost seemed unfair the Cam had changed more, after all it was his gear that was changing them all.
“Yeah, well at least I’m still bigger than you.” Ricky said in a huff before punching Cameron in the fur covered shoulder and then nodding down at his still hard and drooling cock to give the comment double meaning. “Come on, we better get ready for school.”


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