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A Good Sissy's Dream Wedding

by SissyChristy

A Good Sissy's Dream Wedding

As I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt a warm sensation grew in my stomach. My hair, once short, brown and horribly masculine, hung from my hair in blonde well style coifs. Pink nails contrasted with the pure white of my dress. I looked beautiful. The woman who helped me pick the dress had said I could have modeled it on the cover of a magazine.

“Time to put your veil on Claire.” My Mistress, formerly my ex-girlfriend Michelle said. She guided me to a chair and set the final piece of my wedding dress on my head. “You look so beautiful,” she said as she squeezed my cheeks and hugged her body close to mine.”I can’t believe my little girl is all grown up and getting married now.” Mock sincerity dripped from her voice. Lucy, her best friend, shooed her away.

“You’ll smudge her makeup.” Michelle left the room, pouting her lips. “Now,” Lucy turned her attention to me,” You remember when we first met?”

I nodded. Afraid to move and smudge my makeup.

“Michelle was dancing with another man, leaving you and me all alone.” She started to rub my clit with her free hand. “I made a bet with you that if could look as pretty as she did, you would get all sorts of attention from the guys?”

She squeezed my flaccid clit. My tiny penis barely stirred under her touch.

“I talked Michelle into buying dresses and lingerie for you. We dolled you oh so pretty. You resisted our efforts at first, but I knew you would come around eventually.” She had finished applying my foundation and stood before me, reaching for lipstick. “The hours of sissification hypno we exposed you to worked faster than we expected. ”

Bending forward, she applied the lipstick, a bright red that made my lips pop. “You took to feminization like a duck to water. Mincing around the apartment in high heels and stocking. Training your ass. Michelle and I knew we had found a new sissy best friend.”

She smiled and closed the lipstick tube. “Remember when we started you on hormones? The look on your face when you saw your pindick shrinking was priceless.” She giggled and tweaked my clit for added effect.

I closed my eyes. I remembered taking those hormones and feeling my pathetic masculinity washed away. All that remained of my former male self was a tiny, inch long penis. Becoming a sissy shemale was the best thing I had ever done in my entire life.

The wedding processional started to play. Lucy walked me to the foyer of the hotel, where Michelle took me by the arm. “Time to give my little Claire away. Now you remember to please Jason in anyway he sees fit.”

The wedding and subsequent reception were everything I dreamed they would be. Friends, flowers and a handsome man to make me his sissy bride.

I knew my duties were not over yet. Jason, my husband and master, had needs that must be attended. In the days prior to our wedding, I had seen very little of him and never had a moment alone. Tonight, I needed to fulfill my duty.

We showered together, cleaning the sweat off each other’ naked forms. I kneeled before him, assuming my proper place. He stroked my hair and face with strong hands as I cleaned and caressed his cock.

I remembered meeting him one night when I was in the early stages of my transformation. The hormones had left me feeling constantly horny and desperate to be filled. Jason’s eager advances and attention on the dance floor melted what little resistance I had left. I sucked him off and swallowed his load in the parking lot.

From that night on, I knew he was going to be my Master.

With a gentle tug, he pulled me up. “Towel off Claire, you’re going to get breed tonight.” The feel of hard flesh beneath the soft fabric made me feel relaxed. I felt safe. Secure. I knew place and it was serving this magnificent man. Once he was clean and dry, he led me to the bedroom and forced me down.

“Now Claire, time for you to get fucked.” He reached for my little clit and grasped it hard. I yelped in surprise. “I’m the only cock in this relationship. Your little clitty is just a handle for when we do anal.”
Cold lube dripped down my crack. His strong thumbs started rubbing it into my boipussy. I moaned in anticipation of what was about to come. Jason turned me around and forced me to my knees.

"Before we breed you, you need to get me ready. Understood sissy?"


good - kinkysub44

Every sissy has this dream, I think. Hope yours has come true.

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