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Chronicles of a Kink Hypnotist - The Sissy Episode

by MN_FriendlyGuy

Thanks for taking a peek at this sissy episode in my journal.    Sometimes triggers get used here in my journal - that's all the caution you're gonna get.   Some people like being surprised that way.  Do you?


First things first:  a short intro


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The Sissy Episode  


Recently, I've had fun working with a man whose wife is unaware
 - she's unaware he's a sissy

There's a saying about the brain (Hebb's Law) Neurons that fire together wire together

Keep masturbating as you watch sissy self-hypno
 - each time you watch & masturbate, your subconscious strengthens all those sissy neural connections 

Wish-masturbating like this is an excellent start

When You're Ready for More  


It feels risky the first time a sissy steps out into public
 - take a deep breath
  - - open the door
  - - - then, step out boldly into change

Welcome the feeling as you step out
 - each time you step out, I want you feeling proud

Feel the risk.  Welcome it with a deep breath.  Then, step out
 - you're doing more than watching porn
 - you're alive and ready to be

How a Sissy Seduces


Some kink hypnotists have a repetitive message:  

You're such a sissy

You're going to buy a wig because you're a sissy

You're going to put on a dress

I work differently from that:

I want you to practice the most powerful type of flirting - getting undressed

As you watch in a mirror, practice taking your dress off... Practice taking off your brassiere too.  

Will you do it like a striptease ?  Will you be coy ?

Flirting like this lets him know you're ready, doesn't it ?
 - you're ready to feel cock pressing into your hole 

And Afterward:  


After his dick pumps its load 
 - pumps seed into your sissy hole

His sperm inside you

Carrying his seed inside you as you walk

It's humiliating
 - it's thrilling, too !

Neurons that fire together wire together

That's it for this episode.  Use the comment section below to ask question or share thoughts


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